Worst butt implants

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Why K. Michelle Says Getting ‘Black Market’ Butt Injections Was ‘The Worst Decision’ Of Her Life

368 032 views | 18 Oct. 2019

R&B singer K. Michelle

R&B singer K. Michelle discusses why she believes the “black-market” butt augmentation she got years ago was the worst decision of her life.

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That applause...they didn’t know who she was. ??‍♀️

DEbby simelane

K.Michelle, a beautiful curvey woman whom tried to be beautiful&curvey through plastic surgery. She's a good example of the phrase 'u dont know what u have untill u lose it'

Claude Stevens

I thought that she had a little loot. Why go black market in a hotel room?


Cant she afford a real plastic surgeon?

Gene Spight


Jonah Owen

Last time i was this early dr phil videos didn't have a comment section.

Minah Vlogs XOXO


Rahman Jamall


lime light

im trying to listen to this story without judgement. im having difficulty understanding why a rich person needs to go to the blk market. shouldnt she have enough money to go legit way?

Melisa L.

This show is too white for her tbh they didn’t know half of what she was saying

The Elements Of Virtue Collection

She's a character! I'm glad she's able to find humor in the midst of such a horrific ordeal that happened to her. I hate that it came to that when she was already so beautiful!

trippie zi

“R&B superstar” that’s not real R&B

Shola Doll

That white lady on stage was staring at a beautiful black woman with such hate in her eyes. Devil


Why is she speaking to the audience just talk to Dr Phill wtf

Angelica France

Lol I love how she’s always herself

Ada Mercado

Gotta love k Michelle

Girly Gore

“ I just wanted to look thicc” she’s so pretty and honest


She's still doing surgery doh... But no more black market surgery


K. Michelle is so gorgeous. She has so many unnecessary haters who are so jealous of her. I say jealous because it’s love & hate at the same time. They come out the woodwork to comment negatively on this woman even in the midst of her doing what’s right, speaking out against these damn butt injections that’s killing our people. It’s sad to say majority of the hate is coming from BLACK people. Kimberly, continue to be a BOSS leading by example and do your thing! ??

Geo Greene


Sophisticated Fly Beauty

Oh god not a ant ?....??‍♀️Lol.....Thats how you know it’s getting outta control..

Flavor Pharaoh

Atomic health will fix it

Cryssina Lauina

Black market surgery? How when she filmed a lot of her surgeries?

Keisha LaShae

I don’t understand why she got them? She already had a butt in a first place

World Peace

That's messed up, all women that want butt implants should take a look at K Michelle life.

She went through and explaining to you women that look up to her not to do it.
To not go through the procedures of getting butt implants, I take it a step further, breast implants, nose implants, lip implants.

Learn how to luv your natural side. You don't need all of that to be happy.

If you want a better butt, exercise. They have videos for those who want to work their bottom out, for a good shape.

Miami Kc

I love her

Zos Ma

What happened to her nose?

debra james

Butt injections and silicone are extremely dangerous. It can cause blood cancer toxins released in to the blood stream destroys the tissues of the body.

Hailen Ace

lmao Michelle had me rollin' she' shilarious!

P Dig

In a hotel Room 1st red flag duh !!!!!!!

Anna Del Fade

She aint a superstar but k

Maya A

She got her butt done in a hotel room? Must be different kind of stupid.


I’m glad silicone went out of style and BBL replaced it in popularity. At least it’s a surgery using your OWN body fat. This generation is still a little too obsessed with looking ’perfect’ for social media but still.

Jacarious Oneal

Queen ?

N Esq

It's sad so many people male and female are doing this. Dying for beauty

Malibu’s Most Wanted

R&B superstar? ???

Jonathan Collins

This is also the woman who basically said ALL Black men are no good. Not a fan. This further shows how ignorant this woman is.

barbie doll

K gotta a face full of injectables


Why did she work on her face ??‍♀️

Keayna Garfield

K Michelle couldn’t afford proper butt implants? Whyyy would she do that?? SMDH.


She got her skin bleached too!

Nyemiah McClinton

She looks nice here. Im not going to lie. Whatever she did to her face looks nicer than before. But this big butt trend was started by black men. Women need to stop letting black men be their God and do what makes them feel happy.

Sarah Mobley

I love me some k Michelle ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Eugene Murphy

Why would you let someone who's NOT a doctor perform plastic surgery on you? .....and in a FILTHY hotel room?

Savvy Sammy

Wow! That's K. Michelle! She looks so different here like another race different

Henry Hoodrich


Tracey Mair


Froggy Frog

Whose Arse is real these days.?

Mickey Mickey

She talks about the butt surgery being a bad idea but she keeps getting work done on her face.

Gledia Qoli

I ain’t doing plastic surgery unless it is to save my life


That black women has such a beautiful face ??


Any Women That Use Implants in Her Body IAre Insercure . When Are Ladies Going To Realize Exercise Is The ANSWER....

Littt Op

Ma’am you knew better. You got bank, why didn’t you go to a professional baby?

norman francis

I thought this was a stupid idea to go larger she was so perfect?, she didn’t need all that work honestly..... I still think she looks great, she still got curves and all

Kimesha Webb

What did she do to her face? It looks like she’s in pain


How insecure can you get ? Imagine being in a relationship with this mess ?

General Warts

I remember when a big butt and being thick was an insult but now women go out of their way to get a bigger butt ?

Monique White

The audience doesn't get it...

YourOnly Favorite

She looks so different, she use to look so beautiful

M.K Games

Ladies will never understand ??‍♂️

Ro Car

This is what happens when women play into societies pressure to self objectify. And our sisters play into it by the vanity. Health and Hygiene is all that matters in regard to real beauty.

Ryan Bridges

Did they clap for themselves xD

life's good

She need to go to rehab for her drinking, anger management, she need to get an attitude adjustment, stop complaining about everything & stop playing the blame game when your album don't sell like you want to

Corey Chalice

K. Michelle is pathetic

Winona Ryder

Wow so glad she recovered but that will be an everlasting reminder for the rest of her life. Now I see why she wears that covering now when she performs. Before all she wore was cat suits...

Naiomi Ali

Hotel room
I'm dead ?
Put the money in the grave??

Rahman Jamall


postiii ii

Woah she looks completely different


R and B superstar ???? What am I missing here ... She has had like 1 hit.

Natalie H

The audience wasn’t ‘feeling her’ because this isn’t anything new. It was pointless for her to be on the show talking about something that everyone already knows is bad.

Joy Herring

K Michelle is so pretty to me.. she made a bad choice but teaches others from it...

Cocktails With Callie

Commonsense goes a looonnnnng way ??‍♀️. Just because you have a degree and get good grades doesn’t make you smart.

Rahman Jamall


Rahman Jamall


Emily Wiebel

I think she’s so pretty! I love how she’s coming on the show and telling her story especially in the position she is and spot light.

Donut Sexual

Superstar let's not get crazy ?

ginna delinois

Well you get big bom and you wanted me to have sympathy for you now really hahaha


I keep remembering Melissa snatching her wig on love and hip hop

sunni bunni

She has the money to get all the plastic surgery she wants. She has gotten lots of work before then and sense. Why wouldn't she do it correctly?

Rahman Jamall


Ceairra Tucker

That lady hating on K fs??

Ali Azmie

Why on earth would you get a surgery from a person with no doctor qualification

LaLa G

We luv u K Michelle ❤️ the real bad bih period


“ oh I just wanted to be real thick “??

Black Digital Nomad

Many people judge but it takes a very strong person to share their darkest moments so they can bring light to others. Well done K. Thanks for being vulnerable.

Bobbie Jackson

These people r crazy

Living Haiti

This breaks my heart... she was always so gorgeous and her body was always nice.

Çɑʍɾҽŋ Śʍɨtɧ

I love k Michelle but she is NOT an RnB Superstar?

Lonnie Anderson

Superstar ain’t the word. Reality star, yes.

Officially Joey T

She doesn’t look like herself but she still looks beautiful

Phumi Zuma

K.Michelle is so beautiful!!!

Hello YouTube

Her face looks sooooooo stiff. Smh she’s such a beautiful woman without all of this.


It’s sad cuz shes beautiful

Simon Maček

superstar ? never heard of her lol


We’re the whole damn story at damn Smfh

Love Iskind

Glad she sharing her story .Women need to hear this ! I see she got her nose done too ..
I remember getting teased as a young girl for being black and having a Caucasian nose (my father is mixed) but now I see that all the black women are paying to get this kind of nose .

Lele Morris

She was that damn cheap well...

Stealth Mode

I am shocked that ANYBODY would get black market surgery. Why would you allow a shady person to CUT YOU OPEN, INJECT you, or ANYTHING LIKE THAT?!

Rahman Jamall

K michelle, Carbi B , Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj they were good looking young ladies already i wish none of the would have done this to themselves


Rasheeda is a PROPHET! ?

Worst butt implants

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Botched Brazilian Butt Lifts | Dr. Barrett Breaks Down Terrible Plastic Surgery Results

519 125 views | 6 Mar. 2020

Terrible results are

Terrible results are everywhere! Dr. Daniel Barrett tells you what to look out for while considering a Brazilian Butt Lift!

Want New Breasts? --- https://www.drdanielbarrett.com/contact-los-angeles-plastic-surgeon/

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The backside has become a point of focus in recent years, as fuller curves have become a feature to be desired. If you do not have the shape you want naturally, you can create a more attractive profile with body contouring options. These treatments offer results that are both natural and long-lasting, giving you the body you want and a confidence boost at the same time.

“The Brazilian butt lift or fat transfer to the buttocks is two operations in one and many people don’t realize this. Both parts of the operation, the liposuction to get the fat and the actual fat transfer must be done very carefully. If the buttocks look great but the liposuction has contour irregularities the buttock result doesn’t matter. The fat has to be harvested carefully to increase fat viability and then transferred meticulously so that each fat cell has the best chance for survival. This takes a lot of time and delicate handling. It’s like planting a garden; you need to carefully distribute the seeds rather than placing them all in one spot. The same is true for fat grafting to the buttocks.The result is a synergistic snatched waist and a more voluptuous booty.”

#Botched #BotchedBBL #BrazilianButtLift

LouLou G

Can't believe people risk death for this....


Well...he is a handsome guy. Kind of easy to watch all those horrible butts when he is in the picture.

Jennifer Lorence



Thank god I am blessed with some damn good butt genetics??

Kb Flawless

I really feel sick now. I love my 38D boobs and I love my sexy bubble butt. I would never get plastic surgery and I love who I am. If a man cannot accept my body or encourages me to increase my size fuck him and on to the Next!

Ilcia Vargas

But who want to go around with a fat hippopotamus bottom. Normally bodies are slender or plummy in continental societies and cat walk fashion.

Miss Faz Tudo

People, just do squats. That's why we have big butts in Brazil.


These fools with low selfesteem and are uncomfortable with themselves needs Christ! They priority are vain and I feel sorry for them!

Rachelle S.

How do you know that 2:40 is a BBL? Too much volume? I have that. It's called fat. And it's disproportionate. It goes up and down with weight changes.

Jules Deanovic

I can’t imagine having surgery willingly... recovery is awful ?

Karen Day

Explain to me again why I would want more fat on my butt?

DS Be it G

I couldn't imagine being in a relationship with a plastic surgeon. How body critical that would be. What's wrong with natural?


Any woman who gets butt work done needs a few sessions with a shrink first. Trust me, it doesn’t matter if you have a flat ass. Your ass is not going to change your life. It’s only going to change your thinking, and that’s where the actual problem is.

Drawing Divas

If women embraced their feminity..you wouldn't need to do this

Janice Cass

Omg wtf, r these ppl crazy there r enuf things in this world ready to kill ya, u don't need to help it along.
I swore I wudnt have anything done until I reached 60, at least let it droop first b4 having it picked up. Young girls getting things done. In years to come wen having. Botex won't have an effect as I've had to much, its sad they feel St 20 they rnt good enuf.
What u see is what u get,
I know I said 60 but its killing me u need a few things done. But to be honest I'm really poorly now becoz of fungus from a property.its in my lungs I can't breathe, so I'd luv new lungs.

Cra Zee

The only garage you should go to grow an ass is a garage gym...

Double Deezy420

Those are very scary but If someone isn’t in a doctors office I’m not going ?? if they say they in a garage run ?‍♀️




Where these done at Pookie and Ray Ray's butt lift and bait shop? ?

Ashley Bellas

I also wouldn’t trust a doctor who says “more rounder” ?

Elizabeth McKinley

"Today we're going to talk about BULLSHIT Brazillian buttlifts, OK? " ?? Great opener I love doctors who are real.


I’ve noticed the best results I get for my booty is....


N Mac

Wow why is this in my recommendation lol

Rick Grimes

I love cottage cheese

Joy Lastname

I've never wanted a bigger butt or hourglass figure. I just struggle with love handles and lower belly fat. Since I'm shaped like an inverted triangle, these reservoirs of fat are very obvious. I work out but I still have them even after loosing a sh!t ton of weight. Liposuction and filling out my nasolabial lines are the only procedures I've thought of having but my 'live in the negative scenario' brain won't let me. What if something gets punctured in lipo or I'm the unlucky one who ends up with puckered skin. Then the fillers, what if I'm allergic? I'm not a pretty person ( that's not an attempt at self deprecation, I can be honest with myself) so I worry about messing up the little I've got to work with physically. I can't have a self inflicted deformity weighing down on the shortcomings I already deal with.

Julia G.

poor ladies, cant imagine the pain. You cant even work with this, sit down or anything.... thats just not worth it....

Beautiful Chan

Luckily we Brazilian women have natural ones lol

Britt The Boy Mom

Awwhh nah he put iggy on there ??????

Fruit Gal 522

I have a family member who paid a lot for this surgery in America with a surgeon. She nearly died and has bad scarring. Sad.

Mary CR

Who remembers the woman that was injecting cement in women’s butts?

Diana Lis

thanks for nightmares t_t

Noob de Busca

BBL is a mistake, this doc is fuccking hot


Madre mía...
Gracias a Dios que tengo culo naturalmente?

Juliana Souza



Your videos are straight up unwatchable.


OMG LADIES ????.. please listen to him... OMG I will Be Scared.... so if your not Fat... Dr.... then u can't do the Butt????
OMG what people do...to have an Ass.... NOOOO Thanks Natural IS fine for me....xxoo Be Bless and Wise

Rachel Mats

Skintone adult diapers ? .

*MisS* *TriNiDaD*


tech. world

Oh my never ever no thanks even free


How did I get here

Debbra Gore

OMG horrible

The Sisyphean Journal

I could understand a woman who has practically no butt wanting something done, but as a woman that nature gifted with a giant butt I can't understand deliberately pumping up your butt to huge proportions. It's hard to get clothes that fit, for starters.

Hina majeed

My tummy tuck corporate not very well please advise me


how do people think this looks good???

Muresan Alexandra

Look if you want a big but you don’t need surgery...all you need to do is to spend 30 min or 1 hour a day to but exercise and you can achive a cute,sexy and natural booty...i saying this because i did booty exercise 3 week and i saw improvements my but been more firm and plump?????


For all of the people in the comments saying stuff like "I love myself/body too much to blah blah blah" kudos for YOU, if you love yourself so much why even bother to comment? Some people have body dysmorphia and no matter HOW much they are told that their body is beautiful and or perfect-in their minds it NEVER is! And for the others bragging about how they were blessed with good genes etc; WOOPTY DO-GOOD FOR YOU! Your self-absorbed self -promoting comments helps NO ONE so Thank You for nothing. Furthermore, until you've been in another person's shoes-shat up-you know nothing, so stop commenting as if you do.

Denise Abrams

A hot ass mess✌✌

unidentified user

I don’t get BBLs. Your nose won’t change without surgery. Your breasts won’t become perfect without an implant. Your butt, on the other hand, can be sculpted with exercise... why would you instead put your body through a medical procedure? The improvement to your self image would be so much greater if you invested the hard work into yourself to gain booty the natural way.


2:45 looks like how all the kardashians look like.

Buchi Ashiedu

Hello I have a lot a fat in my belly, but not a lot. So i am in the thinking process of getting a bbl. although it’s i little hard for me to gain weight because every time I eat food a lot of goes to my stomach and mostly my thighs, but really my stomach. I am concerned because I do have a fast metabolism, so in my case I only way about 123 as of right now and I’m thinking if I get this bbl done mostly in my butt and my hip dips, so will the fat that’s being transferred over be permanent ? Or does me having a a high metabolism can definitely affect the longevity of your Brazilian butt lift ? or do you think having a fast metabolism does not determine candidacy for surgery.

Leahcaren Oundoh

Self love everyone

Not worth it

Vidal My love



But like why? Just why?

VS Travels

Whose was the first butt he discussed? Was that Cardi B’s ass?

Tana Wilson

Ladies do it naturally...SQUATS!

Rebecca B

Crazy. If you know Jesus; when you die you will have a head to toe makeover! Love you Jesus.

sara kate

Is that one pic one of Iggy Azalea!? (Who I’m SURE goes around saying her ass is real! Just like the Kardashians. NEVER KNEWWW that women’s asses could just grow to unnatural sizes out of nowhere!)


Wait I’m watching a guy talk about bad butts on YouTube.

Talcarey Ifill

The legs don’t match the large butt ladies don’t do it


It still makes me laugh that everyone made fun of my “big butt” as I was growing up. Now they are risking their lives to have what I was born with ?. Next year I’ll be out of style again. Love and accept your body as it is! It’s cheaper and could save your life.

Anna Kermode

How about you don't get plastic surgery. If you're that concerned do some squats. My god.

Cosas de Sani Family Vlogs


Steve Christianson

fake assess are nasty


Why do women think its a great idea to look like a spider? Just so nasty.

arcelia chairez


Kourtni Peake

Iggy ???

Egg Dog

okay no butt lifts for me. im good

Camille Orgille

How can i get in touch with you if i need you to give me that body left


I still can't understand why a woman would want a big fat wobbly arse????


All BBL'S look botched cause women can't accept the fact that their natural butt size/shape goes with their body. When you put hips that were never there it's always going to look weird...

Sonila Kar

it doesnt even look good. why people do this? so weird LOL

Jeanne Marie Bizeau

That's what I call a waste of money and time!


I made a video where I removed Kim Kardashian’s BBL with Photoshop and I’d love for you to take a look and tell me how much more natural I made her lol

myron chrisp

I hit like as soon as I heard “bullshit”. Keepin it real.

Playgirl Coco

chicken legs and a big fake ass ? ? oh helll nooo

Agatha T

Well ,this is what you get for trying to look like someone else . Just be yourself.?

Ladarius Rice

Bitch bye


What do you think these butts will look like when the women are 60? Lol.... The Butt is a large muscle and this operation will ruin the butt over time.

Joey Tribbiani

Be happy with whatever you've got people. This one's especially dangerous. Small butt is better than a sick butt ?

One Love Kayla

This guy gets to touch so many bootys everyday!!

Vietboy Gamer

Where is Kim Kardashian's butts?

Shaunlee Babineaux

I love your honestly and to hear you say “bull$hit” I was like... this is my kind of Dr! Where are you located again? Also, do you consult online??

Shevonne Young



3:00 in that woman had butt implants to impress black men? what a waste


Bro got caught lackin to much

Squirley Spitmonkey

99% of women look like this, like they shoved two hams in their pants. It looks awful. I don't know what people are thinking.

I miss the 80s and 90s. Slim butts and long legs.


That rapper, Nicki Minaj looks really weird with that huge butt and skinny thighs. Dont know why people put their bodies through this.


Why get this when you can just lift weights and have a real butt. It takes work and patience but it’ll actually be real and it costs so much less

One Love Kayla

I live near Mexico, I see so many women looking like this!

Maria Fe Reyes

I feel im going sick what the hell happened ???

Holly Golightly

I don’t understand why anyone would do this to themselves. Not only does it look revolting but they are putting their lives at risk. Why do so many women have such low self esteem?

Diandra Irawan

I still don't get why people think its cute to have an exaggerated large butt with super wide hips & big-ass thigh. The part of smaller waist & flat stomach I understand, but... does it have to be paired with large hips & butt? I have a natural big butt (for my body frame at least), and I don't even like them :( gives me a hard time to find a decent jeans that fit properly. Wish I have flatter butt...

Ms Joseph

Work out for the booty safest option

Tara 907

Oh wow it really DOES look like a dirty diaper. Ew!!

Griselle Isara

Please women. Love yourself enough. Don’t have anything done Remember any time you are under anesthesia. Anything can go wrong. ❤️

Resilient Soul

I belong to the #RatherDimplyButNaturalThanHugeButUnhealthy club !!! After Four pregnancies my body took a massive change but I still look naturally beautiful.... And the most important, I don't have regrets 24/7 that must be devastating ?

New BornXoX

Moral of the story.. Just gonna Love the way it like as the natural beauty of the God giving...???

Rock Candie

Who's here in 2021 during quarantine?

Phyllis Gallagher

Thank God I love the body I was born with !!



Worst butt implants

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Dr. Max Gomez: Surgically Reversing Bad Butt Implants

4 916 views | 17 Jun. 2015

CBS2’s Dr. Max Gomez has

CBS2’s Dr. Max Gomez has more on the cut-rate surgery and its terrible consequences.


She was beautiful no need for that.

Angel Baby

But these aren’t butt implants these are illegal silicone injections


Dont change what you was born with!