What gauge is an industrial piercing

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The Tea:  Standard Gauge Sizes for Piercings

1 209 views | 6 May. 2020

Hey Body Candy Fam!

Hey Body Candy Fam!

Welcome to my weekly e-zine, The Tea! It's my every-Thursday blog where I talk with all my Body Candy bbs about fun pierced/modified content. 

Being pierced/modified is amazing but doesn't come without complications! One big question, especially for beginners, is knowing what gauge size jewelry is right for you...

Today we're going to talk about the most common (aka "standard") sizes for each piercing!

Today's topics:

- 14g - Most navel piercings, nipple piercings, and industrial bars are done at this gauge. Note: Belly rings, nipple rings, and industrial barbells occasionally come in smaller sizes (16g).

- 16g - Most cartilage and septum piercings fall into the 16g range. Some individuals choose to stretch their septum piercing, which will result in a larger gauge.

- 18g - Most nostril piercings are done with an 18g needle. Some cartilage piercings come in this size as well.

- 20g - 20g is pretty thin, so at this size, you're mostly looking at nose rings - any smaller is more of a specialty size.

- Plus more tips, tricks, & Alley-isms to get you through your week :)

More content below! ♡



Do you guys have any long post belly button rings? I’m 6 months in and I’m infected.


My nostril was pierced with a 22G. I got it done almost six months ago. I plan to stretch it to a 20G since I can hardly find any jewelry in the 22G. Is it safe to stretch it to a 20G after six months of healing time?

Abegail Mabilangan

Is 16 gauge acceptable for forward helix? :)

dexxx Ok

can you get pierced with a 16g needle and use 18g jewelry ??