Wavy hair braids

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Heatless natural waves | DIY hair hack | Elwa Saleh

38 642 views | 2 Oct. 2019

I love hair hacks! In this

I love hair hacks! In this video I try out a sea salt spray DIY and show you the easiest way to get natural wavy hair without adding any heat. Hope you like it.

Visit me on my IG: @elwa__ https://www.instagram.com/elwa__/?hl=en

DIY Ingredients:

1. plastic spray bottle

2. salt

3. gel

4. hot water

farhana mohd

Looks pretty ofc??

Shreeya Maharjan




Megan Harangozo

Can’t ever get my braids tight when my hair is wet and I try so hard too and I just end up giving up?

Kanchan Gupta

Why you are so pretty


Sure I enjoyed it I love your hair.. My cousin called Alwa, which is beautiful like you ?...

Shaheen ali Ali

Hi ELWA Saleh how are u ??

Arshi Tyagi

So pretty ??

Mariela Marquez


Sameera Abdul


Victoria Padilla

I love how it turned out !!! Ima try it and use the same products! Hopefully I get the same results!

Moon Light


Stanislava Dimova

Amazing hair !!!♡♡♡

Nanci Jimenez

I absolutely love your videos!?

Anya n

The salt wont work on straight hair......braids yea wil work when its done tight....mmmm

Brittne Kelly

Elwa your hair is so beautiful ?? thanks for the tip

Gaby Farias

One question, does that not dry the hair?

Adriana Ibarra

Love it thank you im trying to grow out my hair, looking for new things to try i love any quick hacks that would help this momma which i have no time with twin boys and a baby girl on the way...sure love your video?

Minerva C

You are absolutely gorgeous!! I can't wait to try these out because in tired of my straight and super long hair

Albin biju Biju

I love you

Alejandra Elías

¿Alguien más que hable español? help me :((

Cynthia Zambrano

Wait but is her natural hair wavy or curly ?

Albin biju Biju

I like your hair l love your hair


I cant braid if my life depended on it lol. Can you show a very slowwwww tutorial on how you braided your hair please? Love the end results!

Riya Srivastava

Which gel????

isabella vizcardo

You are so gorgeous

Angie Valero

YASSS QUEEN!!! Love this !!! Love being subscribed to you

Albin biju Biju

You are too beautiful

Eva Cortes silva

The come out The same If I dry them Whit the Dryer??

Blanca Alvarez

braiding my hair has been way easier than curling it with a wand since my hair is so long (up to my hips). But omg it gets very frizzy and loses its curl. :( I'm totally gonna try this hack now. thanks!!

Lisa Ibarra Vinci

I braid my hair so much, my hair has grown like crazy! Haha. Less heat, the better ❤

farhana mohd

Isnt salt bad for hair ?? It ruins the hair (makes the hair rough and increases hairfall) thats wat i experienced ?‍♀️?‍♀️

isabella vizcardo

What does the spray do and what type of braid did you do?

Chicken Nugget

How does it smell though ?

Sunflower Edit

This is so undrated and I’m mad

Wavy hair braids

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Wavy Lazy Girl Crochet NO LEAVE OUT!

2 277 views | 12 Dec. 2020


#Crochethair #Protectivehairstyle #curlygirl

Hi friends!

I used 2 packs for this hairstyle, it was my first time trying out a crochet hairstyle so don't be too hard on me haha!

I hope I inspired you to try it!

Nora H

5:50 "let's start this shit?" Hahahahhahahaha excellent

Sierra LaFaye

Omg u did an amazing job! Me next ??‍♀️

Shaunice C.

Baby girl you can wear anything and it make look beautiful!!!!!!✨☁️☁️☁️???


Phenomenally Flawless!!


Every time I try crochet it's too bulky. What am I doing wrong?

Lil Bear

I was balding on the sides. I mixed Castor oil, green tea and mint essential oil. Strain and put it in an applicator bottle. Used a rollerderm twice a week , my diy oil in the morning and rogaine at night. My hair grew back in 6-8 weeks. I have 3C edges.

Alien Pal

It looks really nice! Especially after you twisted and curled the ends ? I’ll probably try it for myself!


I’m loving this!!

Ashley Salazar

Prettiest girl in the whole world ❤️

charmene prisco

Pocaronda beautifull



Tiwalola Odukoya

Fabulous! Totally agree with the thread and needle.. will make sure I sew up the ends next time! :)