Pure gold collagen reviews

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What's the difference between the products in the GOLD COLLAGEN® range?

3 174 views | 21 Sep. 2015

Dr. Martin explains the

Dr. Martin explains the characteristics of our collagen supplements and points out the difference between PURE, FORTE and ACTIVE. Which GOLD COLLAGEN product is right for you?

Pure gold collagen reviews

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VLOGMAS:Pure Gold Collagen?! - jerlynTV | December 8, 2015

5 746 views | 9 Dec. 2015


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Cary Barnes

2.5 litres a day of water x

Nabilah Alias

Love your videos jerlyn!!!! Ive been watching your videos since you started making them!

Nabilah Alias

Love your videos jerlyn!!!! Ive been watching your videos since you started making them!

Cary Barnes

Cool chick ! Here from uk

Victoria Arndt

Omggggg I have one of those massagers and I love ittttt! You have to try this lol but it could be just me but it feels sooooo much different from you doing it yourself and having someone else doing it to you ..☺️ It just feels so weird lol ..let me know wat u think

Pure gold collagen reviews

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4 835 views | 19 Jul. 2018

Minerva Research Labs Inc.

Minerva Research Labs Inc. Presents:

Liquid Gold Collagen: A Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Borage Oil, Multivitamin & Multimineral Supplement!

Drink one bottle daily. Each bottle contains has 25 calories and contains:

Vitamin C - 80.0 mg

Vitamin E - 9.0 IU

Vitamin B6 - 1.4mg

Biotin - 50mcg

Zinc - 1.5mg

Copper - 0.15mg

Hydrolyzed Collagen - 5,000mg

Hyaluronic Acid - 20mg

Borage Oil - 15mg

Black Pepper Extract - 1.0

Thanks so much for joining me and God Bless!

Crafting with Fury

I’ve never heard of this. It sounds fabulous. I really need this Great unboxing and review. TFS my friend.

Shanoy Hylton

Never hear a bout this before thank for sharing

At Penny’s Place

Great review I never heard of this hope you can do a update later!!
Tfs!! Be bless!


Never herd about this brand! Like and full support for my friend Pam! Please come over to visit my channel!

Yaa Cynthia

How can I get one I need one , live in Belgium

Teresa Vaughan

You will have to share your results. Sounds like good stuff!

Catania Inspirations

Awesome thanks for the share:)


Thank you for this review ?xoxo

Brittany Poe

The ingredients sound like it would be something up my ally

Gemma Harvey

I've never heard of this but I bet it's good for you ??

Mizzalot Vlog

There's alot of boxes over there...? Never heard of this brand before. I think there market is only in the US.

Broke Budget Fashionista

Nice video!

Bubbles Butterfly

Ok this is really cool. I want the box to make a craft ? my goodness gracious girl you are just too beautiful… I know I say this all the time probably to you but you look like a movie star! Maybe I just say it in my head… But you do❤️❤️❤️you are so gorgeous! And it’s crazy because I don’t think that you realize how pretty you really are! And you’re pretty on the inside which makes you a triple threat. My girl is freaking awesome sauce! Beautiful inside and out with great taste in everything?? yous a triple?

Little Lulu

Collagen supplement has alleviated my CTS and other joint pain...my hair, skin and nails have improved...I've read that maximum benefits take a year to see but my joint pain was gone in 2.5 weeks. I'll never be without ...good luck Pam...I hope you achieve good results as well. xo

Debbie Hill

Hi Pam, looking forward to seeing your results. Have a great Friday. ?

About Face With Mona

I would like to try this out!

Kathleen McDermott

This is great, love this. ?

Life with Fritzi!

Hello Beautiful!!!! This is such a awesome video. Great unboxing, I love it. Thank you for sharing ??

Antoinette LeVeque

Looking forward to hearing an update on how this product worked. It sounds amazing.

Yoshea Lux

This founds so familiar to me!! I love the ingredient in this! I need to try it! Thank you for sharing! ???❤️

It's Rachel

I've been taking collagen too but it's a powder one. I mixed it with my smoothies.

Rj Mahler

Hi Pam! Just stopping by to say hello. This really got my attention. I am so out of touch, I thought the only way to use collagen is to inject it. But this is awesome. Very much interested in this! Thanks for sharing. See you soon! ❤

Joy’s Beauty Jawns

Oooooooo all the collagen!! I hadn’t even heard of this supplement before!! How exciting!! Thank you so much for sharing!! I can’t wait to see your thoughts on the product!! ♥️♥️♥️ omgggg cannot WAITTTTTTT for your follow up vid!!! If this product is effective for you, I’m def going to have to look into it!!! ????

Lisa Greig

Looks like a good idea , take care ?

Kaushiki- An artist from soul

Amazing share!! loved watching!!

Broke Budget Fashionista

Cool product!

For the love of pets

Great unboxing, looks interesting!

Elena Jenkins

hi Pam, love watching unboxing videos. Thank you for sharing it with us. You got my "Like", I am your new supporter, keep on making great videos,
also I have a channel and would love to be YouTube friends

Creative Chica Hauls

Hi!! Thanks for sharing! You look beautiful!

Renee Cormalis- Soaps For Love

I have just purchased some collagen. I should have thought to get the liquid, that seems like it would be so much better.

Mariya Drawings

Nice nice very useful video ? ? great update sister fantastic ?gud night sweet dreams ?

Smile Is the new color. Charis

Excited to hear your review after reading your about page I am looking forward to watching your videos thank you I hit the subbie button

jjac'Keee KooKz


Bubbles Butterfly

Pam you look so beautiful!

Um Hamodi

What is the result ? Please, did you find any benefit?

Julia Pacheco

Cool unboxing! I’m a new subscriber I hope we can support each other ❤️


Gold. Wow way cool you are beautiful.

HappinessSparkles !!

Im Excited to hear how this works out for you !!

Mary Reed

Sounds interesting Pam! Looking forward to hearing your opinion in 30 days. Happy Tuesday! ?

Jkaye World

New to your channel and joined. Let's stay connected. Looking forward to hearing more about this product.

Paty Pérez

Hi Pam I am new to your channel and found you through Flo in the City’s channel. I am your new subscriber and hope to learn a lot of beauty secrets and tips from you! I am going to be 50 next year! I have a channel too if you ever want to stop by mine! Xoxo ? ❤️

Yaa Cynthia

Can you please give me the website

Kellie’s Unboxing Addiction

Thanks for sharing this. I don’t think I could do liquid. I open a Mountain Dew in the morning and I sip on it all day. When I go to bed at night there is usually still Mountain Dew left in the can. I just can’t drink anything very quickly. It would have to be pill form for me.

Gracefully Aging With Betsy

Wow, this sounds Great! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this!

Julie Barnes



Its amazing all the different thing you come up with, from the Dollar store to mail order, its always interesting. Good Job Keep it up.

Ivy Daniels

How did it work? I've been curious about these types of supplements. Thank you.

Try it, Buy it, Make it, Sell it!

Hi. Yes Collagen is a must have over 50. I notice it keeps my from getting stiff.


Awesome. A pleasure to support.

هنرهاى مامانى Mommies creativities

Nice video. Nice presentation.
I am new to You tube and would love some support, maybe we can support each other:)) I am just subscribed to you:) Do it back please:), and watch it back at least 2 minute, otherwise it will be removed and treated as spam by Youtube:). Thanks. ❤️
Who els wants to support each other? :)

jjac'Keee KooKz

I must say you look Amazing!!
Can't believe you're 50+ I gotta get some collagen TODAY! YouTube must know I NEED collagen-- u showed up in my recommendations Haha! Thank you for the review!! Peace and Blessings!

From Peaks to Prairies

That’s a good anti-aging supplement. I hope it’s not too expensive.

Verena travels

Ah, I'll be interested in how that works. Looking forward to the update. Have a wonderful weekend. I suspect skincare does start with a sip - now, where is that champagne....

Coffee With Nadia

oooh, that sounds like a super cool product, can't wait to see your review at the end of the month. ?? xoxoNadia?

العاب ميزو وزيزو_mizo&zizo

Like and share very nice my friend ???????????

Marla Robinson

That is very cool.

Jen Spice

Collagen is so good for the skin. I've heard a lot about using it internally and can't wait to see if it works for you :)Jen

It's Me Wanston Yess Hunni


Julie Smith

I look forward to your final review. I have not tried anything like this.