What is the best hair straightener

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Titanium Vs Ceramic Flat Iron | Which is Better for your Hair Type?

77 317 views | 6 Apr. 2020

Titanium vs Ceramic Flat

Titanium vs Ceramic Flat Iron | Which is Better for your Hair Type?

Have you always wondered: "What is the difference between titanium and ceramic flat irons? Which one is better? ** Watch: Why I NEVER use my flat iron anymore (and maybe you shouldn’t either) https://youtu.be/xcG0Jp5QIy0

In today's video, I am going to decode the titanium vs ceramic flat iron differences that no one seems to know. Maybe you are just not getting the results you are looking for or maybe you are ruining your hair without realizing it because you are using the wrong one...

Thank you for watching! Stick around if you're interested in hot tool videos because I do lots of them here. Check these out next:

1. Chi Lava Hair Straightener Review | Is Chi the BEST Flat Iron EVER? https://youtu.be/XrLz1fyaOHU

2. Dyson Coralle Straightener | NOT SPONSORED: https://youtu.be/mafcmRRrYMw

3. Chi 1'' Volcanic Lava Ceramic Pro Spin N Curl | Does this thing ACTUALLY WORK?https://youtu.be/XIMXZsJG-Bc

Find me on instagram: @glamgirlgabi

Email me here: [email protected]

Wiles Buckingham

Thank you so much! But, what hair type is best with tourmaline?

pari doshi

I am looking for a cordless travel friendly flat iron but not very pricy like dyson what do u suggest

Selina Li- Beauty Therapy

Thank you for the informative video ? I learned a lot.


Thank you so much for this video!!!this is exactly what i was looking for,i got fine but freezy hair and last year with the wrong flat iron i just destroy it,i still have a lot of damage,i mean i cut the split ends and they don't break anymore,they was "looking" long, but breaking at 20 cm,it was crazy...i stopped use heat for a long time,no straightner for about a year but my hair literally still fly away one from each other,even if i do a lot of deep conditions.And i was almost end up to buy a titanium flat iron for my freezy strands,but now i know i have to stay away from that.I just subscribe your channel❤

Lisa Malcolm

Hey Gabi, thank you for the video. I am about to buy a flat iron. My hair is fine but has a lot of curl especially underneath. Ever since I had my daughter my hair got more and more curly. Even though my hair was always straight. Suggestions please, thank you ?


I know this is about flat irons, but can you please recommend me a good, titanium curling iron?

Natalie Trejo

I have a question: So I’ve been using ceramic straighteners my entire life and my hair is more wavy than curly but not super thick or thin. I can never get it to stay straight and smooth. It always gets frizzy and wavy within an hour. Should I switch to a titanium straightener for longer lasting results?

tamia mendenhall

Yes please do a ceramic vs tourmaline

Vell Baria Official Channel

I have titanium hair straightening for 5 years and I loved it.

Andrijana Stankovska

Please create a video on the Touroline vs full ceramic. I'm looking at investing in an iron.

Safa Mullaji

Which damages hair more? Titanium or ceramic? I have fine curly damaged hair.

Taylor Couret

I got a new T3 Single pass ceramic straightener from Costgo today. I didn’t have a flat iron and wanted a nice one.

Janice Brown

Thank you so much! I have 4c hair and was struggling now I know why sheesh I was using the wrong iron

Jasmine Smith

Referencing curly hair as “crazy” and “difficult” and straight her type as “soft” and “fine” as if to say curly and coily can’t be those things as well. I initially resonated with true ceramic because I have fine hair (hair texture) with a tight curl pattern making it extremely sensitive and susceptible to mechanical and heat damage.


I have thin hair that frizzes easily and I desire a glossy finish. Which type would you recommend ceramic or titanium? and If I get titanium what heat settings would you recommend to prevent heat damage on my fine hair.

Tia Burton

very informative thanks


Black Titanium by CROC is the best in the world!! One pass, durable, anti stick and anti static so there is no burning and snagging while adding shine... nothing beats CROC Black Titanium... they own the formula so they are the only brand to carry it!! I love it and I’m addicted!!!

Natalija Kitanoska Trajkovic

Hi Gabi! I would like to ask for advice. What you think which straightener is best to use on thin, healthy, long, and naturally straight hair for making curls? Just to add, my hair is very difficult to curl and stay curled :) It gets straight again after few hours. I wouldn't like to damage my hair, and wouldn't use a straightener often. Only in some occasions. So which from those you mentioned would be the best by your opinion for my hair to stay curled during the whole day? :) Thank you! :)

Willa Houston

Very great video,two months ago I purchased the same one from newigstyle..com

Aya El Ghandour

Amazing video! Thank you


You never mentioned what hair type is best with Tourmaline.

Paola Vázquez

I loved your video, there’s no info on google as clear as this ??

Hailey Andrews

I just watched this video, and I am still confused as to what i should get... I have very thick hair but its not resistant to heat. 1-2 passes through and it is straight. This is embarrassing but I still a very old iron by Remington. i have had it for so long and I think its time to upgrade. After like 2 hours my hair goes back to the normal wavy. What do you recommend? I was thinking the babyliss pro one but wasn't sure.


Thank you so much, that was very informative! Please what is the minimum heat to straighten thin to medium hair?

Kathryn Romero

What about the Kristin Ess 3 in 1 titanium flat iron?

Jill Morrissey

very helpful video!! thank you!

Nadia Sharifuddin

Hi! I have a medium/thin curly hair & it’s crazy frizzy & wouldn’t stay straight if i straighten it. Should I opt for ceramic or titanium iron? I am still not sure of what to get!


Can someone please help me find a hair straightener for my wife. I've done a ton of research and can't seem to find anything. The babyliss Pro is only available on Amazon because of my region. I've read they faulty after just 3 or 4 months, so I don't want to spend all that money for just a 30 day Amazon warranty. The new GHDs apparently dont last either. My wife has moderately thick wavy hair with quite a bit of frizz. I'm just looking for a product that does the job well, has a good reputation for lasting, a decent warranty and affordable, upto 150usd. Any suggestions?

Victoria Garcia

I think I need a ceramic iron. What do you recommend?

priti guchait 0123

Teflon coating?? Review

kindle Kindle Fire

I know you didn’t mean it but you spoke of curly hair as bad and straight hair as good.

Victoria Craig

I am looking for a great straightner for my thick and wavy type of hair. Do you have any suggestions ?

Cheryl Weeden

Very informative I appreciate it so much?


Which one should i get i have thin wavy curly hair ? Any brand recommendations

Lisa Malcolm

Also I forgot to ask , does changing or lowering the temperature make a difference?

Leteyesus Baraki

I had no idea there even was a difference thank you for explaining so well

Veronica Rowland

Thank you for the information on flat iron durability between titanium and ceramic irons. My hair is course and very soft, I have been natural for over ten years. Any signs on moisture in the air I am done, so I mostly wear plaits or Afro-puffs' some time I wear cornrows not often due to the thickness. Always wearing braids. Once finished with wash and condition I have to rush to braid my hair while it is wet if it drys then I have a problem. Where I use to use hair conditioner grease right away before it drys. In order to manage it, now I am using a moisturizing cream leave in. It leaves residue on my hair. My hair is White around the edges and Silver Gray after leaving the face hair line and the back hair line at the nap of the neck is Black a few strangs of Gray. When I flat iron my hair the ends are dry and brittle no split ends, what do I need to do for the ends of my hair get them cut?

hadeel shady

Best review ever ... i have a very thick long hair.. i would like to get the flat titanum iron, Can you recommend good brand for me ..♥️

Pina Nina

What hair strainghtener do you recommend for dry damaged hair? Not curly but wavy? As I understood ceramic is better for that type of hair,but which one? There are so many....

Lexi L

This was really helpful thank you so much!

Lisa Lisa

Tank you for that video, I have a titanium flat iron and it makes my hair so "sick" straight dry/ i feel almost electrocuted lol but I always heat it a 350° to 395° only and I have big wavy 2b hair..


Wow, how interesting....I had no clue of these differences....I mean kind of but your explanation is very professional and detailed. Thanks a lot Gabi.


Thx so much for the vid. I am African American and am a believer in tourmaline flat irons. Any iron that helps protect hair from heat is what I'm about!! I have loved my 1st flat iron for years which was the h2pro tourmaline ceramic flat iron. Now I just purchased the titanium BaBylissPro Ionic iron. Wish me luck!


what are some good ceramic flat iron’s you recommend for thin short hair on ulta?

Nicole Natașa Irina

I brought a titanium iron and I didn't know it's actually for curly, thick hair . So that's why my hair got it damaged every time I used it lol so dumb

zaida gutierrez

Hi ! I’m trying to get a new straightener iron ... which one do you recommend? Thanks

Mona. K Hairstyle

It was very helpfull.Thank you for sharing?

Tracie Warren

Great video! I love the detailed comparisons. Ceramic is definitely best for my textured, color-treated, but fine hair. I’ve found that titanium flat irons feels like it’s snagging my hair. I always use heat protectant, so I’m not sure what it is. Anyhow, i currently have the GHD platinum styler, which I think is ceramic (?). Do you know what plates are used in the GHD and Dyson Corrale? I’m still thinking of getting the Dyson, but haven’t taken the plunge yet.?❤️

Natalia Sánchez Rodríguez

So useful and informative!


Yes please make the video on different technology straighteners & hair dryers

Hamida Ferdous

My hair is thin. I wanna use titanium flat iron. Will there be any problem if I use it low heat? (If so, can I use it regularly?)

A Collier

Thank you great information

Glam Girl Gabi

Thank you for watching! Stick around if you're interested in hot tool videos because I do lots of them here. Check this out next:
Why I NEVER use my flat iron anymore (and maybe you shouldn’t either) https://youtu.be/xcG0Jp5QIy0

Nour Imen

Hi what do u think about the remington keratin therapy ? what would u recommand me from drugstore for normal hair


idk if i have fine , thick or sensitive hair but , is ceramic layer hair straightener will be suitable for me ? :)

Char Cee

Most stylist use the babyliss prima 3000 for their natural clients!! And ceramic for relaxer or chemical service clients!! What do u think?

Bferns F'des

Dear Gabi... Shall I go for titanium plated iron for my stubborn hair? Also would like your recommendation on chosing flat iron for smoothening process.. (I just tried to smoothen my hair today.. But it turned dry) It's like until now I have bought dozens of straightners... But of no use.. None of it could turn my hair straight... Phillips selfie straightner, Vega Straightner.... But nothing is changiiiing...

Which brand shall I buy and what plate it should be...

Feel like I'll never be able to go out for parties with straightened hair.. ?

ari t

Titanium is the one for me. Thanks you helped me.

Sap V

Would you recommend T3 or GHD flat iron?

Solange Barbier

Idk if I have thin hair or normal hair. I really want a titanium flat iron, would it still be okay if I just had a lower temperature so that it doesn’t burn my hair? I want smooth and glossy hair and I think titanium would do the job. Idk if it would work w my hair

Kimberly K

So helpful , Thank you

elizbeth kieffer

I have thick hair but it is just wavy and straightens decently easy. I have a titanium straightener and I really only keep it at 365 degrees, do you think I am still damaging my hair by using that type of straightener?

Marcia H

Thank you so much for this video! I have a quick question: I’m trying to buy my first flat iron! I have wavy thick hair that has been relaxed before so it doesn’t hold the curls anymore. I want to try straightening instead maybe like once a week and I don’t really wanna get heat damage so I was thinking of buying a chi ceramic one. Would you recommend I get a titanium one instead based on my hair type? Thanks for the info again!

Graceful one M

I fine strands. However, my hair is very dense. Which one is more suitable for my hair type?

Julissa Gomez

Thank you sooooo much for this video! Very helpful

Czar R.

This chick said a Toyota would not last longer than a Porsche ?

Orlit C

Hi please answer, I really need help, I am planning on buying a BaByliss Pro Straightener, my hair is really puffy and frizzy. I don't know what is the best temperature to straighten my hair because I want to keep it healthy and not burn it until it gets damage.

Kenny Tr

Am i the only guy here looking for a good iron for my wife? ?‍♂️

Regina Crystal

New subscriber! I love videos like this. I hope you also come by my channel!

dah lia

Thank you so much this is so informative and beneficial ?.Can you recommend me a titanium flat iron that doesnt hurt the hair that much? I don't have a thick hair but its not that thin also! Its smooth but its frizzy ?.


What about the BaByliss Pro™ Nano 2-Inch Flat Iron is the same result for curly hair from the one you referred babyliss pro 3000??? Are they the same?? Just because the first one has 2 inch

Itzel Vas

What about straighteners made out of aluminum? Like the ghd

Cecy Nay

Hair health? A lot of the reason people choose ceramic and tourmaline is because of that. Wish you'd talked about how they compare.


Hi, Gabi..I was watching your video..I am in the middle to buy a flat iron...I was looking for a nume hair straightener (tourmaline) My question its a good brand?..Hope yoy can answer my question..Thank you so much..?????

kamaljit sandhu

Hi Gabi, I have fine but really fizzy hair and whenever I straighten they turn back to frizzy in no time (I watched your video about frizzy hair and products too). Should I use titanium or ceramic. I am deciding between Revlon or babyliss pro titanium& ceramic flat irons? Your help will make my life easier.

Nabila Khan

Thanks for ur information..i have wavy hair can i use titanium iron?


Very good video. Thank you

Ashley Ward

I didn’t hear what kind of hair Tourmaline is good for. I have thin fragile hair and my daughters have thick curly. What type of hair is that one for?

JS Navarrete

Thank you for the explanation, I was thinking about boy a ceramic coated one but now I prefer a titanium iron.

Harsheen Kaur

I have thick hair. They are mostly straight but I have some waves in between especially the lower sections amd near the scalp. What type of straightener should I go for?

Sandra Curry

I have soft, fine hair. Can I use my Titanium Styler on a low heat, say 320° without damaging my hair?

Kada Boyce

Couldn't grow my hair for ages!!
Aria Lacey - best straighteners I've ever found. Tourmaline plates with ceramic coating. My hair is quite fine, damaged, fragile, but stubborn and thick AF. I normally straighten my hair all except the bottom 1/2 inch and just brush through my post straightening oils and making sure the ends are taken care of
Hair is healthier, actually growing! (Just found out about "hair Botox" deep conditioning salon treatment so I'll be doing that once a month from now on, highly recommend even if it's just the once, it felt amazing I had TV advert hair for the first time ever.) This video confirms what I had stopped but hadn't actually figured out... Why my hair stopped growing. Subscribed! ?

Shreya Singh

Thanq for info

Vishnu Mk

Nova NHS is best or cheap material?

Lucely Garcia

Thank you so much!!!!


It’s the other way around. Toyota will last longer, more reliable and much better quality. Lol

Lamia Sayed

my hair type is 2A nd i have thin hair
should i go for philips hp8316 hair straightner ?

Ana D

What about the hair type for the tourmaline plated iron? I have thin hair and I use extensions in my hair and would need an iron to use on them as well. My boyfriend will be using it as well and he has thick, wavy hair so I’m not sure if we’ll need two separate irons or if a tourmaline will do it..

Selina Li- Beauty Therapy

What’s the best ways to help with hair damage from bleaching and dying hair?

Maiden Rose Flores

Hi, your Video helps me a lot, I'm planning to buy iron, online but I don't know what Iron best suited my super thick hair, and thru your video I learned that titanium iron is what i need to buy, Thank you and more power?

What is the best hair straightener

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TOP 5: Best Hair Straightener 2019

186 873 views | 31 Jul. 2019

►REMINGTON Pro 2" - Best

►REMINGTON Pro 2" - Best Budget Hair Straightener

✔US Prices - https://amzn.to/2lMi8C8

✔UK Prices - N/A

✔CA Prices - N/A

►ghd Platinum+ - Best Overall Hair Straightener

✔US Prices - https://amzn.to/2lLaO9U

✔UK Prices - https://amzn.to/2lLbhca

✔CA Prices - https://amzn.to/2lfgLvo

✔GER & EU Prices -

►Croc Classic Nano-Titanium Flat Iron Black

✔US Prices - https://amzn.to/2lLbL1Y

✔UK Prices - https://amzn.to/2ly6Zoe

✔CA Prices - https://amzn.to/2lg4O8A

✔GER & EU Prices -

►Turboion Rbb CROC

✔US Prices - https://amzn.to/2lMlx3S

✔UK Prices - https://amzn.to/2k2KQyd

✔CA Prices - https://amzn.to/2lMlJ37

✔GER & EU Prices -

►BIO IONIC 10x Pro

✔US Prices - https://amzn.to/2lMmh9b

✔UK Prices - N/A

✔CA Prices - https://amzn.to/2kewPxo

The REMINGTON Pro 2” is the best budget hair straightener due to its pearl ceramic technology, which delivers consistently impressive results. The ghd Platinum+ is the best overall hair straightener due to its Ultra Zone Technology and ergonomic design. The Croc Classic Nano-Titanium Flat Iron Black features a bright FND digital display and digital temperature control system to get the best results every single time. The Turboion Rbb CROC gives you many different temperature settings, so you can always get the best customized results. Last but not least is the BIO IONIC 10x Pro, which has vibrating plates that gives you perfectly styles hair in just 10 minutes.


Some of the footage used in this video is not original content produced by Top 5 Shopper. Portions of stock footage of products was gathered from multiple sources including, manufactures, fellow creators and various other sources. If something belongs to you, and you want it to be removed, please do not hesitate to contact us at YourBestHomeToday[at]gmail.com

alaia lopez

Karmin is the best.

graham moore

Thanks sheldon

Alina Behrendt

Please no one straighten your hair with 450 hair melting point is 455 you will burn you hair off!!! That’s reasons why curling irons have low temps because it’s held longer but still please especially if your hair is fair and thin keep your beautiful hair don’t burn it off!!!

Yasmeen Akhtar

Any Ghd straightener is good

Ajay Solanki

Which strigtner use in salon

Mihut Robert

3:10 did I just watched a clip of a woman combing another woman's shoulder?

Subbu Subbi

How much it costs reply plz


Why they keep using straight haired people.. obviously it’s going to work on their hair type ??

Simona S.

I have a BaByliss One

Nazhene Engelbrecht

I personally uses the Remington S9500 iron, and its THE BEST for coarse hair, its just excellent


I recommend the ghd one


The video starts at 0:53

Jazann Simmons

You have no taste no body cares sorry

Handra Gustian Jr


Alysa P

Which type or hair iron plate is not damaging to hair?

Hanna Lee

seems they are all ads

Tamara Annet

I used Enzo, i mean hw gd enzo

Zbigniew Siwiec


Rochellia Arreguine

I have croc and babyliss

Naty Fernandez

I’d recommend Karmin ♡ ❤

What is the best hair straightener

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The Best Flat Irons of 2021

177 032 views | 16 Oct. 2018

The GVP - Ceramic

The GVP - Ceramic Titanium is the best flat iron. See it on Amazon: http://geni.us/GVPCeramic

We spent two weeks researching and testing each flat iron by measuring temperature ranges, heating speed, usability, and of course flat ironing lots of hair.

Our picks for the best Flat Iron:

1. GVP - Ceramic Titanium: http://geni.us/GVPCeramic

2. BaBylissPRO - Nano Titanium: http://geni.us/BaBylissPro

3. Conair - InfinitiPRO 1-inch: http://geni.us/ConairInfiniti

When purchasing a flat iron, the top features to consider are:

• Plate size and type

• Temperature range

• Safety features

• Usability and aesthetics

After testing, we found that the GVP - Ceramic Titanium is the best flat iron. Learn more here: https://bit.ly/2P1QWfK

kay mo

I knew this was a lie when they said GVP was better then Babyliss

Noemi Antonio

This video is so informative. I was looking for a good flat iron in some beauty supplies, but I thought that it would be a waste of money buying the wrong brand. My cousin gave me the babyliss, but it was too small and I’ve found out that the bigger one was too expensive. I paid $60 buck for the infinity conair, it hit up faster than I thought. Do you think that the babyliss has more quality than the conair? Is just my thought.

Zasha Lugo

What a mess...the way they are ironing they're hair is a mess!

StylezBy ROBIN

The purple one burnt out so bad I just got me a new one a different brand ,I felt like it was too much heat on my hair

Friendster Channel

I want to buy your iron.. how?

Tika Fitn

Just got the conair and the first use was very impressive on my thick hair

Aja Gianna

okay... so lemme get this straight..... y’all really found a girl with TYPE 3 HAIR and thought “oh, she should cover black girls”? really??

Mast Brain

Nice video. Great video and super helpful !
Get more info about Hair Straighteners Click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6LFe8f_mik&t=96s

Your Best Digs

Our picks for the best Flat Iron:
1. GVP - Ceramic Titanium: http://geni.us/GVPCeramic
2. BaBylissPRO - Nano Titanium: http://geni.us/BaBylissPro
3. Conair - InfinitiPRO 1-inch: http://geni.us/ConairInfiniti


I solidly take issue with the euphemistic use of "challenging" to describe hair that isn't thin and already straight by nature. The best thing to do would be to simply identify what we all know is African textured hair that you're referring to as "African textured hair," or "tightly curled textures." Those descriptions are 100% accurate, and don't include any political or prejudiced value being placed on our hair. Why this makes sense: because our hair is not challenging to us per se. The most challenging thing about African textured hair is the liberal prejudice and rudeness of others whoever don't understand or prefer it. You're welcome if this comment helps you improve in your next video or online post. :)


Thank u for the Conair flat iron chart !

T marie

This whole video is a hot ass mess they hair is greasy just a whole bunch of things wrong with this video

Sim sima

In 2020 and this video was uploaded 2 years ago

Nicole Tambasco

The Remington Pearl Ceramic is by far the best affordable flat iron. It has a warranty, digital up to 450 degrees, light weight, and the swivel cord makes it so much easier to use. It’s better than the CHI iron. I’ve got what every hair dresser (except one) the thickest hair they’ve ever worked with, and it’s course as well. The Babyliss is definitely the best but my always #2 even over luxury brands is the Remington. It’s so over looked. Don’t bother with their wet to straight unless you want it for things like after the gym, or bangs. It works but left my hair tacky.

the cleaning guru

Babyliss pro keratin

Aaron R

Formawell beauty flat iron

lil maidree

No black hair?

christiana rainey

Great video and super helpful ! ..... but not one of these girls knows how to straighten their hair


Baby liss is the BEST

Yasmeen chickefoot

The only way to tell if a iron is any good, it would have to be able to straighten a kinky hair type. This video is useless.


There is no black hair ??


The results would have been different if the irons were tested in a way people actually use it. Meaning with a blow dry first and combing the hair out before using the iron


GVP is has on the worst place to get a flat iron I’m not saying this because I have afro textured hair the plates simply cannot grip hair no matter the texture. I cannot tell you the amount of heat damage I suffered from using this iron.
You are better off using the babayliss pro but only in moderation since titanium heats up really hot

El-Freida Uwasan


So I'm new to flat irons and ive bought 2 flat irons already

Been trying to do silk presses but my biggest problem is the outside burning!
Is that how all flat irons are or are there brands that stay cool outside so I can do my silk press properly


I just ordered

Laurel Dandridge

I have super curly hair and love my Ion straightener. Check out my latest video on it! https://youtu.be/bHEQboZtdMc

Violet H

"Best flat irons of 2020"... posted in 2018 -.-

Kris Kelly

Bought my wife the Karmin :)


I have four flat irons I think I have a problem with owning flat irons

How to Curl Hair

Made a mess of curling my hair the first time... but it gets easier

rita castillo

Yo tengo la infiniti pro by conair y es lo maximo tengo como tres años con ella y no me ha fallado en ningun momento la recomiendo


I have number 3 trying to buy number 2

Nature Zone 66

Great reviews and such a soothing voice.How would the con air work for sealing up Mylar bags?That's the only job it will ever do and I can't see spending too much.Thank you for your time.

Becca D

None of their hair is pin straight. So hard to tell the results from the demo.

Sondra Wyrick

Ok they did not flat iron their hair right... Probably why they got false results... And why is 4c hair not on here? blacks don't exist??? We spend most money on hair then any race SMH


definitely had the GVP one and it burned my ends so bad. just no.

Kee-Ann White

They didn't use them right. If I didn't kow any better I would think these product are a waste of time and money.

Sammy T


Marizze Guzman



Couldn’t tell which one worked. Didn’t show straight hair at all bad review!!!

Lourdes baby

WORST REVIEW VIDEO.EVER!!!?????? Who straightens their hair without combing or brushing it as you’re straightening???

Tika Fitn

super informative. Thanks for posting

At this moment

These hair models make you not want to buy anything

Kelsey Sullivan

... says best flat irons of 2021 posted in 2018. Yall just changing the title every year? Would appreciate an updated video ?

LuLu Dez

I was cringing every time they showed one of the girls flat iron their hair. It so sloppily done. The flat irons probably would have done so much better if they would have at least sectioned the hair off.