What does neutral mean

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Ground Neutral and Hot wires explained - electrical engineering grounding ground fault

1 730 443 views | 25 May. 2019

Ground neutral and hot

Ground neutral and hot wires explained. In this video we look at the difference and purpose of the ground wire, the hot wire and the neutral wire in a north american residential electrical system. We look at ground faults, GFCI, current, voltage and simple examples for each.

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Electrician earthing electric potential grounding electrician electrical safety, ground neutral and hot wires explained,

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Petru Petru

Man . Love your videos. Too bad my teacher wasn't you.


I'm shocked

Jonathan Keenan

Is the neutral of the transformer also known as a center tap?


Why is your hot wire connected to the negative side of battery?

Mr E. RambleOn

thank you. Simple and effective explanation. Not head scratching.

Sunil Aluri

One Key point I want to say is , if the neutral at transformer is not grounded then the neutral is also at line voltage or potential. So touching the neutral might give you a shock when the loop is not closed via live wire (may be through load). So Neutral tied to ground not only provide a safe path during lightening but also a ZERO reference potential with respect to Live. Correct me if I am wrong.

Michael Miller

I still don't understand how you're differentiating between "hot" and "neutral" in the AC scenario. Your diagram shows that the "hot" bar is acting as the electron source half the time and the "neutral" bar is acting as the electron source half the time. Note the changing direction of election flow going through the lightbulb at 3:08 if you don't understand what I'm saying. Clarification would be appreciated!

Junglistic Soulja

"If you don't know what current or amps are" please refer to the cat videos on YouTube...?
Your future generations will thank you...?

Greg Sullivan

I am a senior technician, self-employed in the PCB manufacturing industry. Back when I was struggling with the difference between ground and neutral, I came up with an analogy using water that helped me better understand. Imagine you had an upstairs laundry room. Of course, there would be a drain in the middle of the floor just in case the washing machine sprung a leak. But, in normal use, the water in the washing machine would go down the intended path through the drain behind the machine. The drain in the floor acts the same as a ground. It's not an active part of the washing machine plumbing but if necessary it can carry the water away to avoid flooding the downstairs. The drain behind the machine acts as the neutral because it is intended to carry the water away in normal operation.

Med Aymen

I have a masters degree for fuck sake, what were they teaching us !!


Thank you for spelling it all out for me. Textbooks and other explanations are way too abstract and wordy for my learning style. I learn best through concrete, easily explained, easily understood ideas and pictures. Also, good work making money on this stuff. That's less you have to work for money and all the more financial freedom. I'm not sure that many people find ways to make money other than working for set wages that are just taken out by taxes that get bigger the more the person earns. Smart :D

Pea Stone

My body has completed a circuit a number of times.

Eric Fiedler

As a visual learner and an engineer, I truly appreciate these videos.

Shane Powers

What keeps the current that goes past the light bulb and back to the common bus from flowing back to the bulbs screw in receptacle via the green ground wire? Or does it?

Kutloano Matee

I'm shocked

life by drone

Why does you early graphic show the battery + as the return?

Justin Todd

This video is SUPER easy to understand and extremely well made. Thank you!!


5 min. Into this video

Can u start back at the battery and the 2 wires? Lol

the tile life

Ok I understand everything up to where the battery sample finished, after that i lost all focus therefore was lost.

John David Spencer

have a circuit breaker that now works in when in the off position, and doesn't work in the on position. I just did some rewiring, and am an amateur. I messed something up somewhere. What could it be ? Is it dangerous ?

Aclarando conceptos Eléctricos.

Lets say that the neutral and ground cables are bonded toguether at the main panel. Now if a hot wire makes direct contact with the ground wire conductor What would happen? Does it cause a short circuit?

Limasunep pongen

3.49 shouldn't the potential difference be at zero volts and not 240 volts?

Robert Glas

Extremely interesting and it makes things crystal clear.


Can you elaborate on grounding vs returning to source?

This is how I understand it.

When a ground line gets connected to a hot wire. The current flows from the hot wire to ground because there is difference of potential. Once on the surface the current it distributed, maybe some current manages to reach the grounding rod connected to the utility pole, and back up to its source. The difference of potential between the earth and source (utility company) draws a larger amount of current than the breaker is designed to handle so it trips. (Ground fault).

The definition of current is the flow of charge from high potential to low potential, it does not take into account whether a complete circuit has been formed or not. During lightning, a high potential is developed in the clouds and current flows as lightning towards earth. Sometimes there is nearer, large, difference of potential in the clouds themselves, so the lighting "spiders" across the clouds.

Aclarando conceptos Eléctricos.

In the escenario of balanced loads 15 amps each, When you said that current is flowing back and forth from the load to the source, what do you mean?
Do you mean that current would come from the hot wire and flow to the load then pass through the neutral wire until it gets to the neutral bar on the pannel and then go back to the load and at the same time to the hot wire? I am a little bit confused because in the video I saw how current flows through the neutral until it gets to the neutral bar and then returns, it does not go back through the neutral that comes from the transformer.
How would it work in a community where each house is connected to a different hot wire circuit? Would the current come from the hot wire up to the load and pass it then go to the neutral up to the neutral bar and the return again? My confusion is because I see that you connected the 2 different neutral wires, generally in a independent residential house the neutral goes to the neutral bar and it is not connected to the other load circuit ( hot wire and neutral) because each circuit belongs to a different house and they both are connected to a different hor wire.

ding king

This is best video for explaining how split phase ac works in North America

Austin Schulz

Very very nicely down!

Media Analysis

All the three precautions tells that electricity will take the path of his body if he is dumb fool.


I have one question that I could never get an answer too,IF electric flows from source through wire,through whatever electrical part and back to source.Does this mean the electric company never loses what they are putting out because it always returns to source? My question is why an electric bill if what the electric co. puts out always returns back to their source.I know their is a draw because of how electric is used,BUT the electric always goes back to where it started.

Victor Martiny

Great video. Thanks.

Ayeye Brazorf

Got here trying to understand these nonsensical numbers and terminology. Finished the video understanding even less with more questions. Great -.-

Sayid Muha

Thank you sir someone hurts me for an electric shock I swear I can be happy if I killed him I’m not guilty

G.T. R.

At the end you said if a hot wire came in contact with a ground rod, "electricity would flow through the soil back to the transformer". But it makes no sense because the ground rod is also conected to the neutral bus bar at the breaker box. Therefore, if a hot wire comes in contact with a ground rod, electricity should just flow from the ground rod, to and through the neutral bus bar, back to the transformer, since that's the path of least resistance compared to flowing through the soil.

Jason C.

This gave me a headache. ?


Seeing as you are English whats the reason why this isn't based on the electrical system of the uk? Is your audience mostly American?

Post Modern

Please explain WHY and HOW electricity always wants to return to the source.

Why and how does it leave the source in the first place?

walid chardewal

Thank you so much. I learned a lot.

William K

I have a question on 5:10 on the right with the magnifying glass if the live is shorted to the neutral wouldn’t it short the transformer?

SVA asch

That's why you do not bond sub panels

Tom Tom

Very well made video.

Sandro Gonzalez

Wowww, your video is really good, congrats ?❗️

chris poulsen

Very well explained

Paul Durae Duncan

8:23 I always thought current was inversely proportional to resistance. Awesome vid!!

MJC 1423

Why is the - terminal on the battery the hot wire?

K- Vandan

I just want to know why my pc giving soft shock


You are just better than all the teachers and MIT.

J Bakes

Why is it called neutral? That makes it sound like it doesnt carry current

Muhammad Aamir

What is the resistance between part of the ground near house (where its earth is connected to ground) and part of the ground near transformer(where its neutral/earth is connected to ground)

Mark A

Another engineer that completely misconstrues what ground (earth) is for. For god's sake! If you want real safety, remove the earth entirely. If there's no return path then you can't have the potential difference to give you a shock. The ground (earth) has a more fundamental purpose.

IAM Channel PH

Both L1 and L2 are the same with L and N?

Agustin Tellez

never knew every time I popped a breaker turning on my microwave, my life was saved be a piece of copper wire lol


Bad example on using a red wire on the negative terminal of a dc battery, imagine someone doing it on there car...?


What could be the reason that the voltage between hot and ground is 120 and between hot and neutral is only 85?


could the explanation be wrong? if the Hot wire is the wire that supply the current it means that is always the one with the higher potential. For the battery in DC for example it should be attached to the positive terminal

Bingo Berra

The flow from negative to positive goes against everything I ever thought I knew. This has messed up my thinking around simple circuit design. I heard of it some time ago and i still invert it in my head almost every time =D

Cling Wrap

The outlet looks shocked.

glen paul

very good explanation...well done.

Golden Boy

how does ground work on a AC power source because the current goes back in forth and doesnt dissipate within the ground?

ChaseN Bass

Can't thank you enough for this simple explanation.


Are inputs also Hot / Hot on transformer terminals?


Please explain why you are showing the current flowing out of the negative side of the battery.

Rachel Black

I see my problem now... I've been thinking of my breaker box as a voltage center, when it is actually a power center. If I envision two separate loads, on one each 'leg' of the 240VAC and without the additional stuff (breakers, neutral bars, etc), just the transformer, and two loads (one on each side of the transformer) and with the neutral between them, then I can understand the concept of 'unbalanced' loads and why current may/may not travel through the neutral.
Thank you!

James Eccles

Where is the link for other countries ie. Australia etc? thanks


I'm shocked ⚡


Thanks for the video!


When the neutral connection to the transformer breaks, why does everything plugged in at the time get fried? (Squirrel chewed through my neutral). There's no way for the power to return to the transformer, so it has to go through the ground wire?

Greg Smith

Clearly explained, however, the wire coloring in a DC circuit in the US has the positive wire red and the negative wire blue. I can see past this since the black background may make some colors hard to see: colors are for effect, not for realism. But there are a lot of DIYers who watch these videos and they could get themselves in trouble by not using the correct wire colors. However, there is no neutral in a DC circuit (1:47) and this flub is indefensible.

Woody Bear

I always thought the + was the hot wire.

Manuel Antonio Ramirez Chavez

Porfavor, please, traduzcan este vídeo, gracias

Ron Adams

very helpful for teaching my newbie students thanks for being able to post to my students

Ty Mr.T

Thank you for
Breaking this down. Made it simple.
Very helpful information.
Do you have any videos on how to replace a ballast ?

Thank you


Very simple explanations, and confusion free! Appreciated.


5:25 The purpose and application of this video is easy enough to understand. The only thing that was confusing in this video is all the unnecessary animation.

Guns N' Glory

You got the battery in backwards

david harte

Question: Since this is AC, wouldn't the hot and neutral wire switch continuously as the electrons reverse? Therefore why bother to distinguish between them?

Anthony McCormick

So then does a transformer have a single phase hot wire going into it

Kevin Seyffert

Wow, I am stunned. I guess there is a historical reason for this dangerous design. I now also get why the us accepts higher currents resulting in higher conductor temperatures and thicker conductors. The very design is so dangerous compared to ours.

Juan Ochoa

Great video,very clear,

Jonathan Brazeau

man, I've never understood these concepts fully until now, great presentation, it's really appreciated......so if you connect your first plug as a GFCI, all power points on that circuit should technically be GFCI enabled right?

Jeff Cram

8:20 I doubt you would feel any shock that far away from a grounding electrode conductor, but if you did, it would not kill you, you would yank your hand away instantly and 'yelp'. Perhaps if you had wet hands are were grabbing that metal pipe you 'might' die [more likely be hurt badly], but electricity at 120v will have a hard time pushing through the earthen dirt through your body, wet or not. I grab hot wires all the time, touching trees, plants, leaves, shrubs, grass, sides of buildings, roofs, sitting on concrete, I never get shocked not even a small bit.

10:34 Now I have created this path before- ground rod to ground rod. I purposely touched a hot wire to a new ground rod [that was not wired to the panel yet]. I assume the electricity was traveling through the dirt to a nearby neighbor home's ground rod that WAS connected to a panel. The hot wire welded itself to the new ground rod I just drove into the ground by itself. The breaker did NOT trip.

But the rest of the video is superb. I am surprised you understand electricity and residential wiring characteristics this well. Many of my fellow electricians don't have this level your understanding.

Felipe García



I feel like watching this video should be a prerequisite to owning a home...like for real. It'd lower all of our insurance premiums!


so good

Kxe Wws

It is shocking how this video caused the light bulb to go off in my head! I feel brighter!

Kendrick Martinez

I think there was one misconception on this. If i remember correctly, the ground is actually to prevent EMP energy from things like lightning bolts from frying someone closeby aswell as other benefits they produce, not to directly funnel a lightning strike. A grounding system is NOT lightning protection.

An ungrounded system may actually be less likely to shock you in the typical manner because in most cases you would have to touch both neutral and line in order to receive a shock. The grounding rod we drive in the ground gives the electricity alternative paths back to the source (like the dirt itself or a pipe or what have you) so that if you touch only line and something grounded at same time you will get a shock. If the neutral and ground wire were not connected at the main panel then that wouldn't happen (for most cases)

This is the reason why equipment grounding is so important. Most of the time these wires are not accessible and should something fail, and the line makes contact with some metal casing then that casing becomes energized and whoever touches it and something grounded will receive a shock (which you mentioned).

Electricity takes ALL viable paths to the source not just one. Also if I understand correctly, the farther you are from a ground rod that has a ground fault occurring, the lower the resistance due to exponentially increasing paths through the earth the farther you are away.


I’m watching this during the storm of Eta


Which meter to get? Nobody ever got fired for buying Fluke.

Mr. Evans

Using this in my classroom but I wish you had used conventional theory instead of electron flow (Confused the freshman a littlebit) other than that AWESOME VIDEO GOOD JOB!!!

Jesse Hansen

the difference between the two different hot feeds has the current return as wasted current? the current going into the house passes through the meter as the total current in the hots , so is the difference returning to the transformer outside taken back in to electrical grid?


Why the current flows from - to + ? It is not from + to -(as I learned in College).Always thought + from DC its the Phase(Hot) on Ac and - it’s neutral,am I wrong?

Zack Rose

Great video.. very well done sir


Thanks, I finally understood how the ground hire works after watching this.

Electrical Training Center

Thanks for sharing the information....

Justin F

I like learning something new. But unlearning something wrong? Wow. Huge respect to the creator of this video!


I have to say this was a pretty good video, but I have a not-so-minor nit to pick: electricity does not flow, current flows. I know it sounds minor, but if you want to provide your viewers with a correct and clear version of what is going on in a circuit, it helps to be consistent with your terminology. Use the word "current" whenever you use the word "flows" and use the word "voltage" whenever you describe a state of energization. Dump the use of the word "electricity" in almost all areas. Electrical engineers never use the word electricity, and for good reason - it doesn't mean anything.

The Engineering Mindset

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Nice explanation. Love it.

Michael R

What happens if the neutral wire shorts onto the frame of the light bulb? Wouldn't the light bulb then become charged since the current its AC?

Saurabh Kushwaha

Very useful information ?

Hussein Ghanim


What does neutral mean

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Understanding an Open or Loaded Neutral

672 320 views | 28 Nov. 2016


www.electrical-online.com. What is a loaded neutral, and why did I get a shock from it? This video is about getting a shock from an open or loaded neutral conductor, how it happens, and how it can be prevented,...shut off the breaker!

Noam Pitlik

Well, you explained it, but sped by the part about the splices. Might want to show that. Thanks.

Ty Turner

your mate Rob sounds like he shouldn't be touching electricity if he is asking you that



Doug Lieberman

Personally I will only wire up a switch on the hot side connected to the circuit breakers, NEVER to the common neutral line.

Robert Hallowell

simalar your friend switch was working dis connented wires to light but switch hot both ways white not hot


What does, "he took splices apart further up in the circuit" mean?.....he took some white wires apart elsewhere?

mike Ross

My ideal outlet tester says i have a ground when the outlet is attached to the box. However when it's removed from the box and I test it, it says open neutral. When I test it with an ideal vol-con meter I get 120 hot to ground and nothing hot to neutral. What could be the cause of this and how to find it.

wolf worrier

How do you know which wire from the main power is the neutral

Benny Blanco

Wtf.... u didn't show the problem of how is there... basically you just show what he said... baboso

Phasor Systems

Having problems with circuits? Try circuit solver Look up androidcircuitsolver on google!

Jeff M

Good video, but it should be blatantly obvious to anyone qualified enough to be doing the work.

Justin Velasquez

Minnesota accent?


So what do I do with tube and knob

Mister Young

That's what surge protectors do

Dominic 2424

I'm with Roy below! You didn't show where the problem could be fixed!

Fan of Lake Speed

What happens when the neutral is broke on the utility pole? 3 electricians didn't know?

Khan Adil

He didn't explain how to fix that problem if any of us come across this ????

Raymond Ray

Hi Terry I have a single pole switch with one black cable and one red cable. Its the one that turns on the light on a triple switch. Are the colors correct?

Marquis Williams

Can someone please explain why my voltage detector is picking up voltage from screws? The screws are in a closet door located in my living room. Please and thank you.


Neutral aka ground

MIke S

ty for video, i have different problem hot to ground 120, ground to neutral 50+ v

Robert Brandywine

Would that neutral be hot if the switch was turned off? Because I am hearing people say they had that problem.


Hello. i have a 100 amp subpanel i ran to my garage. when i bought the subpanel there was no ground bar so i bought this and installed it into the box and ran a ground into the ground outside, two 6 ft grounds 6ft apart. I have two hot wires and one neutral ran from the original box and get 121V to each hot wire when checking between each hot and nuetral. when i ran power to a switch and to outlets in the roof for lights, first problem was i was getting a reversed hot and neutral code on my tester. so i switched the hot and neutral and everything worked when i ran another leg to some outlets , when the breaker is off for the outlets but the other leg with lights is on i still have a hot neutral until i switch off the breaker for the lights.


That didn't explain didley. Show the upstream connection or at least a schematic.


Grounds ate all my food??


Do you put the white wire to where black was. and cap the black and white wire?


But how do I fix it....? Does it involving going to every other outlet in the series and checking them to ensure that the neutral wires aren't separated?

Phasor Systems

Hello could you test this software? Encounter androidcircuitsolver on google

Norm Nilsson

thank you !

J J Lau

I still not knowing what is critically wrong in the wires you had shown.
May be if you had shown where the neutral is loaded or opened, then it would be more clear for the students to understand what had gone wrong and how to fix it, instead of hearing you repeating what you described for five times.
Anyway, thanks for your video, that I would show to my students.

Mike Harville

I was changing a fan and just turned it off at the switch. Moving the wires around the white (neutral) touched the fan box and caused a spark and tripped the circuit. I guess that’s normal since I didn’t shut it off at the box?

steve perry

i used to run across this often when i worked for the power company with a flickering lights call or homes burning out light bulbs. the connectors would sometimes fail at the pole or house or the neutral would break midspan by usually rubbing in a tree or failing underground on a buried cable.

JayyHarris Productions Tri-Cities, WA

Please delete your YouTube electrician Internet page

Luis Medina

Maybe you should show where the neutral is open to complete your lesson. Only folks that understood this were electricians that already know...

A Garcia

since you do a lot of videos i hope you have purchased a new camera since 2016. This video is low quality.

Aunt Jemima

would upstream mean the break in the neutral is somewhere between the first light and the service panel? or between the first light and the last light of the circuit? If the neutral was disconnected at the second light how would that cause backfeed at the switch? the circuit would still be closed from the first light back to the panel and the backfeed would actually be at the neutral wire between the second and third light would it not? please help me understand


Great explanation


Thanks sparky appreciated


Can someone please tell mehow I can put a neutral and black together not tripping breaker but have a light and fan unit come on and have the fan unit work properly with a switch installed however I cannot feed the power to another switch and run another light I can shut them both off but I cannot turn them both on I can only have one on at a Time how do I solve the situation

Terry Peterman

Here is a post from my website that has diagrams to show this situation. https://www.electrical-online.com/understanding-an-open-or-loaded-neutral/

Robert Hallowell

are you there???

Roger SoCalBeaches

seems like something is missing from this explanation


My only question after watching this video is what is an open or loaded neutral?

Farafaddia Al

Explanation is not clear . I am a trainer I would make that open neutral to better explain and than undo the open neutral to make comparison and as a proof of concept. Its just talk and theory only.

Order in Chaos

3:04 this statement is incorrect because sometimes the "main panel" requires the neutral and ground be separated if the meter socket is equipped with a service disconnect...

paul sawczyc

Calling it a neutral is a misnomer that causes confusion - call it a center tap off the transformer secondary coil.

METAL SHOP Welding & Fabrication


Jason Janes

I understood what he said because I already saw a video where somebody actually explained it in an easy to understand manner. Terry gets a C- for his teaching skills on this one.


I appreciate the video (honest), but now more confused than before. I was actually searching for something that explains why it matters how a plug goes into a receptacle; seems to me "neutral" and "hot" work and carry power exactly the same way on a typical 120 volt AC lamp or appliance.
Think back to when there was NOT a fat plug blade and skinny plug blade for "polarity?" Does the 2-conductor appliance somehow know which wire is which??? If the current flows in both directions, how can it matter which plug prong is which? What am I missing?


3:15 filament


Blame Prometheus

Aaron Lytle

I have one single pole switch that controls my kitchen light. I want to install another single pole switch off the existing one how do I go about it. Thanks terry

Robert Emerson

Between me watching another electrical video before yours, then specifically looking for one about open neutrals (finding yours), I finally understand what's happening. I believe I've seen that open neutral light, on a simple 3-prong plug tester, at my parents' house on certain outlets as well as at switches. Not being an electrician, obviously, I'm sure it'll be fun trying to trace the direction the current flows from each plug/switch to the next. ? I do appreciate your video though and you making it easy to understand. Idk why but I'm very mechanically inclined but have always avoided electricity issues beyond installing lights, switches, and outlets. I created a mental block for myself. LOL Thanks again!

Fake Gaming

You told us why.....but don't tell us how to fix it


Great video Terry, I know what you mean, I have seen this type of work in Mexico, Brazil, and the Philippines. It can get dangerous, but they do what they can and get by.
Best of luck with your new course - looks good!


What are some things that can cause a neutral to be open?

The Apocalypse Post News Channel

While you’re at it: theLastRadioStation.COM

Tim B

“So the answer is you have spliced up stream” What the hell does that mean? You explained everything well except the answer to our problem. I don’t remember splicing anything.

Rocky Easterline

You also didn't show exactly what your friend did up the line to cause this neutral to be hot

Fred's Appliance Academy


Aj Rosario

Need help


While working for a heating company years ago I got a late night call for no heat. I get there to see a fairly new warm air furnace and instinctively I reach for the power switch mounted on the side to see if it's on and to see if may have been installed up side down. (on being in the down position) On touching the switch box I was lit up like a Xmas tree because the whole cabinet was hot! Turn off the breaker and open the box to see lots of wires under one wire nut.... and the connection was burnt to a crisp. There was NO neutral and nobody had bothered to tie the ground to the box or cabinet. 15 minutes later I had trimmed back to good wire, added a second wire nut, and grouped the neutrals into bunches of 3 with a jumper, plus tied the ground to the box. Back in business. In hind sight, had they run conduit to the switch box there probably would have been a secondary neutral path via ground, but this was a Romex run from the ceiling to the unit WITHOUT a hard ground connection. In that case it may not have provided heat but I wouldn't have been blown to the floor with a hot cabinet. Did I mention this house had a dirt floor? All the better reason to have a good neutral and ground. I never did find out who wired this thing but now I always check with my inductive tester first.

Robert Hallowell

switch only has white and black

p p

U dont know how to teach at all

Rory Lee

This video was close to what I am experiencing. I am actually reading 120v coming off my ground wire. To be sure of my thoughts, I even tested the ground coming from an existing panel against a dedicated ground. After that, I went a bit further and tested it with a light tester... sure as I seen it on the meter, I was able to light up a 120v light between the ground and a borrowed hot wire... I am absolutely sure this should not be happening... heres the kicker, everything plugged into all panels are working just fine and test at correct AC voltages. No tripping breakers etc.... do you know what it could be? Anyone?


Worthless video. Dosent show fix just symptom


No audio

John Bond

My left ear enjoyed the video. :)

Daniel Alexander

good one


do we get same thing if we disconnect phase in single phase system? neutral on phase wire up untill point of disconnection? if load is connected of course?

Ryan Price

Um ok so nothing was really shown here or explained how this occurred.

km sti

I think 99% of use still scratching our heads. We need actual visual demonstration of EVERYTHING you talking about. The hard part of learning is understand what is what. Such as if you tell someone new to grab a 10mm wrench to loosen a bolt they will scratch their head and wonder "what the hell is a 10mm wrench and how it look like?"

Doug Lieberman

There could be a possibility that i ran into a circuit where I could not turn a fan off due to the fact that the house had switches that were based upon neutral wired switches. That means I changed the switch just to a hot (black) wired switching not any switches wired with the neutrals or (white) common wires and the circuit ran correctly. Check to see if any switches are neutral or common wired switches and hot wired switches.


Thank you - very helpful video. I have an issue how to I send you a message or question. Thanks again.

Rocky Easterline

People died of 110 volts not just a shock LOL


So what was the problem? Somewhere on the circuit the neutral was not connected??


Not a good explanation. Should have shown on a wiring diagram for clarity.

Eli Kraft

I know this is old, but you are the only source I found to explain this problem! I was searching for a day and a half trying to figure this out.

JayyHarris Productions Tri-Cities, WA

Who the hell runs the Romax like that even on demo purposes?!

Jesse Meyer

Those cables are disgusting

Real Truth

Terry, I've never spoken to anyone that had a great short cut for testing a tripped breaker. For example, there is a circuit that had 8 recepticles switched out. Breaker get turned back on and instant trip. I've never been able to locate the culprit other than going to each one and taking them out to inspect (provided the answer isn't obvious through visual inspection). Any thoughts other than checking every single outlet? Of course, the assumption is each wire was simply put back in original positions.

Samuel Parfait

What is the best wire to put in the wall

Susan Schuch

Installing an outlet that has a plug and a switch

Joe King

Hi, I need help, lol, my wall outlet went out as well as 2 lights, I checked and both white and black read 120v, but black to white read nothing, we haven't done any reno or anything, it just went out, also my breaker did not switch off. Thank you.

Paul Maxwell

Great explanation. I've done electrical work for years but it never hurts to brush up on my skills.

Kim Win

Make a lot of sense as to why neutral shows 120V. I have always been careful to check each wire (black, white and ground) to ensure they carry no electricity before working on them.

p p

The neutral provides the return path for the current provided by the hot wire

Chrys Marty

Perfect explanation. Just went through this exact same thing. Followed my neutral wires and found where somebody had spliced them and they had come apart. Thank you.


How do I get half voltage on a circuit? Or partial voltage?? Thx!!

jeromy kerr

can you get a shock from light fixture if the white is not connected ?

Daniel Campos

My Light stay on whem switch is off, how can i fix that?

Michel Grenier

A back feed from the ground connection in the breaker panel due to a disconnected neutral wire .

Teresa Gelato

What happens when a child puts car keys in an electrical socket? Im wondering what type of shock would that be is what I’m asking. It happened to me as a toddler. I had a NDE experience too ...when I jumped up from the floor and tried to grab a toy to play with, I couldn’t cause my body wasn’t there. I check the floor and saw my lifeless body there. I remember it like it was yesterday. When I awoke in my body I can tell you that I felt like I was hit by a ton of bricks. Really exhausted.

Jon Harmil

my.. you explain things well Terry... Thank you so much..

ramu ganesan

In output of control transformer, current is coming out of neutral? Why is it so? I am from India ,sir. BTW , this video is very useful

Sun Shine

This is the best answer I find. The demo is superb. Thank you for the efforts!


Excellent information,tanks ????


Half of my house has no electricity. Please help. All breakers including main is working. 3 rooms and 1 restroom has no power. It's an old house so not sure where to start. I can see power lines entering into the attic from ELECTRICAL breaker box.

Beo The Guitarist

There's no sound in the video.


Are you talking about a Neutral that is a shared with another hot on a different leg.

What does neutral mean

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How Switzerland Stayed Neutral

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Why the Swiss put bombs in

Why the Swiss put bombs in their borders.

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John Pastrami

I think step 3 was the biggest reason it wasnt invaded

AK-47 Osman

The biggest criminals live in this country, all of whom are pardoned and protected for money. According to the motto you have what are you what! Don't you are nothing! Who would want to live in such a false reality? Character is what makes a person human and not money. They still haven't understood that. Capitalism in your butt

Sultan Of swing

Bank owners they don't want you to point to them.

Jesus Christ

So basically Switzerland's defence plan is bombing themselves?

Nathanael Raynard

they are explosively neutral

Andrei Lucaci

Swiss was not neutral.They had deal with Nazis,selling them gold for reichsmarks,exporting chemicals and medicine products to Germany and Italy.Did not accept thousands of jew refugees from Germany.And they held millions of Nazi money in their banks.Later they recognized all the shit they’ve done and even compensated some countries


As someone from Switzerland I can confirm that we do not give a crap about anyone and want to stay neutral

Google it

I live next to it in Germany and we really weren't neutral


In our areas, there are Bukners for every possible region. For example i live in a small place that is part of a bigger village. 2 Houses away from me, there is a Bunker, where we would go if there would be a War. It is or was at least Atomic bomb Proove

Michael 732

When I was cycling through Switzerland in the 80's I stayed in a lot of those bunkers. They turned them into youth hostels. They were very clean and they were all over the country.

Abdullah Moiz



Once ww3 is over. Switzerland will be the only country left, and they will rebuild humanity.

Lee Minho

There is a swiss youtuber named LeGrandJD living in one if you want to see he has some on his chanel!


"And they can retreat back to the mountains"
DF players: ??


10:50 The Harris Neutrality

Subal RAY

Switzerland is rich like crazy....


Switzerland really took the "if I insult myself no one will insult me" To "if I bomb myself no one will invade me"

Callum Kerr

If Europe was a classroom, Switzerland would be the strong quiet kid no one knows about

Richard Lim

Swiss... The modern day Dwarfs.... Not they are short, they expert are expertly use mountains

endino daya

As a future world traveler, your videos are very educational . I want to travel in different countries not only for their tourist spots but also their interesting history❤️

Jakob Moiirers

all dnb heads be like:

take it down to the bunker ?

Pepe Popo

3:19 “Bomb your borders”

Belka: “Don’t mind if i do”

Nadinemar Akmad

Remember those times when Switzerland accidentally invaded their neighboring country?


I love staying neutral

Cerius Lawliet

They just went: hey, we got natural walls... why not just... close all our drawbridges?


The moment when there's a military hospital in the cellar of your school...

Ariel Cabral

Bunker hunting!

Mr. Noky

I though the squares on the road were sewers
I won't step on them anymore

Francine Rogers

The nutritious group ipsilaterally nod because judo commercially afford on a pumped spain. subdued, immense august

Kersten Willi

switzerland didn't really stayed neutral while the world war 2 was on. Like they were just occupied by germany. Thats the reason why swiz must payed money to the winning factions. the tried to say Ok nazi Germany its ok do your thing but we don't want to help you, you can walk through our country you can resupply but we won't help you. And thats what SU and Allies didn't like they wanted that swiz does something offensive against the nazis.

Yoav Kasher

also, there is a conscription law in switzerland and every man who went through the military has to keep their guns at home, so one out of four people have a gun in their house.


Well, as a Swiss, few things that have to be corrected and added.
First, no more explosive a found in our infrastructure for years now. Check up online, the Swiss Army finished to remove all explosives that were placed in 2014 (most news are from 2015 about that).
Second, we didn't chose neutrality at the begining. Back a few centuries, Napoleon actually stated we have to be neutral. This came after a few events, one of which was the swiss guards that were used by European kings and just killed anyone one who dared to get to closed to their "employer". Hence, Swizerland was never involved directly in wars, but mercenaries were. Hence, when Napoleon invaded some parts of Europe, including Switzerland, our neutrality was borned.
Third, Swiss Military was definitely not enough to defend the country from the Germans. In fact, at some point, Hitler would have got over Switzerland as his plan was to gather all Germans in one nation. Hence, it was only a mater of time before the Nazis would have come over here.
Fourth, Swiss military is not stating that in order to have peace, we need canons. The opposite actually. The usage of weapon here is pretty restricted in the Army. The usage of weapon is only to defend in an imminent threat and killing is forbiden. Yes, we are not allowed to shot to kill, even if the oponent may try to kill us. Same for automatic weapons. We have some, but they have to remain in single shoot mode, even in war time.
Finally and most importantly, there are stories of forgoten heroes that tried their best to protect threatened persons during the second World War. Today, some of them are still unknown, while others are still prosecuted. Check out Paul Grüninger, he is the most known example. He was working at the Police In St Gallen and helped jewish to flee Austria to Switzerland. After he got caught and until his death, he was threated as a traitor and not recognised for its actions. Years after his death, he was recognised for its actions, but it still took time. It is still unknown how many people actually helped during this time frame.

karibu1404 2.0

While they did not partake in ww2 they did deal with the nazis, so they weren't really neutral

Ramamani Balaji

But why Swiss is hoarding most of the ill-gotten wealth of corrupt people of the world? I really don't understand this unethical crime!

Mark Cummins

My name is Johnny and I sold my soul to satan.

Cheston Kordys

The aboriginal rule currently dare because pest maternally complain into a proud decision. whispering, mute disadvantage


12:30 FINALLY I found a safe place to store my "Assignments" folder

buatan alif

you have entered spectator mode

Lucy Farias

Switzerland is a mood

Danish Ismail

The swiss would definitely survive a zombie apocalypse

Yohanes MY 8E

I like swiss just becuase of chocolate :i

ste kra

Stepp 0 Maintain good foreign relations so you are not attacked in the first place.
Thanks to the Swiss example my home county in the 1950s had a model to point to and say that look if you tow let us be neutral you won't have a pumped government but you would have a buffer between you and your enemy.


Hey switz, I wanna build like a bridge here-

Switzerland: oh shit the nazis


Switzerland: I remembered that happened

Ok? So what about-

Switzerland: put bombs on it, they can still be here

the funny nerve in your elbow

I guess they had to be on better therms with the axis since the allies didn't plan on invading them in the first place

Captain Hawking Republic Forge

Home alone but bigger.

Evelyne Martin

Check the Dübendorf Flight museum. If it opens again, it is worth visiting and learning about the neutrality of Switzerland ?? Thanks for you information. I still love living here!

Eldar Bellini

I actually was shocked when I found out not every household outside of Switzerland has a bunker, growing up there it was just normal to use your bunker as storage lol

Tk Cabasan

Can this be a safe region for interpol wanted criminals or world class criminals

KarKris KS

One of the reasons Switzerland is safe, it doesn’t have much OIL

Elton Dalloshi

Swiss trains are never late

SBB: stop the ?

Towarzysz Wiedźmin 2

The swiss were genius in the second world war

Ar rOe

Switzerland: Surrounded by the axes

Allies: They trade more with them, that's illegal


No matter which country you are from, we can all agree that Switzerland is a respectable country.

senko san

Idk when and why they were build but here in belguim I have seen allot of bunkers, probably for war, once when I was on a field a little ledge was there, it was camouflaged but you could enter it via a small window, it wasn't really a bunker bunker, but it had a bed, I guess
Another one I found as a kid was when I was in a forest with my classmates, we found this big stone structure, our teacher said not to touch that as the stone was unstable, but one time me and my friends got inside, but inside was one, big ass hole, I was unable to enter it but with a flashlight I saw floor and some other things down there, still not sure what it was haha

Technology - News and History

Great video John! Cheers from Switzerland

Tin Man

Nobody stays good in this place...

aboud 113

Swiss society ,,,racism


Switzerland: creeper hissing noises

Ben Menzies

WATCH SEAN HROSS this is bullshit

Barry Sorento

Switzerland like the U.S has an armed populace. That's why neither country has seen a foreign army on its soil in over 200+ years!

no one

The Swiss have enough bunkers to protect 140% of their population
iirc same thing with albania

William Douglas


Adelbert Riang

Johnny: "Switzerland devised what I argue is just the most Swiss plan ever to stay neutral during WWII"
Me: Use cheese
"Bomb your Borders"
Meh, close enough


Time to live in switzerland

Muhammad Ahmad

Not imposible but difficult?

Anton Molchanov

Trading with an aggressor is not neutrality, it is aggression.

Booper Dooper Productions

The sad thing is now those defenses are less effective now that they’re more well known.

Herman Cardenas

I emigrated over from your Vox videos. I appreciate your content.

Very Unusual Times

Switzerland is basically Finland if their neutrality was respected.

devarsh borsadiya

This is actually genius


switzerland is me, minding my own business, doing my thing when everyone else’s fighting


Seems weird for a neutral country to be purchasing F35s

Yeme Machine

As an american 2A Supporter, I can respect the swiss for their ideals of Neutrality with guns.

Sauce Pimentée

I mean, as a fellow Swiss, im truly baffled by the actions of my elders. Saying guns and cannons saved Switzerland is an overstatement. Safety was kept thanks to dirty money, loans, shady deals, antisemitic actions to satisfy our overlords. Whatever means necessary heh... And if one can use forced labor to generate profit, why not ? Neutrality isn't great, it certainly isn't white. I would even go as far as saying what my country calls neutrality is most likely opportunism.

That being said, you should eat fondue, at all times.

Will Vourlas

swiss cheese is neutral cheese?

shresth jain

I thought that the description in the video will be like 10% off on swiss army knife through the link..
A bit disappointed....


They still provide safe place to put money of corrupt politicians from worldwide!

Angel Lozano

Germany: Invades Switzerland
3 years later: Cold war begins, 3 mayor powers, USSR, USA and Switzerland, who annexed Austria, Benelux, Italy and Germany

michale andmore

Swiss as basically the dwarves of middle earth, they don't take sides and they are pretty good in their mountains

Lord ofRavenhall

I'm Swiss and I'm proud to be so! ?

Oz Kittyboi

What was the name of the song you used during your squarespace piece, Johnny?


03:13 thats st. Moritz right?

Jejaka Malaya

They help both

Hans Rietmann

Oh man, I love Switzerland too ? But I really hate having that many ads on a video when I accept to have ads to support content creators…

Malaysian Mapping

Switzerland is the Europe version of Home Alone


Best country ever for me ❤??❤

Mike Jumps


Marko V

Don‘t watch the video, here is your answer:
Swiss stayed neutral by:
- Chosing the side of the opressor and allowing trades between nazis and italy

„neutral“ my ass, yes.

Alec Ver Bunker

I'm just so happy Johnny branched out and started his own channel. He's always been my favorite on Vox

max mezz

They were removed i think it was in the newspaper once


Alright! Lets go bunker hunting then! I live in The Netherlands, so fairly close by.
After lockdown?

Wu Tang

Switzerland is the only country ready to bomb themselves anytime

Logan Presley

So when are you setting up the bunker-hunting trip?

Alpha Oumar KhannDiallo

Hah you bet WHERE'S MY MONEY?


Schocki ricola ?


So basically the Swiss are Dwarfs with their tunnels and so so


Ahh yes the ol’ “neutral” ??

Travis Williams

Defense is the offense

Wolf Games

UK: so are you towards allies or axis?
Switzerland: yes

Lying Dog Faced Pony Soldier

Hint: through cowardice.