Why is kiehl's so expensive

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1 744 views | 5 Jun. 2016

Here are some things that

Here are some things that i spent my money on & what i think about them!

KIEHLS FACE WASH REVIEW - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqqBTaUpqsg


KIEHLS FACE WASH - http://www.nykaa.com/kiehl-s-calendula-deep-cleansing-foaming-face-wash.html?gclid=CjwKEAjwm8-6BRDgnb-Dk96UmRASJADbMycYQy6TL1XK478xoGBo2UHj4DM2rYoeOMoKy_J-qLTmthoCn0Lw_wcB&utm_source=GoogleShopping&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=PLA_Kiehl%27s_Shopping&s_kwcid=AL!599!3!88524366194!!!g!!&ef_id=VDgSGwAABYjRV7jL:20160605114447:s

TOO FACED GLOSS(similar colour) - http://www.ebay.com/itm/TOO-FACED-Glamour-Gloss-First-Time-/331691833744

BBLUNT SHAMPOO - http://www.nykaa.com/bblunt-perfect-balance-shampoo-for-normal-to-dry-hair.html?root=search&searchterm=bblunt%20shampoo&type=product&ptype=product

BBLUNT CONDITIONER - http://www.nykaa.com/bblunt-perfect-balance-conditioner-for-normal-to-dry-hair.html?root=search&searchterm=BBlunt%20conditioner&type=product&ptype=product



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rama Kasetty

you look so preety in the video can u make a video on the products you regret buying pls

Nicky Pink

Where is ur top from ?

rama Kasetty

u know Anjali right she is my cousin sister we both love watching ur videos

Tulip Fairy

*finding job

Arpita K

u r looking Really sexy here?

zaara gorgeous

makeup look 4 surre girl loved it

Jenosha Agnes

You are looking so beautiful in this video ?? Love your videos !!

miss messy

honest revw tfs :)

Rania Imran

Wow you should definitely do a makeup tutorial on this look, I love it!!❤️❤️

Tulip Fairy

luved ur eyemakeup and top . i am also finding so that i can buy such products :)

s r

love ur honest review ?

Purvi bhatt

hahhaha to me also upside down

vaishali kumar

Makeup tutorial on this look pls

Anfa Khan

Honest review????


OMG That lips gloss is EVEERRYTHHING... It's expensive but the packaging is totally worth the price!

Madiha Ansari

The ring in your left hand looks so cute! ??

Monika Sharma

loved it!!!!


My parents would literally hang me upside down If I bought these things not that I am complaing ?


your makeup is on point!

Katyalison Jones

Omg your t-shirt my favorite ?

Why is kiehl's so expensive

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175 views | 9 Mar. 2020


Hello everyone I hope you find this video helpful this video is in collaboration with Keilhs since 1851. In this video I am giving you deep details tips tricks and hacks on how to conquer when your skin care stops working. I’m also telling you why it stops working. Hopefully you enjoy this video please give it a thumbs up. I appreciate all the love and support definitely leave in the comments down below what you’d like to see for me next. #SkinCareTips, #LevelUpYourSkinCare.

I love you all very much please know that.

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Hi Sean. Calendula is my birthday flower. I never knew it had useful properties for my skin. I need a good recommendation for hand soap. I am experiencing eczema on my hands and I think it may be due to excessive hand washing using liquid anti bacterial soaps. I have tried a Kiel's product before but can't remember what it was. I do remember being happy with it though!!! I think it was an eye depuffer product. The humidity here in L.A. is currently 54%. Any suggestions? Thanks a bunch!!!


Love the look????thanks for the info ????

Sidonie Jordan-Olsen

My friend was washing her face with Dial soap. She has break outs bad. I told her NO STOP!!!!! I'm trying to help her find something to help her face. Tula probiotics helps her, but it's so expensive. Do you have a suggestion?


I do hope this video is helpful definitely leave your feedback down below and I will featured here on my channel…

Sidonie Jordan-Olsen

Hello beautiful lady, how are you doing today. Have a good week!

Why is kiehl's so expensive

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La Mer- Worth It?

226 327 views | 15 Mar. 2018

Your FREE Skin Care

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Aloha boo! I'm talking about whether or not La Mer, the luxury skin care brand, is really worth the cost! I breakdown the ingredients, effectiveness, cost, why people buy, and more. Watch to figure out if this cosmetic brand is really worth the hype!


Honesty For Your Skin: http://www.honestyforyourskin.co.uk/the-most-expensive-face-cream-in-the-world-creme-de-la-mer-is-it-worth-it/

The Critical Babe: https://thecriticalbabe.com/creme-de-la-mer/

DEODORANT=DANGER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7htkUr_MGw&t=212s

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Stay confident, love yourself, and change the world!

- Hyram

*Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any brands in this video, nor was I expected to give a better review of a product because I received it for free. My opinions are 100% my own.

Mrs. Smith

I first tried LA Mer on 1999. I thought it was daft. There wasn't a lot of hard science behind the claims or ingredients. Within a month, clients started asking what was going on with my skin. I am 67 now and if I don't use it I see a difference. I read labels too, and I still can't explain it. So I tried it on my tradesman boyfriend. His ex wife flew into town after 5 weeks of this (we all get ALONG) and she was surprised.

Rebecca O'leary

I spent years using La Mer, I reckon it did calm down my skin, but one day I was just like I can't afford this anymore. Since then I dont think my skin is any worst off with a brand thats slightly cheaper.

Kylee May

Do a review on sente skin!

Nina -

La Mer laughed at clients... such a ripoff for such crap products. Omg.

Stefano Gomez

I was thinking about buying La Mer, Sisley Paris, or Hermès.... but....

Hermès only has balms which I have so... Hermès
Looking into La Mer it was easy to determine they overprice their products because it’s just basic ingredients... nothing special. La Mer
Sisley Paris lists like 3 ingredients on their products which is ANNOYING AS FRICK.... Sisley Paris

Guess I’m just gonna have to keep looking into more brands & the channel!

Lee Regalado

Love it ..my skin feels so much better & I have their eyes serum & also the lifting contour serum ..

Iliana Richards

me and my mom went to a mall and a lady pulled us into the la mer store and my mom ended up spending 5000 dollars on their skincare, and after she regretted it she couldn’t return it!

Leyer Moderador

Nice Video clip! Forgive me for chiming in, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you thought about - Poyliviat Wordless Predominance (google it)? It is an awesome one of a kind guide for learning what to eat to slow down your ageing process without the headache. Ive heard some decent things about it and my mate got great results with it.

Andrea in Melbourne

This video helped so much



Carla Gerner

Do for Biodroga line. It is a German brand and Dr Hauschka please

Scena Chan

I bought creme de La Mer a few year ago. I like the soft texture of my skin after using it. But it will not make a difference to your skin. Better save that 200 dollars.

Brooke Martin

Hi! You have to try skinceuticals triple lipid moisturizer!! Hands down the best moisturizer ever!!

somsong patthaphong

Very High Price

Speaking In Silence

I have been using La Mer for a few years now and there is nothing like it imp. I am about to turn 40 and I get told often I can pass for high school age. I don’t use La Mer as a moisturizer.. I use it as a night creme since it’s so thick and I have oily skin. Also, I don’t use it for wrinkles.. (I prefer some key Shiseido products for that).. but I use it to help with coloring and brightness. I can’t explain the look of my skin every morning after a night of La Mer. There is nothing like this product. I can honestly tell a celebrity that uses it by just looking at their skin. Seriously, for fun I decide if a celebrity uses it and go to their IG pages and see if they follow LaMer. I am right every time. Skin has a “look” to it when someone uses La Mer. I also notice it really helps with acne. I absolutely love skin care and try whatever I can get my hands on. I have been a skin care junkie since I was a teen. Yes it is expensive and I agree skin care should be affordable.. but I have to passionately defend La Mer. I hate spending the money but there is nothing like it in my opinion. But don’t use it for wrinkles.. use it for coloring brightness etc.. and I suggest to use it at night. And their other products are great.. but I do feel are overpriced. I only strongly suggest the original creme. ❤️ ✌️

Sara Al Shamsi

Honestly I bought a whole line from la mer and it did absolutely nothing for me the face cream made me look greasy and didn’t hydrate my skin

April Kennedy

Please answer me why when I try to replace my Lamer products because of being ridiculously priced and overrated my skin is nothing like it is when I use those products I go back to them and everything is on point plump so soft so moisturized throughout the whole night the whole day it confuses me how it works that well for me??? ?

Zue Y

I didn’t find La mer impressive when I had oily skin. However, while I was on accutane last year for acne treatment, my skin became so fragile, dry and extra sensitive. My skin felt hurt even by touching it. It was at that time I found La mer super helpful, but of course combined with my other skincare routine. But now, when my skin’s back to normal, I stop using it as I can’t see noticeable difference.

Emma Belasco

Please please please review Arbonne! That’s all we use in the house...for years!

Mark and Cristina S

Hi, I’m wondering what your thoughts are on Augustinus Bader. Specifically the coveted “Rich Cream.” The avocado oil is worrying me because it might be pore clogging.

Elle Salagaras

To be fair, luxury clothing/accessories from high end brands ARE really good quality in terms of the fabrics and materials used/craftsmanship vs fast fashion brands

Renee Bedard

Hi! I find that La Mer leaves a nice glow on my mature and dry skin. What moisturizer do you suggest that is of the same caliber? Thank you!

Kim Diaz

Thank you !!!

Esther Zhou

I abandoned la mer last year because all I felt from this brand is a lot silicone in the skin care ? that’s how I feel on my skin, smooth but effective too quickly. Anyway, could we also have a video about Chanel skincare, especially solution 10? I’ve used several bottles now because of one of the celebrity spa specialists in Sydney recommended it. But lately I don’t feel it’s as effective as before anymore... not sure if it actually strip the moisture from my skin? Thanks ❤️❤️

Max Brown

You’re only 20 something years old and you’re testing your product for winkles

Movie Land TV

Excellent video content! Apologies for butting in, I would love your opinion. Have you considered - Poyliviat Wordless Predominance (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a smashing one of a kind guide for learning what to eat to slow down your ageing process minus the hard work. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my work buddy at very last got astronomical results with it.

Love 787

cute video, Aloha!:)

Allison Whelan


Mia Andres

Hi please do a review on Biologique Recherche especially MSR H and Grand Creme

Lisa Feldmann

This video was so much more pleasant and easy to watch than your video on La Prairie. No body noise gags...just good common sense. Thank you!

elle aura

I need a review about Darphin, Chanel, Bobbi Brown :)) PLEASE??

Jonny Craig

La Mer for me is really hit or miss. I've tried out the three famous moisturisers and all of them made me break out. The Eye Concentrate though is incredible and I'm sooooo obsessed with it


Anything similar to la mer?


Honestly, I would feel guilty and kind of dumb putting such a waste of money on my face when it's nowhere near the most effective skincare you can find. The luxury placebo effect doesn't work on me.

Biljana Fabijanić

Few weeks is not enough to test anything. La Mer is known for reducing inflammation processes in the skin and allows it to repair itself over time. Also it has a pretty good ingredients including some you mentioned that are good for the skin, but I guess most of you Youtubers just advertise what you are payed for.

Boomer Z

A skin expert would have known that fermenting kelp produces lactic acid!

Rob Caldwell

I’m confused , you used them for 3 weeks , doesn’t any effect on lines take 4 weeks minimum ?
Iv used la mer for years , Iv tried changing to other things and they just don’t cut it , I don’t like every product , I hate the cleansers , the renewal oil origional cream the eye cream and eye serum , the tonic are incredible . Nothing matched them and you need a tiny amount so compared to other ‘luxury’ brands they are more expensive per ml when compared but last longer ,

Nancy Velazco

Please do BENTON

Koay Yi

Please do a review on Kiehl's.. ❤️❤️?

Christos Segkos

Can you please make a video review about Murad? ??

sandra paannts

Thoughts on The Organic Pharmacy?


How do you need wrinkle removing products at your age? At your age moisture and exfoliation is most important, with sun protection.

Bardi Damn

I’ve been using la mer for 3-4 years and they changed something only 2 things work for me. When I used in store it was amazing then I bought it took it home was totally different


I honestly don't like petrolatum (petroleum jelly) as it is the waste product of literally car fuel. I mean It can be effective on the original purpose of la mer which is for burns or to prevent scarring. But I don't feel like it's a necessary ingredient to maintain beautiful skin.

Rutuja Sangale

Your view on Augustinus Bader?Apparently even that brand worked on burn victims and is extremely expensive but apparently effective

Melis Madness

Sorry but the only La Mer I know is the piece by Debussy :|

Rozina N

Lmao lemme just fill up my empty la mer tub with nivea now

Lucia Kravakova

Give me video about nuiskin or lumispa

Shannon Winger

I've never tried La Mer


my moms has the la mer cream and she said that it’s good for her skin but honestly i don’t see anything special with it


They're not just selling you the product, but they're selling you the "idea" of the product.

Prathapan Punalur

Cheers for the Video clip! Apologies for the intrusion, I would love your thoughts. Have you tried - Poyliviat Wordless Predominance (just google it)? It is a good one off guide for learning what to eat to slow down your ageing process minus the headache. Ive heard some decent things about it and my mate at last got cool results with it.

Virginie Trépanier

Living Libations critique video!? :D

khwahish bhambhani

can you give your thoughts on forest essentials???

Cristina Tiamzon

Because supermodels use lamer.

john orlando

This guy is way too young to be reviewing these type products....come back in 20-30 years

Kimberly Brookes

While I know petroleum and mineral oil can be good for the skin... I think at this price point they should have used extremely fresh and organic luxury non comedogenic oils as an alternative. These would have the performance of the petroleum products while maybe having added benefits and making the luxury price more justifiable.

J en Vogue

The miracle broth is a combination of four ingredients, not just seaweed. Also, La Mer's oily skin formulations do not have petrolatum. Petrolatum is from petrol oil, it is not good for anybody! But, I do have to say the miracle broth does calm and even my skin in my experience.

Rachel Hein

The La Mer eye concentrate dried out my skin so bad I ended up with a rash. I waited forever to be able to afford it and it was the biggest let down. La Mer sucks.


I use Nivea Soft, the white jar, as my night time moisturizer. I love it. Absolutely love it. Also; cheap as fuck, yay!

Unfortunately, according to a video by James Welsh I saw, Nivea is homophobic. I can't support a brand that's homophobic. But shit, is there even an alternative?

carla ang

Can you review Clarins Double Serum? Thank you!♥️


Can you review iS clinical?!? please :)

Fool's Paradise

Its for uncultured swine who dont care about the environment.

Dalila Gonzalez

Hi Hyram, can you do a review on Zo Skin Heath?


Hi - La Mer also has other lines, eg the Med Line, with different products for dry skin, rosecea prone skin, stressed skin or acne prone skin (from all the ingredients they use 95% Hyram approved probably, no perfume. some have alcohol). Another line is the Flexible Specials line, e.g. to improve skin texture, here you can choose if you want perfume or not. Price point is from 5€ to about 60€, so definitely affordable. What most skincare youtubers review is “Creme de la Mer” - and for this line I agree with Hyram completely. In Germany they sell the La Mer products I mean either through their own website or in pharmacies - not drugstores. Point towards their ingredient strenghts in my mind :) Just my two cents since Hyrams tips helped my skin so much, but he sadly dismissed the whole of La Mer even though they have also very good products. And I have nothing to do with La Mer, just a happy customer with very sensitive skin :)

Jessica Satterfield

Love your videos hyram ?

Betsy Brown

Hi! I have been using LaMer for about 20 years! I buy the concentrate which is a miracle serum for the skin and the moisturizer cream. I am 68 and people think I am around 48. I attribute some of my “youthful” look to LaMer. I also have a masters degree in biochemistry so I do understand some of the pros and cons of various skincare ingredients. I am very curious as to what you think is the best skincare products and why. Thanks for doing what you do! It’s extremely interesting and educational! Betsy


which one is better, ceraVe moisturizing cream or le mer moisturizing cream?

Dasha Antonenko

Ahah?yes I love this feeling from the luxury products even if they are not better than others ?

dax Chamberlain

How old are you? You appear to be in your early 20’s. La Mer is a phenomenal line of products that was a real game changer for me once I hit my mid thirties. I cannot imagine using this cream in my early 20’s or teens, however, once I hit my thirties using la Mer exclusively has changed my skin.

amy yellowrose

I'm 36 years old going 37. My skin has no wrinkles and no blemishes because ive never try La Mer. Im using Jojoba oil, virgin coconut oil as moisturizer and it works and it's cheap.


Appreciate you ?

Megan Lacey Connell

Is this guy a dermatologist or what? Why does he think he knows everything. I’m just curious

Sophia Lehane

i have this and wish i never bought it ?


What are your thoughts on Young Living skincare products?

cho jackie b



My mom just sent 2k on lamer and I'm showing this to her

Ann Colangelo fancy Parfumes

La mer smels like nivea! that's crazy!!




Would love an odacite review!!!


Okay so what moisturizer do you recommend ? My skin has become so dry


Wrinkles??? What wrinkles?? You have none!! What are you, like 19-20????❤️

Rudy Longoria

Have you ever tested SKII


An actual Dermatologist speaks about La Mer ingredients. You should watch this tbh. https://youtu.be/wsKkBVJzRIE

Covfefe Jenkins

100% rip off. Chick at work yesterday told me she has been using La Mer for years and I was shocked. She looks rough. Literally. Deep wrinkles (in her 30s), textured skin, etc.

Mathew K

I am trying this now and gotta so I am happy it’s only a sample size caus not loving it

Noé Jasso

Make a video with your thoughts on Vine Vera products!! #need

Betsy Brown

Correcting my grammar! “...what are the best skincare products....”

Ehab Shah

Do one video for TebiSkin


Me: havent got any budget to buy lamer products. lamer skincare video exists my brain: click it?

Bijayalaxmi Shrestha

I had been using Lamer mist and moisturizer since three years, I also had the same feeling of luxuriousness using these products, thanks to your channel I found that the little bump all over my face could be fungal acne, then I checked all the ingredients of my skincare product, found both Mist and moisturizer had ingredients that can promote fungal acne. Definitely not worth it for me, switched my moisturizer with CeraVe and toner with Innisfree.

Hakim Remane

honey is nt a true story, I went to cape Canaveral when I asked some guys there and their reaction was that I m talking one alien language!! EL found a beautiful lie to inspire people like u and me , don´t believe that, try to figure out any member family of Max H :-( good luck

Anthony Gachie

Great Video clip! Apologies for butting in, I would love your thoughts. Have you heard the talk about - Poyliviat Wordless Predominance (google it)? It is a good exclusive guide for learning what to eat to slow down your ageing process minus the headache. Ive heard some decent things about it and my mate at last got great success with it.



Alice and gore

Can you do a Elemis skincare video

Lisa Smith

You can get the smaller size Crème De La Mer for $80. Which isn’t that outrageous. And I love it. Swear by it.


Don’t wanna spend a million bucks but I want my skin to look a million bucks lol so nope no more expensive and useless products for me

Rima Ali

For me, it’s because i used to see it in celeb’s background/ vids so I wanted to use it to get a similar result.. then I realized they do way more than that the helps their skin (laser treatments for example) so it’s not really the result of these creams only.. there are a lot of factors

Alona Lohman

Can you make a video about Zo skin care products please?

ira nadine Chairil

Honestly, long term use (more than 3 weeks is too short in my opinion) makes a HUGe difference and I've been using la mer for years now. It never states that it will remove any breakouts etc. BUT if you worked hard to maintain your skin with different acne targeted products and are at a point where you are happy with the condition it is, LA MER is AMZING for keeping it flawless. Usually I like to use it when my skin is being good to me, but if the occasional breakout happens I switch to stuff that will combat my acne