Why do i have black circles under my eyes

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Why do I have black circles under my eyes?

19 923 views | 14 Dec. 2009

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The question is, why do YOU have black circles under your eyes? As there are many reasons why and the key is to figure out why you have them.

Mark Alan

100th like!


how about broken blood vessels

Kerry Cyrus

great man keep it up

Hayyan Media

Thanks for the information man. My mum and brother have several allergies and intolerances which have now been identified and solved. I never seemed to have any problems with milk or gluten but my eyes have been a major concern for the past 2 years. I am starting an elimination diet and will let you know how it goes.

Joel Saens

Great video Josh. I also came across that dark circles could mean adrenal dysfunction and or liver toxicity. What is your take on that?


yea thanks for uploading these, keep em coming!

Renee g

I get plenty of sleep but I do have hypo thyroid disease and I am on medication for that and I have bad dark circles under my eyes and I have adleast one smoothie a day with fruits and veggies .

scott lingenfelter

i have such dark circles, people think i smoke crack. and i like.. dont


people often think i have a black eye they're that bad.


@Cobbe354 ME TOO!! I've had em since as long as I can remember, almost everyone in my family has em, I'm 6'0 and 130lbs trying to gain, i eat healthy, but my liver enzymes are loopy, i turn jaundice randomly, doctor said it was normal and his brother had the same thing and not to worry about it, but yea i do smoke, But this guy is more new hero!!! Tried changing my diet to a light mineral concealer... and im a guy!! i hate the friggin things, but TY SO VERY MUCH JOSH FOR THE INFO !!!!!!


after reading paul cheks book, and follow it as possible as possible, i feel like a child again. Very fresh , very sexy, very strong. It is great book

Tranquilo Travelers

You had me at adrenal glands... Great post...many thanks!


Great video! Folic acid, B6, and B12 happen to be the vitamins we need in their metholated form. I developed serious deficiencies until the doctor switched me to methylfolate, P5P, and methylcobalamin. The condition was due to a genetic problem affecting methylation (L-TetraHydroFolateReductase enzyme). These vitamins are used for DNA synthesis, mineral absorption, and many other vital functions.

Jawantha L.

Thanks! I had taking my mom to the hospital twice, just heard.... She has gout!! :-(


Thank, very helpful.


can you do a video on why dairy is bad for you? I have been working out since June and my main source of protein is milk...I have had these black circles under my eyes since 2003 or so

Vanessa Trejo

I was watching this to understand why i have this but ...... To get rid of dark circles use a cold package of green tea and put it on ur dark circles for 10min . This really helped me I like to do it twice a day! :) hoped this helped :) (If u don't believe me YouTube it )

EastWest Healing

u got it!


can you find out about this deficencies with a simple blood test?

EastWest Healing

Holy shit....thanks!

Daniel Puiatti


Steps To Simplicity

This dude I know has horrible black circles constantly, he also enjoys a very liberal alcohol intake on the daily. He would be so much more attractive without em.

Don L

Hey Josh, I'm an undergrad taking my first nutrition class with a hope to get the ol R.D. after my name. ARe you a Registered Dietician and is all this stuff you're throwin at us something most R.D.'s would learn? If so, I might have to increase my study habbits (eep)