What does brazil mean

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Why Are You Going To Brazil? [Behind The Meme]

19 781 views | 31 Jul. 2020

If you've seen this meme

If you've seen this meme before, and you were confused, then this is the perfect video for you. In this video, we take a look at the origin of the meme, the meaning of the meme, and how it grew in popularity.

This channel is about teaching you more about memes, their origin, their meaning and their rise to popularity. I use the 'Behind The Meme' phrase, but i'm not the same as the 'Behind The Meme' channel (let that be clear).

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zaycom sachu

Brasil e um pais bosta

AviaLuska YT

That guy speaking portuguese at 1:09 literally said "whoever is reading this, i ate ur ass." lmao


Im Brazilian ;-;
But that meme its funny XD (and idk why it is funny to me ;-;, maybe bc i agree? Idk)
Im going to start using that meme when im playing and someone make something bad XD

lol Surrender

Comi o cu de quem leu

The biggest Star Wars Fan

Toucan: they decided to speak portuguese
Yeah because we were colonized by Portugal


Omg i love your videos come to brazil pls

fenix ·

Eu odeio esses memes,estão estragando o pais


come to Brazil

lol im brazilian

maximum gamer

remember me toucan

fernanda nantes

Eu teria rido se eu tivesse entendido Kkkkkkk, mas acho que peguei a ideia

Christian Sullivan

I always thought it was a TF2 meme

JuliAnder 00

Toucan: Brazil decided to speak Portuguese
Portugal: Yeah... Not actually colonized them... Yeah...


I am brazilian and... yeah Brazil its a suck

Kuragames BR

most Brazilians have a more difficult life than Americans, many Americans may not take it seriously but it can really irritate some people so many Brazilians don't like these memes, after all, Americans have an easier life than ours, yes brazil can really have a lot of crime or a lot of poor people this is really bad but it is not a reason to make jokes, even though it is a joke it can offend many brazilians

Lisak FoxArmy

Also the brazil Is a shitty map in tf2

Sr.Batata YT

I brazilian


" I'm sure you've heard about this small country in South America "

Also Brazil: the biggest country in South America

Jiro Orijami

I see thank you enlighten me

A Communist Robloxian

Opa,chegou um brasileiro.




I am brazilian ?


please someone take me out of Brazil, i don't wanna die!

Cris10l Universe

"I will fight for the name of Brazil, and go to that country"
Neh, really i live on Chilie, but i love the meme


don't listen to him, now come here to brazil, we are not going to hurt, i swear.

reloading the shotgun


Why don't they say "You're going to America" since they have to biggiest number of cases?

Rodrigo Leon Gonzalez


Riko Ch.

Just use VPN to travel to brazil

UkrainianPerson Gaming

You're going to Brazil :D

The_ foxy

Eu sou brasileiro e eu to mo confuso por causa desse meme isso me faz pesar que todo mundo acha o brasil uma piada

Zelra Llebaner

U cannot stup me going brrrazil boi

Lysander Reign Masangcay

Come to Brazil pls
Come to Brazil pls
Come to Brazil pls



José Daniel. exe

thx I dint even know what going to brazil was so funny before this video :D

Vitor Rocha

1:10 quem viu, viu.

Sahil Mohammed

Correction: Brazil isn't a small country


aff ta em inglês

Thiago Daniel

pls come to brasil

jeferson araujo

Cool, mas agora vc pode fazer uma explicação em português para eu entender? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I never seen this

Richard Wang

Small country? It is the same size as the US wtf


1:09 "I fucked the ass of whoever is reading this."

Broly Power

to be honest as a brazilin i feel relly offended by this but who cares its the internet

Colin Malfoy

Agradeço a Deus nascer no país e gringos favor . do not come to my country Brazil, I do not want to contaminate my people with foreigners who do not know geography and have less knowledge of my country to speak so much nonsense. ?



Lucas M Mombach

1:09 If you can read portuguese take a look at the first comment

AviaLuska YT

did i just hear "small country" and i saw RS independent?
reloads shotgun


O triste é lembrar que pra eles (Norte Americanos), somos um "pequeno" país onde só tem pobreza, criminalidade e futebol (ou carnaval), eu amei a explicação do vídeo porque nas primeiras vezes em que vi esse meme por aí, achei meio.. ofensivo. Yep i love your channel now, you should have so much more subscribers ♡.


i thought this originated in tf2 cause there's a map called brazil and no one likes that map

also tf2 is free on stem so you can play it to if you want and you are interested

Gabriel Pereira

Come to Brazil y'all ??

It's me mario

sera que eu sou o primeiro brasileiro que viu esse video?



SMALLL U SAY SMALLLLL THAT COUNTRY IS HUGE... if u would Say Belgium or austria... Germany is fine too because compare to other country's its really small. But Brazil is not small my dude

Fernando Capistrano

Please don't come to Brazil. You guys should watch the movie "Bacurau" so you can see how egocentric tourists are treated down here. Xxoo

Julian Iring

Small? You think brazil is small?


1:08 A guy ate your asshole-


Small country?

Isaac William

Vim aqui para entender o meme só que eu não falo em ingles enfim continue lendo os comentarios

Harriman Fox

This meme has nothing to to with COVID. It stems from Brazilian people begging musicians and different celebrities to come to Brazil. Please do your research.

Caio Guimarães

Brazil like this... If tou don't like... Don't come. https://youtu.be/3yd_eoMOvqk ... I love it

Caio Barrufet

Brazil 4 brazillian = a lot of states and places

Brazil 4 american = Rio Janeiro, favelas, big jesus

[MTF] Omega-1

Bom ver sobre os memes , O Problema , É que algum de nós , não entendemos nada , por favor coloque legenda , eu não estou gostando desse meme.

buZZwig Van Roţțen

It's a tf2 meme right?

Snowzin Hue

The first thing in brazil for you is rio de janeiro are u fucking serious ?


"this small country"


Conehead Zombie

“Small country”? It is the 5th biggest country in the world

Filip Miženko

the meme is becasue so many people were commenting on celebrities twittter account and in general they were just commenting you should come to brazil


Do your research. For years we brazillians are telling everyone "Come to Brazil" so people will come here, most artists, and singers.
Most people here don't speak english and they only learn these 3 words to comment on the famous people's pages.
So now people don't want to "come to brazil" after discovering the hell brazil is.

Mr Exists

first time i saw this meme it involved a wood chipper called brazil and painted in brazil's colors


Your going to America

Tomas Vaz

The corona rate is because the big population, and look at your own noses before making that ofensive memes, your country is coron'ed as fuck, much more than our country.

normal Boy

Toucan I'm sorry to inform you but you have mentioned the forbidden app now the ship and crew are taking you to Brazil. See you in hell.

Gustavo Bueno

"small country"

Mr. Challenge

Small country???????? Really????


I don't understand why the cause is the coronavirus and the United States has more cases.

fernanda nantes

Mds já enchemos o saco deles coitados, com nossos planos de internet de terceiro mundo, imagina quando o 5g chegar aqui kkkkkk

Charmy Gameplay

Now I just want people to go USA and build a wall.


Comi o cu de quem leu

Chris bestWaifu

congratulations .... you just invoked the Brazilians .... NOW COME TO BRAZIL

WeedWagon San

Actually it started with celebritys being told to come to brazil with most of them declining

Jeffrey Xing

Part of the ship part of the crew

Im not funny

Americans in 1945: japan is going to Germany 80 year old me: I agree...

Raphael Anderson



Now explain why you don't come to Brazil?


good one. now COME HERE TO Brasil

Israel Sousa Rodrigues

it's because of coronavirus
Brazil: 4M
India: 5M
EUA: 6,5M


0:08 porque o Rio grande do sul ta separado kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

caua Henrique

Bro i dint liked this meme its not funny and its disrepectful

Marshal Ion Antonescu

Come to Brazil.

Spooky House

bRO you are so fucking wrong on this its cringe. GOING TO BRASIL IS OLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLD

Bora Aventureiro


Sniper Camuflado




é,tu achou um comentário brasileiro


Toucan: the SMALL country in South America
Brazil: am I a joke to you?

Seriously, Brazil is the 5th largest country.


I'd like to think that the meme was made because 90% of gore on the internet is from brazil

Da Aussie Ball



0:10 "Big jesus" ? More like gigant T posing man


Hahahahahah "Comi o cu de quem leu" I fucked the ass of who read this


You have mentioned the name of the forbidden app. You are now going to brazil.

cachorro rebaixado 2.0

ele sabe demais,MATA ELE!

What does brazil mean

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Brazil: What does the word Quilombo mean?

848 views | 8 Dec. 2019

In this video, I break

In this video, I break down the word Quilombo. In my opinion, Quilombo is the most important word in Afro-Brazilian culture and history. The word represents freedom and independence for Black Brazilians.

By the way, quilombo, the word comes from Bantu languages (mainly current day Angola).

******More resources to learn about Quilombos*******

1) The movie Quilombo, 1984 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwbmkM7xQS0

2) Quilombismo Book by Abdias Nascimento - https://www.amazon.com.br/Quilombismo-Abdias-Nascimento/dp/8527311496

3) Brazil’s Quilombos - https://www.lonelyplanet.com/articles/brazils-quilombos-the-heart-of-afro-brazilian-history

****** Aparelha Luzia Crowdfunding Campaign******

Aparelha is a free place for black people to come together and learn, and fight against racism. It is raising money to stay open!


ty cromwell

Do you agree that a very small small
Percentage of black Brazilians express black pride?

james crump

Great video

ty cromwell

Maybe i travelled to the wrong parts of Brazil..all I saw was black men with white woman ...and black woman with white men. I saw very little Brazilian blacks expressing black pride. I thought it didn’t exist there.

Nancy Figueroa

Thank you for sharing

Sonia Carvalho

Please fave Aqualtune of Casa de Kinlaza is, according to tradition, the MAE of Ganga Zumba and the maternal grandmother of Zumbi dos Palmares. [1] She would be an African princess, the daughter of an unidentified Congo king. She could also be Ganga Zumba's grandmother. She was a great warrior .. led more than 300 men ,,,, fought until her death ,,, that's why ZUMBI was born in a QUILOMBO FREE


Great video. Much appreciate the information share. I hope more people learn about Quilombos and their history. Keep pumping out this kinda content. Blessings

Jazz marcel

I am presently studying the possibility of coming back to Brazil to do a mini documentary on the very subject from the the perspective of socio issues and it's relationship to the rich music of afro- Brazilians! As a ADOS jazz musician from Nola, I am trying to think of ways to fuse some topics that could be expressed in an culturally interesting way, Maybe we can collaborate! Also, I have a good musican friend that I met here in France that lives in Curitiba who is excited about being a part of my vision!..........let's talk!

bruno braga

Quilombo dos Palmares was the first independent state in the Americas.

ancient of days

Kilombo ,tshilombo or Qilombo means a leader in luba tribe in the Congo ??

Jazz marcel

Great video!..........


Great job! Here in Niterói ---https://www.facebook.com/quilombodogrotao/


Quilombo is what we call a Maroon communities in Jamaica check out Nanny of the Maroons.

Don Bsweet

You forgot to mention the origin of the word. Does it come from Yoruba?

Don Bsweet

Thank you! Today I learned something new.

Sonia Carvalho

Today it exists as regions that used to be QUILOMBOS ,,, the residents are proud of their ancestors were never slaves ,,,,


Similar to what wi refer to as maroons in Ja. These types of communities are found in most countries til this day. Its great to know some of us are still striving to maintain our African roots and culture.
Rumors about Zumbi poisoning his uncle Zumba due to being upset with his uncle negotiating with portuguese colonizers are FALSE.

Alex N.

So a quilombo is basically a Brazilian way of saying "Black safe space".

B Ondj

A very instructive video. But it should have helped if u could just say in one or two sentences that kilombo just means a settlement or a village in Kikongo, the official language of the kingdom of Congo, the place where many enslaved people came from. This Kingdom resisted the Portuguese diplomatically and militarily over 400 years. Ganga Zumba was from the nobility and was captured as a teenager in the battle of Mbuila, in which the Congolese suffered severe losses (including their King). Brought to Brazil as a slave, he managed to escape and to start a settlement, therefore a kilombo. I know u know all this but try to inform the audience too.

Dominic Yoya Kabinga

In Kaonde(Zambia/Congolese tribe) the word for home is Kunzubo, which might have a similar meaning to Quilombo...

What does brazil mean

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What does Brazil mean?

2 views | 9 Dec. 2017

What does Brazil mean in

What does Brazil mean in English? Learn the meaning of Brazil.