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Zach Williams - No Longer Slaves (Live from Harding Prison)

37 630 892 views | 5 Oct. 2018

Watch “No Longer Slaves

Watch “No Longer Slaves (Live From Harding Prison)” from the new EP, Survivor: Live from Harding Prison.

The #PrisonEP is available everywhere you consume music:

iTunes: http://smarturl.it/ZWEPPivot/itunes

Spotify: http://smarturl.it/ZWEPPivot/spotify

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Amazon: http://smarturl.it/ZWEPPivot/az

YouTube: http://smarturl.it/SurvivorEPPlaylist

Connect with Zach:

Facebook: http://smarturl.it/zachwilliamsfacebook

Twitter: http://smarturl.it/zachwilliamstwitter

Instagram: http://smarturl.it/zachwilliamsinsta

Website: http://smarturl.it/zachwilliamswebsite

Email list: https://ZachWilliams.lnk.to/emaillistID

No Longer Slaves

You unravel me, with a melody

You surround me with a song

Of deliverance, from my enemies

Till all my fears are gone

I’m no longer a slave to fear

I am a child of God

I’m no longer a slave to fear

I am a child of God

From my mother’s womb

You have chosen me

Love has called my name

I’ve been born again, into a family

Your blood flows through my veins

I’m no longer a slave to fear

I am a child of God

I’m no longer a slave to fear

I am a child of God

I’m no longer a slave to fear

I am a child of God

I’m no longer a slave to fear

I am a child of God

I am surrounded

By the arms of the father

I am surrounded

By songs of deliverance

We've been liberated

From our bondage

Were the sons and the daughters

Let us sing our freedom

You split the sea

So I could walk right through it

My fears were drowned in perfect love

You rescued me

And I will stand and sing

I am the child of God

You split the sea

So I could walk right through it

You drowned my fears in perfect love

You rescued me

And I will stand and sing

I am a child of God

I am a Child of God

I am a Child of God

I am a Child of God

I am a Child of God

I am a Child of God

I’m no longer a slave to fear

I am a child of God

I’m no longer a slave to fear

I am a child of God

Music by Zach Williams performing “No Longer Slaves” (Official Video). (C) 2018 Provident Label Group LLC, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Men of Valor is committed to winning men in prison to Jesus Christ and discipling them. Our purpose is to equip them to re-enter society as men of integrity – becoming givers to the community rather than takers.

Click here for more information: http://men-of-valor.org/

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Grupo Herencia

This song touch my cousin who said he hated Christianity, but when he faced covid and noticed he was vulnerable and he was in God hands , his brother sent this song so he could hear it, from that point on all he talks about is that he is no longer slave of fear because he is a child of God, thank you brother Zach for making your self available to God and be inspired to write this beautiful songs ? praise Jesus

Annie Divins

My daughter my son and love and all my grandchildren they took me to go see him because I love to song we had VIP and I sit right there in the front row right in front of him we took pictures together I could not stop crying he was a giant and I was little he's a good man the song that Rock tears to my eyes with chain breaker man I love that song I love all of his songs

vero Gercar

God bless you

Christina Groh

This is stunning and brings me to tears ??❤.

faith chinwe

I wish he can do this song, "in Christ Alone"

Impatient Wolf

Your subscription to my account is my life's greatest gift to me; I will pray that my Lord would always bless all my subscriber's heart with an abundance of LOVE, HEALTH & WEALTH all the time . AMEN

Derrick Bright

Da hat

Momo 27

I dedicate this song to my fellow Ugandans,,,let us all shout out that we are no longer slaves to fear,,, we are children of God ??????

Fluxo Gospel

Someone watching 2021?

Rosa DeLeon

I love this song. ??????


Fico imaginando, como era o sentimento de poder toca-lo, e ouvir a sua voz, a sua risada. Fico imaginando, como deveria ser o olhar, a intensidade de fitar dentro deles, onde a plenitude do Deus vivo habitava. As vezes, me pego divagando, em como seria ter Jesus ao meu lado, caminhando pela estrada, ou estendendo a mão para que pudêssemos andar sob as águas. Como seria recebe-lo em casa, como Marta e Maria, ter ele na sala, e saber que o Mestre estava falando de coisas além do meu entendimento, mas tão preciosas e tão profundas e tão eternas. Poder dar de beber aquele que é a própria água viva, poder dar de comer aquele é o pão vivo que desceu do céu. Ele é o melhor desta terra, por mais que seu Espirito permanece, nos consolando, a saudade que eu sinto de Jesus me fere fisicamente. Porque nunca vai ser o suficiente nesta terra, mesmo que eu vá um dia nos lugares onde Ele pisou, nada poderia substituir a maravilha de estar face a face com meu Senhor. Bem aventurados aqueles não viram, mas creram. Só aquele que ama Jesus, só aquele que sente a grandiosidade de seu Espirito, entende o que é sentir saudades, uma saudade tão grande, como se o ar estivesse faltando. Para aquele que pensa em religião, ou que mede Jesus por aqueles que dizem proferir uma fé e não se comportam como devem, recomendo que antes de qualquer coisa, leia sobre Ele, em todos os artigos Históricos que puder, leia sobre Ele nos evangelhos, e depois leia sobre Ele em Gênesis e todo o velho testamento. Depois de ler sobre Ele, comece a ouvir sobre Ele. Nos testemunhos das pessoas e nas canções. Então ore par Ele. Impossível que não se apaixone perdidamente pela pessoa de Jesus. Jesus é o maior tesouro que o homem poderia ter.

hasudungan siburian

very amazing ... this praise song really blesses me personally, overall I don't understand the content but I believe this praise song makes me feel the presence of the Lord Jesus in my heart. God Bless Your Service ..

CosmoNaut Onni

All the inmates chose to do evil and thats why they are where they are. If they chose to do good, they would of been in a better place. If they chose christ, they would of been in the best place. So dont be foolish. Choose christ for your life today while there is still grace. Then be baptized with water for the remission of sins. Faith without works is DEAD! James 2.

Derrick Bright

Black jacket Johnny store js DC logistics

Bernardo Lima

No Longer a Slave of fear!! I am a Child of GOD <3

Lovezi Sax

Very touching to see how many children of God behind bars. May God have mercy on them.?


We're all one

Aline Ferreira

Não mais escravos. O amor de Deus nos libertou. Doce Amor. ??❤????

Rineh Khongshah

I'm not longer a slave of sin, i have get rid all my sin,now I stand alone with my strong heart,I know and I realised surely thah God has safe me and shower his blessing on me.I'm the Child of God .Amen

Dunja Pas

Thank u !!

Abel Stamatin

I was a part of Hell but now I'm a free child of Almighty God!!!!

Saundra Mcintyre

Thank you Jesus for going in dark places to reach your children. No matter what the circumstances are We are all God's children And all of us has sinned and God does not hold that against us Even the inmates Thank you Jesus For Shiny your light in Dark Places

Annette Smith

I'm a Born and raised Mormon coming out of my religion and being shown what being a true christian is. The merciful God is leading me by his hand!!

Lalhruai Zela

Amen ??????

Jose Santos

Ok I finally seen myself in him idk y

Dawid M97

The earth is flat according to the holy bible and satan rules this world, this people in prisons are locked up unlawfully. Because there is only one law and is from ADONAI.

Derrick Bright

Wish heaven had a telephone

Ama Oduro


manoharan ruskin


Baby Zothankimi

This is so beautiful. Amen!!

Consuelo Rodriguez

Hello, May I please get your help by praying for my 26 yr old son battling depression and drug addiction.

Pamela Michnoff

Absolutely amazing!!!
Holyghost burn to ashes all the demonic agendas assigned against Your people in the name of JESUS CHRIST.

Kam Mauldin

Even though I'm only 14 I've personally struggled with extremely worldly things, especially as of late, and I've struggled to stay with God. I've always struggled to not be an angry and violent person, but I was listening to this song and became insanely happy all of a sudden because of a text someone sent to me and I had this sudden, powerful sense of love surrounding me. To think that Jesus died on a cross, suffered through horrific beatings, and took all the mocking and shaming so that I could be saved, that EVERYONE could be saved, is so incredible... I love the Lord and I pray that I'll be able to stay with Him forever in Heaven through His Almighty power?

Derrick Bright

? ? deal


Bless all from Poland!!!

solange guiomar

Thank you jesus????

Crissy Meador

Such a servants heart to be bold and brave enough to take this awesome song to those who truly need to know they are not forgotten. May God bless every step you take! This song and this video bless my heart and soul!

Tatenda C Chitera Gozho

My business was suffering financial wise but I'm no longer a slave again I know he will provide

George Harizopoulos

Don’t lose hope dislikers. Jesus Christ loves your beautiful souls. Jesus Christ can heal this disease cancer and other diseases. Subscribe this amazing beautiful channel.??????

T King

I love this video and this song. As a Christian and a criminal defense attorney I always pray for and witness to my clients. I love to see these men living for Jesus and worshiping the Lord! Amen!

Firew Asefa

No Longer Slaves, I'm a child of God!!!!! halelujah

Zuben Shitio

This song reminds me that I should not fear even though I walk through the valley of death. God be with me

Derrick Bright

Alvard elkis larry Martell

Frenchy Thomas

I think the people who disliked meant

Sharon Fladeland



Love you god❤️❤️❤️❤️


The world shall hear and know about JESUS! Thanks, Williams for the great work.

elizabeth mureithi

Everyone should be on their knees giving their lives to Christ

Adrienne A

This 37M views music video is made in prison. Just wow! I am in awe of how can God make things work upside down.

Linda Wentink



I am a Child of God. I am home.

Thomas Kevin

Am no longer a slave to fear.. Praise God

Benny Mathew

As I watched these astounding visuals where a large gathering of so called guys 'dangerous to the society', standing up in adoration of the ALMIGHTY FATHER with raised hands, closed eyes and some even with moist eyes, proclaiming that they are not prisoners' but sons of God, my heart quivered in praise and a lump choked up my throat and tears welled up in my eyes. Though I am watching from tens of thousands of miles away this prison, an irresistible urge enveloped me to rush into the midst of those precious souls and hug them and worship the KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS JESUS CHRIST holding their hands!

Isabel Cristina

O louvor liberta todo o ser que respirar louver ao senhor

Kim Olyn p

God bless you bro
Amen am nolonger aslave

Steven Zimba

No Longer a slave to fear, sicknesses, addictions, toxic relationships etc

Jose Santos

My fear is being kept and never found again inside the institution beleave it or that happeneds

Derrick Bright

Stampa Moda snapshots

martin kirugi

Am no longer a slave to fear! So powerful

Michael Levy

am catholic and loving it....amazing song

Dona A.

I love this and all the work and blessings coming from Zach and our Heavenly Father! Hallelujah!


Who is seeing this in 2021? february 09, Dios salve a America , Dios salve Argentina, Cristo viene, amen

Rose Marie prudhomme

hearts and hands reaching for Jesus

Scott Oboyle

Heavy Johnny cash vibes

Agenor Nascimento

SÓ JESUS SALVA ????????????????????

RD Wakefield

So this begs the question...is everyone a child of God...if you say yes...then you don't know the Lord God Almighty or scripture...read John 8:44 and see what the Christ says to His own flesh...the Jews...

Micael Robertson

Thanks again I appreciate


Awesome how God make his work....everywere

Gary Hodgins

I am a sinner, I am so blessed to be a child of God

Ronald Marinas

I can't believe I was crying watching this!!! Why, Lord?

Derrick Bright

Jennifer Anderson new york to the Florida keys central


Jesus is coming again, very soon even, not as a little baby, or death on the cross, as the past likes it, this false prophesy, but E is coming to judgment!!!!!


Yes ,I am a child of God, without Jesus am like a fish out of water...l won't survive!

Kazuya Mishima

I'm not longer a slave to fear.
O...lord deliver me from my enemies ??

Damaris Prado

Estoy rodeado por los Brazos del Padre???Yo soy su Hija y el es mi padre y mi padre me Ama❤Beautiful Worship??

Carlos L

Struggled with alcohol and drugs for20 years. This weekend Jesus delivered me. I told him I was done asking him. He poured oil in my water cup. I drank and I thirst no more.

Jared H

I'm an ex slave to fear, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse, but now I'm a child of God

Juraci Vieira

Amei amei

irene bronkhorst

Beautiful!! God bless you for singing for the inmates

Isabel Cristina

Meu Deus muito lindo chorei toca na alma, todos deveriam ser assim sensíveis pra falar do amor de Deus,como os presos gostaram de cantar na prisão pra exalta ao senhor

Juila Miller

My dad if in the ICU COVID we where so scared he is in Vegetable state the doctor said there’s no hope we gave it to God he is beginning to turn around no more fear

samuel Byler

Very beautiful song

calton annoh


Livio Durante

Woew Wonderfull thanks!!!!

Women Of the well

Amen this song is my heart song I am a child of God

Angel Crownover

i was a slave of fear but now I am not and I feel like i am a slave of fear

Thomas Walker

Such a powerful message for our day. Only words like can offer hope to the depressed and desperate. Only God can transform:
a man, a woman, a life, a neighborhood, a city, a state, a nation, a system of government, a penal system, a prisoner, a heart.
May we all bow to the Great Transformer, the only worthy King of our lives.
We give You our head our heart and our only hope.
Please transform us all.


Just amazing song

Jessica Gonzalescr4

The political gander evocatively smile because butter individually reply apropos a useful half-sister. acidic, late appliance

Aileen Jane lem Tusau

Amen. I believe to my Lord Jesus

Austin Yonker

Bless you all <3

Tesla Fagetan

This is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a long time.

Joshuia Higgins Jr

iam a child of god and i love the lord jesus christ he is my true father

kirubel ephrem

bless YOU . those how agents you they will be refrigerate when they go heal .

Derrick Bright

I dont care if the government chooses u Gods stronger then any secret service and no weapon shall prosper and i see right through all the tsa and texas rangers Gods stronger

David Kless II

Our king will be here sooner than you think he will separate the goats from the sheep and see the seeds that were planted is now a forest there is power in the blood God bless and May jesus's grace's be with you all

Alexander Opoku

This is one of the best versions of this song, God Bless him!

Holly Sumner

i am young but i trust in God and always know Him He will always know me to i have a strong Love with Him and all of you should to i Love Him with all my soul God Bless everyone's day

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Asta Akaxor Jon - অস্ত আকাশৰ জোন | 10th Feb 2021 | Episode No 141

227 757 views | 10 Feb. 2021

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Episode 141


সঁচাকৈয়ে আস্থাই অভিৰ সৈতে বিয়াৰ সন্মতি দিব নেকি?

মেঘনাই গহণা চুৰ কৰা আকাশে ধৰা পেলাব নেকি?

About Asta Akaxor Jon:


Asta akaxor joon" is a family oriented story. It's a saga of young love and extended family dynamics revolves around two cousins, Astha and Arohi. They feel a very strong bonding towards each other. Kind hearted Astha carries a very charming character with brilliancy and intelligence. And on the other hand her beautiful and adorable sister Arohi is a fun loving girl. She loves to dance and she can make anyone lough by her funny nature. Akash, A childhood friend of Astha, is a very innocent and a smart guy. He belongs to a very wealthy family. In his childhood, Akash fall in love with Astha. In due course of the time they had to fall apart from each other. But the lover boy Akash had been longing for the day to meet his childhood beloved Astha so that he could express his feelings to her that he was harnessing from his childhood. Finally when the most anticipated day has arrived Akash proposes Arohi instead of Astha. Because of several years of gap between them Akash could not able to recognise the girls. He has mistaken Arohi as Astha.

Prior to this, when they heard about Akash arrival to their home the cousins played a challenge in between them, on his first sight, whether Akash would be able to identify his childhood friends by their names or not. But Akash’s father Prakash takes it as an opportunity to fulfill his motive once buried in their soil. Many years back when Prakash used to be a small trader, hide some precious things under the soil of Arohi's campus. Due to some adverse circumstances he couldn't collect those precious things from there. That's why Prakash conspires to make Arohi as his daughter in law. And a result of which Akash ends up marrying Arohi. Initially he opposed this wedding, but Astha convinced him. Because Arohi has fell in love with Akash. Astha sacrifice her love for her cousin Arohi. Astha's mother Chandra gets very angry & sad about this. She hates Arohi & her mother Lakshmi .

Likewise Arohi's sister in law Meghna hates Arohi, she thinks that Arohi is not perfect for their family. But Akash mother Aradhana supports Arohi as her own mother. Meghna can't tolerate this at all.

Akash's cousin, Moon is also an important character of this story. Who vows to destroy Akash's family at any cost. He joined in hand with Meghna and starting conspiracy against Akash & Arohi. To breaking apart them, they make many attempts to bring Astha close to Akash. On the other hand Prakash is also engaged in his mission where he conspires to uses Arohi's father Laban as a main weapon.

Thus, Prakash, Moon & Meghna's incessant and heinous conspiracy creates many problems in Astha, Arohi & Akash's relationship. All this brings many ups and downs to their journey of life and the story “Asta Akaxor joon” accumulates all these occurrences in a very sweet manner.

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Mon Das


Jumiara Begum

Bat val de

Kangkana Kalita

Akash a acting kri ase buli agte gm pw.vl acting krise Akash a mja lgise sai❤️

Sahnaz Sultana

Kitnep kra lra jn akash a.. Mat to akash r jen a lagise

Manjit Gohain

Muru akhashr Dre kisu milise.

Ramen Nath



Kinap kra mauh janr logt kotha koi thoka jn Akash jn lgise

Chinmoi Chutia

Today is nomami

anamika dutta anamika dutta

First views

Ritamoni Doley


rima basu

Aksh acting val lagisa

Susmita Dutta

Astar avi lgt biya hb lge abhi loi bya lge?

Devi Das

Akash mane pagol nohoi

Janti Borah

Aakash ase.... Val lagil

Anamika Das

Aji he megnak vl lagise simple t

Junamoni Moran

Aakakh buhut duniay lagise dai

Manash Saikia

Akash dada e acting kri ase

Anupam Rabha


Zumi Das

Mojaa akhas da??

Anuwar Ali

Xhekh hb nki

Dharitry Rabha

অভি আৰু আস্হাৰ বিয়া হ'ব নোৱাৰে, আস্হাৰ বিয়া আকাশৰ লগতে হ'ব লাগিব,সৰাপাতত যে অমিত অমৃতাৰ মিলন সকলোৱে বিচাৰিছিল,ইয়াতে মানুহে আকাশ আস্হাৰ মিলন নিবিচাৰে কিয়

garima das

Astha r biya abhi r lgt hole nasau a aru... Aru akakh r aitu abostat..akakhot aru dukh nidibi astha

Rupali Saikia

Akakhae acting kri ase...teblet nkhalae. ..???Sportingr tlt vrai thla

Dipa Phukan

Aj bishash hoi gol akashe je ovnoi kori ase karon asthai dia teblet to nakhale aru asthar biar kohta to xuni sokupani olai goise

Dipa Phukan

Asthai baru biar kohta to kio atiai vabile

Tribeni Saikia

আকাশে খাবলৈ দিয়া দৰৱটো টি চাৰ্টৰ ভিতৰত সোমোৱাই দিলে । তাৰমানে সি পাগল নহয়

Rupa Das

Val nalaga hol dekhn sae

Jeuti Ray

Akase. .nisoi ovinay kri aase sage ghara r hakala kotha bur gam pabar karane....

Arun boruah

Vl hoise

Susmishree Dutta

Maghna joni katiaka dhora poribo bru ??

Jyotish Rabha

khekh hb neki eikhn

Lobhit Gogoi

Eman dhunia ovinoi akashr

Hiron Biswas

অভি আৰু আস্থা বিয়া হোৱা টো আমি নিবিচাৰু আকাশৰ লগত হোৱা টো বিচাৰু

Rashmi Patar

Shagorog dhori thuwa tu akhas.hoi saba mat tu tare hoi

Rafikul Ahmed

Asthar , arohi, akash, meghnar dewtak kot gol bohut din je ulowa a nai.

garima das

Asthai besi korise atiya

Priyanka Borah

Bht vl lgee saii

Pallabi Devi

Astha baaak akaxr lgt biya huwatu krk nhle aru bya lgib ???

Parishmita Khanikar

এতিয়া হে গম পাইছো।আকাশে পগলা acting হে কৰি আছিল

Purabi Das

NYC ❤️❤️❤️

Mridul Hazarika

astha avir lgt aruu akakhor aruhi milibi....jdi hekhot akakhok asthar lgt dea bea hbo.. plzzz.. aruhir lgt akakh heee milibo

Carlo Betsy 09


Dipa Phukan

Sagorok bandhi kotha xudhi thokatu akashei dekhun akash pagol hua nai kintu aviraje ai bur koribole dise buli koi dile asthai avik bia korabone

Pranjal hiyamoni Das

Asta pagoli hol Abhi lgt biya patib bisarise

Mitali Nath

Bor vl lagil

Education & Job

Akash dai acting kri asil pagolar... Idea krisilu ami n ???

Poobali Kalita

akash da mr fvrt hy

Anjana kolkata sweet durja puja Kakati

আকাশ বৰ ধুনীয়া কৰিছা , পলগাৰ অভিনয়

Education & Job

Ki acting akash daa ?????❤❤❤❤biyar katha huni kenekoi kandise

chennel officiall

আৰু তিনিটা খণ্ড আছে শেষ হবলৈ।

Trishna Tamuli

Hahi he uthe aikhn sale

Bhesoj Baruah

আকাশৰ লগত আস্থাৰ বিয়া হোৱাটো মেঘনাই কেতিয়াও নিবিচাৰে ....... !!

Navdeep Kumar

Meghna kio sob serialt imn negative acting kore

Romesh doley youtube chenel


Junmoni Dutta

Ki hondor. Mja lagise sai

Dipa Phukan

Meghna atia kene moja lagise munor logot mili ghor dhongsho korar kotha vabisili nohoi lukor alongkar sur koribo logia hoise

Dipankar Das


Rupa Das

Val nalaga hol dekhn sae

Максим Стропыкин


Manjit Gohain

Akhash aru asta biya hboi karon obhi lgt asta milon hb nuware dhuniya acting ai meghna bowk sab MN nai

Arun boruah

Hagor duwarak aakakhe posno hudi ase

Baijnath Mahto

বহুত ভাল লাগিছে দেই আকাশ ।nice??❤️?

Joganath Pegu

val lagise

Ritu Gogoi

এই মেঘনাজনী কিয় ইমান বদমাছ

Bul Bordoloi

Frist views

Diskha kalita

Notun serial khnt Angoshrii asa dakhun

Manisha das Manisha das


Ranju Mech

Bhout val lagise sai

Manash Saikia

Sagar k akashe lukuyai rakhise...sagare hokolu koi dile astha aru abhi r biya nhbo

Rabi Saikia

আকাখ দাদা আপুনি ভাল অভিনই কৰিছা

Swali Tayung

Bhut val lage Akahs ru Asthak

Junamoni Saikia


Asomi Nath

Akas da ekting kintu. Bahut Val lagise

Janti Borah

Aakash astha ye kandile dukh lage.

Nikitamondakini nesina nobow muk j nalagie Sonuwal

megna tuk hokolu kotha mun ne gom pelabo gom pabi mun ki bostu

Anita Das

A mojja akash da

Rulu Deori

Hello gize Akashe paka pagal. acting Kari ace,,,khel gamice ki kua---??????

Mintumoni Khanikar

Mojj di

jayanta bora


kripamaydas das

Astha tumi akaxor logot he biya howa

Montu Sutradhar


Pikumoni Gogoi

Plz astha akas r lgt biya hua

Moina Das

নোৱাৰিছো আৰু চাবলে সদায় কান্দিয় যায়

Kakoli Thakuria

Akash a baru ovinoy kri ase nki ghar or sokolo ktha janibr babe☺

Pori Pori

Mgnk khedi diya

Anjana kolkata sweet durja puja Kakati

বৌৰ হাতখন কিয় নাচালা আকাশ

Anjana kolkata sweet durja puja Kakati

বৰ ধুনীয়া হৈছে আস্হা

Rima Bordoloi

Val lagil sai dukhu lagise asthar biya hb buli

Education & Job


Dipak Das

মই আকাশৰ লগত বিৰা হোৰাতু বিচাৰো

Jaan Gogoi


Utpala Nath

Akashe tebleto t - shirtr vitorot pelai dise

Miju Nath

Moi akaxor logt astak biya huwatu bisaru

assam altab

Kitneper jon akash a

Jahnobi Chutia

Akash da bhut vl acting korise aapuni

Jyotshna Talukdar

Megha Jani eman badmas

Anamika Nath

Konduwale o???

Deepjyoti Official

Bhut vll ??

Priyanka Gowala

Maja lagise Akash

Rani Gogoi

Bohut dhunya acting korixe akakh dae...

What is a no no

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"No soy un gato": juicio surrealista por zoom por un abogado que no sabe desactivar un filtro

51 452 views | 10 Feb. 2021

"Señor Ponton, creo que

"Señor Ponton, creo que tiene usted un filtro activado en su configuración de vídeo". La pandemia ha dejado grandes momentos, pero ninguno como éste. Si 2017 fue el año en el que el politólogo Robert E. Kelly saltó a la fama tras colarse sus hijos en una conexión en directo con la BBC, 2021 empieza fuerte. "No soy un gato". Seguramente la frase más surrealista jamás pronunciada en un juicio. Cosas de la pandemia.

Sucedió durante una vista judicial por Zoom en Texas. Arranca la videoconferencia y todas las miradas se posan sobre la ventana de abajo a la derecha. En lugar del abogado Rod Ponton aparece un adorable gatito con cara de no saber muy bien qué está haciendo ahí.

Nancy Caballero

Yo muero de risa cada que lo veo porque al abogado se le escucha la voz de preocupación ????

Skizofrenia Gaming

-"i´m not a cat"

-enserio?, no jodas

Les M.

Pobrecito!!! ternuritaa!! lo digo por el gatito =)


Ahi dice claramente que no graben esa video conferencia o recibiran multa de 500.00.



Dakota Pulse

jajjajajajaja la noticia mas enternecedora sin duda que he visto en mucho tiempo jajajaja maravillosa me hizo la tarde

Fabián Ibrahim

Abogado va con filtro de gato
Que sigue??
Diputado va con filtro de perro???

El Panzón

"No soy un gato" No se dejen engañar, definitivamente eso es algo que un gato diría.


El gato con botas.

pepe malkovich

Esto es buenísimo. Puede que lo mejor del año. Es ver al gato y me parto la caja. No puedo parar!!!


Desde el momento en que dijo: "no soy un gato" ganó el caso, porque si lo fuera mauyaría "miau miaou no mioau"

Rinc Orange


Jacky Jiménez

No sé pero que tierno ????

Maria sol Hurtado


david or.du.

El gato/filtro es culpable de ser demasiado lindo y causar risa.



Tokyo_Prince_ Hiro

Como se aguantan estar serios así??? XD me hubiera matado de risa de la ternura!


Se escucha muy nervioso y con el filtro se ve tierno

Tessy D.

Ja, ja, ja esto me recuerda el día que el meteorólogo del canal 23 Eduardo Rodríguez, estaba dando las noticias del tiempo cuando el ciclón
Tenía activado un filtro de gato no recuerdo bien ja, ja, ja que manera de reírnos ése día.
Nos alegró por unos minutos olvidándonos de lo que nos esperaba.
El pobre él tampoco sabía cómo desactivarlo ja, ja, ja

Karla Cerecero

Que tierno

Joaquin ben

No soy un gatooooo!!!! Jajajajaja buenisimoooo....

Pepita Pulgarcita

Si sí da risa y pena por el hombre...no sé cómo quitarlo... jajajaja

Yago Álvarez

El mejor video que he visto en años


pobrecito abogadito :(


Soy el abogado, no soy un gato
Me puedo bajar ya de la tierra? Gracias ?

Aitor Gamboa

En HUESCA la gente es muy mala,falsa y envidiosa, delante son amables y por detras te joden. Si yo estoy mal tu tienes que estar peor, pero a la cara soy tu amigo.Encima de unos a otros se tapan todo.<

Amparo Navarro

Jajajajajaja La noticia más simpática del año.

Johnny Tuyo

Jajajaja jajajaja sin palabras. No es el gato de Shöeringer?

Valentín Chacón

El Jerry L Phillips se parte la polla xd


Es un señor mayor y obviamente no sabía, que tierno si ❤️

Angi M



No soy un gato! Soy el abogato!

Gana Gana

Pobre hombre. Espero q el juicio no fuera importante tipo asesinato o algo así.


Cuando vi la imagen me hizo gracia, pero cuando vi que el puto gato habla también cuando tú hablas ????

Mike Eguia

Muy bien don gato ya es profecionista

Mary A