Sweet hairafter

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My Wife and Kids S04E02 The Sweet Hairafter

31 views | 22 Mar. 2017

My Wife And Kids.

My Wife And Kids.

Sweet hairafter

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My Wife And Kids S04E02 The Sweet Hairafter

31 310 views | 2 Apr. 2017

Lekiki Milllz

The hair cure babie ??

Quincy Gupton

Hair, Hair, Hair,Hair,Hair ?

Super Lombax

I like how he has hair everywhere except for the top of his head.


Hair it is?

Stick in The mud

Goop hair it is

Lekiki Milllz

Yea but my hair looks gooood ??????

Raymond Frand


Fatal Finality

That little kiss with Jay at the end of episode wasn't enough. I wouldn't of blamed him for getting a grip of that thick ass during every kiss in the script

Rick James

I'm dying lol he keep catching they hands when they try and touch it but my hair looks good

Sweet hairafter

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#shorts 4C Natural Hair: Do You Have It?

45 094 views | 2 Feb. 2021

Short #shorts 4C Natural

Short #shorts 4C Natural Hair: Do You Have It? It’s very simple to tell if your hair is 4c or not; it comes down to circumstance of the curl, NOT curl elasticity per say.

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This low density natural hair thin natural hair day.

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#4chair #thinstrand #shorts

Annmarie LoveXx

Yes my daughter is 4c and when her texture really came through and I started to learn to care for her natural hair I made that mistake after I took her braids out, never again always deranged before getting it wet!!

Shai May

Then what is my type oh lord

John Roberts

hi bro I am from india and i like

faith gardner

If you go one tiktok and go to 4c and there's a guy that said that he has 4c but to me it doesn't look like 4c

Rocket Girl

That texture!

Hanniel Whyte

Thanks for the education! I've been doing it wrong!?

Sarah Y

This is so important!! Thank you

Quinterra Hall

I have 4c hair and sometimes it can be a workout ?️‍♂️

TrayC Williams

I recently started detangling with oil!! LIFE SAVER!!!

Ni Ha

I have 1234 abc all on one head so the hair typing means nothing at all to me but cool video. ??‍♀️


Wow this was so fascinating and I have 4c hair ?

Carol Lynch

This is the best explanation of 4c hair I’ve seen. Thank you.


Is their a 4D or 4C Extreme because I feel like I'm about there


I feel like some of my shed hair has coils that look like this but there’s no way I have 4c hair. Maybe mine are a coil but slighting bigger? I’d say I have 3c/4a hair

Brenda Anderson

Soooooo helpful❤️

Angel Red

I cannot detangle my 4c locks while dry... No ma'am! I have thick dense hair that is stiff when it's dry. Moisture from water helps with movement hence providing elasticity for the detangling process. So not all 4c is like you describe.

The wholistic temple

Thank you for doing this. Everyone thinks they are 4c and they are not. This was a great demonstration ✨


I don’t have 4c but DAMN those coils look so beautiful especially close up


For a long time, I thought I had 4c hair. But rewatching this video I may have 4a/4b

Angel Udo

I do!

Day IT

Ppl NEED this video. I feel like some ppl do not even know what 4C rlly is and they always want to educate a bunch of other ppl on it, especially when they do not have to face the person they talk trash to!!!!

Ms Marauder

Yup that's me!

Army Once Directioner

I knew my hair was 4c!

Mable M.

Thank you. I’ve always wondered what they meant by 4c hair.

indria drayton

Knots up for NO REASON!

Bella novia

I love your channel ❤️

An G

That's actually so cool

Lorna Nunez

Thanks, I have no clue before. So after 4c, then what.? All I hear about is 4c.

Shamicha Stogner

So 4b is bigger??

Butterfly Kisses

How do you get rid of damage ends
on 4c hair?

Anthony Marshall

Thank you for sharing!

Old Hollyhood Daahling

I promise you I get it now...I never knew ??‍♀️ great video.

Natacha De los Santos

Very good demo & info! God bless!!!!!

Tissa W

I never thought to detangle my hair dry 'cause I'm worried about breakage. But this makes so much sense!


Finally videos for women that the natural hair community was built off of before colonization happened

Ree dabrat

I have 4c hair but my curls don’t look like that ?

Cherry DeJesus

Thank you for this! When my daughter was a little girl, I couldn’t understand why her hair would tangle up
so much! She’s an adult know and has her regiment down pact!

Cha Eun-woon


Vanessa Brown

First ❤️❤️

Afua Kwarteng

That is my hair but a bit curly


I just wanna say that when people refer to dry detangling they usually mean that they use an oil to lubricate their strands and then detangle the hair. Personally dry detangling keeps hair on my head better. With oil the hair strands can slip and slide right past each other without breaking. The problem with conditioner is that it has water in it. Water causes the hair to break easier. So if someone detangles with conditioner then that can actually cause breakage, and this is even more true when wet conditioned hair is detangled.

Also I don't use a comb or brush when I prepoo my hair with oil. I use my hands to get the shed hair out. If any of you haven't tried it, then please try dry detangling with hair and your fingers. Yes it will take more time, but you won't have nearly as much breakage as you can potentially get with combing wet hair with conditioner in it.

For those who haven't tried dry detangling with oil and their hands don't knock it until you try it.

Life with Victoria Grace

I’m sorry, but I would NEVER detangle my 4c hair while dry. Like absolutely never. It’s very thick and bra-strap length. Detangling while dry has never been my friend.

Nazarene of THE WAY

Most of our ethnic group have combination type, some 4 type here, 3 type there, multiple 4 types ofultiple 3 types, some got 2, 4 and even 3 mixtures I've heard, not too too many of us have only one pattern I think so that may be a topic to bring up.

Though I do think tend to have a dominant curl that's the most prevalent.

Golden Queen

Im still really confused if my hair is 4b or 4c cause my hair looks like this but defined. When I finish shampooing I have visible curls in most areas that are tight springs and defined (but super curly and it kinda looks 4c). Other parts of my hair are like this (in the video)(undefined)

Alicia Brown

I like to use Aloe Vera gel as a prepoo and start the detangling process at the prepoo stage. In my opinion, the most effective thing is to detangle with my fingers little by little at each stage of my wash day. If I leave all the detangling unti my hair is already dry, I would be left with many single strand knots and a lot more breakage. The trick is to be very gentle at each stage and be patient.

Cia s

I love this!


I only kept my hair (before the locs) in two strand twist. Mist with water, light coat with a butter, and finish with a oil. My hair was thriving and barely had tangles. I only washed my hair in twist or braids cause detangling wet was a nightmare in comparison.

Rena Taylor

My son has thick 4c coiled hair, and he keeps its uncombed and dry. He's 16 so I can't just sit him dwn and comb his hair like I use to whn he was a kid. But do you have any recommendations on how to relax it as we as women would do our hair. He likes his hair straighten bcz its easier to manage. I wouldn't let him put to much heat on his hair afraid it would damage it. Any products or methods?


What if you’re hair is like that but is literally shaped like cursive letters-


Whoa, I think I may be 4b/4c mix. I used to think I was just 4b. But most of my hair is pen spring size lol

Taylor Ware

Such a beautiful texture