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Reacting To Worst Piercing Reactions | Piercings Gone Wrong 44 | Roly Reacts

495 466 views | 11 May. 2020

Reacting To Worst

Reacting To Worst Piercing Reactions! Piercings Gone Wrong Is back! Today I react to the worst piercing client reactions! From painful piercing screams, pulling away from the piercer to piercing going wrong from people being too scared! Annoying people getting pierced in the worst! Links below.

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My Last Video "12 Piercings In One Go! | Reacting To Instagram DMs " https://youtu.be/RnNltm5l5tw


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Lark Haven

"I really wanna drink, get a bit drunk, but I don't want a hangover - no, yo do one thing you gotta have the consequences"
that is a really bad attitude and paints a really bad picture cause, like. you can have fun. without drinking so much. you get a hangover
my boyfriend once said that you haven't "actually" drunk alcohol unless you got completely wasted and I was close to a panic attack the whole evening
being slightly drunk/tipsy is basically the only time my social anxiety fucks off, but gods, I like being in control of my body, thank you very much
and to remember what I did lmao
and just... be myself?

just recently on a car ride, my sister kept having to throw up, and then later at my grandma's too
and the perfect word to describe my feeling was "Schadenfreude"
be stupid and deal with the consequences
but that doesn't mean that unless you wanna get that drunk you shouldn't drink or aren't drinking "right"

anyway thanks for coming to my ted talk


I would hope it's fake, because laughing is a completely incorrect response for that situation.

Madison Live

I was better then all of these people when I was 6 and got my ears periced edit I know I spelt it wrong btw I know the ear piercings are not that painful but I was six and a barley cried at the end


Roly: Stupid stupid stupid stupid!

Me, a Danganronpa fan: 11037? ???

Francisca Cook

Fake girl!!


I'm never getting a piercing ? I'd probably be as dramatic as most of these people coz I'm terrified of pain ??

Ally Vinson

I got my septum pierced and it was painful but I just whimpered. I have a very low pain tolerance, but its called self control

Lisa Smith

fake girl

Leanne Morton

Who else is watching Roly instead of doing there homework leave a like if u are

Ginger s

For the love of all that's holy.... the screaming chicks...

Taylor the bi disaster

The dude getting his nipples pierced was definitely in Florida?

Lionisia Barnes

boshy washy hahahah!!!

410DaDon. Tay

Sorry I’ll scream too if I was getting snake eyes

Drift's Queen

Honestly cleaning my industrial piercing the first week hurt more than actually getting it done. ?

theirs nothing

4:40 I think the piercer was pressing the tongs too hard beacsue the tongue turned white....

Spicy Weeaboo

I cried silently when I got my ears pierced but I didn't move I just have no pain tolerance ??

It’s Tings

Ppl who though folly was a professional cuz he has a million piercings also look at 4:40

Tina Campbell

Fake girl

Rachael Magerl

People that do piercings or tattoos at home are idiots. I knew girls in high school that were going to a guy who did tattoos and piercings in his basement for $50.

I pad pro


Rebecca P

So I had my nostril and helix done in the same sitting the nostril did not hurt AT ALL and I don’t have a high pain tolerance. The helix hurt a bit but I literally didn’t move or make a noise - these people are sooo dramatic ?

2D's blue-ty shorts

I really wanna get my septum done, but I have a very low pain tolerance and I'm deathly afraid of needles so I'm absolutely terrified I'd be a nightmare client. Like, I don't want to be THAT person, you know?


Lol, guess I'm just lucky. I hardly feel it when I get pierced(ears a few times, both nostrils, one nostril had to get re-pierced). Can't wait for more!

Shady Evans

My 11 year old sister got her belly button pierced and her eyes didn’t even water ?????

Sheba Sabrina Koomalsingh

Silly people.
Go to the professional piercers.
Fake girl.

You Tube

I’ve had many piercings and my most painful was my nose, I thought I was bad when I said “oo, that hurt” afterwards...

Basil In the Forest

The clamps are worse than the actual piercing. I used to have angelbites,and even with keeping them clean,they both developed keloids after a month or so. I miss them but now I am anti lip piercings for myself. I would love a vertical labret but if I didn't get it in my 20s,I don't see it happening anytime soon. Until then,I am will enjoy my nose and septum rings

DIY Slime

I got my ears pierced three weeks ago, it only stung a little bit then it was fine ?

XxAinsley _PuppyxX

Woah? I just realized something! you look like a bald mr. clean.

Charleen Gramsch

If I were the piercer in the first clip I would say: get out of here, you‘re acting like a kid and i cant pierce you!

Ramzi Gooding

Giving birth hurt worse then my piercings and I didn't scream with either, jesus christ ?

Sang Lê

I feel bad for the piercers who had to deal with these screaming kids. I understand that it hurts and you react to it but you can at least not let go a constant scream in their faces like that, or just not get it done if you can't tolerate the pain. I've done piercings and giving birth and im telling you nothing is worse than the labor pain.

Brenna Maxwell

He is the CEO of no no no no no no no stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid!

katerina vanderpool

5:47 dat gurl lookin like my music teacher....

Fearless Mode6661

these piercers are so brave. i’d kick them out and give them their money back

Hannah Penalosa

It's real girl

Cauliflowersour X

I HATE those type of clients, and its soooo commom


No when that girl hit that guy in the nuts it was not staged sweetheart I was getting a tattoo on my hip, the inside of my hip bone like closer to my hip bone but not, my lower hip area, the guy hit a nerve and made my arm jerk and I did the same thing I hit him in the nuts by accident that was not staged in opinion, there are nerves all over you that if they get hit it'll cause your arm to jerk, the same thing happened to me when I got my foot tattooed the guy was tattooing my foot and I had to hold my leg down because it was making my foot jump so bad but it didn't hurt so much but it's the nerves in my foot every time you text Art tattooing and make my legs almost like jump up and down so I had to hold my foot down by lay down I had bruises on my legs from the hoping my foot in my leg down so hard and it said it wasn't as painful as I thought it was going to be it I felt more in my shin more than I actually did in my foot


I got my bellybutton pierced when I was 11 and didn’t make a noise.

Gavin Stines

Take all you pending our

Ainsley Manners

Rolly would be the worst piercer “GET YOUR HANDS AWAY!” ?

Madison Hendrickson

I’ve only had one piercing so far the most I did was pull away for a quick second it cost a tad bit of blood but it’s healing fine and she didn’t seem annoyed so I think it was ok considering it was my first piercing

Espresso Depresso Cosplays

The only time I’ve ever pulled away from a piercer was when it didn’t feel right, and hurt when it shouldn’t have, and I only pulled away after they where dine to look at them, might have been the piercing gun though

Samantha Gray

The first girl was really dramatic. Why get a piercing if you're going to act like that.

Caitlin Hansch

What is wrong with some people, though? Surely they aren't going through that much pain, I'm sure it's exaggerated for the videos.

Bee Sucks

fake girl

Ťïmbəř Ğhøšť

Man, my sister is dramatic as hell and she had her nips,belly button, ears, the side of the nose, and in the middle part and she wasn't as dramatic as any of those people. XD


So like i have a low pain tolerance or whatever it’s called like I can’t cope with pain at all I like I’d cry over getting pinched when I was younger because I didn’t like pain on like a whole new level yet I could sit my @$$ down and get a few perceings down all I did was tear up a little bit and flinch! I don’t hit guy’s privates because I asked them to put a hole in my goddamn body!(I’m disslexic so sorry if I spell some words wrong)

chloe white

with the first video... i feel like the piercer was like "no you're being annoying so here is an uncleaned piercing have fun with your infection... bitch"

kaneki Kirigaya

I did good with all my peircings. Snakebites(3x cause they couldn't get it even) belly button piercing, but either my septum I just basically stiffened up like a statue to get over the pain. luckly the piercer said it was actually a better reaction than most cause atleast I wasnt moving

roxie norris

I’m 11 and got my cardalige peirced at 10 what the frick is wrong with these Peale it don’t hurt that bad dang

francesca prenga

some people are so disrespectful ✋


Hey we both have the same popsocket mines the Galaxy I absolutely love the Stars and the whole universe thing I absolutely love it I actually do it so the epoxy resin artwork and I've been trying my hand at doing some galaxies and planets with what do you call a like comment and wormhole I have to put it up on my Instagram I think I have you on my Instagram Dua I should ask that either way yeah I actually have a mold to make popsockets like I said I do epoxy resin art so you get silicone mold not like you know gross allergy molds or whatever that's not what I'm talking about but yeah I get so that you can like change your thing

leilani :p

11:13 she’s pulling back because she’s in pain. its a natural reaction.

Sharnii Doran

Client: opens mouth to start screaming


"I do like drinking but I don't want the hangover. No you do if you want one thing you're gonna get the consequences"

Me who doesn't get hangovers: ???

Bubble Bean

if u gonna scream......like you bout to be murdered.....mayb dont get a one

Kiji creates

I’m TERRIFIED of needles, so I’m never ever gonna get another piercing (got my loves done at clares, I know,,,,) but these reactions just eeeebweeweebs......

Monsieur Francis

i would literally just put a straight jacket or handcuffs on these people-
like yeah it hurts but jesus fucking christ its not like you're getting your eyeballs pierced or some shit


Idk everyone has different feelings towards numbing cream. But every piercings I’ve done was 100% easier with numbing cream. They have had almost 0 pain.

Kelly Thompson

Fake gurrrrl

Jacolyn Beveridge

I’m 15 and have my nose, bellybutton, cartilage, and industrial done. I didn’t cry, scream, or freak out what so ever. I only had tears on my industrial and this video makes me feel great about myself.

Lily M

Can you say Assault Charges? I sure can! <3 lmao

Daisy Mariw

Are belly piercings rlly that painful

Lotti Bradley-Short

Sorry but I had my nose pierced at 12 right yes 12. I was scared but I didn’t even move around I didn’t even resist this girl is wayyyy over reacting

Bean Baby05

As a 15 yr old with 7 piercings some of these adults act so much worse i onlt flinched on my noes piercing and apart from that i didnt feel the rest ??

•Red Dino•

Lmao I’m 12 and I pierced my nose on both sides with a ducking sewing needle ya dig

iicuriosityy 4

Fake gurlllll

Tamaralar flores

I did one in the nipple and its hurt likes hell but i didnt scream or anything....they are so melodramatics

Kriselynn Mele Blanton

trot along bitches. Get out the shop. haha

G Unit

I my nipples and medusa done in one sitting and my piercer loves me because I'm so chill, I don't flinch or scrunch my face up and I don't make a fuss. My boyfriend was on the other side of the curtain and was genuinely shocked because I didn't make a sound. If you're this freaked out, don't fucking do it ?

Charity Keefe

When I got my tongue done I didnt act as poorly as she did with snake eyes and I'm 15 ?


Omg the first one is ridiculous. She's doing to much and she's probably gonna get an infection

Devil’s Treat

The girl pulling away and screaming no, I would’ve taken the clamps off and told her to get out when she put her hands up

katerina vanderpool

2:23 i got my ears pierced at 8,i was confused by how little it hurt and shocked because i wasnt given any warning other than the piercing clamp on my ear so i didnt have time to flinch and just stared.....i knew she was gonna do the other side so i just made sure i was a statue.i truly disliked the fact that i barely got warning but didnt say that because i had to have a piercing.....i only got it because my dad was pestering me about it like "so when do you wanna get your ears pierced?" Every time it even remotely came up that was his question....

Ashley P

I shed a single tear for my nipples but I couldn't imagine screaming though


Honestly like this I would get nervous but freaking out is not that serious

kellie jones

No offending I hope u never get a mri

•Lynx- Times•

Ngl I thought the thing on the couch was a homeless man

Riy Riy

I literally am dying I can’t laugh because my bf is sleeping and I’m holding in my laughingI CANT BREATHHH


NGL I'm also afraid of pain but I am kinda tolerant to pain.

It is official, I am a f#$&ing coward.


Hope you enjoy this one! Something different <3 Please like and follow below <3
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Leanne Morton

I love yr Vids Roly u are kindest a have started watching you and I am 8 years old and you make me laugh and no one makes me laugh only you

Zoe Carter

This is why people should ask somebody who nows how to Pierce A dang on ear </3

Arlo K. C. Raz

Fake gurl ?❤??

Etania Peterson

omg i got my nose pierced and like the forceps hurt more than the actual needle lmao. my eye watered bc the nose is just like super sensitive yk? its still healing at the moment and im cleaning it everyday, and no infection so far! also i got my cartilage pierced :)

Paighton Vizeau

Me: I want a stupid piercing

My piercer : yOU sURe yOu REALLY WANT IT

Me: ummm... NOOOOO

My piercer: thats what i thought?????

Trinitty Forrisi

I have a phobia of needles and I had an anxiety attack when I got my Medusa done, but I closed my eyes and sucked it up. Like the first girl really irritated the crap outta me. I had to ask my piercer to give me a second, that’s what you do instead of freaking the hell out.?‍♀️


Meanwhile my polite self getting pierced was just "If I swear it's not aimed at you". Thankfully the folks that pierced me the few times I have been pierced understood lol.

Destiny Breana

Your reaction to the second one has me deceased. ????? I rewinded it at least four times. ?

Alex Keltner

5:45 They're using ice because it's supposed to help cool down the spot enough to numb it before piercing, not for sanitizing. Stupid nonetheless, buttttttt


Oh my goodness I was 16 years old when I got my bellybutton pierced and I did not make a piece my dad brought me up to get it done for my 16th birthday and they told me here are are the clamps and then they said they would tell me when they get the stopper behind it and then when they were going to pierce it well when they put the stopper below they put the needle through and I said are you done yet and they said yeah it's over and done with I couldn't believe it I felt the smoke pinch but I thought it was like my tongue when I had that pierce the clamp hurt worse than the piercing in my opinion


People acting like it's "cute" to freak out and be an ass...
Like bish no.

Ogiimaabineshikwe B

4:53 dawg that dude was going mega slow omg


fake girl



Jen Panarese

That girl at 7:24 needs to punched in the face oh mt God are you kidding me? How disrespectful and the fact they're laughing about it is sickening

Aisha Rose

I got my belly pierced and it was fine and I pierced my own nose and it was fine but I don’t recommend piercing urself my mum’s a professional piercer and I had the right tools to do it

kenzie harp

The way that girl just knocked the guy in the nuts???????

val wats

bro fake girl

Worst piercings

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Worst TikTok Piercing

Worst TikTok Piercing Fail While Driving? Piercings Gone Wrong Is back! Today I react to the worst TikTok piercing video fails! From horrible piercing guns going wrong, piercings going through veins, horrible lip piercing swelling & shocking piercing gun fails while he is DRIVING?! Sit back and enjoy me reacting to some of the worst piercing videos from TikTok! Please do not pierce yourself at home and please do not use this "Piercing Roulette" filter

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Play-doh Poptart

10:09 why her face shaped like

ღ Kai ღ

When I finally changed out my helix, I had let it heal for 9 months and my ear wasn’t very happy about it. But now everything is perfectly fine and good!


"RIGHT INTO THE EYE RIGHT INTO THE EYE RIGHT INTO THE EYE" I'm going to be drifting off into sleep and hear this in the back of my head hahahaha

Abbigale Kelley

Some one that I go to school with was piercing other girls noses in school. Idek why.

Michelle Powell

I honestly screamed "Bye Felicia!" Right after he said "Bye bitch"... One of my absolute favorite youtubers of ALLLL time.

Vivien Dunn

I had my septum pierced and she went through the Cartlidge and yes it hurt and I had tears running down my face, but I wasn’t hysterical. I think some people are just really dramatic.

Sophie Grierson-hill

I love you so much keep the good work

Sejla Dzankovic

Any good websites that sell cute titanium piercings? Ive been looking everywhere

Wisteria The rainwing


Mr Watto

Social media has turned a large part of a generation into utter morons.


I wonder if the people that are getting pierced in cheap shopping malls and road side vendors are under age tweens/ teens and their parents disapprove, because an actual piercing studio usually checks your age and if you're underage you would have to have a parent or guardian present. I admit I was one of those rebellious teens that got my 1st piercing in a Mall with a gun back in the 80's, Damn I'm old. It never healed properly so I took it out and waited until I was old enough and had moved out of the parents house and went to a proper piercing studio. When you're young, ya don't care, ya do stupid crap like that. I even had my cousin pierce my ears with safety pins, that aren't safe...lol. I closed those up eventually too. I enjoy watching your vids.

Blondie Cup cake

When I got my ears pieced I had to wait 6 weeks and I waited 10 hahahahahahahahahahah


Haha I cried when my Septum piercing was done but not because of the pain, it was a reflex i dont know it was not like the girl just some tears. Its like you want to sneeze but it dont come out ?. I want to do a Medusa but i know its a sensitve spot and some swelling would accour, I am scared of the aftereffects I hope to get some reviews to help me to decide. ( sry for my poor english)

Rebel child

I waited a year maybe longer to change my nose ring and it still felt worse then when I get it done.

Sacro Esercito Romano Germanico

you’re the brad mondo of piercings and we love it

Tammi Beishline

Roku, where do you get your jewelry from? I love you loopy lip ring. I bought some but they are sooooo big.

Aven Nichols

im ngl ppl are SO DUMB these days-

Teleah Cyrus

Hey I do know if you know that I’m not going on a birthday card or something like this
Hunter and the other one I don’t have a lot to say about the whole family

Brynn Humphries

At 12:25 it looks more like she slipped the earring through the gap in between the gums and the teeth. I don't think her gums are actually pierced. I HOPE they aren't, anyways

Courteney Nichols

She probably misunderstood the piercer cuz I've had piercings and was told that after 2 weeks to a month when the swelling went down I could change it which wasn't true at all

dayzi says hi


Corie Baisden

You look absolutely FAB in this video, Roly! ❤️ ya!

c. vin

Don't blurr it out... We wanna see :)

Caitlin Gunyon

Imagine if he knew why SHEIN was, he would pass out!!

Dakota Byer

Too much censoring imo. Do you have to do that to be monetized

Kiara Lewis

I jumped with him when that girl was popping her belly button piercing?

Corrine tucker

Makes me thankful that my cousin is a fully qualified piercer, she done my industrial and haven't had any problems with it over the last 13yrs I've had it.

K• Pants

The gum piercing, right between the teeth...? Helllllllll nooooooo

Mel Miller


Candy Blue

What is the tiktok with the blue hair with all blood? I want to see it ??

Giovana Alvimach

Am i the only one who loves when Roly says "Disgusting" ajjsja so cute???

Dharti Patel

omg the pink contacts are so niceeeee!!!!

Ashley Rodr

We have westfields here in Australia!! That’s all I have to say bye!!


Him: “how could you get pierced in the middle of a store and think that’s okay?”
Me, who got my ears pierced in the middle of a store with a gun during a global pandemic: ???


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Tracey Peacock

Westfield is in Australia too

You Tube

“Stop playing silly buggers” _ only Brits will understand this ??

Sadece sade

I dont understand this whole humanity

Drift's Queen

Your piercings are so gorgeous. Literally goals. They fit so we'll.


rolyyyyy how much should a rook piercing be?


Is it possible to make a quick video: How to clean the piercing, Im not sure how to do it and I trust you in this part. :D

vincent ender

Piercings, tattoos, any body modifications that involve some body trauma to heal should be properly cared for else you have a bad time. And possible Rolly reactions if that gets online.

Rossella d'Ambrosio

Dude you have no clue of how many times i saw people on tiktok buying the piercing gun on shein and then claiming it wasnt a big deal lmao, we’ll see in the following weeks

Rebecca Joyner

I had my ears pieced for the second time and 3 weeks later a friend had to dig metal out of the whole got it cleaned it up and put another ear ring in that was 24kt. The one that was originally I thought it was 24ktbut I guest it wasnt

Katniss_ 880

Love him??????


The german girl doesn't pierce herself. She forgot to put her piercing in for 2 days & put the new piercing through the halfway overgrown hole. She said that at the beginning of the TikTok.?

Heta Toiviainen

Just a friendly reminder for people to do their research before going to a piercer! Just because they may have their own store doesnt mean they are hygienic or professional in any way. Most of countries dont have any certificates for piercers, so there is no laws on who can or cannot pierce you, nor are there any laws to protect you from a bad piercer. Stay safe, have healthy piercings!

Novie Paetzold

that one girl crying during a septum peircing had me like "nooo its gotta burn!!! dont cry your nose will run and itll burn T.T"

d y n a h

i have an EXTREMELY low pain tolerance, like its a medical problem, and i didnt even act like that when I got my nose pierced i am only 15 ????✋ (im talkimg abt the girl screaming when getting her nose pierced btw)

Vote Saxon

I almost backed out of getting my dimples done yesterday... so glad I didn't. Had an amazing piercer who helped calm me down and hype me up. Very intimidating piercing for sure.


I remember I was at the mall with a friend and they wanted me to check Claire’s for something
I walked in and saw some elderly woman getting pierced with a gun and the woman wearing no gloves.
I made eye contact with the worker and just shook my head.

Drez Par

Im a cow barbara moo bitch

Sheba Sabrina Koomalsingh

What the ? ?

William Hall

A Mall

Emilio Briones

Lol that one lady crying

M. Sandoval

Do the people who make these tiktoks watch your videos?! They really should before they get a piercing and see what could happen


when he jumped i did tooo ahhhhh that was so funny

shadow22 VanossGaming



The girl with the septum piercing that cried made me so frustrated. I got mine through the cartilage as well because I had to (deviated septum) and I barely shed a tear. ? Even with low tolerance she shouldn’t be acting like that.

Nancy Zenteno

If your acting like that should you be getting piercings? Lmfaooo ??

Jewelissa Cuevas

His facial exasperation’s are ✨ everything ✨?? I’m here for it !!


0:42 HOW!?
4:52 That mask though <3
8:21-8:23 The way you say demonitized lol

DJ Davis

Passes out while driving

Saru Getchu

So gross I’ve had a piercing rust in my septum, It was completely healed I got it when I was 14 and it happened when I was like 25 or so.
I’m so grossed out that I made a review but never got a reply, It’s a chain where I live and it’s like one of the only places to get jewellery.

Elizabth Harris

My roommate had a cheap post rust on his tongue. He bought the post online! I told him I wouldn't do it, but..he did. He was lucky he noticed before it got infected

Lemon Boy Productions

I can definitely not recommend clair's I got my ear pierced there when I was probably 7 and I'm now 13 and it still hasn't fully healed from when I got it out ? ( I know you've brought up how much clair's sucks and just wanted to add to the hatred of clair's piercings)


Actually! The german girl with the nostril piercing: sie said at the beginning, that she took out her piercing for about two days.. so it was pierced already but just started to close so it was a struggle to get it through again. She did not just shoved it trough, the hole was already there but just started to close..
But also: after just two days?! Sounds like not even being fully healed lol


When I got my septum done, it was excruciating (I've had piercings before so I wasn't new to it or anything), and it also bled SO much. I threw up and nearly passed out. Now I'm starting to wonder if the piercer nicked a vein or went through the cartilage wrong? My friend got one straight after me by the same piercer and hers was fine...

Rhonda Marshall

The reason why you keep making these videos is because the stupidity of humanity is boundless

Tiffany Vega

U are flawless much love from Maine, US


I'm telling ya...gonna use your "dusgusting" as phone ring from now on ??

Sumiii 1233

i got my septum pierced through my cartilage and i cried like a b!tch because it hurt soooo badly

Amber D

We have Westfield in Australia too :)

lexy fayard

lmao my face is the thumb nail ??

Lauren Alex

can you do a video on your contacts? please

Sip da RM's Tea

"Hi guys today we're piercing my ears with damn chopsticks ?✋?✨"

Maddy Ostir

"I'm a cow, Barbra. Moo bitch" ???

Taylormadde Moersen

I got my nipples pierced and it took a while to heal but I’m having a baby so I took them out...the holes didn’t close and now I leak milk out of 6 different holes ?

sᴡᴇᴇᴛ ᴘᴏɪsᴏɴ

7:57 ?


Man i wish i got a video of the second time my nose got pierced. They went through the scar tissue of my previous one but stabbed me straight in my septum and blood went everywhere ?

Sierra Castilleja

I can not be the only one that wants to be pierced by Roly.


I have questions about these so-called 'gum piercings'. It looks like the jewellery is too low to actually be in the gum itself, it looks more like it's been put through the gap at the top between the teeth. Obvs not good for the enamel at all but I legit don't think anything has actually been 'pierced'. Especially that last video. They just look like extreme flossing. I bet if I went and found my 1.2mm bioflex bar I could feed it through the gap at the top of my front teeth and have a 'gum piercing'. Sorry but I call shenanigans on that.

Jirko Onodzz

I tried pierced my nose with gun its little hurt

Klein lu :3

The 1 german girl had a nose piercing but it fell out and 2 days she had no piercing in and she just try to get it,in again (i hope you understande me ???)

Timothy H

i dont understsnd why you get demonitised, dr. pimple popper has been thriving for years

kaya stroupe

I went and got my nose pierced and at the time I was terrified of needles PERIOD... and ya know what they say “you gotta face your fears” so I used it as that... I didn’t scream, jolt, cry, nothing I just let it happen... sure it hurt a little but now I’m not afraid of needles ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

Gabrielle Corkran

Demonetized, cuz I don't want to get demonetized!!! Hahahaha I Fucking Love You

oh hell no

lmao and in the middle of the video I get an ad of how to breathe correctly to get rid of anxiety ????

Kella Smith

Oh my god, everytime I watch one of these and I IMMEDIATELY clean my new piercings

Matthias Imp

I now hear in my head Roly's voice echoing "What are you doing? what are you doing?" as I think back to getting my nipples pierced at a mall lmao

Olivia s

These vedios make me sick but I love watching Rowley getting triggered ?


Your contacts make me feel like some old hag witch. Such pretty eyes you just wanna pluck them out

Ashley Farmer

Its also cheap ass jewelry people wanna buy...I only wear titanium and buy jewelry from reputable places. You get what you pay for

Kat Karrier

I've literally had my rook piercing for 9 years, and I decided, let's change it! I got a pretty green piece and put it in. In LESS THAN A WEEK it was infected and I was almost crying. Do yeah, only titanium for me.

Ashley Farmer

You also don't give oral sex when you get an oral piercing freshly done ahaha

Lyssa K

Holy shit!! That piercer on the street looks like the piercing booth on St. Marks is NYC that I use to go to, and that guy does A GREAT JOB!! I got 4 piercings by him and they were all perfect!! (If that was him but it looked like him and his booth)

Cara Ponder

Where do we get the uncensored bit tho???

zamaya lynch

the person in the van driving is not a boy it is a girl lol just thought u should know lol

Sweet Candy

I'm not going to lie I've already done piercings myself but everything was sterile and I had learned beforehand from my piercer. I have never had any problems thanks to that, I have never pierced any sensitive or delicate places fortunately. I can't understand some of them ? it's a lot of risk for a piercing

Anna Cansdale

Shit like this makes me ashamed of my generation ?

Worst piercings

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watching your videos makes me realize i was lucky when my ear didnt get infected when my mom pierced it with ice and a safety pin lmao

miss Anie Bananie

I buy my body jewelry off of amazon but not the needle to do it myself wtf

Donna Carr

Ooo your ears hungry for some metal munchy munchy ??? I'm dying hahaaa!!


One thing to say to these silly people on TikTok


Colored gurl

I would definitely buy your song infections ??

Mika Lineberry

10:56 its a blow gun


@roly Did u see the video where the girl split her own tongue at home??

Brooke Zech

CEO of no no no

Amy’s World

Lol slug and salt...


i love your videos but there’s research showing gloves are less hygienic :)

Vivien Dunn

I got my septum pierced and I always heard it didn’t hurt whatsoever and because they weren’t so low it hurts so bad. I have a chest piece as well as like 16 piercings so I’m not new to pain and that was the most painful thing I’ve ever been through.

Gabi Benavente

My earrings started stretching my ear lobe to the point where it I couldn’t keep earring in bc they’d just slide through my ear and fall out, the whole earring including the back would just slide through. So I just started stretching them ? and am now at 7/16.

{*coco bubbles*}

gorl hmhmhmhm

Aleihana Vegan

Roly i really love your videos, they are so funny and strugguly at the same time, i don't know if i'm impressed by the stupidity or impress ^^'

Amanda Morris

@roly PLEASE reply I love you so so much I love your videos and as a lesbian u r my gay best friend lol but pleaseeeeee

Desire Beach-Cobb

I like my smiley:) and have had NO issue, and I pierce myself all the time and HAVE NO ISSUE. So for you to sit there and call people stupid is rude asf? Like it’s they’re body they can do WHATEVER they please? Like it’s not illegal to give your self a piercing. I honestly dislike you a lot. Like let people be creative.


Oh Roly you're showing your age honey! I remember that song from the disco dech and the roller skate disco's at the caravan park I would stay at as a child....British holidays as a kid!


Piercing guns make me want to get shot in the head with a gun

Kelsey Guerrero


?Mr. Snail McSlug is out for his morning slime-about. Just minding his own business..little did he know that this would be the last snail trail he would ever make--
He had already been spotted by the pierced, bald man.

Roly: Ooooo, yes, here's a dash or two of some salty salty for this yucky sluggy!!
And now you shall melty meltyyy!!


Claire Rubbelke

anyone know where I can watch the one at 10:02??????

ink berry

him: "its that time of the month again!"
me:*instantly looks at my pants*-

Lisa Arnold

What if I'm 9

CN Lion

That has to be a tattoo shop with the old sea dog piercing with a gun.

Jennifer Quade

What the heck are the

Magix Magix

Love you sow much?

Lene D

excpet my first ear lobes wih had to get with guns bc i was 4 my cartlage, my 2 second lobes, my nose and my bellybutton were all one wtih needles

Magical Unicorn Cat

My mother took my to get my ears pierced at Walmart when I was 9 they were so nasty they were infected in a day I had to get one ear redone because the lady done it crooked so it was at an angle in my ear and my ears would close up in an hour (they got repierced a few times) finally after a week (they were only pierced a week) we gave up and I haven’t had my ears pierced since

Elana Green

Nono nononono there's no lyrics nono nononono

Anna Lahair

When I was 4 or 6 I got my ears pierced and the gun things looked like staplers. I thought the earring was gonna be a stapler :B

omy brar Singh

Do not speak no no no

bethany hall

I have three piercings on each ear and all on lobes. Got them all done at Walmart when I was younger and the spacing is so bad that I barely even wore earrings anyways cause of it. I may look into the ones where they aren’t lined up, but idk it’ll be awhile.

Angela Nakiyingi

LMAOOO!! Binging on your videos. This video is literally the funniest ?? Hope you remember me from Fubar Radio ????

Sarah Mansfield

I can sadly admit that I did get my ears pierced at Claris but I was 11 then and I didn’t know anything about how bad it was


I've never seen a person who looks so good with mascara on

Savannah Rea

I got a second lobe piercing at claires october of 2018 and its still not healed :)

Tiffany Kelley

My Doberman tries to chew and pull on my piercings, mostly my eyebrow high nostril and chest dermals*. No way I allow it. Can’t even feel bad for the lady w the cat

miss impana's lifestyle

My ear lobe is pierced with a gun when i was 10 and now i am 11

Care Bear

Me, gets my ears pierced at Walmart. Is fine
Everyone else, is not fine
Me? goes to tattoo shops for all my other piercings from now on.



Ayana Smith

I got my 2nd piercing like my second hole at Walmart with a piercing gun and they are and we’re fine they healed in like 7 months and it’s fine now and I got my my first 2 holes when I’m as a coupe months at Walmart and there fine but I’m not hating I’m just saying my story

Deajah Wise

dose it hurt getting a nose piercing because i wanna get one


He is so hilarious I love him ?


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Amanda Morris

@roly I'll give you a shout out on my channel (if u don't reply can u please look at my channel pleaseeeeee)

Auris Vocator

Ah the varying emotions when you see one of your ex in a vid like this

jay • 420 years ago

It makes me actually wanna vomit thinking about my septum piercing getting ripped out

Blair Gowrie

i used a piercing gun...

To pierce my stuffed dog's ears.


XxGacha_MoochyxX xx

Hello roly! I got my ears pierced years ago with a gun, and thy never got infected, but
I stopped wearing piercings. And i dont clean my piercings whats the best thing to use to clean your piercing holes

Kaelan Mclemore

"not that i done that" WHY THERE IS A DEAD SNILE IN MY ROOM (HE WAS MY PET )

Jimin got jams

Am i the only one who thinks roly watches these kind of fails because hes ones are perfect ???

Rugged eagles Biggest fan

Trot along bitch omg that makes me laugh omg ?

Ari Charriere

5:10 also they like so slowly and carefully stick out their tongue as if they're worried the jewelry's just gonna fall off


Man wtf. How these people having more than 1 tongue piercings. I've had one for months, and it's definitely not comfortable as is.


oH no I just got a 20 minute ad on this video! i'm sorry Roly I had to skip ??

Bob Perrotta

I feel like one of his videos are going to be someone piercing them self's with a tattooing needle

JoeMama Ayyy

to skip raid shadow legend thing

Kaylee Brown

i did to by myself imma kid but im expierianced

Ruby Proctor

My mum is taking a piercing corse so I pierced my ear


i got my ears pierced at claire's, and despite how it got stuck and they had to fiddle with the fresh piercing, i respect them mildly for calming me down from a panic attack-

ꕥNithyas Bubble world BBꕥ

4:46 it is fake because the tongue piercing was pierced on the VEINS! it could be DANGEROUS! I heard that you could DIE!

Jacked Teeth

8:59 “no no no?... can you chew with your mouth closed?”

Ruby Angel

I have two piercings on each ear that I got done with a piercing gun at Claire's when I was 13, will anything happen to my ears?? Because I wear regular earrings and it's never been a problem but I'm worried after seeing that girl with her ear ripped open because I wear big earrings sometimes ?

Eat. it. Stacy

Yep so cute to not only let your nasty ass cat who licks their whole nasty body everyday all day including their nasty assholes n junk lick not only the inside of your nose but your piercing ..it's so damn cute it needed to be recorded and posted ... So cute it's insane

Alternative Name

Me still waiting for the Roly single to come out.......

nothing :D

U always make me fall a sleep

Lea Bakken

How does he make his eyelashes so dark??
Is he weating contacts??

Alex Star

My mom went to the mall and got my ears pierced with a gun when I was like 2

Top Princess


Like a professional. I really hope the true meaning just got lost in the question.

Ashlee Alyce

As not only a human nurse, but also a practicing veterinary nurse, there is almost nothing more full of bacteria than a cats mouth, animals mouths in general carry much more bacteria than ours. When you get bitten badly by a cat, dog or animal, we clean the wound, but we generally don’t even stitch because stitching can trap the bacteria and cause sometimes amputations or even fatalities. DO NOT ever allow your animal to lick your piercings. I’ve seen the outcomes of this and no one wants to go through that!

Melancholic Chorus


Is the yellow thing poppable...?

Sydney Brede

I really wanna smiley but I know it's not good ?

Android 17

How do you not have 1 million subs already ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

ga y

Is it ok to build up from piercing gun jewellery to heavy/thicker jewellery slowly ? If not...Roly I am so sorry-

Custard Cosplays

what song do you use in your videos? It's so nostalgic to me for some reason. I must know

theweridone owo

Wait the Clair's earrings scares me I just got mine done there recently--

Tanya Petrova

Anyone else binge watching piercings gone wrong because they're on a diet and wanna get rid of their appetite lol? Also Roly is the best, I love his reaction videos ♥

Gabriella Hartman

What is it with cats and piercings?? Mine always tries to mess with them, why.

Its Cj kun

When i got my ear pierced i got a gun first but it turned out i was allergic so i waited a few years and got a needle

trash Panda

I got my ears done when I was I think 10? And my present arranged it for me. They took me to a jewellers in my home town and he used a gun. Being a child I did not know this was a bad idea. Luckily no infections or trauma caused by it intact for the longest time I didn't realise anything was wrong. The I decided to try a loop ear cuff. It was supposed to go in my already existent hole and just hold on to the top of my ear. The design made it look like lots of hooped piercings without the actual piercings. Here's where my problem is.
I hadn't noticed because I normally wear studs but my piercing hole is ever so slightly too High up in my ears, both of them. So my brand new ear cuff that I was really exited about wouldn't fit. When I put it on the loop would just squish my earlobe as there was not enough space for it. My mother keeps saying to me that if I'm that bothered then I should get them redone. I don't want two holes right next to each other because idk if that's how I want to look.

I do know if I ever have anymore piercings I want to get one in the top of my ear in the cartilage. But I'm a mega chicken and haven't done that. Atm I'm just wearing ear cuffs in that section because I like them there.

if i do get them done I know I am not going to Clares because of all the stories I hear. also a free piercing cant be a good one.

Jellobean 05

3:09 Too late... dont you worry tho... i have learnt my lesson :/

Ivy Is Here

Please make a compilation of the blurred scenes

Emily Rotando

I saw the Walmart piercing and was immediately reminded that thats where I got my ears pierced lol sorry roly, they wore gloves and provided everything I needed though so... wasn't that bad

Lil OOF!

The CEO of ✨no✨

Cinnamon Green

Apparently stretching piercings that have been done with a gun can be problematic as well

Latisha Phillips

Tbh... I’ve had all my piercings at home, and asking as your in a clean environment and you take good care of them after that can be ok(also my sister is a trained piercer so it was more safe)

Tiffany Layman

Smileys are one of the piercings I truly dont understand. Not only does the metal rub against your front teeth, i just feel like it looks weird. Not for me.

Oh and I got my 2nd and 3rd lobes all at the same time, so much redness and PAIN! Could be why they aint fully healed 2 years later.

luluRae Embury

My husband got his ear pierced when he like 13, he's 30 now and he can still squeeze ear cheese out of the hole it left.

Katherine pierce

Am I the only one who opened my mouth with roly?



Glossy Simmer

i really want a smilie piercing but it’s gonna be edible and fall out :( i just think they look so cute

Eleana Brewer

i got my ears pierced when i was 6 the day after my birthday, i could never find earrings that didn't cause swelling in my ears, but when i turned twelve my friend gave me a bunch of new septum rings kinda like the one in his left ear, I've wore those ever since and i;ve lost like 7 pairs due to cleaning them (dumbly) in a sink, also thinking of getting my cartilage pierced for my 13 birthday

Sarah Büchner

10:05 Oddly satisfying? THAT WAS DISGUSTING ?

Heather Carr

The only piercings that I've ever had a problem with are my cartilage piercings that I had done when I was 16 with a piercing gun unfortunately, 20 years later and they still get sore ? you live and you learn I guess...... keep educating people on the importance of not getting pierced with a gun, thanks for the content Roly!

Jody Dunne

As someone who recently had their septum pierced, that cat one hurt me deeply

Bob Perrotta

when I got my ears pierced the first time they used a gun so lucky it healed totally fine.

`* hiyoko saionji*`

My mom did my sister's piercing.....

Atleast she was a professional her job is doing piercing •♡•

Nate Pikar

Omggg the cat

Sarah Wren

I was lucky enough to not get an infection when I got my ear pierced at Claire's. But when my mom changed my earrings about a month later, she pressed it too close and skin started growing over the stud. Got it fixed and I'm still wearing earrings :)


I've been binging these videos ever since I got my septum and ears done and it makes me feel WAAAAY better to have gone to a shop I trust for my first time....phew! The cute host is a plus :3

Kaminari Denki

My cat bit my nose stud and ripped it out in august-