What is a butter face

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Butter Face VS The Freak

2 154 views | 28 Feb. 2013

Have you ever walked into

Have you ever walked into the gym and saw a woman with a beautiful body facing away from you? You're glancing at her, begging that she would turn around so you can see some amazing knockers. Then she turns around and you're surprised with a face that does not match the body. This my friends is the butter face. Enjoy!


Yep the life of a butterface

Ervis Koci

Lol Carlos' face

What is a butter face

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How To Make Rich and Creamy Whipped Face Butter

280 views | 3 Dec. 2020

Hi everyone I hope you are

Hi everyone I hope you are doing great. I wanted to share this whipped face butter recipe with you and I hope you find it helpful for your skin care routine. I made this face butter using avocado, shea and kokum butter and a blend of light weight, moisturizing and nourishing oils. Everything is listed below. Please subscribe if you haven't, comment, like and share this video. Thanks so much for the love and support and I will see you in my next video.

Check out my website for my hair and skincare products: www.ocenatural.com

****************PRODUCTS USED****************

Avocado Butter -1.4 Oz

Shea Butter- 0.4 Oz

Kokum Butter- 0.4 Oz

Grapeseed Oil- 0.8Oz

Apricot Oil- 0.6Oz

Argan Oil- 0.4 Oz

Seabuckthorn Oil- 8 drops

Arrowroot powder- 1 teaspoon

Some videos you may enjoy watching:

5 Amazing oils for hair growth and great skin: https://youtu.be/JQddDakErag

Easy whipped mango butter: https://youtu.be/i_dlfZ_-UHM

Make Moringa butter: https://youtu.be/brWB32wmtSs

Hair growth oil with fenugreek & sulfur: https://youtu.be/zc52kljRNug

How to make whipped chebe butter: https://youtu.be/KKevTmqtewI

Follow me on social media!

Instagram: @ocenatural

Facebook: @ocenatural

Email: [email protected]

Thanks so much for the love and support!


your growing so fast good job!

Justine - Marie Senchim

Please sometimes use ingredients we can get in 3rd world countries

What is a butter face

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Shea Butter Face Cream

171 845 views | 12 Apr. 2010

Step by step process of

Step by step process of how you can make your own facial cream using Shea Butter, other oils and water. I use this cream for my face during the summer. It's light and absorbs quickly...You only need a little. My face is super dry so I did use a healthy doze of Jojoba and Macadamia nut which can be greasy. If your face is acne-prone you can substitute this for other non-greasy oils or just go with Grapeseed oil alone.

BeautifulLady InPurple

Great video on how to make Shea Butter face cream. Thanks for sharing


Ooh wow I love this! Thank you so much for this your so beautiful♡

Hafiz Qamar

Preservative name plz I, m frome pakistan.

Zendaya jacki

Ur an african queen im an african princess

The Life of Hair Jenny

Does Shea butter make your hair grow


I made a mix and its great for my skin but its too heavy for my face. Can u recommend a lighter mix for my face? and/or something i could use during the summer months?

Jay *

Hi, where did you get your oils from?

Hadiatou Diallo

Hey Duschess I love your channel, I would love to make my own Face cream can please write the name of the ingredients. 

Greetings from Belgium


thank you can this at some point be whipped up to make a whipped butter?  if so, at what point?  thank you :)

alissa thompson

What kind of blender is that!?

Kristina Bridgette

Love your videos! Where do you learn all the proportions and about natural preservatives? Also, what would you recommend to put in a formula for anti-aging?

Berenice C.

Amazing! Thank you for sharing ;)

Amalya Baht Isreal

I have made this cream twice now and I absolutely LOVE it. I think I need to get the same preservative you use because my oil separates a lot but it's nothing to give it a good stir. Thank you for the recipe.

Jon New

Great videos, TY.


Thank you for sharing! I will have to try this.

Brenda Warner

Hi can you tell me we’re I can buy Shea Butter?


Can you all watch my video's ; illtakecare ??


Would this work on the body? The current shea butter mix I use is a bit to heavy for summer.

Ocean Water

She's so cute

gina myrick

hi can i will a base that already made and just add my oils and preservatives.

Debra King

Thank you for sharing ......You are Beautiful!!!!

Nikkoal Kantner Real Estate

Great video ..exactly the recipe I'm looking for. Could you please let us know the ingredients with measurements? Thank you so much!

Lori Knutson

That was awesome! I will have to try that out.

Kasim Kasim

ممكن تكتبون بالعربي المواد الي استخدمتها..

ronnaboo J

Hey do u use the witch hazel morning and night ? and do u use the black soap morning and night last what moisturizer do u use in the morning your skin is beautiful:)

Stacy Millett

Thank you! I'm going to make it.

Winter Child

Enjoyed the video


what can we use as preservative to keep all home recipes for long period of time ?? pls reply


Why would you put it in a jar that you can't reach into?! Also, using many of those synthetic-like ingredients actually cancel out many of the shea butter properties....also, high speeds and heat destroy many, if not all, of the important vitamins, minerals, and nutrition that shea butter provides in its rawest form...you get faster, more natural, and safer results when simply using it in its rawest form, even a simple whip of shea and air is wonderful for the skin...

Jules Smith

Great video thank you I shall be making some how long does the cream last


Thanks 4 sharing! was that a teaspoon or tablespoon of preservative?

Stephanie Edwards

can i make it without the emulsifyer?


ya i wanna know where you buy the ingredients i know where to get natural grapeseed oils but where do u get the rest


I would like to know what is the NEW INGREDIENT who give this matt face cream LOL, 

Latarsha Campbell

Can I also put in cocoa butter to use on my body


I believe it was Cosmocil (preservative) that she used. It's a sugar based preservative. (It's a paraben free, broad spectrum preservative). A preservative I personally like to use, is Phenoxyethanol SA. But that's me personally. Though I've never actually tried Cosmocil, am going to buy this and give it a shot. :)


its attracted to water , so if your skin is hydrated, it should be fine. it is common ingredients in most moisturizers these days, that are water based.

Alifia Hamid

Hello can I have the full ingredients list? do you use distilled water btw?


THANK YOU for the knowledge and the wisdom behind what you shared with us...

Tran Mak

Could you write down the ingredients so we do not get the wrong mixture

Joan Namara

Hi DuchessGabrielle, it's strictly business , can you pse send me
email address. Thanks


what is the preservative again?

Ilona K

Love how you made that video. You look so nice.


lovely I'm gonna try this ,right now i'm only using olive oil coconut oil mix 2gether

Charanya S

Hi, I live in UAE. can anyone tell me where do i get this ingredients in abu dhabi and dubai




Can I use any blinder for this to work?

Clifton Washington

you have very pretty brown skin...

S̶w̶o̶o̶p̶e̶r̶ x̶

Can you use shea butter on your face if You are a white person? ( i have seen only brown people use this so from there my question).


pls where can i get the cosmocil?

JIII Corpus

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Ingrid B.

thank you for the education! You are so beautiful, intelligent and inspiring! Will definitely remember you and always watch your videos, and definitely trying this cream!

Joyce Woodson

Can I use beeswax as the emulsifier. If so how much di I add. Also is there a natural preservative that can be used?

Linda Ellis

I'll tell ya what I think...I think you are absolutely adorable! ! I have watched several of your videos and I absolutely love the way you explain the process as well as the pros and sometimes cons. I haven't decided yet which cream to make but I certainly let you know. I must say, your voice is beautiful and you look like a model! Keep up the great work and much success selling your products!


what is the preservative that you use?

Jane Farrer

Would you be so kind to post a recipe in ,,show more,, ,because it is really hard sometimes not to make a mistake when writing things down from your video.. thank you.. or at least give a list of ingredients...

Elizabeth Meeker

What was the first ingrediant she put in? Anyone catch that?


Thanks for the upload. My son and daughter have dry skin, and I will give this a shot

Melinda Nogieru



What type of commercial blender did you buy and where can one buy such a blender? Also what is the price range?


Can you posted all the ngredients for face cream Thank you


is cosmocil, sugar base compound. se called cosmococa.


What preservative did you use.  I didn't get it, Thanks

Blessed Indeed!

Can I use this all over my body including my scalp OR is it specifically for face? Thanks for your reply ??

Sojourner Storey

How much of the cosmocil do you use, 1 tablespoon? How long does the cream last? Can I substitute any or one of your oils? Duchess Gabrielle I love your videos; please keep up the great work? God Bless.

Dapur 24

Hello, which emulsifier (organic) do you use so the oil and water does not separate again in your cream?maybe you can share a link to a shop where I can buy it? And how much of the emulsifier do you use?


cosmocil, is the sugar base compound


Can you please list the ingredients. I didn't quite understand all you mentioned, especially the preservatives and a couple of other importantant oils

Bani Sodhi

where did you get your supplies from?

selena perez

that is your hair


where do you purchase your shea butter

ronnaboo J

hey when using the black soap should you use a toner after using it r u don't have to...will the shea butter break my skin out? (plss subscribe to my channel)

ogunrinde yetunde esther

Pls can u make a list of ur ingredients and where to get them


hiii first is shea buter made for eye area?? second how to make cucumber eye cream and cucumber oil??


Really Nice!


hi. she called 'cosmococa' the real name is cosmocil, is a sugar base compound.

Nadine Nadine

I also want to ask you how long does it last without getting bad.

Tonya Grinston

Hello. All of the ingredients may be obtained from www.mountainroseherbs.com - it is a very good site with high quality products. They verify the quality of all products sold through their company. Plus, for herbs and such, they have grown their own for quite some time. It is very good and I use them very well

Doriska Cantave

Hi what is the preservative called? Awesome video btw

M Williams

Where can you buy  Cosmocil?

Rosalie Kumagai

Where do you get your ingredients to make the shea butter face cream? Thank you.

matteo wiesmet

hello gabrielle, from where you buy this shea butter? and how nuch cost it? thank you forward from mother from matteo

Feyi Reju

Can you give us a list of the ingredients please. It’s worth trying


does the blender make a perfectly smooth lotion with no wax particles?


Do you use this same recipe in the winter?


Why did you decide to heat your oils instead of heating the shea butter and emulsifying wax in the water?

Kirsten DLCO

You're skin is gorgeous

Cathya Phi

can you write all the ingredients down for us. That will help me to buy the necessary items.


Hi, I'm sorry, but I didn't get what you were using after you put the glycerine into the bowl. Can you please let me know if it was cocoa oil or something different?
Thank you so much. I would love to reproduce your recipe to try it myself.


You make it look so easy....get yourself some cute little jars and sell it.....Thanks for sharing......


is it safe to use the ivory shea butter directly on your face? I know you mentioned it in your video, but I just wanted to make sure it doesn't cause acne/


What's the name of the preservative I didn't quite catch what u said :(


Glycerin is not moisturising infact draws moisture out of your skin

Irena Nesic

...if you make any product with oils, waxes,butters,esters and some other ingredients, without water you don't need to use preservative


Sass.... Job poa Sana....... Do u sell your stuff..... Oil... Let me know

Darryl Garrison

Hey, what preservative did you use???


To everybody who has posted, I believe the preservative she mentioned was Cosmocil CQ.

Tami Gorman

I cannot understand what you're saying what is that second ingredient after the water

Stacey Love

When you was making the face cream what was the name of the preserve  you used

Elizabeth Roblyn

Hi, I've been watching your vids for quite a while, love them. I hve a problem though. Where I'm from the only preservatives available is the citric acid can I use that for the lotions and creams as well? If so how? thx much. I really want to try them.