Wax 101

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Wax Chat 101: Warmers and changing out the wax

21 553 views | 8 Apr. 2017

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If you have a bigger space you may need more than 1 warmer in a room!

Every warmer and every home are different so what works for me my or may not work for you!

I know I don't know everything about wax but I am just trying to share my experience with these warmers and how much wax I melt at a time

Abby E

I have a BGH warmer and it works really well


Good ideal using two tealights I've always used just 4


I'm 100% a freezer method gal! Great info girl! Great and informative! Thank you!?~Kim

Mario Gishey

Super helpful, thanks!

Queen Rae 78

Do you unplug your warmers when you leave home from the wall or just turn off I just started using just wondering about safety?

Marilyn Brown

Love the freezer method. This is a awesome video thanks for sharing. ?

Sweet Tips1218

I saw a video where the short hot plates catch fire

Char's Scents

Video Inspo! Thank you. I can't get with the Mainstays warmer. I used it before I got into vendor wax. So it may work differently with vendor wax. But I felt like the scent burnt out waaaayyyyy too quick. And by quick I mean an hour. Lol.

Linda Gemmell

Very informative video thank you.

Candy Evans

Yankee Candle Home Collection Opalina Beige is a great electric warmer. It's a 20 watt. Great video! Thanks for sharing.

Michelle Nason

Can you use a wax warmer as a candle warmer ? Has anyone tried that ? Please lmk

S. Lujan

Someone gave me Sentsy samples.. can I us a tea light with this wax??? Or does it have to be a light bulb.. jw and what happens if u use a tea lite.. burn too quick?

Chelc Dozal

for the harder wax that gives me a hard time. I warm it for like not even 3 min just to soft the bottom and it pops right out.


Have you checked dollar stores for tealight warmers? I got mine from Dollar Tree, very cute and simple!

Grandma Frugal .Frugalnista of Orange County

Oh , I use a wet wipe too to wipe out wax from the lower dish but again it works best if it's kinda warm because the wax residue comes right out.

Natural Sag

The Candleaire warmer shouldn't be loud at all.

LoveWax Scent

hi what a brilliant informative video and I love the range of warmers you get there I'm in the UK but what I tend to do is let the wax harden fill sink with cosy water pop dishes in and after few seconds the wax pop's out with my scentsy spatula and wipe with kitchen roll but you've gave me some more idea's and I really think I've been over filling my dishes to look forward to your next video!


Thank you for explaining the wax amounts it never occurred to me. Lol more is more I thought

Liza Strickland

Great video! You have a lot of different warmers. Would you like to be a tester for me? www.lizajanecandleco.com. If so please email me. [email protected]gmail.com

Katherine Thompson

Great video, very informative. How often do you change out your wax? Do you change all the warmers at the same time or at random times when they lose scent? I feel like I spend all day going around changing warmers haha.

Heidi Gerth

Hello Honey - I Am Very New To All These Vendor Wax Companies!!!!! But I Love All Of You Guys On Here & I Honestly Am So Happy That I Have Found You All - First Off Honey I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Your Videos I Find Your Upbeat6 & So HELPFUL & CARING To Teach First Timers Likes Me All Of Things That You Have Learned!!!!! I Think That's So Amazingly Fantastic Of You To Do So!!!!!
I Honestly Can't Wait To Be Able To Get Funds Together To Start Hauling Wax From Different Companies - I So Look Forward To A New Everyday From Any Of You Guys Like - You Of Course & I ABSOLUTELY LOVE CANADAKIM 1978 & CANDLE CAFE AND ALSO THINGS THAT HAVE SCENT & SCENTJUNKIE03 & LINDSAYYLOVEE & MY CLOTHES SMELL LIKE CANDLES & THE CANDLE ENTHUSIAST!!!!
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P.S. If You Choose To Want To Talk More I Would Love To - But I Don't Know How To Do Twitter or Anything Like That But My Email Address Is [email protected] And I Would Love To Talk To Any Of You All That Have The Same Passion About Wax & Candles Or Books I Would Love That!!!!! Thank -You - Signed Heidi - ??? ?


Can u reuse the wax ❓

Ashley Pederson

I thought I was going crazy; I literally can't get any vendor wax to throw in my Scentsy warmers! I just don't try anymore because I don't want to waste any wax. Scentsy warms phenomenally in my 20w, but can't get it to go the other way around. Great video Sarah! Thank you for sharing!


I have the warmer you mentioned that is a hot plate but the dish that goes on top went missing. Do you know where to get a replacement for those things? I can melt candles after they are done burning on it but can’t do wax melts.


I have the new glade warmer and it works good for me.

Carolyn Coppola

Hello! I’m just finding this video! Thanks for sharing! For wax removal I use SILICONE CUPCAKE LINERS! Just place them directly on the dish and put in your wax! When wax is cooled and hardened it pops right out! No fuss or freezer! This was a game changer for me!!!! Thanks again for the video!!!

Heartstrings 2016

great helpful video, tyvm for sharing and all your tips.


They have tealight warmers at Walmart! I got mine for around $7, its not big enough for 2 tealights like yours but it gets the job done! I also recently saw someone post about finding smaller tealight warmers at the Dollar Tree & they said they feel like the small/'squatty' size of it causes it to give off a super good throw so I reeeally wanna get me one of those lol! I've just been loving the hell outta your videos lately girl, I get so excited every time you upload & I've been digging the abundance of videos you've had lately! ♡

BellBook &Candle

Hi, Not sure if you'll see this, BUT... I've been enjoying your vids, & have gottem some great ideas from them! Just wanted to let you know Yankee has been offering some beautiful tealight warmers on their US website (the UK site always had tons). They're not too expensive, esp if you use one of their frequent sales or online (Retailmenot) coupons. Also some gorgeous ones on Ebay in mosaic or crushed glass; most are from Britain tho, so can be pricey. Lastly, you can also use an empty tealight cup turned upside down to elevate your candle for a stronger throw/better melt. I also use an empty tin from a small travel candle. Never thought of using two, but good to have as another option! Thanks again for the informative content: & have a great Spring & Summer! ?☀?

Susan Fitzpatrick

I use the Scentsy nightlight warmers in my bathrooms too and they are amazing with any wax! I use a scenterpiece warmer in my master bathroom which is pretty big and I get great throw . I use a Scentsy warmer in my bedroom and also one in our open concept office space and I haven't had a problem. ( granted we have only been in our new house since Thursday night) but didn't have a problem with the Scentsy warmers.. really appreciate this video!! I need to buy a mainstay, I hear such great things... love my glade warmer too I only have one and it's the 20 watt in purple unfortunately my top plate broke .... so I've been using a household clear glass little bowl , which looks ugly so I try not to have it out in the open.. lol

Firstsheri hinkle

where did you get your tealight warmer

Jenn S

Great video and very helpful. My favorite is the glade warmer you have pictured. My personal favorite method is the freezer method

Maelyn Melting Down

I found a microfiber cloth works great for cleaning stains

jazzie cat

THANK you!! on how to clean this I stop using it because of how to clean .

Hope Bliss

Thanks for all the valuable information. We are just starting to do more wax melts. My hubby watched it too and appreciated it.

Mandy Danyele

Do you prefer Mainstays for element warmers then? I just got one and I'm hoping that the performs a little better than the glade warmers for certain wax.

Kliopetra Williams

the Michaels hot plate warmers do the exact same thing. 2 of my hot plates are peeling it's so frustrating. this is a great informative video. I would have loved for one of these to be around when I first started melting wax.

MyClothesSmellLike Candles

Good video! It's so funny because I made one about a week ago like this but just talking about how I change the Wax...the freezer and cotton ball seem to be the most popular. I wondered how you made your great Instagram pics....I love my tealight warmers the best. Just picked up a few of the Michaels hot plate warmers yesterday. Thanks for sharing with us!! ?


1. I totally understand what you mean with the Scentsy warmer, mine doesn't melt certain Wax tarts all the way. It's so weird. Now I know, and it was weak with the throw. I also use the mainstays as well. I like my wall one, but for some reason it starts to hang out of the socket

2. That Wax chat comment about dirty dishes, man I just busted out laughing. Girl as long as you're getting your Wax melted they can talk all they want.

3. Do you have an iPhone? If so I've some apps you'll LOVE to make your picture brighter before you even load to IG. I think you'll over them actually.

Jessica Belle

I. Ed some suggestions on a hot plate warmer

Grandma Frugal .Frugalnista of Orange County

Yeah, you have the clean the bottom of your dish every now and then. Its wax build up from not cleaning it. You can wipe it off with a dry towelet when its still warm. I have the same warmer.

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Create Your Best Version

Great video- do one on whitening your teeth..... also not sure if you wanted your "Do's" as Does check your spelling . Luv ur channel??✨


Yes this video was very helpful. I know to take some pain medicine before I ever get a bikini wax (if I ever gain the courage to go get one) lol.

Create Your Best Version

Was it costly? How long does it last? Does it take a lot of time to do?