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The Double Dummies S1 Ep.2 Fat Stack Of Cash

12 106 views | 28 Sep. 2018

Pineapple and Liquor are

Pineapple and Liquor are encountered with a bag containing alot of money.

jhace creations and gaming


Rhylan Payton

Bruh did i see a uno 4 card

Hernando Martinez

This You Tube video was published on September 2018.
(Volume 01 Level 17 9/12) ?




Yus part 2 IS HERE

Taydwn Houghton

Sonic 1 Pineapple
Sonic 2 Ligour
Tails Tangerine
Dfweedy brother Police Officer 1
Stuff bear Police Officer 2


Is Dame Tu Cosita Real?


0:38 Who dropped the bag? Plus that was funny.?

The Poster 567

That cop is a burnt roach

Cill cipher The black

Yes finally yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Collin B

Awesome episode!
Pineapple and Liquor are rich now
So they can do whatever they want now I guess


I like the new art!! ?

Braniel Pimentel


Kenai Kenai

Mony ?

sonic plush


Brendan Abenes

I want money

Noah Network

That was quite the episode

Liquor’s Channel

More will come


This Episode is hilarious!

Percy Perjector

You're going to Jail Now, You're going to Jail Now, You're going to Jail Now..

Randy Trousers

I love this humor this series is great


That cameo though :)

Dizzi ディッツィ

I like the drawings in the montage

Hernando Martinez

Chart Magic 2019 ?
(Season 01 Level 0/14) ⬜? (?️)
(Part Level 01) ♣️
55 Dollars (00th Place) ⬜? (?️)
23 Dollars (01st Place) ♣️
15 Dollars (02nd Place) ?
11 Dollars (03rd Place) ?
09 Dollars (04th Place) ??
08 Dollars (05th Place) ?
05 Dollars (06th Place) ?
04 Dollars (07th Place) ? (?️)
02 Dollars (08th Place) ??
01 Dollar (09th Place) ?
00 Dollars (10th Place) ?️.
To be continued next time. ?

Hernando Martinez

Chart Magic 2019 ?
(Season 01 Level 0/14) ⬜? (?️)
(Part Level 02) ?
243 Dollars (01st Place) ♣️
155 Dollars (02nd Place) ?
111 Dollars (03rd Place) ?
089 Dollars (04th Place) ??
078 Dollars (05th Place) ?
045 Dollars (06th Place) ?
034 Dollars (07th Place) ? (?️)
012 Dollars (08th Place) ??
001 Dollar (09th Place) ?.
To be continued next time. ?




yo this was very well done awesome job man and dang blaming co can for stealing the money and i hope Liquor gets back into squashes house with the rest of the money awesome can't wait for more i really liked the montage i liked everything great job Larry just wow and i wonder how you got so many visa cards and all that money man i wish i had that money i could get the classic super sonic plush XD man your content is great this is why i love your channel it has a story line and not a joke your an awesome story teller just great man ! and you do it all on ur phone wow

Superhedgehog 64

These guys are so goofy

Percy Perjector

You guys (pineapple and liquor ) remind me of Mordecai and Rigby from REGULAR SHOW

Firmin Multi service

Yeah this double dummies series is so funny

bad time warrior productions

nice episode bro!


omg 11/10

Ashley 1ß0h1 Sixto


Boiled Egg

Today’s my birthday thanks for the present

Ace The Hedgehog Studios

3:28 basically my brother

jessica miller

That in a video

JayFalmez 266

Lol bae episode!! XD

You and your cousin really outdone yourselfs!!

And no offense liquor but YAY now I can finally hear liquor better

Therealchaos World

Funny video dude

Purple Purge

Pls add despacito


Yes I just ah yes
So far this is really funny and I can’t wait to see more of this

Btw pineapple is my favorite

A normal Man

Good job with dat music

Sonic Zuki The Hedgehog

I never seen this before lol I gonna find ep 1 now nice Sonic plush video


I love that song

SuperSonicTime 99

0:09 how is anyone suppost to pause on that!? ?

Flare burst 9

Do a Christmas double dummies video

Nova Plush

Yes finally

Gemini Frontier

I know there's only two double dummies episodes but this is so good that I would use it as a TV show in my series

Saiyan Comrades

Awesome second episode I love it

Sparrow the fox 30yearslaterpro

Made me laugh so much! This made my day Larry! It just right up my ally in randomness and amazing effort finished off with a smile on my face! Keep it up!

MikeAnims 259


Wenis bone

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forcing people to live for 1000 hours without power

1 915 313 views | 10 Jun. 2020

forcing people to live

forcing people to live for 1000 hours without power

Subscribe if you like! + http://bit.ly/1PG8z9G

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preparing for 2021

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Ending the Universe Repeatedly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2T83jqPiDS4&list=PLw8xXEJ0p21cvj68bpV9U7-BFvI7pcKUM

Messing with Genetics in SPECIES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRJTdKiqDN4&list=PLw8xXEJ0p21eTTx_G7l5lJdYN2aDAiqlH

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ruining Lives with Natural disasters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7t5jqV5PvYQ&list=PLw8xXEJ0p21dfJEHCi4XBqPubgy9taohW


ABOUT: The Sims 4

Enjoy the power to create and control people in a virtual world where there are no rules.

Download The Sims 4 to begin expressing your creativity as you customize your Sims’ distinct appearances and unique personalities. Choose their fashions, select their hairstyles, and give them life aspirations. Effortlessly build your Sims the perfect homes with the all-new room-based Build Mode, choosing your favorite designs and décor. Develop your Sims’ relationships, pursue new careers, and shape the rich and entertaining moments of their lives. Explore beautiful worlds with unique environments and travel to neighborhoods where you can visit venues and meet other interesting Sims. Be powerful and free, have fun. In The Sims 4, you can:

• Create unique Sims

• Build the perfect home

• Explore vibrant worlds

• Add new experiences

• Play with life!




Nuha Nazeem


LLC Rulez

I’m sorry I’m only 1 min in and Australia man should not be complaining about no internet, because that’s basically just Australia lol
Edit: of course Australia man can survive without power lol

Red creeper gameing

No more 2020

Forrest Moreno

1700s simulator




It was more like 300 hours (288 is 12 days)

Landen Brown

Honey,that ooie gooie sticky substance that tastes good on almost any thing. And you yes you can have it right here at your fingertips from Burtie´s Bee Box.

Bond with your bees and see what wonders are in store for you



Jessica Harris

Where's blue cheese

Bailey Moment

Australia man is the winner!

No one likes spleens
Like for spleens?

Lisa Bharwani

Can u find try get them killed without drowning or burning to death

The Dark Side Jester and friends

The ghost of Colono Scopy

the royalty of gaming

Gray: jokes on you I don't use water
The Shower that Gray gave them: am I a joke to you?


8:06 look at spleens

Kîkî Bêâr

I love the intros of the game he's going to play XD


“Company has sent professional to repossess his valuable items in payment”
”what valuables?”
takes his household member's souls

Holly O

Hmm, apparently Godzilla is a cat. Guess that makes him Catzilla.

Marc Roben

2:57 a call for help? Hmm sounds like me in school

simonie l _ l

at 14:58 when Florida Man is sitting in Australia Man's lap they kinda look like a couple

Dakota Robert

You also gave them death

Soggy Bread

sims die no matter the cause

cartopcake 76

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Superman 7477

I am on the 10th video and I can't stop laughing and watching

Plz don't stop the videos

Tiia Laurila

"It's like torture just more eco-friendly". ??

Sara #Anime is life

I love how death is FREAKING OUT OVER THE FIRE in 11:07, Lol!!

_Teddie Bear_109

Any one else who find these vids really relaxing and fall asleep to them? Cos this is how I fall asleep every night and I'm so thankful for these things...but am I the only one? ??

Team Lazers

Who else relized the insects prisons says help

Unicorn Mia

Award for Florida man
First to put out a fire

Laverne Proctor

Is the main character spliens thd cat ???????

Bunny Button

"Oh man, I should tell my supervisor about this." Me when ever a mild disturbance happens

Laura Renaud

Hey gray I got my spleens plush. I love it. Thanks. happy holidays


this was the best they have ever taken care of themselves, until you took australian man and florida man out of their natural habitats

Freyakitty Da-mew

14:59 wtf is Florida Man doing to Australia Man?

Pew Umři Koláč

“It’s like torture just more eco-friendly.”

marci piechowski

Come 9n : o

Julien Pento

At 11:09 , you can see Bab Ross' ghost doing a T-pose.


me when spleens gets taken away: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! NOT SPLEENS

Gabriella Gauthier

at 1:20 all i can think of is chloe k screaming “we gonna die anyway die with a good sbapchat going through”

Cj W

This place reminds me of that one place you can visit and live at in The Sims Bustin' Out. Anybody else remember that?


9:17 spleens is runing away

Carol Wambui Wahome


Nitara Lyons Toy Review

Omg wow a sims 4 video without a full Liquor bar ???


"Florida Man freezes to death after temperatures plummet into the low 50s"

Kitaya Wolfe

Florida's only complaint is that there's no drugs ?

Zoya Abbasi

The intros kill me ? ?

have a nice day everyone

GRAY: let's get the most flammable thing in the game for them to use to cook
Also GRAY: why are they starting fires and burning them selves?

Lilja Sigurðardóttir

Me when I see someone self-report in Among Us: 7:35

Marc Roben

2:57 a call for help? Hmm sounds like me in school

Alvin Huang


your non-binary pal

I love how Australian man is the most like responsible yet dangerous one there with his taking care of everything and swimming with sharks

Tyler Fisher

Australian man and Florida man must be famous and or Obama is in a really bad place because the depressed petcare worker looks like Obama ?


Just because you cant have power does not mean that you dont need walls


9:59 - "Australian Man was swimming with sharks."

As a fellow Aussie, I can tell you that this is what we call "Tuesday".


Australian man is like: you know what, i am so bored so i wanna swim in the shark pond instead of the pool

Alvin Huang


Kaminari Denki

When I heard Eliss Dee I thought of LSD knives-

Valérie p

My kids saw this video and my daughter tought that colono was an italian name....and my son asked for a florida man for christmas...?

яєı ṭһє ɢѧʏ

Gray: Concerned Australian man is swimming with sharks

Australian man: In Australia we weren’t taught by our parents to swim.. they just threw us into a shark pond to see what would happen


9:00 Nighty Night!


"Behold, my menagerie of rot and decomposition!"

Smoola -

Grey not understanding how Insect Hotels work for 16 minutes straight xD

alief zidane

I got my pfp from 9:20

undertale 2019

Gray: Florida man

Aurora Karma

I wonder if he's done one where the Sims kill each other with Kindness?? Taking killing someone with kindness to a whole new level~ I wonder if that would be possible...

Pandora Vex

I think this is the only episode where not only the legday family died but also a rando. The mortality rate is through the roof here.

Desert Dogs California

Southern California Edison is that you?

Shaina Colby

Hello GrayStillPlays Love the Content (: It is always engaging and different from many of the other sims video youtubers I've seen. As a new streamer for fortnite, do you have any tips on how to build an community?

Thijs Lumeij

6:30 Grey portrayed godzilla vs Kong.

Bella- Gacha

Do y’all know what an Eski is?

Perimian Lines

You know it will be a good video when the thumbmail is florida man searching the dumpster


Australien Men is fighting with the sharks! :D


Australian man is the friend that picks up the spiders in the jar And leaves them outside to be free

Julian Young

This video posted

People liveing in the 1800: am I a joke to you

KawaiiPotato Park Jimin

"Stay foxy" what makes you think i was foxy to begin with

Glow Bright Unicorn

Grey: does what ever he wants

Spleens: some one help me

Marc Roben

All florida man dresses in is bath robes- let’s be honest-

the royalty of gaming

Anyone else notice how the only times Spleens eyes are normal is when people are dying?


Everyone: its dangerous to swim with sharks! they can kill you!

Australian Man: Hold my beer



Daniel Parkison

All them dumpsters. Nurgle would approve.

Pansy Flower

ROFL OMFG 9:00 that is the best thing I have ever seen...

Bish Bishone

In all seriousness where do I get the pond I can put piranhas and sharks in?

Kurt Werden

Does anyone know what lot he is on? I haven't got a clue and would love to know!

Josh Goodrich

Florida man:I spent 1000 hours being tortured by gray

Rafael Riera

The sims... the only beings capable of putting a pool on fire four times in a week

Potato and bean Gaming

Accidentally clicked on this video, but I regret nothing and will watch this entire video.

Lindy L

I knew Australian Man had this one as soon as I saw him swimming with sharks ?. This was FANTASTIC. I never laugh harder than when I watch your Sims4 videos.

Meredith I guess

Why does the thumbnail look like Florida man is vomiting into the trash bin?

Dominic Burke

Australian Man /Florida Man content


So anyone gonna talk about the “insect prision” spelling help? 4:30 and the Pool spelling out FU? 5:45

Addie Marie simon

Hey @Graystillplays 

I know that you have made a video where you kill people by dirt and where piles of bodies and pee I know a way to make it worse and I want to see how bad it can get I don't have the sims 4 and ether way yours would be more funnier then mine if I had it 

So pretty much you make the smallest house possible and put 100 people in it and add them in all at once

 only add one laundry basket and no washers or drys this makes it so where dirty laundry piles grow like crazy I learned this from another sims gamer

Take away all trashcans,  sinks, dishwashers, showers,  toilets, pools, bath tubs, romabs or little vacuum cleaners,  fountains,  

Don't clean up the dead body's 

Make sure all 100 people are in the house then lock all doors 

Make sure you use only one 4 person table and only one 2 seating coach and one single person bed make sure you have both of a few grills (grill inside the house) and stoves that way people have plenty of places to cook make sure you only one countertop

This makes to where sims can still cook plus it makes piles of food 

Make sure you have a fridge, and cooler 

And make sure you have one night stand for the bed dont put anything on it and one for the coach it makes it to where floating food is possible 

Make sure you put the home layout a big open concept house meaning only 4 walls no walls at all on the inside of the house 

Don't use cabinets in the kitchen and cover all 4 walls with shelves all over the wall this will make floating food like crazy plus it makes it where you can see all the food 

Once every one 100 people are inside the house lock or delete all doors and make (you  force )every single sim all 100 to make a grand meal if you don't know how to do that just make all 100 sims cook a meal and you make them do this from the start 

Continue making all of your sims make more and more food so pretty much if they are doing anything else but cooking make them cook 

And for fun remove the tv the bed and the coach

I want to see how bad we can glitch out the sims 4

Also by the way I know how much you love how bad the sims can get you should really try the sims 3 and the sims 2 and the sims 1 littary the more you get to a lower number of the sims the less coding was made for the sims and so the lower number you get the more glitches they can do littary in the sims 1 you can pretty much kill every sim in littary less than a day

dRaGoN ._.

i got the sims 4 a few days ago and spend HOURS building a house and my sims got uncomfortable because of my decoratios...

mini yellow

Make the cats immortal and vid idea making my sims live in the mansion full of nothing but cat stuff

Maria 1816

Can we a video where spleens and tonsils are ruthless rulers of the house and the Sims must serve under their rule only

Tamara Henry

Now that i have the sims 4 you are giving me ideas

Alucard GD

16:10 isnt that the guy gray mistook for florida man in the 1000mile basement episode? the guy reading the book in the pink and white shorts

Aussie Bogan

Nah mate Australia man is like so no internet?
Just like back home!

Queen of Dragons

13:38 looks like colono is holding a toy tonsils/ trying to murder tonsils with him which so much hatred XD

Ethan Attenborough

The result is unsurprising

Nathan Santiago

There is a sims thing where you can do magic.
Or fail
And then suffocate

Wenis bone

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Breaking My Elbow

1 636 views | 12 Apr. 2008

While mountain boarding

While mountain boarding behind the car I had a fall and broke the head of my radius bone or elbow. A short video from start to finish.

Sorry about the jerky end. Can not figure out how to stop it.


Joshua Ables

Rocky Dennis?


my scars bigger than yours. came off motorbike shattered my radius and dislocated my elbow and tore ligaments and now got nerve damage in my hand had a radial head replacement due to have it removed in 6 months still cant straighten my arm and it has been coming up 3 months