Yellowish color of the skin

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How to REMOVE YELLOW LIGHTING from Video | Adobe Premiere Tutorial, Lumetri Color Correction

21 286 views | 22 Aug. 2019

I recently filmed a

I recently filmed a wedding and the ceremony was held in a church with horribly yellow lighting. I tried to find a youtube video detailing the process to remove yellow lighting from video. Only really found stuff for photos, so I did a little tweaking to figure it out on my own. Here's the process I use to remove yellow lighting from video.

I used lumetri color in Adobe Premiere for this tutorial, but all of the same stuff applies for lumetri in Adobe After Effects.



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►My Wedding Videos: https://forevermemoriesfilms.net



Sony A7iii

Sony 28mm f2 Lens

Sony 85mm f1.8 Lens

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

DJI Ronin S


Song Credit:

Robert Shirey Kelly - Lifelong feat. Marie Hines


Lil Tecca - Ransom


The Degens

Thank you so much!! the second lumetri color layer made my footage look so much nicer. Cant wait to apply this now

Madison Victoria

ew yellow

Crystal Berger

I LOVE THIS VIDEO! Very helpful and helps when you are working with people who don't have their lighting chops up to standard. THANK YOU!

Sarah Raffer

Thanks. I am a wedding filmmaker, too. I think both Jr Alli and Yuri Palma do something similar to this in some of their footages

IonTach Academy

I was so scared that I need to do the whole shooting of my video again, You saved me, Thank you

Alex Fu

This was really helpful. Thanks a lot!

Zac Saleski

saved my butt for one of my videos thanks man!

155 Degrees

Thank you so much for saving my footage and my depressed mood due to it.. Thank you.

James & Mark

This was super helpful on a video that turned out quite yellow. Really appreciate your video!!!


Found this video by googling the disgusting yellow filter put on extraction

Max Carroll

Can you do a tutorial on the part you fast forward?

Creative 7 Inc

LOL I definitely feel that "ew yellow" feel. Super great tutorial to get that nice and crispy look


Huge thanks


wow great trick! wish you didn't speed through the rest of the edit. would've loved to see your process in correcting everything. keep it up!

New Kids On The Brick

How do we adjust the noise in the background of your video? :) Just kidding ! great video , thanks for the help

Richard Strawn

still not good enough


Hey bro that was exactly what I needed so thanks a LOT!
I shot some stuff with the wrong white balance and with that method I fixed it in a few seconds.


Nice tutorial! You’ve got the skill ?
The new video also looks so exciting - looking forward to it ?

Christian Carranza

You explained this whole thing in under 5 minutes. THANK U BBY

Javith Akthar

It will be helpful,if you post your entire video without skipping or paste the download entire video link


Great video, the only video I found on sorting this issue out, Thanks! Although, after 2.58mins it's harder to follow Lol

Carol See Media

This helped a lot, thank you! I think the yellow in my video really couldn't be saved, so I did the best I could. Won't make the mistake of filming at night next time without proper lighting haha.

Sain Owumi

Great video really appreciate this is going to help alot

Dennis adw

That was very helpful. I just had a live concert shooting and was taken by surprise when the yellow spots came in after I pressed the record button:-) Thank you!


Broooooo Thanx a looooot ??

Advait Sontakke



stopping by to give a big thank you. I don't even USE Adobe Premiere, and this still helped me way more than the 934938492 other tutorials I've been watching. Liked and watched all the way through.

John Vari

Great video man. Quick and to the point!

Tomato Gamer

Me when I see this video and remember being at the wedding ???

Melanie Latrelle Grandoit

sooo helpful! just what i was looking for. Thank you!

Parto TV

Hello bro
I leave bell activated and Lk
Stay conmected

Ray Mak

The beginning part was learnable then the expert stuffs came in...

J Blaze

Wow, what a fantastic tip! I've struggled with correcting mixed color casts in my footage for years. The idea of adding a 'second' Lumetri effect for saturation and contrast is a game changer! Thank you for sharing!

White Admiral

Yeah this helps. Thanks!

Hiraya Creative Visual

Thanks bro for the tutorial... soon i can use this tutorial on my video...

Daniele Ghiro

Your video is interesting... but I agree with another user's comment. The all the stuff at the end is not comprehensible...
I like the music... and you're a sexy teacher.
Anyway thumbs up

Jasper Lior

Can you make a full tutorial including all the parts you sped through? Great video!

The Dough Architect

Super helpful : ) Awesome work .

Zampi io

Great tutorial! Fixed my problem in 3 minutes ?

Shah Effendy

Hello Drew,

I subscribed and liked this owesome tutorial. I have a question. Did you shoot in RAW?

Epi Nakila

Filipino YouTube Creators let's go bro!

Allegra Maguire

Crazy useful because I did that just in the telegram messaging app (free)!


It looks green on me when he edited it.

Cameron Nichols

Yes! Thank you??


Amateur here, when he wanted to specifically wanted to bring out the greens in the plants, how do you solely focus one object? I filmed a clip and I want to bring out the red in the woman's lipstick. How do I solely focus on the lips?

Gavrila Dharmawan

This tutorial is what I was looking for, thanks man!


Thank you for your great tutorial!! You helped me so much <3

Maria Fernandez

Fantastic job! Your corrected video looks incredibly better! Thank you so much for this video.

Nathanya Seyed Mehdi

Lovely vid! The part where you fast forward is the part I'm most interested in.. I'm having trouble making specific areas less yellow. Will you make a tutorial on those steps as well?



KTJ Films



Great tutorial, well made!

Juriën Cornelissen

Good stuff man

Deanna Troy Travels

Great tutorial! BUT Does that mean you have to edit each clip manually? Is there a saw to save the settings you found and apply it to all clips? Thanks!

Red Boy

Thanks for the tutorial! But why speeding through the process? Thanks anyways.

Lovisa Sandhu

This was very helpful, thanks! ?

Shailendra Bhati

fast farwarded the main part. change the title to "before and after color grade" instead of how to...

Sara k blandon

You saved my life thank you ????


Was really hoping to see the steps you skipped through. bummer

Amigo Gringo

Thanks man, huge help, you saved a video for me.


Whole video pretty much comes down to increase the blues. There, I just saved you 5 minutes.

Devin L

Thanks bro, this helped alot

Andrew Schenker

Dope tutorial ?? super informational

Eli Kintisch


Alma Vieja

Hey ? is there any situation in which yellowish lightening is desirable? Like for a warm vintage look or something? I kinda like how it looks.

Lydia & Aviya

Thanks a lot for this. Helped me correct yellow in my daughtes' video quickly. I must be doing something wrong, the second lumetric color was bringing the yellow back. So, managed it with just one ?

Yellowish color of the skin

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How to Reduce Extra Yellow : Photoshop Tutorial

9 997 views | 21 Feb. 2019

Hello Viewers,


Hello Viewers,

Here I will show How to Reduce Extra Yellow : Photoshop Tutorial.

If you face any problem to understand feel free to comment here.

Photo Credit: https://goo.gl/4YY2mB

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Thanks for watching.......

Have a nice day

Markus Exz

cant deal with the music

Ebony Gray

Awesome just what I needed