Wrinkles between breasts

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This $5,000 Laser Removes Fat From Your Armpit | The Plastics | Harper's BAZAAR

344 243 views | 11 Oct. 2018

Kim has always been

Kim has always been bothered with the way her underarms look. She tried working out with a personal trainer to sculpt her problem area, but had mixed feelings on the results she saw—that's where Airsculpt comes in. Airsculpt is a "no needle, no scalpel, no stitches, no anesthesia" procedure that uses a laser to melt fat away.

*Note* This procedure starts at $5,000 but varies in total cost on a case by case basis.

Thank you to Dr. Adam Schaffner at Elite Body Sculpture! You can find more about him here:



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Alezandra Davila

I want this !!


there’s actually a really big difference. i’m someone who has this even though i’m really skinny and it’s one of my biggest insecurities because my body looks weird

Savage J's Vlog

U waste money...i cant seeany different from it was before


Haha she hasn’t seen mine .. It’s a proper bulb ?


I have way more armpit fat, I am overweight though, but honestly her fat isn’t that bad

akil er

is der any difference?


What the hell!! Looks like she wasted her money!! No visible difference!!

Rose Valentine

Is it just me or did she come out looking lopsided?? ???

Shylo x Fading 770

Just...work out...and keep the ruteen...


You have armpit fat because you have a high body fat percentage. It’s not only in the armpits sis

love life its beautfiull بحبك يا وطن فرح

its alots 5000$ for nothing

ice bear

So sick

Kaylen McKinney

She really could've just done some weight lifting/push-ups that target that area


It looks same

G. Aloysie

Or you could just get a gym membership and change your diet and it's healthier as a bonus

Sharon Young

Ur fine I dont see wat ur talking about




more people don't do it because its $5k and not covered by insurance? Not everybody has 1st world problems


I don't see how people say there's no difference. Like with most of these videos I barely notice anything but in this one I can clearly see the different. It's like you're not even trying to see it.

Melissa Peterson

More people don’t do it because they probably can’t afford a procedure like this one especially one with minimal results

Savage J's Vlog

You should make ur armpit lighter?its very dark


anyone jus bored rn


Here I am trying to research for my own procedure and I would KILL to have the minuscule amount of fat she started with. I have so much armpit fat it looks like I have two eggs sticking between my boobs and my arms.

DarkSun Queen

Boi, I wish I had those 5k to "fix" my 'one cup size different' boobs and this gurl just spent the money in a surgery that she really didn't need


What a lame procedure, she looks exactly the same! ?


She should have wore the same top for the before and after pictures. I can't see the difference, considering the after top is less tight than the before.

༒ɢ.ɪ.ɢ.ɴ søʟᴅîᴇʀ ᴘᴜʙɢx シ༒

your still so fat


Excellent video content! Excuse me for butting in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you thought about - Piyharlotte Ziyiden Genie (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? It is a good one of a kind guide for saying goodbye to lipoma lumps minus the normal expense. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my work colleague got amazing results with it.

Cherry Pick

Why people don’t do it ? Because once you get fat again it gets worse than before because the surgery leaves irregular fat paterns from the needle and so the fat get back irregularly and the fat cells will duplicate from initial stage. Liposuction is a no no Solution I can speak from experience. Today I prefer less invasive treatments and exercise. And I would not take liposuction ever again even if I get it free. It was not the surgeon although that is relevant. I learned the hard way the problem is the procedure. My friends used different surgeons and we have similar problems today. Now I get fatter in the areas I did it and I loose more in the areas I never did liposuction. Unless is such a big difference in your life don’t do it...instead of looking pretty you will look worse than before as there is no guarantee you will not gain some weight later in life. Use that money for a lovely holiday in a retreat... it will be better spent

Jeba Adv

Please live your life with your own body shape.dont live it for others.live your life becoz it's only once you gonna live on.

Syla Love

I cant see the difference


less cushion for the pushin

Mr Noot

Just don’t get fat then xD


Kmsl that's what you chose to wear to show off your results?? face palm

Sheri Nguyen

Why y’all so damn rude? She has literally done nothing to you but she is getting so much hate. She did work out but the fat in that area didn’t go away. It’s her money and her life in no shape or form it changes you. Seriously, complaining about plastic surgery and how it just shows people are lazy in general. If someone has the money and they want it done WHAT is the harm?

Hannah rea

Bruh I don't see any different
just exercise if really want to lose your armpit fat it's not that hard

wwtjoy gbths


nyai basingah

Hi kok ngeri liatnya


Looks the same to me.

Tt A

I don’t like it too but I learnt to love myself ✌?

L yonce

Ooooooooooooooow ?

Google User

wow..that doctor stole her money. i am not even sure what ahe was having " removed" ...before and afters are same!!! scam

Asyiqin Fatini

i have super obvious chicken fats lmao

hey man

“Front Bra Roll” so medically accurate? it’s the axillary region. Guy is an absolute hack just trying to make money from useless procedures.

Kenza Williams

Girl you call THAT armpit fat??? You DONT HAVE ANY!!

Kelly Lynch

i see no difference

spicy octopus

You can just....like.... exercise? Not cut your meat ...just visit the gym

Shock Master

What gives?

Sarah H

5k? I think you got con. Didn't see any difference

kashish thakur

Can't you follow a healthy lifestyle like workout and eat good ?

Jessica Murphy

I dont understand how that is 5k. A place here in Austin does 1200 per smartlipo area. Could get 4 different areas for that price lol

natasha cano

Yo ong there is no differences like tf u pay fo

Ma Ann

Nothing change and u need to exercise

jeanie bach

For 5,000 it better remove all the fat from everywhere

love your self yes

$5000 for remove fat by this laser liposuction only armpit area? Too expensive. Come visit Malaysia. You can remove it the fat from your tummy, gynaecomastia plus double chin just same price. (i mean men customer).

Pooja Jaswani

U have fat on your all over body not only armpits..... Accept it and love it

Ramabrahmanandam Ravuri

is this procedure a scientific one?
if it is scientific, in what magazine it was published? where is the theory?


Honestly I don’t see the chicken fat she’s talking about

India Robinson

People say that this is not worth 5k. If you had the money to pay for such a procedure this would be a big enough result to spend 5k on. If you saved up for months to get this procedure of course you would want to see huge results and “get your money’s worth” but if you are someone that has the pay grade for this procedure any results would be worth the 5k

Lissette Rosado

I hope she didn't have to pay 5 grand just for those two areas


The only difference is, she got scared.

Ping Wang

Not much different at all

Hello Melo

Is the doctor wearing lipstick or I'm too sleepy?


I don’t see any fat to begin with

Savage J's Vlog

Foc sre u wearing mat lipstick?lol

Ashley Lala

Another way to lose fat is to cut out carbs and go Keto. Which is completely free and works better.

S Douglas

I think this is wrong and the woman's clothes need to FIT her better. I think she does not need surgery; she needs better-fitting clothes.

MYy Vibez

What a big difference...

Shari Scott


Phoebe James


Amy Rain

Because some of us don’t have 5K ??‍♀️

SealsinSock s

So he looks like that nerdy helper in monsters including

Shyam Angel

Yes no change why you hurt yourself with the treatment. Why don't physical body exercise


She has no armpit fat

Viktoria Liskova

i am SUPER skinny girl. i don't work out or anything i am just naturally skinny af and the one place where i have fat are my armpits

Saras Fairuz

5k can feed many orphans, get a gym membership, buy some clothes that flatters her body, pay my college tuition, and many more.


Why tf would you make her wear different garments for her before and after pictures ??


she could have gotten the same result from losing a few KG

Patrick JMA

$5,000 for nothing!?? people just go learn how to eat & exercise!! You will save a tone of money! ?

Cavelyn Tallant

Gurlll I would rather do it the natural way rather than spending 5,000 on your armpit that you can just do at home like a workout have you ever tried that because I have and it totally works!!!!!!??♥️♥️


“You see that” girl then whats my armpit fat size to you ?

Joshua Medrano


Victoria Quinones

Looks the same to me.

david yeet

instead of paying 5k maybe doing some exercise

Bibi T

The difference is so minimal. This channel is good bc is showing me where Not to go and what procedures are a waste of money. Thanks

Betty Boop

(O_o) Any difference???????? I don’t think so... I don’t see any...

Maria Mihailiuc

Dont look diferent

Gabriëla van Leeuwen

Work out

Iman E

No difference.. should've done breast implants with whatever chiken fat she removed it at least it would be noticeable


There is nothing wrong at the first place.. ? bye bye 5k !

Marc3lina 1969

All she had to do is move that fat manually towards her breast area using a sport bra that will hug her whole chest and that will give her more breasts AND less of pudge she disliked

Flea Bee

I’ve been watching all these plastic surgery vids, and the needle in the armpit is the worst so far ?

Luv Luv

I didn't see any fat bulge under her arms to begin with!

Wray Hamilton

Omg i have struggled almost alll my life with mine where is that doctor located i am from Florida help plz?

Maria World ProductionsTM

Have u heard of exercise

Jesse Moore

yeah it looks the same


wanna know why people don't do it? they don't care. the before and after are faintly different and that faint difference is not worth $5k.

fondue for two

It looks like he has lip stick on

margaret wangari

Ok I see no difference ?and that price is insane ha ha

katrina lives

This is so disturbing. What is he repeatedly shoving in her?

Wrinkles between breasts

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How Can I Fix Breast Implant Wrinkling - Implant Wrinkling Consultation - Dr. Anthony Youn

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Are you seeing wrinkling

Are you seeing wrinkling and rippling after you've gotten breast implants? In this consultation video, I'll go over why that happens and what you can do to correct the issue.

Visit my website at http://www.dryoun.com and sign up for my e-newsletters to get my e-book "10 Things Every Plastic Surgery Patient Must Know" for FREE!

Wrinkles between breasts

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How to Draw Clothing (folds and creases)

862 261 views | 6 Apr. 2013

Part 1 - How to draw

Part 1 - How to draw Cloth: http://youtu.be/2XrGHB9Jv9A

Download the reference files: http://bit.ly/10n9sNL

Get the Tutorial Archive:


Relevant links:

Creator Resources on Newgrounds



MORE OF ME! - Follow/Sub ↴


▶ DAILY VLOG: https://www.youtube.com/dailyjazza

▶ Instagram+IGTV: https://instagram.com/DrawWithJazza

▶ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/DrawWithJazza

▶ Twitter: @JosiahBrooks (https://twitter.com/JosiahBrooks)

▶ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Josiah.Jazza.Brooks


Be havore

He looked ao different

Alisa Zhao

This has cleared up so much! Before, all my clothes looked like flat 2-D shapes! xD

Vivi Elizabeth

I wish you are my art teacher :")

Grigorije Vojinović

Jazza lookin kinda like casper

Opposite_ Twins98


ITS TE OLD JAZZAAAAAAAA *pheeewww* (mind blowing sound)

Dumb Comment

Should it be 100% accurate to real life physics?


Where is your face cam all I see is a potato ?

。「」 。

Where my 2019 gang at

RaisinLess _

1929 anyone??

Christopher Harris

Good god! You look so YOUNG!

KD _771

Wow........this is OLDDDDDDDDDDDD

sucré rose

oh. my. god.


I didn’t even know this was a Jazza video when I clicked on it because I never look at the channel ?


great tuut

Pointe Shoe Perfect

clicks on video
goes to the cloth video
Watches impatiently
returns to clothes video
watches impatiently again
draws clothes but realizes it doesn’t look good the first time

visible confusion

Sniffly Panda

baby face loooooookin

golden silver

hey there just found out that this video is from 2013 and It's 2020 now so IM FROM THE FUTURE

electricgamer 209

Ayy bout to be 2020

onesyphorus Ὀνησίφορος

11:23 pretty much nailed it - thaat' why it's been soooo hard

Alcatraz MYC

I'm starting to get back and serious at making art and your videos always help even if it's old, it's still relevant. Thanks as always

Leon Watkins

666 comments... ITS 667 NOW


How to have that brushh????


this generation doesn't need to go to art school, we already got a teacher ?

Marie Maye MENDOZA

im so proud of jazza now hes grown so much

Savana Corbett

My question is how do you know where to put the folds..?

fxrnweh _

4 freaking years ago!!!!

Goku Black



Thank you for simplifying this. I used to SUCK @ drawing clothes, but thanks to this tutorial, I'm not as intimidated now.

Joshua Le

If I have to listen to this background song again I will kill myself

Angel The trash can

thank you so much for this video! this helped me draw so much better than before. thank you, again!

Kunal Mhatre

7:20 Peter grifin

little cat05

I have never seen a Jazza video this old before

Stranded in Starlight

Ooof, top tier tutorial, but that exposure on his camera haha, I've gone further back than I realized.

The Arrow


spiderking 23

Hopefully you don't rip that silk scarf.


Fail thumbnail.. don't show the male clothing if you're not going to showcase how to draw male clothing. I don't draw female characters, and am kinda sick of having tits shoved in my face everywhere I go..Like, seriously.. do flat chested women even exist in art (women, not 'lolis')?


I didn’t even have to watch the whole video! It is REALLY helpful! Thank you jazza!

Rowan Wood


Ishmel Francis

Eeee the lighting

Dont Dont

I have never seen that intro before-


7 years old, still come handy :D

A .dizzle

What about drawing muscular people with clothes on.


Artists when they make a demonstration drawing in a tutorial: . . .
Jazza when he makes a demonstration drawing in a tutorial: K so here you can see that I'm doing this... And I'm making sure that I'm doing that...

This is proof that Jazza is the best art tutor to have ever existed.


2019 anyone

Firstshot 1234

2020 anyone

GreenLantern Game


tanya hill

Hi im in 2020

onesyphorus Ὀνησίφορος

lol I love how the first two women are amputees

Thomas S

Watching this to figure out sketching so that I can sketch an image out for a mosaic... It's actually been pretty helpful


im so shit at this

Da Art Girl

0:00 through 0:08 love your intro

Poptop Tart

Thank you!
I needed some help when finishing my character´s kimono!


Ooofffff imm in 2019


oof who is watching this in 2019

Sola koku

loool same

Anonimation Ghoul

The drums????

Hello !

Wow..... 2019 anyone??

Me Havecat



This helped me alot thank you (:

araceli galang

Uhmm 2019??

jesus cruz

I just realized this was a jazza video



Emily Israelsen

You’re too cool! Thank you

Juanita Esparza

Oh my gosh this was so much help!! Thank you so much!!


I dont get how to put clothing on a body it always looks not normal


Thanks Jazza! This really helped me a lot! Great video!

Mossy Doodles

Thin-loose: my cousin at school
thick -loose: my cousin in winter
thin-tight - My cousin at a funeral
thick-tight: my cousin if she were a biker.


Who's here in 2020?
Someone pls tell Jazza to continue posting animation tutorials.

Andy Man



Feels like I’m dressing a barbie doll xp


Wow this is old

Clutchiee _

That beat is horrendous


A highly skilled artist can manage most of the jobs in the worlds....
Tailors, surgeons, architects, fashion designer, and much more...

Do you get it?

Eerie Delusion

2019 anyone??

Ok probably not but still

SMM2 - TutorialZ

7 Years AGO OMG hi litle Jazza



StickLife Productions



i watched this and the way i draw clothes instantly improved!!! Jazza explained it so goddamn well!!!

Dheniele Lyane S Faraon

Not bad :)

-Your_local_goblin -

2019 anyone?

Lollyjolly Flapjacks

Ok where is the men’s shirt?

Jackie Brown

Where do I put the folds?!
Edit:Same with cloth

Aveary Hearstone

Better late than never. :D

Potato God

Oh my 7 years almost

Eva Speice

2019 anyone?

J xx

Bro who else watched drawing with jazza on abc me

Cam’s Drawing Studio

I just broke time 2020 bro




i didn't realize it was from jazza xD
and i see NO one from 2019


this shit is old ?

Joana MLo

lol it's crazy how your accent changed through the years

cupcakecaptin42 totally_not_an_alien


hippo from space

Everyone who undestands art: "wow, what an beautiful drawing!

Me: "im suprised you can draw somany lines in such a short time..."

Angelie Angelie

Great video.
The music not so much.

mikaela b

2019 anyone

RebelCheetah 542

Noice breast ( dirty minded people ?) noice chiken breast I love how it taste well u cant see it but it taste gud

pro gamer



Can you make a newer version of this?

Jack The Ripper

Hey Jazza love your vids man! You've taught me alot bro thanks. I have a question it's a little irrelevant to this video but would you ever blend markers with colored pencils?

Copper Jaguar

this is how tutorials should be, I shouldn't have to think "eh, backbrowse find another video and see what someone else says" this summed up clothes in a pretty solid manner, now everyone has info you could use that is super helpful but tutorials and guides shouldn't have to be strung together like missing puzzle pieces, THANK YOU :D