Women's shampoo brands

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6 783 views | 16 Jun. 2020

Hi dolls!!! In today's

Hi dolls!!! In today's video I will be telling you where to buy black owned hair products online in 2020. I will also be telling you which well known natural hair companies are NOT black owned so we can avoid them!!!

I hope this video helps you find your new favorite black owned hair products! It is time we take our hard earned dollars and put it back into the African American community, so that when tensions rise and things like these riots and protests happen, African American's' with money can donate to the Black Lives Matter funds and to the bail money go fund me's and just put that money back into the African American community!! Black businesses matter. f you have any black owned video requests, feel free to comment them below. We need to begin to boycott these companies and billionaires that steal from black businesses, black creators, and black people!! They will tremendously lose money if we can successfully boycott them!! Black businesses matter!!! Black Lives Matter!!! You cannot say anything other than that and claim to not be racist after. Period.

If you have a black owned company you want to promote in the comments, feel free!! And if you have a black owned video request, do not hesitate to ask me.

Much Love, xoxo Miss K ?



Get informed, donate!! Spread Legitimate information, have conversations with racist friends and family, speak up!!! Use your privilege if you have any, sign petitions, boycott anti-Black Lives Matter companies and websites, share share share!!!

BLACK LIVES MATTER WEBSITE: https://blacklivesmatter.com/

PETITIONS AND DONATIONS: https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/

LINK TO INSTA GIVEAWAY: https://www.instagram.com/p/CBWEUSLllu1/

Wanna do business with me? Email me at [email protected]

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(ends 6/26/2020)

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you're stunning! ??


I'm here 4 it All ?..Mo Power to the Ppl??

Belle in Bloom

Thanks for this video?? I have a similar one on my channel as well featuring black owned natural hair products ✊??


No wonder cantu doesn’t work on my hair, explains so much


Mielle is cancelled YouTube it guys

Tabitha Harden

Honey's handmade is black owned...and their products are bomb



Monetjiah Thomas

I love this wig and skin glowing as usual

no one

Shea Moisture is no longer black owned. The person who owned it sold it to a white owned company


If I continue to use African Pride does that make me a bad person?

Jewel the Artist

Ewwww on eco styler!!!! Mostly beauty supply store brands! I always wondered if their products, at the beauty supply store were even real! I saw any progress! I will give some of these a try, thank you for sharing!!


I fell behind. Currently liking all videos lol ?

Jayden Robinson

Lovinnnn the hair ✨??have a wonderful day beautiful

Nutree Cosmetics

Nice video! ? There are a lot of videos about keratin treatment and hair botox on my channel. Please check my channel and don't forget to subscribe!

mell ll

Thanks ❤️! I definitely needed this ?!


amazing ❤️

May LaVerne Barnes

A few other black owned haircare companies: Honey's Handmade, Adwoa Beauty, Miche Beauty, Curls Dynasty, Belle Bar Organics, CurlMix, Nature's Little Secret, Kinky Tresses, She Scent It, Qhemet Biologics, KeraVada, Briogeo, Mane Krush, Femme Noire, Product Junkie Naturals, Kriya Botanicals, Koils By Nature, Bask & Bloom, Chocolate Kinks and Kurls, Curly Coily Tresses, TréLuxe, Annabelle's Perfect Blend, and growing!

Shaleen Gayle

???♥️♥️♥️♥️ she so pretty ? definitely check out these brands

Celina Anglemyer

Yes I just filmed this same video on my channel. Support black businesses!✨✊?

Boojays’ House

Hey homegirl?

Kyanna Amaral

Try kcurlsys... it is a great black-owned hair product brand...
The owner is the YouTuber: Eugenia Kelcy... I just found this brand and I am in love with it!!
https://www.kcurlsys.com/ - this is the brand's site


Why does nobody talk about NaturAll Club?


Omg this is informative so many of them I know

Monetjiah Thomas

We needed this one bad ?

Lizzy Marie

Auntie Jackies is not a black owned company. The creator or inspiration of products is by a black woman, however still not the owner of the comany. She is demonstrated as an intrapreneur within the non-black company.

Mika Love

Why r u talking so fast?????

Maci Michaels

Omfg you're so beautiful. Drop dead gorgeous girl!!

Nina Marie

intro made me subscribe!


I love your channel, your energy is amazing it makes me want to come back to watch your channel.I have a black owned lead and nickel free $5 jewelry ??? IG:gorgeous_antionette or Antionette’s Exquisite Jewelry on Facebook


2sec in : woow she’s beautiful ??thanks for the video ✨


Why does nobody talk about NaturAll Club?

Nina Marie

also i am shook by the brands that are not black owned!

Mz.Lovely Flowers

Love your energy ?

Wavy jordyn

Why are you talking so fast


Carol's Daughter is Black owned by Lisa Price.


how is dark and lovely not black owned i-

I Am Eloho

Your melanin and hair sis ? I’m watching while deep conditioning! Thank you for the recommendations

GoldMind AB

you have such a unique voice ! Your video made me want to do research lol

Villy V

Are you from Cali?

Kaydin Chappel

aunt jackies isnt black owned?

Tabitha Harden

Soultanicals is my ish!

Dee Cannon

I'm not sure how I found your channel but had to sub. Thank you for all these black owned business videos.

Barbara Lane


Queen T.L. Interaction

Enjoyed . i really like the companies you mentioned Cantu my fav

José Kutondokwa

Notification gang

Nicole Smith

I'm soo glad to have run across your videos sweetheart, you are a breath of fresh air thank you baby sis.


You tugged my hair twice: Carol's daughter and Mane's choice are not black owned?! ???????? Okay I'm over it. Aunt Jackie didn't agree with my hair but surprisely I've tried and heard most of those companies. Thanks for the info. ?

Monetjiah Thomas

Hey beautiful ?

Denise Lustig

Aunt Jackie's is not black owned, it is owned by a company called House of Cheatham which also owns Africa's best etc

Mandy Seeker

Shea Moisture sold to Unilever in 2017. They are no longer black owned.

Diamond K

HI BADDIE ? ? NEW SUBS ? reply "new baddie" below for a shout out! ? & feel free to follow me on insta: @misskwiatt
Join my instagram giveaway for a chance to win an $100 gift card to ANY BLACK OWNED business of your choice! This comment is messed up so link in bio!!

Jessica Bloxom

I own a few of these brands! i actually got several of these brands right now. another one that's kinda slept on is eden bodyworks. it's black owned and affordable

Plush Furr

Shea moisture is NOT 100% black owned

Breton McNeil

http://www.cleverlycurly.com my wife started her own brand of hair products and I would love for you to try them please get another 20% off just say your husband sent me please and thank

Anita Kitalei

Gorgeous ❤️


Shea moisture isn’t black owned

Women's shampoo brands

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WORST to BEST SHAMPOO for MEN and WOMEN in INDIA | Men's Fashion Tamil

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Havintha Natural Hair

Havintha Natural Hair Shampoo with Amla - https://amzn.to/3b0fduR


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Aron Suthan


cute narmatha

hade &

Murugeswari Murugeswari

Thaing you so much Anna good information all the best Anna

meena vanaraj

Semma bro I will try

Rajkumar Rajkumar

Bro ena samboo vankanum right a sollunga

Gomathi Karthika

Bro Vera lvl speech bro...... Awesome

Charles Charles

Nice bro ,hat's off ?

R.V.Malathi Malathi

Keep it in my mind..... and i do at all thank u so much bro

Aron Suthan

Thanks this video Anna

Harini Science group

You are great bro fantastic your speech very nice thanks for information

S N Rajan 83

I am support pro.

நீயே நானே


C.Prem Anand

Amway products bro

Dhaveedu Raja

Nice bro

Sornam N

Bro which is the best hair oil

Taj Deen

Bro chik shampoo explanation pls

Stylish Karthi

Best hair growth shampoo

Divya S

Super bro

kumar r


Dr Sudha R

Super great effort.

sandhiya raj

Karthika shampoo pathi soluga bro next video la please

Sherin Rajesh

Brother is induleka bringa safe to use?

Pravinraj K

Super brother ❤️

Mani Kandan MR

Nice anna

N Jagadeesan

சிக நல்லத

Vishnu Moothar

Very Helpful video thankyou ?

Meena Meena

Super anna thank you so much

Umamaheswari Umamaheswari

Bro face cream. Poduka anna please ?

tamil clasher TV

Very useful video keep rocking

Rochana Rajalingam

Good good viedo

Ghouse Hussain93

Super bro ?

D phebe Fiorina

Nice information bro tq

ponni TV

டெட்டால் சோப் போட்டு எனக்கு தோல் பிரச்சனை வந்தது

music lover

Lastla ena shampootha use pnadrrhu solave illa....... Dove la green color aloevera shampoo tha na ise pandra ......

Mani Kandan


Karthick E19AF015

Advance congrats for 1million subs?

Mathu Sudhan.G

don't worry your best
Thanks bro ?

Madhu n g Gmail . Com Madhu n g gmil com

Oily scalp and hair fall and echy scalp best shampoo bro

Ponnusamy S

Please tell me the best shampoo

Haseef Hasi

Well done bro?

sudhagar raji

Super bro ithu mathrie video podunga

No Nameபாலமுருகன்

நல்ல ஷாம்பு எது வாங்கனும் சொல்லுலுங்க ப்ரோ

Hari Krishna

Bro fit tuber ku credit kuduthathu vera lvl bro creater ah mathikuringa bro neenga unmayave nee awesome bro

Queen 1861

Patanjali was banned in qatar.... Many people using patanjali including me without knowing truth about it..

Kishore K

Nalla video copy panni irukinga.... At least reference antha video or antha channel ku oru thanks solli irukalam..... Explained well....
Here the original version : https://youtu.be/qfB7tnJ-kRI

No Nameபாலமுருகன்

அருமை ப்ரோ

Roshini M

Who use sunsilk shampoo hit like ??

madesh mady

Bro chemical illatha best shampoo name sollunga bro

Thivagar sanjay Thivagar sanjay

Super anna

Ganapathy R

நல்ல தை சொல்லியிருக்க வேண்டும்

Sel Van

சூப்பர் அண்ணா

Ruth solomon

Which shampoo is best bro???

yamini yamini

Good vedio bro.

Marie Selvadorai

Thanks god bĺess you

Prabu Ram 11-D

Lot of work for viewers thanks bro

Aljin A

Any clinic+ users ?

Sathya Ram

Super sir but.i want to best shampoo or siyakkai pls tell me sir

Senthilramanathan Kanishka

Induleka bro which category

sandhiya s



Kindly tell remady and also that product name please bro.. U said bold..

siva raj

Clinic Plus shampoo bro music under section shampoo shampoo

Kayal Chinna

Good Information bro??tq

prabakaran premkumar

எது நல்லது அத சொல்லுங்க

Senthil Nathan

Chick shampoo


I am using baby shampoo anna

Anitha Yogan

Atha chemical free shampoo um sonigana Nala iruku

Kavi Kavi


Sathya T

Good job

Thowfeek Sajitha

Supper bro we will support

logesh n

Dae copy cat

Sanga Priya

Shansilk bro

mani kandan

Thanks for the good information anna

Shaki kiddo

Plz bro 4 th grade shompoo ennanu sollunga

Shameena Begum

Super bro

Muhammad Yunus Asm

Brother OXI9 Products pathi podunga

Sudhakar G

supper Na

Ammu UmmA

Hi Anna dantraff pora mathiri shampoo Sollunga Anna and hair ingrees aava Shampoo Sollunga please

Eswari Subramaniyan

Anna super enaku romba nalla hair fall iruku but unga channela patthathuku appram shikkai powder use pannen hair fall illa thank you for your advice

Rekha C

Appo enna brand shampoo tha use pannanum solluga

Dhanam Lakshmi

Super broo

ashraf admire

Thampi nee pathanjali vikurathuku intha maari video poduriya????
Pathanjali products is not even good for animals...
Soaplaium pathanjali than nallathunu post panura...
Pathanjali products are banned alrdy
But u r supporting Pathanjali...

Vasundhara S

Khadi shampoo?

Boopathi Boopathi

Anna lip balm video podunga

Sanga Priya

Meera shompoo good bro

lavanya lavanya

unga videos first time pakure unga ella videos and explanation very well

Rochana Rajalingam

I will support you

Karthik Agm


Vinoth kumar A

Tresme shampoo use pannalama

N Jagadeesan

அண்ணா யார் அது

Yuva Priya

Super bro

rumeena begam

Thank you bro very useful video

Aashik Ahamed

Namma epomey sheeyakka than?

Kalaivani Matheswaran

I am Vcare shikakai shampoo use panren ithu enna cetogery nu sollunga bro

Nagarjunchandran C

Old is gold

sam vinoth

Your great thala ????

Senthil Nathan

Pls best shampoo. Sollunga

sandhiya raj

Karthika shampoo Iam use bro that is good or bad

Uma Maheshwari

Neenga yenda shampoo bro use pandringa?
Na dove use pandra bro?

Tamil Selvi

Best shapoo name anna


Bro..no sulphate nu pootaalum..athu unmanu Namma epdi bro namburathu..manufacturers government ku kaasuu kuduthu apdi pootukutaa enna pannrathu bro..ellaam Namma fate ??

Women's shampoo brands

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Top 10 Best Shampoos In India | Best Shampoo In India For Women

7 267 views | 16 Nov. 2018

#shampoo #bestshampoo

#shampoo #bestshampoo

What do you expect from you shampoo? Beautiful bouncy hair?

Relief from dandruff? Hair fall prevention? Or, significant hair growth?

you need to choose the right formula, according to your need,

hereare 10 best shampoos in India that can give you

long, strong, and lustrous hair anytime.

The listed shampoos are on the basis of its quality and sales in India....

Diet Table gives Natural home remedies and tips utilizing natural ingredients to cure and prevent any ailment.

Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/c/DietTable

Like us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/dietintable/

Follow us on Twitter:https://twitter.com/TableDiet

Blog : https://diettable1.blogspot.in/

Disclaimer: The information provided by Diet Table channel are for general and educational purposes only and do not constitute any legal, medical or other professional advice on any subject matter. Before starting a new diet always seek the advice of your physician. If you have a medical problem, promptly contact your health care provider.

top 10 shampoos in india for hair growth top 10 shampoos in india for man top 10 shampoos in india for dry hair best top 10 shampoos in india top 10 mild shampoos in india top 10 anti dandruff shampoos in india top 10 best shampoos in india top 10 shampoos in india for dry hair top 10 shampoos in india for hair growth top 10 shampoos in india for hair fall top 10 shampoos in india for man top 10 shampoos in india for frizzy hair top 10 shampoos in india 2018 top 10 shampoos in india with price

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top 10 hair thickening shampoo in india which is top 10 shampoos in india which is the best top 10 shampoos in india top 10 keratin shampoo in india top 10 loreal shampoo in india top 10 most selling shampoo in india top 10 shampoos of india top 10 brands of shampoo in india top 10 professional shampoo in india top 10 shampoo product in india

top 10 paraben free shampoo in india top 10 hair regrowth shampoo in india top 10 smoothing shampoos in india top 10 straightening shampoos in india top 10 selling shampoo in india top 10 sunsilk shampoo in india top 10 best selling shampoo in india

top 10 shampoos in india 2017 top 10 best shampoo in india 2018 top 10 best shampoo in india 2019 top 10 best shampoo in india 2020

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a way to you

TRESemme smooth and shine is the worst shampoo ever I used in my life.
My hair fall increased and my hair get dandruff and get frizzy.
It absolutely didn't work for me(curly hair) and also my sister used it so she was also not satisfied at all.

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Super loving video