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Onewheel App Update 2.5: Auto-Ride Recording, Advanced Stats, & More!

9 473 views | 10 Feb. 2021

The Onewheel App just

The Onewheel App just keeps getting better! In version 2.5, we added Auto-Ride Recording, Advanced Stats, & more. Jack breaks down the latest update on an adventure close to home.


Welcome to the Official Onewheel YouTube Channel!

Onewheel is a revolutionary electric board that provides a one of a kind riding experience. Whether you're on a coffee run or charging trails, these perpetual carving machines are an absolute joy to ride!

Onewheels are powered by a brushless hub motor which has plenty of power to get you up hills and comfortably break going down them. There's no remote, riders simply lean forward to accelerate and back to decelerate. It creates an incredibly intuitive and natural riding experience.

The large tire creates the smoothest riding experience in the game and makes riding over bumps and cracks a breeze. Did we mention you can take Onewheels on trails?!

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Gary Taylor

Onewheel Rocks‼️ thanks for continuing to innovate ?? (now we just need a onewheel emoji ?)


Helmets are cool!!!

Texas RedFox

When will riders get a FM approved service network with your existing dealers??? Why must we send our maintenance heavy OW to California when you have a vast network of distributors:dealers who could easily do component swaps and batteries?


For some reason for a long time) my app said my Pint has 2000 more miles than it has. So I deleted the app and reinstalled this new one hoping it would fix it. Initially it said 1676 miles, and then seconds later changed to 3639 miles.

It's inexcusable that your latest board doesn't work with the latest version of your app.

Your Pint contests are broken because of this bug, users don't have the correct miles, and custom shaping is still not there for the Pint.

The app is a fail.

Mathew Winstone

Adding iOS Shortcuts integration would open up a whole lot of community contributed widgets and ride possibilities. Please consider adding it. Things like triggers for when a ride starts or ends could allow people to start / stop playlists or send a message or enable/disable noise pass through on your headphones automatically. Lots of possibilities.

Andrzej Z

Feature request: in cities it's really hard to quickly find great spots or safe riding paths just by looking at rides that people are sharing. I am travelling with my onewheels and it really takes time. I think some sort of heat map would be great - showing where most of the rides are. I think I have seen screenshots from euc.world app and it looked great. Of course privacy needs to be strongly considered and I can imagine that someone's daily commute path will be "hot" - but it's not necessarily bad - commuting on OW myself I have chosen the safest and most enjoyable path - just best for Onewheel - not the shortest one.

Brian Wegman

New update is ?!!!


Is a new board in development?

Phats and Small

Head out for my 100 mile ride today & noticed this update! Great work guys .... loving the XR here. Thank you!! ❤️???

Michael McAdams

Any plans to integrate with health app on iPhone to be able to save rides as an activity like Strava does?

Anthony Avram

I know the app sends a notification when there wheel slips and stuff like that, does it also send a notification if your going x amount of speed. The XRs feed back isn’t as strong as the pint so I never feel it be for I eat it.

James InRetail

Good work lads! (Ladets)

Ken Morton

Love my XR, every day user. Would love to see a tire pressure monitor app feature one day. I hope the XR 2.0 will be supercharged, can't help but realize how much potential power it holds and how much it really is dialed back. Love what I have though not complaining!

Glyph Nosis

Optional audible pushback alerts & notifications, to remove pushback-ambiguity for new riders. Optional customizable audible speed-notifications, to train new riders to recognize their own speed. Customizable "Time To Turn Around" notifications, to allow rideers to give themselves a larger margin than 50% battery to get home if they need that.


Steve A


Brian Schoene

Whens the new board coming out

Matt Davenport

Thanks for reading our comments!!

Delta Unmanned Aerial Solutions

Feature suggestion:
A setting in the app that allows you to brick the board with either a passcode lock or allow use of FaceID to unlock. This would be a great anti-theft feature as well as serving as a parental control (maybe the kids are grounded, or you don’t want them on the board without supervision etc…)

Dean Huffman

Is there a feature to share rides w/ friends only? I don't want rides that start or end at my house to be public

Fiddliest Van Whoopinstein III

Take off your mask. This isn’t the new normal.


Thanks for the updates. Just checking out the video to see what's new..got the email notification last night.

Frank Ozaki

very nice. how about some Pint love, please? custom shaping should be standard for Pints by now... ?


Awesome!! Can’t wait to try this out

DJ Vin

One wheel u should get in contact with tucker doss because he talks to Jake Paul sometimes and MR. Beast ! And that would blow up your channel with views and subs and it would grow the amazing one wheel community !!! :D :)

Troy Sievers

LET’S GO! I have been waiting for this. Thanks guys!


Android widget!! Whoop woop!
Mine dint update yet.. wonder why??‍♂️

EAST 905 skims

Could you make it so everyone even new boards are able to upgrade their batteries and maybe have the app still functioning perfectly. That would be so cool it would put the nay sayers to rest....look in your heart ❤

Robert V

Well, well, look at that....for all the people that state that the XR is not nimble, did you all see that slalom?

No No

How do you turn on the Onewheel pint headlights?


Thanks for the update, onewheel dev team! Let’s stack those badges ??

Simon Lewis

Bloody fantastic!

My favourite part is the speed graph - I ain't no speed demon, but by checking out the graph, I've got a much better idea of what I'm doing and when. Did I feel like I was going too fast or was I comfortable? Could I have gone faster or did I need to slow down? Now I don't have to hold my phone in one hand a stare at it (dangerously), I can have my own personal debrief and ride better next time!

The only this that could top this is event markers, like pushback, wheelslip, etc. on the map and graphs.

Bruno Harger Alves

App updates like that are really nice!


Who else is watching this for entertainment because you don't have a onewheel?

Garrett Yoes

I wish you could change the XR battery without any issues regardless of which firmware it has


@onewheel Can we have battery management settings, Msi does this, you can fully discharge and recharge the battery, it helps to know what is really 100%, also have a range for that 100% since over the years 80% is max and I don’t know how far that is getting me around


would be even cooler to see something like watt-hours per mile instead of just battery percentage

Davide Lombardi

Cool features! ?
But please for us guys in the EU, add the possibility to set a maximum speed in the custom shaping mode, because many places here need the electric vehicles to have a speed limiter of some sort.
We just need something that makes the board do what it does in sequoia when you hit the "top speed", but with a variable top speed selectable at user discreption.
Please ?


This is an awesome update. I wish cell monitoring was still in there though; I like to keep an eye on my batteries' health.


You need to have a speed limit audible warning!!! Why is that so difficult for you to integrate into the app??

Alex Martins

My 4208 lose contact with the phone all the time... impossible to record anything with this hardware. Bluetooth is so bad on that one


? those metrics that are recorded along your ride. I've always wondered why that was not in the app. That's amazing!

Landon Twiss

How do I update the app without deleting it and losing all of my miles on my one wheel?

Brian Bailey

Thanks for this update. Very needed.

Would love to see something in the future that tracked carves and any stat you may have associated with that. We know the ride is different if you point straight vs. carving. Thanks and keep updating.


We still want access back to our cell voltage so that we can ensure battery balancing! PLEASE GIVE US BACK THIS FEATURE!!

Thomas Beck

how does this work with 4208 hardware? i know not to get my hopes up :(

Ray Lanfranco

This is such a dope change! I've maybe logged about 20% of all of my rides ?

dean jordan

Can't wait to try it out on today's ride~!~

Keith Harper

I'm a total nerd and this update is amazing! So excited for this auto-ride record update and to see the deeper stats such as battery over time and altitude plotted along the path. Super stoked! Thanks for the update Onewheel! (Also cool to see the path you rode today as it is so close to home for me now that we have moved back to Cali... do you ever organize group rides?!)

Bo Zire

Does it work with 4208 XR's?

Bryce Hauser

This is sweet, I always forget to record my ride till I'm 10 miles in ? Don't touch the voltage or diagnostics and I'm in bro.

bugglegum Jr

Hey onewheel hi

Dick Blunoff

I’m in Boston it’s bin snowing for months? my Onewheel XR has 99 miles on it.
Can an anti theft feature be added?
Thank you in advance.

Lee Hancock

How do we turn off the error 16 glitch that instantly shuts off your stock board without warning? How many of us have been dumped on our faces at high speed due to that? You must realize a growing majority don't use the app anymore because your punishing people for safely increasing thier range and the rest of us unable to upgrade batteries are afraid to use it due to life threatening error 16 glitches

Chikki Mok

Yes!!! This is awesome!!! I stopped logging rides a long time ago!

manu l

Pint custom shaping please

Xavier Alejandro

Pretty cool, but if you buy a board and plan to upgrade the battery right away be wary. With all those data logs, a red flag could be raised if your battery percentage doesn't match the speed and elevation recordings. Could void your warranty

Josh Haley

Hey @onewheel how come there's no mention of further board diagnostics being removed?? When are we going to get back this vital board information that you blatantly stole from the app?

Dee Montes

Hella late tryna be like euc’s

Knightmare playz

Quick question do you guys ship to Philippines

Николай Пархименков



would still love it if the next update could include something safety related like a speed alarm at the very least or a pushback strength slider etc, but I will say I appreciate the thought that went into the advanced settings to make it automatic recording without simply recording every single time the board is messed with.

JR Ochoa

Will this update affect my 4209 software running the cbxr battery?

quinn foster

Damn I wish my wheel didn't break and was unrepairable. You should add some parts to the store.

the guy the name

Not very useful when standing still or riding 3mph+ will cause you're Bluetooth to disconnect constantly due to using a poorly QA tested Bluetooth adapter built into the OW's.

I have very cheap bluetooth speakers that require far more bandwidth transfer than one wheel's app do that can stay connected while traveling at high speed far better than my OW can. Even my SmartWatch is completely unreliable when trying to gauge my speed it's easier just to use the GPS to get my speed been trying to get myself killed trying to wait for the reconnect to see my speed on my watch.

I would never get anywhere if I was trying to keep my Bluetooth connected to my onewheel it's so bad that I don't even bother now unless I'm changing the settings and even then it's a pain in the ass getting it to reconnect.

And to my knowledge you'll still haven't fixed that issue in newer revisions of the electronics firmware or Hardware.

Future motion how about going over kill and adding a wire antenna that goes around both frames, so even if I walk 10 feet away it stays connected. Also how about a alarm that's sounds on the app when your one wheel leaves the phone even when the board is powered down so I can get a heads up that someone is trying to swipe my board when I'm not looking.

I'd like to say it was because of my phone just not being very compatible but it's a very common problem with other people as well.

And the route tracking so bad that it misses miles it's not so noticeable when you riding on the streets but if you go off-road you can really notice the cutouts.


Loving the continuation of new features! Thanks FM! —o—

BlackSheriff 84


Ramón Pérez

Great Job Team!!! excellent work.. keep on listening to customers and addressing worries and complaints. Jut absolutely PERFECT!!! Big LOVE from the Dominican Republic!!! Come down and let's Shred!!!


Hey one wheel fam yall could also make iPhone widgets that would be rad !

Narendra Parihar

How can I get one wheel xr in INDIA

Zachary Hardin

These updates are awesome! Can’t wait to try them out. Can we get an iOS widget too??


I wish there was a way to edit the ride. Like trim where I started and stopped. Sometimes I get home and forget to stop it before I get home. I dont want people to know where I live.

Cheap Ship

Love the new auto-record update!

Rolan Castaneda

Finally. Ride Telemetry and Data is what I have been waiting for.

Andrew Paciga

Cow Pies

Adam Ash

I was looking forward to use that lightning bolt future once it gets warmer it’s winter for me and I never got to use the lightning bolt feature yet it better be back by time Canada is summer




Does this update apply to the Pint as well?

David Ridderbusch

Keep up the great work! Best investment I have ever made


Something tells me a new onewheel will be coming soon :O

nerd sanctuary

Yet another update with utterly useless features added. Pathetic.

How Ridiculous

How good! Love our One Wheels ❤️

Hudson Packman

Omg finally. I have dying to have something like this! Thank you thank you thank you!!


Love my XR you guys worked wonders! In a future app update I’d love to see the board battery indicator added to the list of batteries in IOS. So it would show up alongside the phone, headphones, etc. It’d be super handy for someone who’s using the OW to get around, and don’t wanna dig through the app to check info.

Peter Caughlin

You said you read comments, I hope you read this one: due to your anti modding practices I will never buy anything from future motion. You should be embracing modders, not spending your r&d money to hinder your most passionate customers (or you will lose them to eskates and eucs)


Auto tracking those XXR, CBXR and JWXR batteries so they can lock 'em down even more. So glad I have other apps to use that don't report info to Future Motion.

Derrick Preble

Great video do you have a full list of all changes made in the application?

Monyca Eleogram

yessaaa blessaaa

Triple Thunder

OMG one wheel is the best invention ever! I have used it every day for 1 year now!

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Can't wait for my next ride now. It's below freezing today. ?

Mika O.

iPhone XR, Onewheel XR what else is XR?

Adam Ash

Why did you guys take away the lightning bolt feature I can’t click on the button nothing happens anymore

Matthew S. Harris

Will this app update brick battery modified boards?

Wheel With Me

This is a killer little update ?

I love the extra stats on the recorded rides.


How about iOS widgets

Hugo Lbr


BlackSheriff 84

Can't find the android widget

Hayes Mentz

Just bought my XR after having the V1 for years. It’s incredible

Andrzej Z

The stats for rides is great addition! - will it be publicly available for shared rides?
Please bring back the cell voltages - I would love to understand the health of my battery - IT'S OUR SAFETY!

Tyler Edwards

Yes!! I love the breakdown of speed/altitude/batt usage!! I often wonder where on my ride I hit the top speed or if I make it up a steep hill how much extra battery I used getting up there, awesome update!