Why led light

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stand white LED light

90 views | 10 Feb. 2021

cameraman :- Vedant

cameraman :- Vedant solanki

video editor :- Mayank solanki

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Divyesh Solanki

Nice bro

Why led light

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LED Light Dimmer Flicker

19 833 views | 23 Sep. 2019

LED Light Dimmer

LED Light Dimmer Flicker

If you have recently upgraded to LED light fixtures as part of a renovation or you have installed LED light fixtures in a new construction project, you may have run into an issue when the dimmer switch was installed.

Frequently dimmer switches flicker or blink when they are not compatible with the LED light fixtures that they are being used with.

In this video, Renos shares a recent experience with LED light dimmer flicker and what he did to resolve the issue.

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Robin Irving

My led lights flicker now and then, i.e. they are stable until about one hour has passed and then they flicker for a few minutes and then they are stable for a while, like an hour, and then they flicker and then....repeat, repeat, etc, etc. Very frustrating. Any ideas on this? We have various led light fixtures including recessed pot lights, a chandelier and 3 hanging led lights installed in one open space and they all flicker. We also are using dimmer switches but the flickering seems to be independent of the flicker, i.e.adjusting the dimmer does not affect the flickering. Any ideas?

Damon Blankenship

Good advice. Wifey said the 2x4 and 2x2 lights in the basement we're too bright ! ( winer ...how much time does she really spend in the basement anyway ) Got a Leviton dimmer switch at HD, wired it correctly !! and wala !! flickering at the low light level. Noticed that both the 2x2 and 2x4 lights had a " purple " wire with the wire harness.........time to call a electrician.

Good Work PE

The solution is an electronic dimmer, there like $75 -$85 each.

Noam Pitlik

"Who are the Warriors. I want all the Warriors!"


So, are you supposed to switch them out for a new brand, then or can you use the same brand?

Just me

Should have talked to an electrician, sounds like your wattage was too high for the dimmer. Each row of lights on their own switch. Had the same issue and the switch maker and the light maker said the same thing.

Summer Time

Thank you. Replacing the dimmer and fixture. Also trying different dimmer bulbs.


I had the same exact issue. I put 6” lights in kitchen, living room and master bedroom. All worked no problem. I put 4” in the dining room and they flickered. No matter what dimmer switch it wouldn’t fix it. Changed out fixtures and worked fine.

Ramón Castillo

Which kind of dimmer did you use?

bubba lo

There are some led compatible dimmer switches that have an adjustable load dial so you can fine tune it to solve the flickering issues becasue not all manufacturers have the same specs. Try that next time if you experience flickering.

Ed V

My lights are doing the flickering, do I need to buy lights with smaller wattage?

Robin Goff

Thank you so much

Edward Arakelian

I had the very same experience.
Swapped dimmers a few times and gave up.
Watching this video motivated me to get back to it now hehe


i have same problem but when i disconnect ground plug it stops flickering. but worried about getting shocked now when i cut the lights back on. any thoughts ?

Larry Davis

I have the same problem with a different twist...... When i disconnect the ground wire it stops flickering when i lower the dimmer. When i connect ground wire back they start to flicker again only when i lower the dimmer........
Weird........any clues?

Victor Valente

Sometimes in rush current plays a factor with switch. This happened to me couple different times. First time I just split into 2 zones with 2 switches. The second time instead of “ daisy chain” I branched off a single box to each light.


When you say replace the fixtures do do you mean the lights that are flickering or all of the fixtures on that line?

Big Chris

Out of curiosity what kind of lights were they? I’ve got 6” torchstar lights and they are doing the same thing


So mine have worked fine for a while now, but a few days ago they started flickering. I replaced the switch no change, pulled each bulb out one at a time to see if one was causing the issue. Tried adjusting the dimmer setup. No luck.


Factors to Consider When Selecting LED Lights @Jw-I

Rodolfo Hernandez

I have run across this issue a lot. Not the best solution but has worked for me is adding a 7W or 5W incandescent C9 bulb in the same circuit/dimmer. Im not an electrician but this has been the one thing that has worked for me to get rid of the flickering when using LED lights on a dimmer switch. I mainly work with Lutron and Leviton dimmers. Has anyone tried this before?

Rita Vogt

So if I have flickering kitchen led lights not in a dimmer are you saying just buy a new set of led or go back to a regular can light with bulbs ?


The wattage you have is too high for the bulbs (LEDs always much less power than traditional bulbs) and the result is that they flicker. You can solve this usually by adding in a resistor in parallel to the circuit - some dimmer switch manufacturers supply these so that you don't need so spend time working out the resistance that's necessary.

Screen Share

Returning all these lights back to the store is not resolving the issue.... I'm a hundred percent sure you had problem with wiring or just one of the lights was defective, casing all other lights flickers


I’ll summarize, Get a New Lamp!

Malawi Gold

Thx man! Can u tell us what exactly is the brand and style of light fixtures/bulbs that dont flicker?


What a pain! I will just stick to my incandescent bulbs.

Thousand Nations 1 Soul

Can I change the switch and not worry about the dimming will it work then . Mines not turning on at all

Sing-Cheong Chen

One gap that many people missed about LED lights are that it is powered by DC power supply, and the most reliable way to dim it is using DC. This power supply either comes build-in, such as Philips E27 bulbs, or as external ballasts (technically, it is called LED driver, or power supply).

Many traditional dimmer light, especially those in big box store (HomeDepot), uses TRIAC that you can see its voltage/current output explained in https://www.digikey.ca/en/articles/dimming-leds-with-traditional-triac-dimmers. Even branded Philips bulbs, including E27, build-in LED driver circuit sometimes has difficulty to dim it, and produces noise or blink. Since the LED driver is build-in, it is not possible to replace the circuit board itself, but to replace the entire light fixture.

My recommendation is to use light fixture which has dedicated wire, or connector for 0-10V or PWM dim control. If the light fixture has a choice to use external LED driver (AC-DC power supply), then choose those models, so that in future, you can replace the driver with one that can offer 0-10V dim control wire, PWM, DALI protocol, wifi, self-dim with NTE resister (either photo cell, temperature sensor). This will require physically pull 2 more extra wires to every light fixture (parallel in the same bank/gang), which many installer didn't do in the first place, and resulting in more cost to buy more 0-20V/PWM controller.


I've had an issue where they'll randomly flicker. Happens a lot when they are dimmed down. I verified the switch was correct and my next try was possibly changing bulbs before the cans

Geno Adams

I just went through this with 3 way dimmer switches... turns out alot of dimmer switches have a trim setting.

Dennis Barney

great video, Puzzle for some one, one and only one led light BULB flickers only when electric tankless hot water heater is used. If the hot water is turned on anywhere in the house the light will flick and stop as soon as the hot water is turned off. There is a dimmer on this run, works great UNTEL you use the hot water. Any ideas

jim mayors

someone said buying and installing LEDs would save us money. So far, that hasn't been true! Contractor installed ceiling can LED in our remodel. Two banks were on dimmers. Rest were on/off switches. I wanted all dimmables and matched what he installed. After about 2 months, one circuit of 4 lights started blinking. Then, several days later, another bank (that he installed) started blinking. Expecting the rest to start also. I set the dimmer half way down, and it stopped the blinking, for about 20 minutes, then it started blinking at that setting. UGH! Not happy with LEDs so far!

aws khalil

Man you are the only one who got the exact same issue im having right now haha, thanks a lot..
Even tho I just found out that my dimmer doesn't work correctly with 5WAT leds, im trying to try another dimmer and if i still have the same issue i will change the whole room leds

Richard Villescas

Thank you for an amazing and helpful video!

Why led light

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Common LED Light Strip Connection Issues

144 750 views | 6 Sep. 2018


Dakota Carley

Bro, if sum1 can answer why my remote be changing green when I hit pink and blue don’t work, multiple other colors don’t work either?


one half of the light are really dim and the other half is perfectly fine


Okay so i have one strip of LEDs in my room and i would say maybe 8 bulbs out of all of them aren’t showing the blue color. so if i turn it to teal it will just show green as well as any color that includes the color blue. and it’s only like 8 things out of all of them... help?!

Masood Afghanzada

I literally just got my day better lights and only one works like the thing that connects to the power brick there is 3 wires and 2 connect to the actual lights only one works someone help....

Bri Bri

I don’t know why mine is dimmer than the other side. Does anyone have support on this?? Do I just has to wait?


My remote wont pair :(

Karma Plays

I need help
I have 4 wire 3528 rgb strip light and i want a connector between two cuta but i couldn’t find one anywhere cause 4 wires some only with 10 mm strip light width but my strip light width is 8 mm. Please help


Mine doesn’t turn white when I click white it goes red green and blue


Where one connects to another there may be an arrow on the pieces that connect them showing they have to be facing the same way

Juan Lorenzo Dimatulac

mine wont turn off the red stays even if i click turn off on the remote

Desiree Morris

one of them turns on and the other one doesn’t .... someone help :(

emily ruiz

i just received my led lights but only green turns on. For instance, if i click purple or yellow it either dims or turns off. Depending on the color I choose. The arrows ARE matched. help?


I have two light strips connected together, and i want to add a 3rd, but it won’t turn on. The strip isn’t broken when by itself it will turn on but not when connected to the other ones i have

eli ayato

i have 2 of 5m strips, i bought both at a different time ive been using it for a week now. but i woke up then the other 5m strip, a small quarter of it has no blue on it. the first control box wasnt working, the other strip wasnt as bright as the other one. so when i changed it, the lights are equally bright but the blue is still gone. Help me lmao

Amirul Aimin

Help me please, why does my led strip only shows red,green and blue?

Elissa Walker

mines worked... i turned them off for the night the next day they didn’t work idk wtf to do


one side is blue and one side is red, pleas help!


mine keep flashing and dont show up online, how do i fix that

Jessie Origami

Help my remote that is for one of my lights is connecting to another brand of lights

Gacha CreamToast

My red light won’t work ?

Esmeralda matus

My led lights only turn red green blue but none of the white works why

Stephanie Cano

I moved mine to a diffrent wall and now it doesn't work? What do I doooo

valentina gil

someone please help me, my led lights wont turn blue, when i press the blue button they would just turn off, help please


mine wont turn off

Collins Records

Mine are fine it’s just on green half of the strip doesn’t work and on fade which is my favourite the two halves are different colours. Plz help

Terence Grageda

I have a led strip that works fine in running mode. But after 2 mins the other half will freeze over but still has lights on. Help me guys

Lauren Gabrera

my leds only work a tiny bit when i touch the silver thing in between the actual lights and if i touch the one labeled “green”, it turns blue but when i touch the one labeled “blue” it turns green

Tyricq Lewis

i turned my lights down all the way now it wont go back up

Bersebel A

Mine worked for 2 days then started flickering then stoped....

Justin Sookdeo

How do u fix if a single color is stuck on and when u change the color the light keeps mixing

ameerah turay

I got mine 2 days ago, put it up today, and it didn't turn on. Although, I did cut on all the cut marks, was that right?

Ameen Ayyad

My lights only light up red and when I press on blue and green, nothing glows and when I press white, red shows. How can I fix this


so when i plug in the power it works for half a second then turn off they dont work when i fully plug it in

You're Adopted

I got my mine and when i tested it earlier it was fine but when i set it up i wont??can someone help me

Hey it’s Dani

Whoever is reading this Jesus Christ loves you :)?


The red and green work but the blue does not ?

lana Marie

My blue color just doesn’t wanna work on only one part tho

Sas naah

Mine dont sync

zoe janae

i put mine up n only 3 of them work


I unplugged and plugged them back in and once i did only 3 of them light up please help!

Trecia Spence

should we keep them plugged in while giving it a break

GachaTinnie Tintin

Mine it turned on but when i put it on my wall and bed it stopped working

Madyson Torres

what do i do if i cut my led lights in the cut spot and then reconnect them but are now different colors

The Miller Family

Ive done 4 sets of lights. TVs, bedrooms. I connected 4 sets of strips together. One strip will be yellow and the other 3 are red. One strip is white the other three are blue. In the bed room the further the distance the color changes. It will be red close to the power supply and almost pink orange by the end of the 60' run. These connectors do not work well at all. They are so finicky.

zuleyka mendoza

mine are changing colors randomly. anyone have anything to help?


I bought some and the power adapter didnt come and iys my birthday tomorrow and im actually pretty sad because ive had high hopes for this and waited since last sunday and i dont know whatto do if i should throw it away or keep it

sania quamar_32

Mine are like one side is bright and the other is dim

big cheese

I literally just got mine today and they turned on once and when I put them on my wall they won't turn on

Gucci Tea

My LEDs have been working fine until this morning when I turned them on, all the colours are out of order. When I press orange, it's blue, turquoise, it's yellow? It's not A faulty remote as I have 2 and it's the same problem on both.

_kitty.keisha _

mine are different colours :( also the green dont work on one side


Idk if this helps but where you connect the strip to the input thing, the input thing has an arrow, THAT ARROW HAS TO BE TOP UP!

NycThaDon 205

I have the 3 pack and literally all are working but one in the middle like how

Ivan Fonseca

So I got the 44-key rgb controller today but when I press green it turns blue and when I press blue it turns green, and when I try to reprogram them it doesn’t reprogram


The gmm of technology

kayla chamberlin

My lights won’t change color and I can’t turn them off but the remote works with my other led lights trip

Slowed Sounds

I’m so confused my room is bigger than one strip of LED lights and when I connected the other Strip to make it fit in my bedroom the other half of it won’t turn on

Chelomellow BB

I got my led lights today and put them up. They were working perfectly fine. They still are but one of the lights are a different color from all the rest how so how do I fix it

Soynnaa R

My battery fell out my control someone help


mine don’t even have connectors

ziona white

i plugged them in and they wont turn on, but when i touch a censor thing on the strip it turns on a portion of the strip and i changed the battery in my remote to see if thats that problem but now it wont open, my little sister spent 50$ for them

Erika Gonza

Mine doesn’t show blue and my other one does but when I press white it shows yellowish ?? pls help I just got them ??‍♀️?

Bebes Niece

ummm wat if the one that isn’t working is already in my wall?... they were working & then it cut off :,(

Jadaa Tv.

Mine worked for a good month then I moved it to a different side of the wall and it won’t turn on I need help someone please


Mine keep blinking on and off


My remote won’t change the color from green

uni corn

Yeah this video doesn't help at all

i_Luv_Snickas Mohn

Bro, i just bought some yesterday and now they wont work


can someone help me. i got the minger lights but one half works fine i can change the colors then the other half that’s connected doesn’t work it will only stay red or green

Ruben Padilla

My led lights (Govee) are set up correctly in my room but their are certain bulbs that are a different color than the color I chose. Any solutions?


only one of the strips are working what do i do?

Osman Imran

For some reason my LED strip stays on very very lightly even when I turn the strip off.. it’s not that noticeable during the day but at night when it’s dark you can definitely notice it
Any tips ?

ian mathew

so my issue is that my led strips won’t fit into the connector thing and i’m trying everythung and my fingers are now abused for hours of trying to fit them in.

Zeyna Dia

I got mine two days ago and today when I turned them on it only work for quite second when the plug ? is half in and then it don’t work anymore? I am so mad I spend all my savings on it and it won’t work???????


For me there is not enough pressure and I don’t know how to fix it


Bruh I just got these lights today and they won’t even turn on


My led's turn on for a slpit second when I turn the switch on then stop working


My green leds are always slightly on

Blazegirl 22

My red is pink and my blue is purple please help :(

slayyy on the sticks

Swear to God if it doesn't turn on I'm going to kill myself

Maddie Brumley

What if it’s just blinking green blue and red and it won’t let you change the color ... plzzz I need help

Reida Pähklemäe

So i dont have to connect both sides to each other? I can just cut them and it'll work??


Im quite sad since ive had high hopes for this and the control doesnt work either

The Bandit

Mine only work if i hold the adapter

Vicky Schnell

I have led lights they connect to the remote but not the phone please help me


When I plug my lights in , it automatically turn on to blue and if I press the power button as if I’m trying to turn the lights off , the lights flashes different colors ... anyone kno the issue ?

corgnyxx _

I’ve literally been sitting here for an hour now trying to pair them bc my remote won’t work.I’ve tried everything and watched many different videos and it won’t work

Drolb Y

my remote wont work on the leds but the turn on


Half of mine don’t turn on

Alberto Rodriguez

Ok so like mine the adapter snatched the 4 pin connector and now I can’t put them back on it’s just the colored wires exposed ????


Hellppppp I can’t change my colors!!!! I’m crying I got them a few days ago but didn’t open them and they won’t change colors!!!?????

Soynnaa R

Now the only color that works is red ??

Ghanu Vlogs

Mine keep showing up but in very low brightness like extremely low

Kai Kusters

Just bought a strip yesterday and they worked fine I woke up today just to find out they won’t turn on anymore for no reason at all
Idk what to do I’m just so mad because I was trying to get them for months

Paola A.

my lights beep LMAOAOOA

Donna Harris



all of the colors work except for blue. only 9 little ones are working. please help

Alissa Castillo

I Cut mine at the cut line but it still wont work past where i first cut it, what went wrong?

BruhItxGrxg L

One side of my lights are working and the other side isn’t and they’re both connected

Eddie Cruz

I just go my led lights and the lights work fine it’s just the remote isn’t working. The lights just stay 1 color

Shao May

mine worked for months but one day they just stopped