Why is it called a medusa piercing

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Is Medusa Piercing Dangerous?

7 views | 30 May. 2020

Medusa • Is Medusa

Medusa • Is Medusa Piercing Dangerous?


The most important part of our job is creating informational content. The topic of this video has been processed in the spirit of this mission. When judging the content, keep in mind that the scientific presentation of the topic requires a broad perspective which may bother some.

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Why is it called a medusa piercing

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Medusa/Philtrum Piercing Top 10 Cons

70 254 views | 8 Apr. 2017

10 MORE cons of having

10 MORE cons of having your medusa piercing: https://youtu.be/Cjxm-j053EE

Top 10 cons of Silver Hair: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PoBawcsL00

Top 10 cons of Stretched Ears: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nv1xpxC5A9Y&t=93s

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Aj Nelson

There are some kind of fancy plastic ones that help to not damage your teeth. I don’t remember what they are called. They are only for healed piercings tho.

Luna Court Lovely

thankful for this video! it made me realize that I cannot handle it...lol
But it looks soooo cute on you, girl!


Lol sis if someone wanted to fight id take that piercing out real quick ??? always can get it redone


I have a medusa and I usually get complimented all the time because it's awesome and suits me. I have naturally full lips. however, I can see this being problematic if you have thinner lips especially top lip. I may have to take it out when I'm older. we shall see. I also like cheek piercings but they heal better when your cheeks are thin. I'm naturally a chipmunk. c'est la vie

Elise Jamie

I think most of these are more your personal experiences (which are totally valid) not universal medusa/philtrum truths though. (Edit to add - I still enjoyed the video and found it interesting that you had such a different experience than me!)

I have a philtrum piercing (I've had it for twelve years) and these are my experiences and it doesn't constantly rub against my gums or teeth, if I smile or push it in from the front yes it touches my gum but otherwise the back disc sits flush in my lip and doesn't touch due to my anatomy my lip itself isn't in contact with my teeth or gums.

Mine was also pierced straight and doesn't touch my gum webbing.
I don't have very hard time changing jewelry, I kind of pull my lip out not up if that makes sense.
I've always got hired on the spot during in person interviews and had my piercing my whole working life, so it depends what job you'll be doing I'm sure but I haven't had any problems
No one has ever asked me if mine was fake.
I've never had scar tissue build up from it either.

Papa Joe

Cons you have to learn how to drink from cans without catching it on the top, I have medusa like 7 years aswell as many others

Angeica Williams

Yes it is ?% worth it, luv it⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐?

Beautifully HUMBLED4EVER

I was gonna get it but now No... ty for this info I have 9 already I'm done now lol

Labella Labrutta

....half of the problems you reported can be solved with a plastic plate.

Keila Coll

Where did you get that certain jewelry for it?? That’s the only one I want❤️ I dont like the big balls and shit


I feel your pain had it done by myself would of kept it but the same reason you said exceot i never had scarring i just didn't like the impression the bottom plate was leaving on my lip ive had most of the facial piercings no longer wear but i can still wear a septum

Camille B

Guess I'll go for the bottom lip or labret piercing instead. I want to hear, 'do it. You'll love it' but medusa may not be for me


Thank you for this video!!! Really helped me decide if I wanted it or not!!

Diamond Gen4

Jus got mine today and it feels so feminine and cute ☺️ back a ring got stuck between my mid gap of my two front teeth and it’s still swollen (ouch) and I feel like It isn’t pierced straight but I like it


yea I don't want it,,, I'll stick with my septum dream :3

Tanesha Sanders

Get bioplast labret jewelry so it doesn’t damage your teeth/gums too much

A. Neufeld

I thought about getting this a few years ago, but realized one day while I was eating spicy food that I'd have to avoid spice during healing. That pretty much sealed the deal for me :P

Gerry Soly

Why r u talking sooooooooooooo slowwww? I'm just asking, not trying to be rude. I don't mean to offend u or anything like that...just curious

ka ce

I have similar features to you except I have a fuller upper lip in comparison. Most of the cons are hardly cons imo. With a thick upper lip it does hurt a bit more because of the amount of tissue that the needle has to go through but if the length of the bar is comfortably short enough, it doesn't rub against gums or the enamel. I have a buffer because of the natural fullness.

So, thin upper lips may have more of an issue and need to be considered for anyone considering the piercing. If you choose yellow gold colored stud, it is not as noticeable as compared to silver or colored stud. The only issue with this is that a small yellow gold color stud is the cost. $100 +.

Really, the initial healing and swelling wasn't very pleasant, waiting to get the stud changed was annoying since you are right people do stare. Luckily no one has asked if it were real or prove it to them.

Once you find a piercing that blends in with your style and skin, people hardly notice, especially ones that love to stare into your eyes when conversing.


Bro I just found your channel cause I'm looking up medusa piercing videos for some info (i'm getting it done this friday along with a hoop nose ring!) and your video popped up and I'm glad it did! I subbed to your channel :) I feel like I would get along with you well in person and I love going to shows too! I watched your 1 star Yelp review that was really fucked up and annoying that you went through that. I couldn't hold my cool like that if that happened to me.

Candiss Felder

Thanks for this very detailed explanation! I love the piercing but I definitely will skip this one

Jennifer Bloom

Your medusa is really really cute! It looks great on you! Thanks for the video it definitely helps me decide if I want one.


Had mine for over 5 years and no issues, my lip is relatively thick so it never touches my gums nor my teeth. The only constant thing is the ball getting caught or clinks on the soda can...opening tab thing. I just rip the tab off so im gucci lol

Edit: EVERYONE IS YELLING ABOUT CANS i thought i was alone


Your really pretty! And great vid, new subbie! ^-^

Mianna Gallegos

The background bothers be bc ur not supposed to keep the pointer on the Ouija board

Prison Mike

Mine got caught in my teeth lol

Levi’s gf

I’ve had this piercing for almost two years and have never experienced most of the cons that you mentioned. You definitely made some good points here, but I do have a few things to say in defense of philtrum piercings:

1. My piercing has has NEVER gotten in the way of a runny nose. I’m sure it could be different for each individual person depending on how far up theirs was pierced, but even when my nose does run it’s extremely easy to blow my nose or wipe it regardless of my medusa being there.

2. This is the first time I’ve heard of someone ever having a problem changing their medusa jewelry. Changing the jewelry is not difficult for me and shouldn’t be for anyone else as long as it’s fully healed. Perhaps you’re a special case?

3. To say that “NO one wants to hire someone with a hole in their face” is not necessarily true. I know that this can be different depending on where you live, but I live in a small town and have had no problem finding a job. Sure, some companies won’t allow it but times are changing and there are many who do.

4. I’ve never been asked if my piercing was real. In fact, I’m surprised that you’ve met people who genuinely couldn’t tell what it was. It clearly looks like a piercing and not a gem in my opinion.

5. The issue you had with scar tissue building up inside to the point that you had to peel it off is not normal for a piercing. I do have a small ring around the hole on the inside of my mouth but it’s not big enough to get in the way. I’m thinking that yours might have healed incorrectly.

Anyway, I still think this was an informative video, I’m just pointing out that these cons won’t happen to everyone. :) And you look amazing!

duck telepathy

This video is so informative! I love medusa piercings and I want one so bad, (specifically with an anatometal light purple opal labret) but I'm still thinking it all through logistically. The job angle is what really stops me, so I figure after my uni graduation if I can land a job that allows facial piercings, I will take it as a sign that a medusa is meant to be!

Jolëne C.

This was really helpful, thank you!!!

Rayne Blackwater

I've personally never had any of these problems except for the first one. mine doesn't touch my gums or teeth, it never scrapes my teeth, I always change my own jewelery, etc. etc. people tend to ask more about the legitimacy of my labret than they do my medusa and in all honestly I have little to no problems with it 90% of the time. almost everything you said here applies to my labret but I've never had these problems with my medusa


i think you need a 6mm bar...to fix all the problems...


Ok, I'm like real disappointed that you posted this video in 2017 as a pierced person, and said that piercings and tattoos (basically any body mods) are "job stoppers". Girl, our generation is changing things. Don't let anyone make you think you can't do a job because of tattoos and piercings. I have said NO to jobs before because they didn't like my pink hair and finger tattoos, and it was 100% worth it (that company tanked within months). I am now working in a field that could care less what color your hair is, where your tattoos are or if you have facial piercings and I am so proud of this field (hi archaeology, u da best) for accepting people as they are and understanding that body modifications do not say anything about their character. Its 2019 now and I hope your opinions on this have changed.

Natalie Thomas

I have the same nose piercings she has and i wouldnt count the ''snot factor'' as a con for this piercing.. i dont have a medusa but i have septum and the nostril piercing and blowing my nose is a pain in the ass anyway.. adding the medusa wouldnt make it any different really youv just got to blow your nose with wet wipes instead :) (but thats the same now as it would be if i got a medusa)

crystal delacruz

as soon as she said nobody wants to hire someone with stuff on their face etc... i took everything she said and basically threw it out the window..so false (for anyone watching this video these cons are all clearly personal towards her)

Elizabeth May

all the stuff about teeth and gums, have you considered a bioplast bar so the material is softer and not as invasive? my piercing is healing at the moment so i have a swelling bar in but I'll be asking for a plastic bar.

Mars Montes

The only time I had problems with my medusa was the healing process. My lip was 2x it Size. After it healed sometimes itd flare and make it irritated. But I never had a problem with the back of the plate, it doesn't touch my gums or my teeth.

Chatty Yaz

Hmm I've never had any of these issues and I've had mine years......


One would imagine there is so much sacrifice to endure such beauty, but it damn sure looks good on you. Love the lip color too! Awesome.


Are you sure your piercing is the correct lenght? Because it shouldn't even touch your teeth. I have a bioplast one in and it's perfectly fine and doesn't bother me at all.


A bioplast bar would be better as it doesn't damage your teeth or gums at all the way a metal bar does

bee blade

I just got my Medusa a month ago it’s still healing but now it’s forming a skin tag so I have to amp up my cleaning routine like crazy haha

A Young

The dude who pierced mine have it some type of way where it's down so I only feel the back of my plate on my bottom lip not on my teeth or gums but now since you complain about it I guess it's not so bad now it does feel annoying

Amelia H

hey gal I love your video and ive has mine pierced for almost a year now and the problems you talk about are super relatable including the last problem about having a ring of scar tissue but several months ago I figured something out that helped it and made it go and I wanted to share it with you because now I have no ring around my inner lip it doesn't get swollen and it never bleeds. instead of using a normal bar that short use a long bar that sticks out of your face more. its not as cute because it is more noticeable and will get caught on your front teeth when you try to take a big bite or something but having the extra space lets that tissue recover and swell but not be pushed at the same time and just leave that kind of bar in until its better and do see salt soaks along with that or if you're lazy like I was and don't wanna wait 10 minutes you could splash some contact solution on it since its not a newer piercing.

much love you to!!!!!!!!!

Cuboid Siren

This video was so informative, thank you!

Could you do Top 10 Cons videos for all your piercings?

pam espinosa

But you look so cute tho ?


I don‘t have any of the problems that you have.... sorry to hear about that stuff. Super glad that I don‘t have to deal with that


where's your jewelry from? it's so dainty and pretty, i really want a medusa and this is the size i pictured

Vic Galvan

I’ve noticed its become hard to eat. I like taking big bites of my food and I can no longer do it due to my Medusa piercing backing getting caught behind my 2 front teeth.


You deserve way more subs. This video is really cool

aaliyah uwu

I feel like it only works on people with bigger lips

Roy Gordon

If this rubs against your gums, it will wear a hole in your gums. A shorter bar or a bioflex (bendy, soft plastic like material) would solve any problems you might have in the future. Also you can buy smaller flat backing pieces so the back doesn't rub so bad on your webbing ?

Airean Landreth

okay if you're having trouble finding the piercing hole from the inside of your lip what I did was I would take another lip piercing jewelry and I would stick it in the front of my lip like on the outside that way I could see the bar from the inside and then I would line up the jewelry I wanted to replace it with and then push it in through that way, made it so much easier for me to find it


Ah, i really want this piercing but the teeth/gum damage is what scares me ??


Super helpful ty

Shyla Ratcliff

You are super fucking adorable!! ?

Christina McFarlane

Have you ever experienced any bump on the outside ? I got the bottom middle of my lip pierced and there's a tiny bump

Abby’s Memoir

I think I will deffo get a bio plast

Mary Juliet Aquin

I have a video on how to hide the damn thing on my channel

B Rosa

i found in your video every issue that I'm having with my medusa piercing. I have it for a week now and I'm going crazy with the gum rubbing. mine seems a lot like yours, it's not rubbing on the division gum/teeth but I'm really worried. when I change to a shorter bar will it get more comfortable? xx

Diana Rodriguez

I was so set on this piercing but now I don't think so. Great honest video though!

Sudora Sia

The Medusa look amazing on you.
But im really not agree with "you can hide bottom lip piercings" < this probably only count if you got really full lips. Wich i don't have and you can see the scar all the time. So i would say it depends on the anatomy if you can see it or not^^


Hi, it is so pretty. I did order jewelry on Etsy with Bioflex backs with less damage

viki jbravo

omg now i don't know if i want to get one

Vika Ashton - 3DArtist

Have you tried using a bioplastic piercing? they are much healthier for your teeth and your gums it is flexible and soft


Thank you for the video. Job stoppers is a very accurate description. "Some people don't notice, but I attribute that to the fact that they are blind!" Touche!

Erika Lopez

I have no top web (car accident )

Sam Graves

ahh, thanks for making this video. i'm considering getting one but was unsure, and this brings up some things i hadn't considered!!

Khosheleh Azizam

You have a nice taste for piercings. I really want a medusa. I got a smiley and a nose piercing already. But you’ve made a video about crooked piercings. And my face is crooked af so it wouldn’t look good unfortunately. My smiley already looks crooked af, especially when I take a selfie and flip it lol. Some piercings will fit everyone indeed like nose piercings, cheeck, smiley, and medusa piercings. But also why I couldn’t get this piercings is because of the scars. And my scars are very noticeable bc of my skin color :/


Can I get a medusa piercing if I have braces???

Why is it called a medusa piercing

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How to fake Medusa Piercing! Before committing to a real one!

1 416 views | 15 Mar. 2019

So I am planning on

So I am planning on getting a new piercing, I want to be prepared - is it for me?? I am trying it out for a week before my actual appointment at the piercing shop :) it’s easy.

All you need??


Eyelash glue

A bead

I may change my mind and stick to the fake piercing? I am unsure. I am still looking in to the pros and cons :)

What Hayley Made

Really suits you ? I might get a fake one x


I love how you did this, where did you get the little ball? My concern is that I wear makeup (foundation) nearly every day so would it stick to the foundation or fall off during the day, that would be embarrassing during college lol :) xxx I would love it done professionally but my nose took ages to heal with some problems and my other half is not for it!

Linda Passos

See that's another thing we don't have the same oppinion... I would never do a piercing in or around my mouth. Don't think I don't like or don't have piercings cause I have 3 but none in that area :-) I remember how hard it was to heal my nose one cause of the humidity cause I got a cold a few days after... I would never do in the mouth where it's always wet and the perfect ambient to produce germs. But each one on it's onw, if it makes you happy then do it ;-) xoxo

Sparkly Lynnette

My sister got the bottom bit done under her lip and it all had to be removed at hospital she was in pain it all went a bit wrong. Put me off. I got my daith pierced but do fancy something else soon x

Holly Brown

I saw this on your insta and at first, I thought you had a spot!!! It looks lovely (now I know it’s not a spot ?). Good luck, I’ve heard it’s mega painful ?

Jane Fleet

That's a smart idea to try before the commitment.


Yesss!! Can’t wait to try!

Doll Scott

I've been thinking about getting a medusa for about a year now but my top lips quite fat so I'm slightly nervous. I'll try this method thou instead!

Janice Krishon

I think wearing a fake one would be preferable... but I don’t do piercings other than ears. Do you change out the bead if you want? What’s the attachment like on the other side of lip? Obviously I don’t know much about Medusa piercings! ?


I thought it was a magnetic fake piercing you clever little thing doing it this way. It really does suit you xxx

LN Box&Co

Smart idea

Elizabeth Thomson

That’s going to look lovely. Will you be uploading getting it pierced? X

autumn woods

thumbs up hun u look so cool with the piercings cant wait see how u get on ? xx


nice :)