Youthfulness forever

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Youthful Affirmations | Think Yourself young, Reverse Your Ageing and Look 10 Years Younger Now❕

3 210 views | 4 Mar. 2020

Do you find yourself

Do you find yourself wanting to look young again? Use the powerful affirmations in this recording to think yourself young, regain your youthfulness and reverse your age naturally using the law of attraction. The affirmations in this recording can replace your anti-ageing products and give you the perfect health and skin you always wanted. You will be looking 10 years younger in no time.

The music used in this video consists of binaural beats with 432 Hz theta waves to help you reach a deeper meditative state. For best results listen to this video every day using headphones.

I am full of radiant health and youthful energy.

I am high on life and it shows.

I am naturally anti-ageing.

I am becoming more and more youthful every day.

I am healthy, ageless and vibrant.

I am increasingly youthful and alive.

I am aging in reverse.

I am de-ageing my life by the positive actions I take.

I am forever ageless.

I am ageless.

I feel better today than I did when I was a teenager.

I feel healthier and younger than I ever have before.

I feel young and full of vitality.

I have reversed the aging process through the deliberate intent of my thoughts.

I have the energy and enthusiasm of a child.

I have 20/20 vision.

I have acute hearing.

I have significantly decreased my biological age by adopting a more positive outlook on life.

I have perfect eyesight.

I have reversed the aging process with my positive thoughts and actions.

I have reversed the aging process through my positive beliefs and actions.

I have significantly decreased my biological age by adopting a healthier lifestyle.

I have the youthful exuberance of a child.

I intend to remain youthful and vibrant every day of my life.

I keep my mind youthful by making sure I take time each day to play.

I know that I am only as old as I think and feel.

I look 20 years younger than my age.

I look amazing for my years.

I look many years younger than I actually am.

I look, think, and feel youthful at all times.

I look and feel forever young, ageless, and vibrant.

I look and feel 10 years younger than I am.

I love looking 20 years younger than my age.

I look younger and healthier every day.

I wake up every morning one day younger than yesterday.

I plan to live a long and vibrant life. I maintain a youthful appearance by constantly seeking the joy in every new day.

I only think youthful thoughts.

I see myself growing younger every day.

I visualize myself at my perfect age.

I maintain a youthful appearance by constantly thinking positive thoughts.

I radiate youth and vivacity in all that I do.

I plan to really enjoy my 100th birthday.

I welcome eternal youth into my life.

In spirit I have eternal youth, so I let my spirit shine through every day.

My belief in my soul’s eternity is reflected in how I look and feel.

My body de-ages while I sleep.

My body de-ages with every positive action I take.


Thank you so much I appreciate all your videos xo

Youthfulness forever

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Is Young Blood The Secret To Eternal Youth?

312 415 views | 27 May. 2015

As it turns out, young

As it turns out, young blood has some rejuvenating properties. Is it enough to keep you young forever?

Read More:



“You might be under the impression that young blood is the fountain of youth. A number of studies conducted in older mice (and, once, humans) over the past 10 years have shown benefits from transfusions of young blood, or parabiosis, restoring cognitive function or regenerating muscles.”

Young blood to be used in ultimate rejuvenation trial


“In California, people with Alzheimer’s will be given transfusions of young blood to see if improves their cognition – there's good reason to hope it might.”

Vampire Healing: Young Blood Can Mend Old Broken Bones


“Why do vampires from Dracula to Angel seem to crave the blood of the young and beautiful? The undead may be onto something. Young blood, it seems, has special healing properties that have been lost in older blood.”


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Sam Fgt

yall that think ppl are taking adrenochrome from kids are so dumb. simple google searches show that it's literally easily made in a lab lmao.


Please don’t take my blood



Stacey Nichols

Yes if your a satanic spawn ?

d r

So what good is this knowledge, are we going to start harvesting blood from our youth? I guess since there won’t be any jobs for them soon anyway at least they might be paid for it sometimes?

Makurrado Shi

It's pretty disturbing how light and sarcastic she is speaking about this.

Deborah Cooney

Yep adrenachrome is very real and very bad!

Halifax Greg

frenh lesson near me

Workneh Shiferaw

This video was uploaded 5 years ago

Carissa Price

What’s even better than young blood? Young adrenalized blood. Let’s traumatize children harvest their blood and we can live forever. Oh what fun!

Justin Seagull Airlines


allisa edinburgh

Humans are really sick. We are willing to do any and everything to satisfy our selfish desires. And we wonder why the world is so messed up. Lord help us

Alan Schaub


Ambi Gurjar

i think that is very dangerous drugs treatment please avoid it inject in your body

Antonios Panayiotou

Why do you think Hillary and her mates eat babies!?

Doc Brown

This is not new science, everything’s hidden from the public that’s why they’ve burned so many important books during and after the war and we have become completely dependent on the powerful for this reason. Elizabeth Báthory used to bath in blood, I wouldn’t be surprised if the royals are still using this remedy today. The queens abducted children from an orphanage many times it seems.

Thami Biyela

All that weird twisted stuff is true, the holy bible confirms it, when it's all set and done the Lord will pull down the diseased corrupt temple over the satanic , it'll be biblical.
turn and repent to Christ Jesus.
May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ & the love of God abide with us forever more, until Jesus comes back.

Cheeto Licker

Leave the kids alone..

Spartan J

Why the hell is she so happy saying this, lmao

Dj Diamstat

Yeah all these horrible things going on in the world make you wonder just how far these people will go. I have a lot of health problems and more than likely a much shorter life span than most and my daughter actually offered and is determined to give me her blood to try and heal me. It makes me sad and grateful at the same time that my baby girl who has a phobia of needless would be willing to go that far to help me but I curse the elite scum that ended up getting that idea into her head. I would never allow it.

Paramita Choudhury

Extremely creepy! Too disgusting


I need eternal youth

Alexa Della Stella

how can she be so enthusiastic and treat this subject so superficially without linking it with child abuse? Is she truly dumb???? or is she part of the evil elite to make it look normal to people...? scary anyway!

french Welsh dude

Thank goodness humans are awake to this. Elites truly are the bane of all ordinary people. They mustn't continue with their hideous transgressions.

Mm Poggs

They could brew this in a lab now they have technology instead of harvesting from living providers!

Joe Peavy

Look up the history of ritualistic cannibalism and you'll this isn't bull cap okay? Infant cannibalism in particular was most common. Now what makes you think a cult that does these rituals wouldn't rule over an suspecting population?

martha Ann High

children are not safe now, because of these vampires. May God come down in person ans stop and decease these evil practices

Nicole Jennings

The English royal family looks like hell. What's the point in being alive if you aren't pretty? They're ugly. I'd rather die than look like that.

Chewy Truthseeker

The Elites have known this for generations..... they are evil...!!

Hasanul Banna

Why is that bad if blood collected in right ways

L. Pro

Young Blood? Yeah these monsters are packaging this as something awesome and using science as the guise. It's called Adrenochrome, ladies and gentlemen. It can only be harvested from children and babies through extreme torture, rape and sexual abuse as the adrenaline is released into the blood. Ask yourself, where do all the missing kids go? To the harvesting farms. Only the rich and powerful can afford Adrenochrome.. We have institutionalized pedophilia that has infected every faction of our system from the lowest to the highest positions of power. i.e Politicians, Judges, Lawyers, Police, CPS, Doctors, Scientists, Teachers, Clergy, entertainment/media etc. It's systemic. Look Up Johnny Gosch and Boys Town Nebraska, you'll get a general idea of what's going on. Then look up whistleblowers Jon Wedger, Ronald Bernard, John Paul Rice, Anneka Lucas. We, normal people, may not believe what they "believe" however the doctrine and rituals that these so called "prominent members" of our society follow pre-dates Christianity. They worship Moloch. Old practices never die. They DO believe in human sacrifice of children and babies and the drinking of the blood. The mainstream media's job is to hide this or make light of it and laugh it off when there is exposure. I am inclined to say that you cannot achieve any position of real power, fame, or influence without being compromised/blackmailed. They, these pedophiles, all have something on each other. It's a well organized network. They want our children.
Wake Up.
Ephesians 6:12
"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."


the Elite must Be Punished


Don’t sound so happy! Children are being taken every day for this

Killer Boy

This makes me wanna throw up

madamuhzelle the flower bell

Wait until the public gets addicted to this demonic science and start craving it on a regular basis. Can you say, zombie apocalypse. It's an abomination before God. I rebuke it in the name of Jesus. We are suppose to grow old gracefully. It's blood sacrifices .

Nas Khan

Goto bitchute and look for ellastar and you'll see a video she made about a usb (data dump) she recieved about adrenochrome and all the missing children held in cages like animals and Co's hiding behind different names involved you'll be shocked!!!


Omg by making this video...it's almost like trying to say it's legit to use blood of young people...how evil

La Varham

Today on Devil's news "Can you stay eternally young by drinking children's blood? Answer is...probably yes! Wanna try?" This title is so sick, this video is so sick. THAT IS NOT THE QUESTION YOU SHOULD BE RAISING!

Sheila Rowell

And so, they get a young person to montage this video clip. I’d say, creepy is an understatement.


Um, definitely not cool. And you should rethink how happy you are about young blood.

Just Experiences

All to look younger they even wish to control time these people are beasts I respect ants more.there judgment has come run to your dark pits for the light has awakened

Chef Nutter

thats why the queen looks the same as she did 30 years ago.


Why are you so positive about this? Do you adrenochrome?

Vomit Crisis

Lmao amazing good to know.

Ashlee Minatta

Kim k vampire facial



Abhishek Kumar

Who are here after disclosures by Vibhor

Omega Glitch

I think you’re creepy for selling this as a good thing.

Never Gonna Give You Up

Oh no!

Bossman Joe

Just ask the Hollywood elites, they've been doing it for years

Smack 2

She's kind of pretty for an ugly girl.

Liz G

Conspiracy of everything
Spirit science... Watch now

french Welsh dude

Thank goodness humans are awake to this. Elites truly are the bane of all ordinary people. They mustn't continue with their hideous transgressions.

Alex Tell

Thank you Trump for rescuing all those children.

Monty Fissgus

Normalization propaganda. .

John Connor Gaming

why don't they do this artificially in the laboratory if something like this keeps you young and healthy? ? everyone would buy that then.

Antonie Montoya

They want to normalise this evil deeds using "science" and these satanic hollywood demons

rit g

Why are you talking about this with such an upbeat attitude. Children suffer greatly for this purpose.

Uncle Jeffrey



Look up what Mel Gibson said about Hollywood. The fact that she's talking about this as something positive is so disturbing

Cleo Munster

Dang I want that for all my fractures ?

Alodipa Debnath

Bollywood actors are also taking this n that sy they arent ageing.

Ton Led

its called adrenochrome....its also how the elites do some of their pop control.....theres probably factories of blood extraction....i mean,watch the maze runner trilogy,its forshadowing of whats to come.....


A D R E N O C H R O M E ?

Victor Zen

Maybe it is intended to encourage the elders to spend time with the young for the sake of the future


This is real! Pizzagate is really happening, despite stations like this being told to condemn such exposing. Adrenalchrome only works from the LIVE adrenal glands from the children.

Ana Oop

The government does this

french Welsh dude

The fact that kids are being abducted and murdered for enjoyment by the elites is the greatest sin of all. Wish we could crush these infidels.

_N.R.04_ BluBlah

Hey Noah? U here g?

martha Ann High

you are warped. get another job



Justin Seagull Airlines

Queen Elizabeth:
Um chile anyways so,


The deep state is collapsing


Brandon McClain

So all the adults on the court calling me young blood have been plotting the whole time ??


Ok you have an after life you soul remembers your past life but when you are again going to become a baby it hurts so your old memories won't be remained , AH GOD PLS I DONT WANT TO FORGET MY PARENTS OT MY GAMES KNOWLEDGE PLEASEEEE

french Welsh dude

Thank goodness humans are awake to this. Elites truly are the bane of all ordinary people. They mustn't continue with their hideous transgressions.

Baba Victor

No wonder kids gone missing in Africa daily now am not surprise y England queen is still alive

Vartika Aga

damn when she said "wait, there's more" she looked so creepy that i almost shat myself ;_;

Indrid Cold

I searched adrenochrome an this is what came up.

Brandon Pantoja

That’s disgusting using kids blood, I wonder were they’re getting the blood from? ?

Kay Accornero

this practice is an abomination!!!!!

Never Gonna Give You Up

Everyone: How to become Amar
Mercury: Aa mar

Marcella Manning

Today 10/08/2020 many powerful satanic Elites have been arrested for child trafficking and crimes against humanity...some executed... some on house arrest. Over 300,000 children are being rescued. This is sad this video was five years ago.


I thought they could artificially manufacture this?

John Pike

IN MY THESIS; I attempt to show that; Healthy Blood Production is a Long Term Solution to the notion of Young Blood which is temporal.
Skeletal Muscle and Connective Tissue, addresses The WHERE and The HOW, Blood is Produced.
Science tells us that Bone Marrow is the only source of blood production.
A ratio of 99% red cell and 1% white.
Imagine how important the reduction of that 1% white cell product is?
That 1% is a human's Immune System!
Any interference with the 1% can and will create immune system complications.
Like from Mild Allergies to the full blown versions that "Lay People Out in Bed" for days"!
And then to compound this, pharmaceutical remedies to reduce symptoms??
It ends up being a seasonal over the counter bonanza for Big Pharma and a Cash Cow.
It is "The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg" and like "The Common Cold all the way to Diabetes", two of western societies biggest money makers.


‘Young blood’ by 5sos

Will 45 King

The elites want the chemical that comes outta children when they scream or are frightened just before death it’s andrenochrome that flows into their blood just before death but the children need to be frightened or scared in order for that chemical to flow into the blood, Hollywood elites, deep state, politicians, kings and queens been drinking this for 1000’s years children or missing every year but the elites are being careless an the world is waking up, there’s that story of Queen Elizabeth taking in those 13 children an they were never seen again the story goes they escaped an that was the end of it

michael Gard

This sounds like an introduction for the alleged adrinocrome, being soft sold under the guise of science,& good health. Perhaps someday in Utopia, we can just pop an adrinocrome tablet, & go on with our busy lives.....but wait, where are we going to find all these younger people to donate??¿¿
What if?? This is an incredibly successful NEW product?? Perhaps if blood is taken from even younger willing donor's, it's even more potent, longer lasting,producing even more invigorating,& incredible results, like those in stem cells, which has now provided outstanding medical results for humanity, today in healing ,& repairing tissue ,& organs. What if ... It's noticable that the children afraid of needles ,excrete adrenaline into their blood ,& really increase it's potency???? Forget it.., it's already been done, by the underground Frankinstein monsters of our day. It's called ADRINOCROME. Made illicitly at the cost of thousands of innocent children, tortured, murdered ,& drained of their blood,to make such a hideous evil product. NO THANKS

balem karap

adrenochrome killed more kids than people from corona virus

Ooki Cooki

Medieval Europeans called it the blood libel

phone new

so how much o you take to get red hair?


UN Agenda 21 and 30 is here. They want to depopulate the planet to 500 million. Look up Rosa Koire and then Georgia Guidestones.

Cat B

What can be cool about torturing children to get the adrenochrome for the elites to look and feel younger? They're not mice! The excitement of this lady was very disturbing.


You mean adrenochrome??‍♀️?‍♀️?

yvda vg

She voted for hilary

Chanez Addoun

the secret is not plastic surgery or 1000 usd moistercreams on your face or like celebrities saying eat vegetables dont smoke drink water.........BULLSHIT its ADRENOCHROME thats SECRET NUMBER 1 de rest is secondary like gym, vegetables ect... keep your kids with you never let them alone


Adrenocrome if its true , lot of crime going on...child trafficking

Youthfulness forever

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Eternal Youth; Reverse Aging Strong Affirmations

125 469 views | 23 Jul. 2020

You may support this

You may support this channel by having a custom sub strong affirmations audio made. For more info, click here: https://youtu.be/Qw2UnqIfBig

Contact me:

IG - @luminalplay

Email - [email protected]

My works are also available on Audiomack: https://audiomack.com/luminalplay-audios

Description: This track contains hidden positive affirmations masked behind the music which aims to reverse your aging.

Download this sub ~

Music version - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HTDnvAa7vfKATLj3e4R7DIhTpswOcN4w/view?usp=sharing

Nature version - https://drive.google.com/file/d/12bC92Gmq-DPo1zlvUchm-NLWoncGIQI3/view?usp=sharing

Silent version - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Jw9zwgx7pWiXRiv3P_JYhw0lwgYRj521/view?usp=sharing


(One Day Formula Deluxe)

- Built-in mini booster

- LoA accelerator

- Blockages remover

- Healthier body

- Healthier mind

- Acknowledge that your age is now exactly your ideal, desired year of age younger self

- Easily visualize myself being exactly your ideal, desired year of age younger self

- Always feel that I am now exactly your ideal, desired year of age younger self

- Be super grateful that I am now exactly your ideal, desired year of age younger self

- Completely stay on your ideal, desired younger age appearance

- Feel amazingly younger, youthful, and more energetic all the time

- Look and appear super younger and youthful all the time

- Healthier optimal functioning body systems

- Healthier optimal functioning body organs

- Healthier tissues

- Healthier cells

- Healthier, stronger bones

- Healthier, stronger muscles

- Healthier, youthful looking, tighter, well- lifted, flawless skin

- Entire being reverses back and comes back to your ideal, desired year of age younger physical body

- Stay at your ideal, desired years of age younger physical body your ideal, desired years

- Entire being reverses back and comes back to your youthful ideal, desired year of age in terms of physique

- Entire being reverses back and comes back to your youthful ideal, desired year of age in terms of face

- Entire being reverses back and comes back to your youthful ideal, desired year of age in terms of internal body

- Entire being reverses back and comes back to your youthful ideal, desired year of age in terms of external body

- Entire being reverses back and comes back to your youthful ideal, desired year of age in terms of physical appearance

- Entire being reverses back and comes back to your youthful ideal, desired year of age in terms of health

- Entire being reverses back and comes back to your youthful ideal, desired year of age in terms of enthusiasm

- Entire being reverses back and comes back to your youthful ideal, desired year of age in terms of energy

- Entire being reverses back and comes back to your youthful ideal, desired year of age in terms of positive mindset

- Get and enjoy all the benefits of being youthful all the time

- Get and enjoy all the benefits of staying youthful all the time

- Brain safely releases DHEA and Brain Endogenous Opiates

- Body ideally decreases cortisol

- Ideal melatonin levels

- Body undergo natural cellular regeneration

- Youthful, rejuvenated cells all over your face and body

- Body produces more ideal amounts of collagen

- Body safely restores more collagen in it

- Well balanced body hormones

- Well balanced, optimal leveled of body minerals

- Body ideally rejuvenates all organs and tissues in it

- Body safely regenerates telomeres to perfect youth and health

- Have lengthened, ideally longer telomeres

- Body has ideal levels of telomerase

- Have ideal, well enhanced stem cells

- Have ideal, well enhanced nutrient and oxygen absorption

- Fast and permanent results

[!] Instructions:

1. Listen to a booster first.

2. Then listen to this 3-6 times. The more, the better to really embed all the affirmations in your subconscious mind.

Otter Affs

Me: 14 (looks younger)

Also me: it's rewind time


I'll turn 30 years old this year, and even if I already look younger, a little bit more can't do wrong? XD' I just don't wanna have the weight or the face I had back then (thanks to dieting and subs), just wanna look like a skinny 18 years old boy with a low key idol vibe? XD'

Nala WG

Does listening to music affects the results ?

just some thoughts, feelings & wisdom

My sister said my face is looking younger and my dad said I look like a baby (mind you I’m 17!). Only started listening to this a couple days ago and I can already feel myself looking younger!

the queen 369

Thank you, please can I listen to this if I'm listening to get desired face subs or they will clash ?

Fucked up Subliminals

I wish to stop aging at 23 :D

Anee SG

Can I listen 3 subliminal at same time?

fairy o

what happened to your audiomack subs? :(


I was looking through a subliminal reddit while looking for something specific.. Luminalplay's name kept coming up as trusted.. and I find a sub that protects and extends telomeres? I'm turning 35 in a couple months and people tell me I look like I'm 20.. Time to go a lot further back than that!

shania jayan

I am nothing without subliminals . That is why I call subliminal --- " subli - me - nil "



tiffany rosenthal

i look 16 and i keep my current height

Crystal Babe

If I am chronologically 40 years old but I look 25 does that mean my reproductive organs will be like a healthy 25 year old as well? Can I have a baby on my early forties with this?

Tasha F

I'm 40 since the 26th. Would be great if I could look and feel like I'm anywhere between 18 and 20

Tasha F

Any results?

Coco Chanel

Can your ideal face age be different to ideal body age?

itsz me

Bruh once a guy asked me for my number (he was probably 20 something years old). I told him I was 14 turning 15 and then he said oh I'm sorry I thought you were 20. So I'm here now

wahmen who loves ramen

Is this for men too? I want my dad to listen to this lmao


bet seokjin is using this.

Glen Tenido

Crush subliminal pleaseeeee????

38_Lê Thị Hà Ngân

Make one for desire voice plzz


Ah we are just about to upload an eternal youth subliminal but a sleep sub - from all angles body, mind, spirit and energy. Love this one! Looks like people have got amazing results too! ✨


Can your subliminals be sped up?<3


The Picture of Dorian Gray

Vedika karte

@Luminalplay can you please make subliminal about "pull your inner talent out" or bring your hidden or inner talent outside, so that you can show up your inner talent.? I know there is a talent in me but I am just not able to pull it outside or just show it, I realize it in my mind but in reality i cannot do it,? please please please ,this is my humble request to you ???

Sonia Abass

I am 12 I want to become 2

KrisTina Marie

Will this help get rid of gray hair

Орион Счастливая звезда3333

Dia 06/10❤️


Please tell me if I can listen to this and get result without earphones ?? Because I suffer from tinnitus and I can’t use earphones ????

Dodo Love you

Is there a music version ?

Radhe Krishna Love me

Headphones recommended or not ?plz anybody tell ?

Anna May


Lucy Dreaming


Kelly Mensah

I was 21 when I first watch this...

bird bird

do you have to know what the words in the description mean for this to work?

Crystal Babe

Are you psychic?I just thought how wonderful it would be if you made an age reversal sub and here we are.

just me

Can I use this as a health sub? Although I’m 17 but my body is like 50 lol especially my back ???


My case worker asked, "How come every time I see you, you look younger than the last we met up?" I told him I fast lol.

Angie The Singer

Does this still work while I'm playing games and listening this during it?


this photo is SUCH a Vibe

Targaryen Targaryen

????????????Específicos: (Fórmula de lujo de un día) Mini refuerzo incorporado - Acelerador de LOA Eliminador de bloqueos Cuerpo más saludable - Mente más saludable - Reconozca que su edad es ahora exactamente su año ideal y deseado de ser más joven - Visualíceme fácilmente siendo exactamente su ideal, deseado año de edad más joven yo - Siempre siento que ahora soy exactamente tu ideal, deseado año de edad más joven Yo estoy muy agradecido de que ahora soy exactamente tu ideal, deseado año de edad más joven yo - Permanece completamente en tu apariencia ideal, deseada de edad más joven Siéntete increíblemente más joven, juvenil y con más energía todo el tiempo Luce y luce súper joven y juvenil todo el tiempo - Sistemas corporales con funcionamiento óptimo más saludable - Órganos corporales con funcionamiento óptimo más saludable - Tejidos más saludables Células más saludables - Huesos más saludables y fuertes - Músculos más saludables y más fuertes - Piel más saludable, de apariencia juvenil, más firme, bien levantada e impecable Todo el ser se revierte y vuelve a su año de edad ideal y deseado y Cuerpo físico más joven Manténgase en su ideal, años de edad deseados Cuerpo físico más joven, años ideales, deseados - Todo el ser retrocede y vuelve a su ideal juvenil, año de edad deseado en términos de físico


I know you don’t take requests but could you keep this in mind, one for better smelling underarms, no sweat underarms, balanced hormones. Thx

Rainbow Warrior

Can it reverse my grey hair,plz plz answer

سبليمنال الشرق

Cani listen it with muscle subliminal

Asia J

I want a more youthful presence, disposition in life. This sub mentions ideal youthful age (body) will I keep my curves? I want to look 18 but at 18 I had no curves.


is it okay for me to use this if i’m sixteen? i really like how i look now and i don’t want to look older :(

Gui Lopes

Could you please tell me if it is better to listen to your subs with or without headphones. Thank you so much! ?❤️

neha 09

Can I listen this along with cg beauty sub

Kelly Robinson

This came out on my birthday! which is a sign considering this is a subliminal to reverse aging o.o
going to try and update 1-2 times a week
~I've been listening to this for 3 hrs in the background while watching youtube videos and my overall face just looks more bright and youthful if that makes sense? (24/7/2020)

ʚ Strawbebbie ɞ

Since I'm still a teen can I just use this to stay young instead of reversing my age or...


did u delete all ur content off of audiomack?? i had a couple playlist i listened to regularly but they aren’t there anymore?

Light Underwater

Been using this for almost two weeks and already show some results. My body feels lighter, I feel like I have more energy to move my body. At first I thought it's because I was losing weight but when I checked, I actually gained some (ToT)
And, interesting part is my skin. My skin feels young. I liked to touch my face (at home, I wash my hands), my thighs and my husband love my butt. ? I'm just sharing.
I've been using other subs for months but none of them showing this result so I'm pretty sure it was from this sub.

Btw, I always love your choice of music. Perfect.

Meow Subliminals

desired age 12 i will update :)


am i the only 14 year old using this :( i wish i looked like the other kids


Im doing this for a family member because she in her 80s and is stressing about her weight and looks. Its heartbreaking so im making her a Playlist (without her knowing) and having her listen to it.

Abhishek Soni



I'm in my 30's but I look like in in my 20's so hopefully after listening to this I'll look like I'm in my teens

_s _

Can I just change my biological age? And not live forever just be healthy?


What's wrong with your audiomack ?

neha 09

Can I listen this along with cg beauty

Zaynab Abbasi



heyy, question that anybody can answer can I play this on a different playback speed on any of her subs and like faster will it change my results or give them at all? thank youu :)

Crystal Babe

6666 views. I am loved by the universe indeed.

yen drei

Can this get rid of malar lines and smile lines?

sonia jeevan

i am the oldest person here i think .. 45 years !! i will update every week sure ??????

11 11

i am 13 but i wanna use this so i can thank myself when i’m older cause idk if i’ll keep using subs when i’m in my 30’s and 40’s
i’ll listen randomly when i want to soo yea idk if i’ll update


Does this work on dogs as well? I don't need it for me but I'd like for my old bby to become young again


Can this reverse malformed/twisted bones witch grew wrong together (I mean, to go back in time before an accident) ?

GZ khan

Please anyone tell me that im 17 will it make me look 15 ???

Beauty Bytten

This is amazing!!! Thank you forever,...

Celline Villanueva

I'm always amazed to see Irene’s Red Velvet, how does she look younger than a female idol who is much younger than her? I will use this sub to have a youthful face like her


Try listen one my parent was forever young back ?

alt k

can i listen to your one day subs and use an remembered results subliminal? Because in the boosters affs of the one day formula it says "everyone Loves your noticable results" please help

Olivia Dragon

I’m 13 and one of my biggest fears is aging. Crazy right?

This is fern's

The vibes on this ??

starlight poppy

can this get rid of my smile lines?


If this reverses me into my younger self does that mean it will reverse subliminal results too?

Dimpu Pawar

This can be heard every day or jus one day??

Kitty Lou

Can you please make a subliminal to get freckles ??

Olivia Dragon

I’m 13. So as soon as turn 18, I’m going to use this


Just to make sure,this only affects your physical body/appearance? Not anything mentally or emotionally,maturity-wise,if that makes sense..?


yes i am 12 years old and i would like to be -12 years old thank you

Victoria Liu

Anyone noticed that the uploads on Audiomack are gone ?

equilibrium equilibrium

I'm an 18 year old man. Is it okay if I listen to this?

Byun Namhyun

I have a question.

I've downloaded silent version of your subs so I can listen to it while I'm asleep, my headphones aren't working so I play the sub on my phone with 60-70% volume and put the phone beside my pillow, not on the side table or under my pillow, just beside me.

Is that okay? Will it work just fine?

And how many can I listen to at once? 3 or 5?

My order goes like
Gamma Booster x2
Sub x5
5-10 mins break (I have a silent audio for breaks) x1
And then the next sub with the same order.
Gamma Booster x2
The new different Sub x5
5-10 mins break


Do help.

Thank you

Just a Random person

Did u take ur subs off audiomack? I can’t find them anymore and it says u have no uploads

Mystique Misha

Will this clash with your teeth and facelift sub, which also has affirmations for youth?


haven’t been listening consistently but people think i’m a teenager or a high school student, i get told that i look very young for my age (but im 23 this yr)...


I wont get mentally younger, right? Like everything that I've learnt until now I will keep


Subs from audiomack are gone

Lindsey H

My under eyes show my age ? I’m here to reverse it ❤️

Majd Khalaily

Can i listen during sleep without any earphones/buds only on phone speakers?

Amie Ostia

After listening to this for 6 months its permanent already so i wont age anymore?

Mira Mira

This is so beautiful ?

Dream Catchers

Does it contain the word cortisol?

Bohemian Grl

If you're under 30 you shouldn't be commenting only 30s and plus

Victorious M

IMPORTANT QUESTION: what about my ideal results from previous & current subs that i listen? Such as bigger butt, breasts etc, if for example i want to be 18 again? Will it fade away? Kindly clarify this sweety! Tysm!! ?


I manifested this, thank you so much for being my cooperative component! ??

Matthew Guru

I'm balding. Can this reverse balding? My hairline is going to sh*t.


Can I listen without earphone?

Martha Teresa Soto Bahena

Wow Kylie this is an amazing sub! Please please please consider making one for photographic memory i really need it as I love learning but I can’t custom made one as I don’t have enough money to request it. Tysm for all your work ❤️