Why does bar soap make your skin feel sticky

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How To Use: Gaiana Soap

1 272 views | 20 Dec. 2016

This beautiful handmade

This beautiful handmade soap is rich in skin moisturizing pure rich plant oils and butters which creates a softening lather and helps to seal in moisture. Won't strip skin like ordinary soap or leave it feeling sticky. Pampers even the most sensitive skin. For noticeably soft and supple skin - every day.

Mary Ann Knox

I so want to try this

Why does bar soap make your skin feel sticky

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You Don't Even Know How to Use Soap Do You?

17 views | 19 Jan. 2018

Welcome to my basic

Welcome to my basic hygiene boot camp. It goes a little something like this… USE SOAP!

I know you are clean already and don’t need a lecture on using soap but there are different alternatives that could make you second guess your use of your current soap.

Some of you are probably using commercial soaps and shower gels that are made from a detergent base which strips the natural oils from your skin leaving you dry and scaly. This then causes you to slap on lotion to take a way that tight post-shower feeling.

These detergents are inexpensive to make and made up through a laboratory process. They also have a lower PH than traditional soap which means they need chemicals, such as triclosan, added to them to make them antibacterial.

This chemical has been a problem to our oceans and affecting the ability of whales to reproduce. Chemicals that create the fragrances can also affect sensitive skins.

Guess what, there is an alternative to this. Natural bar soap such as Gaiana Nutrative Soap is a handmade soap that seals in moisture with moisturizing plant oils and butters. Like I said before about your skin being stripped of natural oils from commercial soaps? Well this natural soap will not leave your skin feeling sticky or strip your skin.

If you have sensitive skin you can be worry free because it is fragrance free and no added colors.

You have no bottle to throw away, no triclosan or antibacterial chemicals washing down the drain jeopardizing the health of our oceans and the whales!

To make sure you are getting a good natural soap look for something created with pure essential oils and ingredients you heard of like olive oil, avocado and shea butter which Gaiana Nutritive soap has in them already!

If the ingredients aren’t listed or you can’t pronounce them, move on. Because natural soaps don’t dry your skin as much you may find you don’t need to use as much moisturizer so you will be saving money and resources there too.

The links to this handmade natural soap down below to quit living with dry scaly skin.


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Why does bar soap make your skin feel sticky

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GIRL TALK: HYGIENE 101 (how to smell good all day)

854 views | 18 Sep. 2020

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Gio Gio

you should use vagisil wash the purple bottle for down there it has no scent and works good ! ?

karsha b



I totally agree with the bar soap thing! What I do is I use bar soap then go in with a body wash, and I share a bathroom with my sister and because of what you said we'd always use different soaps?! And girl I love your videos! Definitely underrated ?.


first? #lanabebe?