Whats cc cream

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Whats Are BB & CC Creams? Whats The Difference? | Cassandra Bankson

19 045 views | 10 Sep. 2015

Whats the difference

Whats the difference between BB Creams, CC Creams, Foundation, and Tinted Moisturizers?! Get the lowdown and figure out whats best for you!! More Makeup Vids HERE!! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE0BFE7F49D127687 Want more makeup videos or tutorials?!?! Let me know in a comment what you want, and SUBSCRIBE!! (Weekly videos & magical adventures!!) http://bit.ly/1zxtZ0Q

What I showed in this video:

Smashbox BB Cream: http://www.smashbox.com/products/spp/index.tmpl?CATEGORY_ID=CAT6038&PRODUCT_ID=PROD21835

Smashbox CC Cream: http://www.smashbox.com/product/6032/25337/Face/SMASHBOX-CAMERA-READY-CC-CREAM-BROAD-SPECTRUM-SPF-30-DARK-SPOT-CORRECTING/New/index.tmpl

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Lexy s

Your face is very washed out by the bright light :( love your videos keep it up !

me not you

Do you recommend that cc cream for high coverage? I have a lot of acne scars on my cheeks:/

Muskaan Khan

In all ur recent videos the light is too bright it hides ur face features n makes u look too pale. If u look at ur old videos the light is much better n dat makes u look more beautiful. U still look georgeous now but plz fix this problem.


BB is originally stands for blemish balm. I use a Korean BB cream brand (Missha) but there is an American brand (Covergirl) my mom uses that works very well for her. I still put sunscreen and moisturizer underneath the BB cream though just for the extra protection. I feel it goes on smoother like that, too. I use a Japanese brand (Biore) of sunscreen that doesn't have a white cast.

Elizabeth Crawford

I am SO GLAD you did this! I have both and have always wondered what was making them different.


I love you videos, been watching for a long time, very informative! :) thanks!

Lily chan

I think BB is usually for "Blemish" Balm (rarely said beauty balm), purpose for acne and problem skins .XX


Tysm for explaining x.

Brittany Christine

Have you tried the bare minerals complexion rescue? That's supposed to be both a bb and cc cream? I would love your opinion!

Heather Bailey

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DOING THIS!!!! I was so confused about what the deal/difference was with these!


Is any one else annoyed at the samsung home appliance ad? It's been running the whole summer

Suesas Abbari

thank you for getting to the point and I lov3 your background

Nat Divaz

Wads a DD cream then? Out in d market too... Oh btw CC is colour correcting wad i noe...

Dat CrazyGal

can you do a Lana del rey makeup tutorial?? :)

Sowmya pai

you are sooo cute


the foundations i have come across have varied from light to full coverage and have all got spf in them?

Tamika Gordon

Wow great information

Vay, Cee and Dupré

Hiiiiiii - Can you do an updated video on BB and CC creams that you would recommend? ?

Daya Lopez

i love you and your videos so much!!! youve answered all my life questions!! hahah and youre so cute and happy and sweet and smart like wow thanks! your videos are always so helpful!!

Ashlynn Kaplan

I love the Physicians Formula Organic wear CC cream, it has great coverage but it leans a little pink. I Think that any product you use, especially face product, should be nourishing to the skin though, and toxic-chemical free. Thanks for the video!

Sashooh Zinkova

I use Rosaliac CC cream La Roche Posay. But i always have to use a powder and a cocealer with it.


Thanks for making this video!!

Kelly Tormey

So happy I found your channel recently! <3


great video xx

Nerile N

You are so sweet and beautiful.... Love you a lot?