Washing your hair with just water

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Can I wash my beard with just water? The 4 simple steps for success!

969 views | 2 Nov. 2020

When you’re starting to

When you’re starting to grow a beard it is tempting to avoid using shampoo as it is an added expense and also you may have seen that washing your hair with just water results in a “naturally cleaning” effect. Cavemen didn’t have access to shampoo so why is it important that you use it? Here, we’re going to go over all of the aspects of washing your beard with just water and why you may want to add in a little bit of shampoo every now and again to really condition and clean your beard. So, can I wash my beard with just water – Let’s check it out.

Full Article: https://beardgrowingpro.com/can-i-wash-my-beard-with-just-water/

0:00 Introduction

1:50 Can you use water everyday?

3:38 No Poo Movement

4:47 Agitate your beard

5:48 Preening

7:18 Natural Bristle Brush

8:42 Finish with cold water!

9:41 Shampoo minimization

10:47 Outro


Nice tips! Do you think there's any difference between using a beard shampoo and a gentle facial wash? Will they both have the same effect? (Right now I'm using the latter).

Jason Martin

Co-wash 2 times a week and beard wash once and rest of week wet it

David Caballero

No shampoo or conditioner just water has given me the amazing results also not using oil or balm just my natural oils has been the best option


I don’t have a strict routine but my options are 1. Use beard shampoo & conditioner, 2. Just add conditioner & rinse it out in the shower or 3. Just rinse my beard with water in the shower. Each method produces a different beard result.

Jason Martin

Beard is looking gr8t!

Ayoub Ben Charef

I grew my beard for 3 months but ever since the 2 months stage things stopped changing as if its nots growing anymore

Jason Martin

I use co-wash 2 a week and beard wash once a week and just wet it works great