When can i get a haircut

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When you can't get to your Barber...The Family Haircut!

341 views | 17 Apr. 2020

When you can't get to your

When you can't get to your Barber...The Family Haircut!

Our Oldest Daughter took the responsibilities of the Clippers! And later assisted by our middle daughter and Beauty School Drop Out! I think they did a pretty darn good job! Might have to just switch to them for my Hair grooming needs!

And Kudos to my wife Shari, for taking charge of the camera phone! She puts up with so much of me videoing on a moments notice!

Thanks for following us, and hope you enjoy a little view of our family during these difficult times! Much love to all of you and we hope you are safe and well. Smile with us :-)

#Saigers #HowToCutHair #DoItYourselfHaircuts #SaigersHaircut #SaigersSauce #WeCleanCarpets

Equipment used on this video

Samsung Note 10 Plus

Editing software today

Action Director software on the phone

Adobe Premier Pro for today's Thumbnail


Shari Today's Camera Operator and narrator

Luna the Super Puppy (Mini Schnauzer)

Kacey (Oldest Daughter)

Jena (Middle Daughter)

Nora (Our video photo bombing Grand Daughter




Handsome. With or with out a haircut ??

Justin Lyons

And the Workhorse if the Workhorse has a self-cleaning brushroll they'll be nice like shark does

mandy Coleman

Good job !! X

Lee DiMatteo

we just buzzed all mine off lol, crew cut!

Karen Turner


Justin Lyons

Wow can you use the shark vacuum with Duo clean and zero-m to clean that hair up off the floor

When can i get a haircut

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#zeenateman baby get haircut when can baby haircut can hair cut babyecember 25, 2020

195 views | 25 Dec. 2020

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Tahir Mehmood


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Nice work Ik

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Tahir Mehmood

Acha kaam hai

Ch Rizwan Shan

Beautiful ???

Yasmin Naz

Beautiful haircut


Good work

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best video sister


Very good hair cutt dear??

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Nice sharing Stay connec???

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Nice haircut. Always be with you. Stay safe

SMRITI The Lifestyle

Beautiful ?♥️

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Nice video

بادشاہ بادشاہ


Enjoy with Maira's channel

Good method of Hair cut

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very good

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Mehek ki Rasoi khano ki khusboo

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Beautiful Amazing

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Good g fast cutting?

Bint e Hawa

Nice haircut..yeh itni pyari bachi kon hai ? Ma sha ALLAH


nice hair cut

hair cut

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Nice sharing

مطبخ الربيع

Slam toooop ????????

Farooq Technical




mufti umar Ishati Official

Nice shering video very nice

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Nice and amazing. Dear keep it up

Kids rabiba

Superb video

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Nice video
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plz back

Hakeem Mumtaz


#puja pankaj anand#

Nice hair style ❤️❤️ merry christmas ?⛄

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My sweet sister u always share awsome videos i love to watch ur videos because i m learning many tips from you

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MASHA ALLAH Wonderful ❤️❤️???❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Saeed Baloch

Nice ajo farind tm

Sana riyaz

Amazing skill
Thank you foe sharing

hair cut

mam video orignal sound k sth upload kry

When can i get a haircut

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Barbershop Blues: So Hebrew Men Can't Get A Haircut?

4 680 views | 16 Mar. 2019

In this video, we look at

In this video, we look at the scriptures in context on the claim that Hebrew men cannot get haircuts. PLEASE WATCH THE ENTIRE VIDEO BEFORE COMMENTING. Thank you.

Servant of Yah 971

What about earrings for women ? Any scriptureS ??

Roger Parham

I need some help trying to learn to cut my own hair can you do a Israelite haircut tuteral

Yisrael Kingdom

Any brethren in around Johnson City TN ?


THIS is why Yahshua came! Dresses, earring, haircuts, days, times ectera ectera so on and on.

Niyah Ni

So can a woman cut her hair. I want my hair cut so bad.

Gamma Judge 144

I had a itch when I kept hearing other Israelites teaching about that law so I researched it myself and concluded to the exact same thing... They are misunderstanding that law. At the end of that law it says "for I am your Elohim" as if to say "I am who you follow and that custom is not my way". Good vid!!!

Denice Rohadfox

Since I came into the truth I truly regret having tattoo. Yah forgive me.

Sid Morgan

Not only do I keep my butters chopped I do not wear a full beard I TRIED for over a year but that beard was eatin my face up!I suppose it's a personal decision ,i
Could be wrong but this seems to be directed towards Levite priest (hence Leviticus) .i wish I could grow a luxurious thick beard alas I cannot lol!

Angela Hutchins

I always watch late at night or ear buds all day just be listening at all times

Caribbean Lion

The Ink Is Mixed With Blood Of Sacrifice Animals or Humans!! Once Injected You WILL Be Posses! Don't Be Deceive Those spirits Can Remain Dormant In You For Years Be For Manifestation

AJ Wilson

It's amazing how people can sit through rigged sports but can't sit through the true word


My question to Hebrews that say it’s ok to cut your hair? If you are getting bald fades/high and tights/square edges/ then you are copying men of the world. To look of a certain fad or to me more physically attractive. If you are just trimming your hair to it’s natural design. Then I think it’s ok.

Rashad Hayden

Excellent Video!

Boo BahYah

I have 2 tattoos that I had b4 coming to the truth. I asked the most high to bind them!!

Vero Nica

Thank you soon much for this. Your obedience is such a blessing to many. Shalom


Our hair is our glory. Deliah was able to bring Samson down by cutting his hair.


Regarding your infomercial. Personally, I have no problem receiving the word. You can provide many passages and I have no problem with that. I think people’s critiques aren’t so much that your videos are long - but they feel long because you aren’t providing full context to how the passages relate to the overall point. You could provide passages but please go back and relate it to the overall topic of the video. I appreciate the info you provided but I think it could help if you tailored your videos down just a bit to get to the point in a more conducive way. I truly hope I’m not offending you.

Hakeem Abdellah

Your teaching is greatly appreciated. Thank you brother.

C. H.

I more so listen to your videos while on the morning commute-which depending on the traffic Mau last the entire video or may get me to work prior to the end of the video (which may be 20-40 minutes of video left due to the video's length). But, nonetheless I do listen.

sara Abraham

People's attention's span is can be short. But the length of your videos's are reasonable. Let the leaning continues....