Short hair perms 2016

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O my God, I have curly hair!! Perm, cut and color for Pleun by T K

86 236 views | 9 Apr. 2014

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Hi Everybody!

On my Barber channel 'theoknoopkapper' you can see all different haircut's (and make-overs) from beautiful people. Im from the Netherlands (Dutch) and make English videos in High definition (HD).

I love working with people and their hair but what I love the most is sharing the things I know to make more hairdressers creative. In my video's I often use a scissor, razor, clipper, tondeuse and many products of Goldwell and L'Anza. I hope you like it and please subscribe to me!

Thanks for watching!

With hairdressers love,

Theo Knoop


Victoria Zaldivar

Hello! where can I find this rods? is there any online store that sells them?

Petru Shka

Hi Theo, I'm going through your channel and watching your breathless videos. Great work, you are an artist ! I also like you take your clients as models :). Very sweet to see different type of faces, hairs and also diffferent age of your models. Pleun is very sweet girl and I think anything is on her head, she is super cute. This hair style is gorgeous ! Greetings from Czech :). Keep it going !

doris goodhind

Comment, I have really curly hair is it possible for me to have a perm I would like big curls not tight . Like now .




you are color colorcordinated!! cool!!

Rose Mae

Hi Theo, I've got the same style hair as her, but a little longer and I'd like to get the same type of perm but I'm scared they will give me huge curls and I'll look ridiculous, what should I ask for at the salon? I'd like small curls, like beach waves. :)

The Cat Ate My Shoe

I'd give anything to have straight white girl hair.

Josie Inman

Ahh shes so gorgeous! I wish i could pull off that hair cut!


I loooooove Pleun and I love every single video with her!! :) Shes so pretty, lovely, friendly and aaaaah just amazing:) ♥

Jacqueline S

Pleun has such a great personality I love her! The curls gives her such a playful look and the red brings out her great features! You're the best Theo....gorgeous as always!

Anja work

she is beautiful


NICE!!!! Very pretty!!


I love all your hairstyles and interactions with Pleun. Both you and Pleun have such great chemistry together, very sweet, & balanced creative hairstyles on her too. All your videos with her are fantastic. She is great model, beautiful, sassy, sweet, and a great a open-minded disposition. A nice creative friendship...
And Theo, such talent. Great hairstyles on everyone by you. I've been cutting my own hair for about 20 years. I'm getting some great tips for when I cut again!

Petr Stuchlý

she is incredibly beautiful!

Viva Fusions

This looks really good on Pleun suits her so well, great job Theo

Sue Ofoegbu

love the videos I am currently attending college to become an hairdresser and your videos give me so much inspiration your ideas of cutting/colouring/styling...... I love the heated scissors (even your water bottle, looked for it cant find it).... I will definitely keep watching thank you

Karlos Pearl

you are very beautiful, I love your curl hair, very very sexy.

Flowerbomb Nails

Pleun looks like Oona Chaplin! .. love the hair also :)

Annelie De Jesus

Pleun looks awesome!!!!!

Marissa Custer

i am in love with how you do hair<3

Rick Kay

Pleun is very Sweety and beautyful girlie.....


I love her!


Pleun is so darn sexy with her new hairstyle! :-) As always, gorgeous color and cut, Theo! I think that it was a smart move that you didn't make her perm too tight. :-) 

Trish Maxwell

Gorgeous ?

Zoe Doucette

Wow!!!! Great hairstyle and cut!

shawn oubre

OMG she is freakin sexy , This was a great move .... U LOOK AWESOME 

Andres Morel

Very nice hair like

Regina Simmons

I love all your videos they are an inspiration for me!!!! I am currently in college to get my associates degree in cosmetology... I hope to be as great as you one day

Thomas Morner

Great hairmodel. Great hairstyle. Great hairdresser. Awsome video! Thanks.

Dabney Fountain

Pretty model...great work.


Love it. Love Pleun

Annelies Timmerman

het is weer zoooo mooi,en een prachtige kleur


This is so wholesome :)


Super !

ashley hurley

I have this same hairstyle didn't know you could perm it and look so cute

Kim Varwig

Love this!!

Izzy Fitzsimon

I’d like to get a perm but I’m not sure if I’d look good in it...

Amanda Rochelle

Obsessed with seeing these incredibly short cuts on women. They are stunning and watching your techniques is mesmerizing. Bravo!


You are every woman's dream stylist. Much love from Canada....wish you were here!


How old is Pleun? If shes having an own youtube channel i would love to know! :) ......and Theo i like your work;)

Sarah Smith

It’s nice to see more curly hair styles. Pleun looks great but young people always look great. More natural curly hairstyles on older women please Theo!


love pleun....

miriam castellanos

I Love your work . I would like you be here.in America in usa.

Brittany Punches

Oh I love this so much! You're amazing!

Mihwa Go


Hi Theo, i'm planning on getting a perm and my current hairstyle is similair if not the same as Pleuns. I love the way her curls turned out so i was wondering if you could tell me what size perm rods you used on her hair. Much love!

Kirsteen Forrest



 Pleun is very sexy with her new perm and colour :)

Natali Naden

Theo... I finish cosmetology college on Thursday. Your videos have carried me through. Plenty of inspiration. Love you!

Elin Lloyd

this is the style i'm after but know red though x

Maria Isabel

Me encantaa Teo!!


Love, love, love this style

marion thurman


Short hair perms 2016

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This woman wants curls so she gets curls, curls, curls! Perm and color by T K

374 379 views | 17 Feb. 2014

Nina had a medium long bob

Nina had a medium long bob but wants curls and a new color and when a model ask I deliver. This is the video and photo-shoot of Nina's perm and color. Hope you like it and subscribe to me, with hairdressers love I'm Theo Knoop ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hi Everybody!

On my Barber channel 'theoknoopkapper' you can see all different haircut's (and make-overs) from beautiful people. Im from the Netherlands (Dutch) and make English videos in High definition (HD).

I love working with people and their hair but what I love the most is sharing the things I know to make more hairdressers creative. In my video's I often use a scissor, razor, clipper, tondeuse and many products of Goldwell and L'Anza. I hope you like it and please subscribe to me!

Thanks for watching!

With hairdressers love,

Theo Knoop

Susan Brown Peck

Love it!!

Hannah B

Gorgeous curls!!! You should do more perm videos

Joyce Tucker



Curls are too weak.


i have been looking for a stylist in my area to give me a similar perm. Perms seem to be a lost art. Most stylists don't want to give me a perm. thanks for the great inspiation

Pat G.

You cut the fishtails off after the perm. Good job.


I'd hate to cross check that cut. not one single clean parting or guideline...good luck trying to wear that straight lol. anyone else notice the crazed look on his face when he started hacking it? also, when he started combing it you could see it was damaged. you need to let the hair be for a while after perming and not go straight in with 20v. it looks OK cause curls hide everything.#curlyhairedhairdresser

ramona garcia

she looks old now

Emilie HERVE


Jeanette Winther

Wonderful curly hair..?❤️

Billy Belcher

You are such a pro watching you dance around her hair it was just wonderful to watch. thanks

Castro Iliana

wow love the curls, cut and color. I also wish u could travel to your country, I'd love to have ti style my hair.

Gayle Petroski


Debra Wolf

So cute!

Joanne Maurer

She looks adorable with this cut and color.  I love  the way you cut and color so unique

Collin Tacderas

nice perm

Louisa Vevers

I love love love this style!!

Walter Stokes

beautiful smile and looks really good as a brunette or any style for that matter

Dante Velasquez

nice! but those are waves not curls.

Susanna Lösche

This is exactly the look that I want.

Cheryl Reuter

What a great result, perm sure have come a long way! Looks beautiful ❤️❤️


Wonderful cut perm and colour Theo. The rounded graduated shape you created for Nina  really works for her and like the volume very much. The perm looks natural with the curls full of movement and man is she one beautiful lady.

Regina Hanson

Beautiful! Love it! ♡

obe dan

she has gorgeous eyes!

Amar Somaroo

Die "de zwarte pieten show" opmerking, zo jammer weer..

Trace Dixon

Love it.makes her look younger and real cute

Army Morales

the hair is so burn

vicky stevenson

The BEST hair style...you have done so far..??????

M Bell

great job thanks for sharing

Golden Flower


Gwen Wiedner

Love this hairstyle; I want it! LOL! very pretty model and love her hair!


on the one hand it felt like a weird technique because there didn't seem to be one! On the other hand it's awesome that my amateurish way of cutting hair at home is a-ok! If Theo does it, so can I! The end result was so cute, she looked great! Where do you find all these beautiful ppl?

Jessica Buchanan

you can definitely color after a perm, Processing time of 5 minutes with something like Diarichesse from Loreal, which contains no amonia, also with 9% vol diactivator

Emily Shields

Love ??????????????


That is so adorable! I love it!

Carrie Doyle

You ? do ? not ? color ? hair ? after ? a ? perm.... not scrub it afterwards are you kidding me?? Nevertheless cut the hair after a perm. ??‍♀️

Luna Sangria

So pretty!

Cheryl Reuter


Bernadette Russell

another great job

Karen Callaghan

Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!! Haircut and perm. She is also beautiful!


Watching him cut hair was downright scary! Being a precision cutter, I would hate to cross check that cut ;) Turned out beautiful.

Walter Stokes

here's another gourgous and sexy model with lovely green eyes mmmmmmmmmm

Stefanie Newbill


Rick Kay

❤❤❤❤❤❤süsse Nina


love perms!! if it wasn't for the frying of my hair i would most def have one just like the one here....good work!

frances abreu

Waoo he is very talented!! came out very nice

Aino xx

Really love this look!!

Lesia Persimmon

Everything about this was great! Absolutely adorable!

Maureen Colby

What a lovely model! She resembles Duchess Kate Middleton.

Aztec Girl

This looks very nice and natural! Love it! Great Perm & Styling!

Cookiegirl 1

My hair has come back with chemo curls. Now it's getting a little longer the crown curls are dropping. The last time I had my hair come back and wanted it cut the hairdresser didn't seem to know how to cut it. I ended up with two droopy spaniel ears and the rest a mess. I'm really reluctant to get it cut this time as I'm worried the same thing will happen. Having my hair back after being bald is nice but I'd rather be bald then have a hairdresser not care how I might feel. Have you done a video about styling short curly hair that's drooping? Thanks. I really like your videos. You have a holistic approach which is lovely to see.


Her face is too big for this haircut. Cute curls tho...

Orchid Heart

So cute!


Beautifully done ✅

Sonja Smith

She reminds me of Tea Leoni

MythicalThorns AJ


Rick Kay

Nina your are single

Rose Barrette

Love it!!!

Hannah Thurston

Should’ve done the color first?combing through a perm when it’s first done is literally perming frizz into her hair

Angel Wolfe

I love it she looks so good

Megan Gaskill

Bro you did her wrong

Mary Jenkins

Hi there, I love your haircut styles. My hair is naturally curly and its thinning a lot , no one knows how to cut it , I want a very very short hair cut while keeping the bang long. Can you please advice. Thank you

Maria Lezana

Not a professional cut.....plus fish hook ends how is this allowed?

Deborah Kissinger

loved it great job

Vuthy Chan

she look twenty somthing before the perm,she look 40 after . I feel sorry for her

Rahel T Rocca

I love it!

Jan Stewart



What were the products used?

Neil Cox

Her hair was ruined!

melissa krebbs

Perm and 20 volume developer/color in the same day?? Notice how much trouble he was having getting a comb thru her hair while cutting!?!? Over processed!!!!

vera prokic

curls? where are the curls, curls, curls? I didnt think it would be the" natural wavey" look..

flower girl

how would I describe this perm to my hair dresser ? like size of rods etc

Trace Dixon

Looks really great and younger

Brenda Lee

Love this!!! ❤

william wallace



OMG! She looks amazing with a curly bob. I just got my hair cut short, because I couldn't do anything with it. Now I want my hair back after watching this!

Rick Kay

Very good Nina i love you


hmm i would have thought you would cut before curling , if thats what your calling curls. did yu see how much he chopped off, if it was growing my hair i would have freaked out.

Nancy Jong

Heel heel mooi!

Travis J. Reed

You really shouldn't come through a perm the day that you do it. The same reason that you would not shampoo it for the first couple days the curls are still setting. Every time you run a comb through it you are slightly destroying the Integrity of the curl. You're not even supposed to sleep on them for the first couple days.
Perms are very damaging so color should never be done on the same day unless it's a demi without ammonia or a rinse.


She reminds me of baby from dirty dancing with the perm

Mary Cope

I like?

Janet Williams

Not exactly what I was thinking of when he said curls, curls, curls! I'd call that more of a body wave.

Calico Kat

Very beautiful. Is this like the old perm solution or something more modern? I live in a small city I can't really see most stylists who would do this here. They're not as versatile as you, how unfortunate.

Diane E

She looks like the oldest VonTrapp daughter from the Sound of Music.

vicky stevenson

Why the PURPLE nail polish..?...on the one nail?....is it a symbol or a statement?

Betcali Garcia

I love the color but I don't know the hair style makes her look older I'm not sure how I feel about this look I love it and I don't - funny because I want curls like her but I would wait until my hair is at least on my shoulders

Cheryl Reuter

I haven’t seen a perm done in 10 years, can’t wait to see the results?

Deb Segovia

I have naturally curly hair .... I'd do anything to wear it like that. It's GORGEOUS!!!!


Thank god for her for GHD's.....


Way too short for curls, hair isn't flowing. After watching this I'm 200% convinced not to perm.

Suz B

I always enjoy your videos! Thank you!

Beverly Lucas

I think this short n curly curly is absolutely beautiful.....

ashley hurley

I've been wanting to get a perm again but I have bleached hair. would it kill my hair if I permed it?

Royce Umgeher


patty coy

i think it's beautiful....

Winifer Gaston


Karen Leslie Ardagna

Wow. Awesome curls.

Donna puckett

Beautiful artwork!

SlicedBreadWinnerWinner ChickenDinner

Dude! This guys eyebrows are aweseome! Wish my eyebrows looked like that!!!

Short hair perms 2016

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110 596 views | 26 Aug. 2016

Die Dauerwelle spaltet

Die Dauerwelle spaltet die Meinungen! Von "super" bis "shit" ist in den Kommentaren alles zu lesen. Wir finden glatte, gesunde und schön gefärbte Haare auch toll und bestreiten damit den Großteil unserer Arbeit...ABER... wenn eine Kundin mit feinen Haaren sich nach mehr Volumen sehnt, versuchen wir ALLE Techniken die unser Beruf kennt, in die Beratung mit einzubeziehen. Wir beraten nicht auf eine Dauerwelle, aber wir drücken uns auch nicht! Wahrscheinlich bekommen wir trotzdem wieder negative Kommentare; können aber damit leben:) Viel Spaß beim Anschauen wünscht Euch das Team von JMF

There are so many different opinions about the perm. Some people might say "awesome" while others say "no way"! We love straight and healthy hair and that´s a big part of our work. BUT if customers with thinner hair ask for more volume there´s no technique we won´t offer them. We won´t advise customers to get a perm but if they want it, then we´ll do it with a lot of passion. We´ll probably still receive a lot of negative comments but we appreciate every opinion. Have fun watching our Video! Your Team from JMF.

Ulrike Speakman-Hecken

Back to the 80'th!
Hast du da ne Formwicklung gemacht?!?
LG Ulrike


So cool, I love her curls! ???


Ich bin kein Freund von Dauerwellen aber das sieht wirklich mal toll aus. Ihr steht das echt.

Jo Hanna

wow super toller lockenkopf


Liebe es


Wow how beautiful she is ? gorgeous perm as well ?

roland wachtl

Schön wieder mal ein neues Video von euch zu sehen
WOW super gemacht - die Locken stehen ihr eeeecht voooooll guuut
Kommen jetzt in Zukunft wieder öfters Videos von euch?


Super schön. Hoffentlich kommt bald wieder ein Dw-Video. Vielleicht auch mit ausdrehen. Weiter so.

Paulina Lavasova

Seeeehr geil geworden !!! Steht dir richtig gut ?

dave m

I love it!!! Maybe buzz the lower hair a bit shorter and it would be perfect!

Bryan Cleeg

As a kid of the 80's i love those kind of revival styles and even it is not really fancy to follow every trend, this is a must-have-style for curls....and i love the barber-shop-shirt ;-)....thumbs up

Melzer Jessica

Awesome! I love her new look!

jean louis Prime

Very very nice?????

Élise Walther

Très joli !

stefan claes

tolles frauw end curll's

Simone K.

Echt cool geworden sehr schön

Gordon Foote

I love it. My hair is this length and I want it permed. Going to make an appointment for next week. Would love to come to Germany to your salon someday. Which part of Germany are you from? Your model really suits this. She is gorgeous ❤️


Welche Stärke sind denn die Wickler??

Angelina Angel

Einfach Hammer die Frisur und super Arbeit. Hinzu macht es die Frau viel, viel weiblicher als diese kurzen und glatten Haare. Jetzt weiss ich in etwa wie meine Haare aussehen werden und ich hab sie um einiges länger als diese Dame im Video.

Klara Fall

Soooo toll?

Christina Fechner



Tolle Dauerwelle! Der Kontrast wäre noch toller wenn ihr Nacken auf ca3-5mm rasiert wäre.

Alex Mamet

So toll?




Bald einen Herzkasper bekommen. Der Style und die Dauerwelle is das nächste dran, als Tasha Yar an dem Festbankett teilnahm. Herr Mengel Sie haben einen Star Trek Fan sehr Glücklich gemacht. Purer Hammer und schönen Gruß an Caro. Sie sieht einfach super aus !!!

Ken Cansell

Really suits her, beautiful young lady.


Very chic retro 80's look. Looks very pretty. Perfect for her. So pretty!

Michael Hansen

So gorgeous!

Carolin Knott

I LOVE IT! ! =)

Ashli Monique

Cutest gd style I’ve ever seen