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Bikini Waxing: Pt. 11 - Choosing the Right Wax

934 376 views | 8 Nov. 2009

Kate Weinberg is the

Kate Weinberg is the Skincare Director for Oasis Day Spas in New York City. She is a New York State licensed esthetician with 10 years in the spa and salon business. An authority on all things skin, wax and makeup, she is always available at Oasis Day Spa to answer skin inquiries.


Wha..? I was just trying to clean my car....


I don't even remember this video... it's not like she was with a client.. I sure as heck would hope she wouldn't double dip then.

Miss Tia

omg i need that corse wax! lol


Hmmm maybe Not for you. If that stick touches ANY skin.. It should Not be put directly back into wax. doesn't matter if she only put it on her hand. A double dip is a double dip. You might like a double dip but would you want a doctor to reuse a tongue depressor if it ONLY touched someones cheek and didn't actually touch the Tongue?! EEEWWW same difference. vid needs to be redone.


you double dipped! BAD WAXING LADY


what is the difference from a normal bikini wax and a brasilian bikini wax?


It's really NOT that big of a deal that she put the sticks back in the wax because she didn't pull any significant hair out maybe some peach fuzz. she didn't apply it back on her skin or anyone else's and I doubt that her arms have any sort of disease or infection..

Luiz Carlos

Boa noite


just looked at another vid that said NOT to do that. HMMMM I was hoping "I" wasn't the only one who noticed that. she Should redo this vid and take this double dip down if she wants visitors. :-(

Julia Song

i live in New York, and i would really like to make an appointment. ill be looking out for the website. but incase i have bad luck finding it. what is your website? how can i find your Spa? :)


I always watch sanitation too when it comes to these things! yucky!


yeah 2 sticks and Each one was put Back in the wax. EEEWWWW!


yeah no client. very imformative vid for the spa. that double dip was the only bad part. otherwise she explained the process and the spa very well. hope she gets the comments and does this little section over and takes this vid down. it will greatly help the spa. Wishing her best of luck. She seems really nice. Can't make those kind of errors. ;-)

Evelyn Martinez

ewww double dip if your a profesional you should know not to do that it spreads infections/bactieria

Jassim Mohammed


ابو فيصل

صوتها صوت وحده تقدر الجنس

nej Av

hi , i wann buy wax warmer but which one is better? plz reply me. thank u


i don't see any such reaction. look like she just continues on with vid as if she Didn't double dip.

صالح القحطاني

احسن شي لاما بالت عليه


A regular bikini wax just removes the hair on the inner thigh area outside and a little bit inside where the underwear goes and a Brazilian removes ALL the hair in groin area and rear


OMG your amazing, i've been considering a bikini wax for while now but have been to nervous to go. Now I have information as to what im looking for! TY TY!

Tsabita Farah Yasmin Bita

Vidio bokep terbaru

Dark Angel

ugh i feel like a sasquatch after watching this

Wax define

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How To Shape and Wax Your Eyebrows at Home - MissLizHeart

173 436 views | 31 Mar. 2014

Just sharing some tips on

Just sharing some tips on how to wax your eyebrows at home, how to fill your eyebrows in for a natural look :)

Products Mentioned:

-Baby Powder

-Veet Ready To USe Wax Strips; http://www.ulta.com/ulta/browse/productDetail.jsp?productId=xlsImpprod4200299

-Anastasia Brow Wiz in Brunette: http://www.sephora.com/brow-wiz-P202633?skuId=1056084

-Brow Bar To Go: Use code 'missilz' for 25% off http://www.whiteninglightning.com/product/cosmetics-make-up/eye-brow-bar-to-go/

-Sonia Keshuk Eyebrow Brush from Holiday Collectin set (Target)


Music: 'Only You'

Download at iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/only-you/id582854109?i=582854112

Otherwise, just search 'Katie Sky' in iTunes or visit http://KatieSky.com

Watch the official video: http://youtu.be/0GPbV7Nl6s4


The brow bar to go was sent to me for reviewing purposes and everything else was purchased by me with my own money, and all opinions are my own :)

My Blog: http://www.fromapurplechair.com

Instagram: http://tinyurl.com/ktumlv3

Twitter: http://tinyurl.com/ma28fq9

Pinterest: http://tinyurl.com/lo8tbal


Business email: misslizheart(at)gmail.com

SL MissGlam

Wow! Brow Queen Liz! You make it look so easy!!

Carmen Torres

nice job. how long does it take to master this. I have alway done my eyebrows in the nails salon in new York and now i live in jersey and they have messed up my eyes brows really bad so i am want to try to wax them myself. At least if I mess them up I did it not some person who is support to know what she is doing.


Just watched your video and went along with it. Surprised that wax doesn't hurt as much as people say it does (in my opinion). But now my eyebrows look great, THANK YOU xxxxx

Lindsay Cowan

I've been doing the wax thing forever didn't realize anyone else did this too. I love it, its easy and a lot cheaper than other waxing stuff


You are an angel! Thanks for sharing :o)


Good job I love it where can you get those little scissors?

Stephie Mills

I have been getting my brows waxed for years & this past time she waxed off some of my skin... I have an awful scab now :( I think I'll give this a try & pluck below my brows... definitely wanna avoid skin removal again. Thank you for sharing, this was so helpful! Btw, I love your videos, such great content & I love your style/ warm personality.

AnaLycia Williams

i didnt even think about this thank you so much!!!


I use this method since I started plucking my eyebrows, my mother showed me. But I don't cut them in thick stripes, I cut them in the shape I want to have my eyebrows and using them on the top and bottom part of my brows. It works really well, I don't even have to use a tweezer after it. ^-^

Erin Nicole

I use the same exact wax strips. I thought i was the only one! Lol

Veronika Cee

Thank you for your tips on this.. I really need to start waxing my own eyebrows.. Your easy and simple step by step ensures me to give it a try.


Beautiful ❤️

Kiara Jefferson

I feel like you have no control using those strips, you're definitely going to get a pointed look rather than a curved one

Mayra Rodriguez

where do you buy those things

Just Em

You don't even need to fill your brows; they look great!

Lizz Cotterman

So helpful Liz! Thank you so much for this amazing video!

Kalei Lagunero

Beautiful job! I'm currently growing mine in too! Love ya!


Great video Liz!!!

Cashmere Jess

My eyebrows are so thick. I have a hard time making them lay down. Btw, great video! 

Tanu Smile

Awesome, I was just thinking of using Veet wax strips. Glad to find that you actually use it


Thanks,many thanks!


You did great! I'm so scared to do my own

Spandana Matapathi

Would have been better if you hadn't done your brows before


wow this looks great! but i'd be too scared to try it lmao

Slime Satisfying

I'm going to make home made sugar wax for my eyebrows, I'm really nervous.
Im gonna wax my eyebrows becuase they are a mess and I have a big unibrow
You sound like vennessa Hudgins
You did a amazing job
I bet I'll fail and my eyebrows will be worse lmao

Maddy Ahmed

Can big eyebrows do this please answer back quick in waxing my eyebrows

Ena's World



2k Followers in your IG Account Rightaway http://storage.googleapis.com/4149502624098/6533002898548.html

Kimmy Lisa

Im going to go try and find the kit you used hopefully I will and I'll update when I'm done!! :)

Hiding in my room

You do a really nice job it's really good

Alejandra Macias

hi everybody! i just started my channel, and i would really appreciate it if you would go check it out& subscribe!!!! =D please and thank you

Sue Flores

This is so helpful! I'm totally going to try it. :)

Asfi Asfi

Even I do the same.. :) And this is really safe.. Painless.. And quick.. It saves a lot of time and in budget.. Veet strips r I
just fantastic..

Janette Gonzalez

Wow very easy tutorial, thank you?

Meka Leah

Eeeek!! Waxing scares me!! Come do mine!!!

Chevonne Fraser

On fleek???

Glitter Nails

I use this exact same technique to wax my brows

Wax define

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How I maintain my thick black brows(no plucking/waxing/threading)

80 859 views | 18 Apr. 2018


Salaam guys,

So I had been threading my eyebrows for the past 10+ years,not knowing that my religion does not permit it.

Now That I got to know recently ,i thought I could inspire as well as give a demo of how easy it is to maintain your brows at home,with no plucking,threading or waxing!!!



Sofia zephyr

What the hell is halal eyebrow???. Matlab kuch bhi khud ki soonch see....

Ghislaine Vigier

Halal eyebrow ?????????????? that’s cracking me up lol

Ilhan Dahir

I see halal wine too ....weird

Naveen Imran

HALAL EYEBROWS... I mean seriously..???!

Aleena Khan

Nice video No more acne scars. Click here #aleenakhanskincare

Kanakk Singh

Wy u doing dat much overacting

Em Tamanna

Can we thread our face or bleach our face??? Is it halal?
Im a Muslim girl. Please reply meh ?

salman jamali

sorry this not halal you make line this not halal

sanias cooking

Ye Tariqa halal nehi he


Before writing down the comments,plz read this.
1: There is no mention in the Quran about plucking or not plucking the eyebrows (May be it isn't important to Allah what we do with our eyebrows,but what we do with our deeds is more imp )
2: There is mention in the Hadeeth ,that u can't pluck/wax/shave your eyebrows,and scholars who support this say you can bleach them,for more info please use google.
3:This is for those who really wanna go in depth,hadeeth is something debatable,I will try to make a video on my opinion on this soon,but at the end even if you think I am doing something sinful,thats my deed,and Allah alone can decide what has to be done about it,if you don't follow it i have no problem,my videos title says "My Halal eyebrow tutorial" doesnt say "All muslims halal eyebrow tutorial" its what i believe in according to the knowledge i have.
I beleive if we all can just be more thoughtful and kind,we can be better Muslims❤❤❤❤


Sister cutting the eyebrows is just as bad. The most halal way is to tint with henna and to carve with concealer. When you wadu, after put the concealer back on.

mari marr


Lamya K

You can tell that she shaves them

Maryama Yusuf


Makeup by Bushra Sultan

Please do salaam correctly it's not "sala walekum" it's "Assalamo alaikum". Hope you admit it.

Ms Elahi

That was good thank you for sharing

Love Yourself

Is it okay to trim abit of your eyebrow hair if they are very long and look masculine

Bisma Abid

Wow!! I'll definitely gonna try this!!

SA75 baluch

Sorry this is also not halal dear

neutral bhai

You inspired me thanks. Let me know if it burn?

Mohd Omer

Shape is shape either it by cut or Bleach ?

Fiza Masood

pucking eyebrows is haram because we aren't allowed to change anything in our body coz it is made by Allah. That's the reason so i don't think bleaching a halal way.
you can title your video as "an alternative" instead of including religious parameters.

Tahir Mehmood

Sister u r not spouse to cut it too

mohammad javed

aap hindi video kariye na plzzzz

Kanwal Rukh

Please let me know if we can trim from above with scissors like you did since I think trimminh is also not allowed

Bint-e -fatima

Jo pury face ki threading krwai hui hu wo halal hy kia?

Meaw ll

God bless you guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Masha Leszczyński

Salam waleykoum sister, thank you very much for this video you inspire me and I'm going to try bleaching instead of waxing my eyebrows, may Allah bless you and your family ❤

LilR R

Instead of focusing on more important issues muslims fight over stuff like this..shame

Glitter Eyez_queen

nice video and just subscribed dear hope u can too

Grover House

I thought the point was not to get the look of waxed threaded. This is like the equivalent of getting a feeding tube during Ramadan and then saying well I didn’t eat it.

lovely mima

Good girl? Machaa Allah

Mona Akhtar

in my knowledge cutting isn't allowed either. i have thick dark brow hair like yours, i bleach with wella blond powder and 6/9% developer depending on how blond you want you want your brows to be. takes less time and works like magic.

Global Citizen Vlogs

Bleaching is allowed.

Rubina Irfan

Your eyebrows to good sister
My eyebrows to freeze ...

D d

Wa alaykum alsalam, you're a sweetheart 3>

iz Ma

your religion does not allow making your eyebrows thinner ... not cleaning them by removing extra hair that is not iinvolved in the shape of the eyebrow

Ashabi 123

Are you aloud to cut the long hairs with scissors

Labiqa Iqbal

Cutting is haram

ishq e ahlebait a.s

All skin care products is haram....??

Rina's Cooking

Very nice tips. Thanks.


Bleaching is okay from islamqa and research done but cutting them isn't from what I already know.


Just for the sisters, take advice from a sheikh on what is halal or haram. This mimics the haram way (plucking) thus it isn't allowed. :) The purpose is to love yourself the way you were created.

Precious Pearls

Your not allowed to cut them? How is this halal?‍♀️?

Fatima Khan

This video inspired me to do some research and the main reason Muslims don't pluck their eyebrows is because of a hadith, which says that one isn't supposed to pluck the eyebrows or shape them. The hair between the eyebrows is fine, it's not part of the eyebrows. There is a difference of opinion amongst scholars about trimming eyebrows, like with scissors, so at that point, Allahu A'lam and put your trust in what you think Allah would love. Hope this helped!

Ali Playz

Hmm are you lebanese

Ayesha Fur

Was waiting for it

Mohammad Meraj

Bat karne ka andazz bahut hipocrate h??

Sla_waa S_a

I’m only trying to advice you, but doing eyebrows is haram. I know it’s hard cuz it’s so tempting to pluck, but it’s always better to please Allah. Doing eyebrows means making them more attractive which means it’s changing the creation of Allah. Eyebrows are referred to hairs above the eyes, but plucking in between is not haram cuz it’s hair above the nose.

Farrah 110

No eyebrow is halal after is retouched, dear sis?

Ms Mona

You are not allowed to cut them!

yo feriha

If ur natural hair make u look like a man or anything related to a man u can do something about that and it does not consider haram BUT she cut her eyebrows in the video which is haram so it's not totally halal.. My eyebrown are joint with my hair through my forehead + they are jet black + they are really bushy + have a really horrible uni brow which make me look like a man...That why I cut my uni brow and thee brows joint with my hair and it is ALLOWED


I really wanna try this but is it okay on sensitive skin? and I heard that sometimes it turns your hairs ginger or orange so I’m abit sceptical about it ! I live in the uk so where could u buy this from ? loved the video by the way ?

Jerrica Lyne

Muslim girls are allowed to have nose piercings?

Xi an

Plucking is haram(verboten) in the religion of Islam because our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad(Peace be upon him) said that whoever done this for beauty she would be considered accursed then.Because in the upper eye lids,near the brow bone there are some kind of veins when the hair has been plucked from there,the eyesight gets weaken.This is one of the reason which I have evinced you all.With the exception of plucking eyebrows, all body parts threading and waxing is permissible in Islam.

talklogic ordont

To all the pretentious Deen police...who do not have a problem When Muslim sisters pluck their eyebrows, but when someone is showing a way which is not outright Haram we have all the hate comments...go and mind ur own business, ur salah, the tarbiyat of ur kids, serve ur parents, why r u here lashing out at a fellow Muslim?

Asma Mohammad

Indication of qayamat when haraam will be considered halal

Sami Khan

Just Making fool urself haram is haram dear how u say this is halal it's also plucking just changing the metohd

love islam

Allah muaf kre hm sb ko

Sama Huseynova

I do not believe eyebrow shape is haram. Therr is nothing in Quran. This is make people away from Islam. Music haram, keep hair everywhere. Then do not go doctor. Allah give you sickness. Dont change it.

Apsana Rahmeem

Assalamuvalaikum sister !So kind of u sister u r not allowed to cut eyebrows..

Saima Arshad

Where is the mention in the Holy quran about halal eye browse?

Farha Ansari

This is not halal....

Fatma Lotfy

honey , you look amazing , but there is something you have to know
cutting brow hair with scissors is not allowed too it is consider " nams"

Sufianeyaz 1815

This is also not halal


It’s not haram to clean up ur brows ?lol

Fatima Kapadi

I also have thick brows.. I have tried bleaching twice and it works great .. If we look closely then one can see the blonde hairs .. other than that it looks great but then somebody told me even thats not allowed So now I just stay natural.. Anyways ❤?.. More Hijab Tutorials please..❤❤

Sana Badar

kindly there is no such thing as HALAAL EYEBROWS in Islam. if u want to do it just do it the way u want but don't put HALAL if u don't actually know .... its in sahih hadith that u r not allowed to plug/ shape your eyebrow hairs the one who does it Allah curses her. obviously a woman plugs to make a shape of her brows. so if u r shaping in anyway or plugging for shape that's totally haram. don't try to make haraam haalaal just for few thousand subscribers or views!

Sana Khan

I don’t understand what is this halala eyebrows when allah Sadie its totally haram so sister please don’t make people fool and don’t try to change allahas words

Miss Strawberry Cupcake

Are her eyebrows affecting you or hurting you?- NO, so let her be happy with her painfree, wonderfully full and dark brows xoxo

tupe xo

Girl you are free to go as your will untill you are not hurting anyone by your actions...so do hell with those rude rules...

ishq e ahlebait a.s

Oak u have proved this bleach is a halal bleach???? Tell me

iffat shaikh



Does anyone have a source in which is stated it is halal to cut your brows the way the woman in this video did, I am very curious.

Maryam Sameer

you can also go for hair removal cream, which i think is a better option than bleaching them. Because these bleached hair look awful in daylight.

iffat shaikh

Make videos for fairness

Jafrin Tabassum

The amount of preachy hate comments is disheartening. It's as if these people do not commit any sins themselves. Learn to be kinder. Live and let live. Women, irrespective of religion, will always want to look good and there's nothing wrong in wanting that. I liked the video very much.