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No Lines Temporary Wrinkle Remover - Better Than Botox?

21 268 views | 14 Sep. 2015

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Are you afraid of Botox? Skeptical of the miracle creams? Well so are we! Which is why were surprised by the results when we tried out No Lines Temporary Wrinkle Remover.

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Lady D

Which components does it consist of? Isn't it dangerous for your skin?


I have never heard of this product, but I found your review to be very interesting, per usual!


You are so beautiful?

Aleciya Moor

I have been using this pro duct for the past 2 years, I have tried using other wrinkle creams nothing works as well for me,just try Ultra Organic Argan Oil Treat ment . If you want to see a mi racle, you can visit the Argan life prod ucts’ website.

Marilyn K

I wonder if wearing this product overnight would train your wrinkles to stay that way. That would be awesome!

Toni K

From cougar to kitten!

Christy B

Reducing how pores look? That's all sorts of interesting. How does it hold up under makeup through the hours?

Jenny Le

Nora: large pores will benefit in the long run, as those with large pores and oily skin like Ani are less prone to wrinkles and sagging of the skin. Dry skin and small pores will shrivel up with age and cause sagginess and wrinkles because it lacks moisture. So Ani was right when she knew you were wrong lol it's okay though we are all in this community to learn!

Natalie Mangas

nope people with dry skin hAve large pores in the future no offense

Katie Kennedy

I love u guys so much I watch all of your videos!❤️❤️❤️❤️

Nilsa Martinez

Lol...you guys crack me up

Casandra Huffman

You guys should do diy heat protectant

Gail Johns

your using young people that have no wrinkles not good commercial


Man I laughs my a** off , you guys so silly ?

Leslie Rose

I think Ani might be pregnant

elisa farpon

pores have nothing to do with wrinkles....dry skin is more likely to suffer from wrinkles and oily skin is more likely to suffer from sagging ;)

Michelle Alessandra Gómez A.

i really love your videos, i m from México and i m learning english and i understand everything you say :) i hope i speak well soon

Zkash Beauty

APPLYING RED LIPSTICK to hide under eyes dark circles- this went viral in youtube. Can you come up with this here PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ . Thanks


Love yr vids

Hellen Zalasik




Emma Guthrie

Urban decay naked on the run pallete


Try the miracle worker spf 50

Steph Hunnay

Ive heard of skindinavia primer and finishing spray can u review for oily skin!

Angelica Talin

I love you guysssss!

Ancel Aurelie

A lot of people are delighted to have seen disappearing their dark circles bags and wrinkles under the eyes and their in record time, they recommend you to test Instantly Ageless!!! Of numerous stars one dropped the botox for the powerful pipette Instantly Ageless!!!!

It's a beautiful day

I would imagine that this product would crack after laughing. I would like to see a review after wearing it a full day under makeup. Btw, you girls are hilarious. I enjoy watching your videos.


Love your reviews! I've been curious about the new smashbox camera ready BB water. I keep only seeing sponsored reviews!

Sammy Abby_23

I love you guys!!! You make amazing videos!!!


would like to see a review with makeup over an how it is all day