How to know if you have oily or dry skin

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How to know your skin type ? Dry, oily, normal, combination| Dr Rohit Batra

694 views | 29 Mar. 2019

Is your skin normal, dry,

Is your skin normal, dry, oily, combination, acne-prone or sensitive? You may think you know your skin type, but chances are you have no idea, It’s not easy to treat your skin properly. Everyone's skin is normal to them, but in order to care for diverse skin types, we often group people into some skin categories. Ascertaining your skin type is an important first step in knowing how to treat your skin, what products to use and how to have perfect skin.

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How to know if you have oily or dry skin

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265 views | 30 Apr. 2020

In this video I'm going

In this video I'm going to show 3 EASY STEPS on HOW TO KNOW YOUR SKIN TYPE. Crazy right? Nope not at all! So today's video was HIGHLY REQUESTED and I'm super excited to finally bring it to you! This is a super easy way for you to get to know your skin type from the comfort of your own home. This test is perfect for those of you with Oily Skin, Dry Skin, Combination Skin Types, and Normal Skin.

This at home test is the perfect way on how to identify your skin type easily. Once you are able to identify skin type and this will actually help you be able to properly narrow down the correct skincare routine for dry skin if thats what you determine you have after this test. Even skincare routines for combination skin and last but not least a skincare routines for acne prone skin as well. This is a full proof skin type test for makeup as well because lets face it we want to be using only the best for our skin.

Keep in Mind the

4 Skin Types

1. Dry

2. Oily


4. Normal

I did really enjoy filming this video it was a TON OF FUN and I even threw in some pretty fun skin care tips for you guys!

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I hope you guys enjoy ?

Let me know what other type of videos you guys might like to see in the future!


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Sher Brenet

Nice video

Harika Makeup

Great tips!! I always thought I had super oily skin but it turns out I used the wrong products that dried my skin too much❤️ love your content

Y izzie B

This was very helpful !! ???

Heidi Weller Makeup

Great video a lot of information that a lot of people did or did not know! I appreciated the time and education!! Make it more often, dive into a skin type as an individual!

Samantha Candice

Hi Guys! What's your skin type let me know in the comments down below what your skin struggles are maybe I can include it in my next skincare video!


Loved this video! Absolutely came back to rewatch because it’s just so informative ?

peggy imbriano

Omg thank you so much!!!!!

Anmol Iqbal

Dayuummm girl, that pink highlight is BOMB. Great video love, very helpful! keep it up, new sub xo

Jerlin Lopez

You look gorgeous ?


So helpful girl. Combo skin. Most of my face is dry and a section is oily. Only noticed that recently. Also, learning to use products that don't have glycolic acid in them (thx to u). My skin is sensitive. Also need to find products to help facial redness

Bridgette Snyder

GIRL! I have the world most oiliest skin. I would do anything to have dry skin. Loved this! I learnt a lot!

Jerlin Lopez

I’ve come to realize that my whole life i’ve had normal skin but I noticed that I tend to get dryer in the winter! Lol this video was very helpful!! Thank you?

Jazz Kelly MUA

Love this! Super helpful!
I’m a MUA and always wanting to look after my skin and help clients to as well!???


Loved this girl ! Great content ! Love your makeup btw ??hopefully we can support each other ?

How to know if you have oily or dry skin

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How to know your Skin Type- Normal,Oily,Sensitive,Combination,Dry Skin#skintype #howtoknowmyskintype

84 views | 23 Jan. 2021

How to know your skin

How to know your skin type? Are you confused about your skin type, then watch this video to the end. In this video, you will find out if you have normal skin, oily skin, combination skin, sensitive skin or dry skin.

Knowing your skin type is the first step to achieving your skin goals.

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Akinade Oreoluwa

I have combination skin on my face... normal skin on my body

TRappy View

omo harmattan no let me know wetin dey sup

rollin dolas

Normal?, yhhh normal?


Combination skin geng!!! ?

Ajifolake Akinade

I think I have normal skin but with this harmattan, I think my skin has switched to dry, lolz ?

Olamilokun Victor

Mine is Oily skin

Israel Ilori

Combination skin wahala ?