Why do i break out on my buttocks

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13 923 views | 5 Feb. 2021

Free Bum Bag or Fanny

Free Bum Bag or Fanny Pack Tutorial - Easy sew, beginner friendly

It’s the easiest little lined Bummity Bum Bag – with an easy sew zip, it’s fully lined and threads onto your own belt so it fits everyone! Great beginner project.

See more of my patterns, tutorials and blog at: http://www.spencerogg.com

All my patterns are domestic machine friendly

Download the PDF pattern piece from the files section of my Facebook Group here:


Cutting Instructions

Piece A 23 x 14.5cm (9 x 5 ¾ “) or you can download the PDF pattern piece

Piece B 17.5 x 5cm (7 x 2”) wide

If you need help with opening and printing PDF patterns, see my video here: https://youtu.be/AAm4SkbyEGg

For help with attaching straight zips, see my video here:



These are the items I used in the video

Zips: https://www.zippervalley.com/collections/zippers

Metal Handmade Tags - https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/NICESTUFFbyCarole

Luggage Strap - https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/AllPrintsUK

Waterproof Canvas Fabric, Two Tone Marl, 600 Denier: https://amzn.to/3iVcDdU


Medium Weight fusible interfacing:

UK Link: https://amzn.to/378RSoE

US Link: https://amzn.to/38uhn3S

Steam generator iron

UK Link: https://amzn.to/2TMAiSw

US Link: https://amzn.to/3chAwXT

Sewing Stiletto tool

UK Link: https://amzn.to/2qU3RpF

US Link: https://amzn.to/31IfnCR

Hump jumper/Bulky Seam Aid Hemline:

UK Link: https://amzn.to/353d4KM

US link: https://amzn.to/2SkgPs2

Sewing Snips

UK Link: https://amzn.to/32XUm9c

US Link: https://amzn.to/3cp6d3q

Gutterman Sew-All thread

UK Link: : https://amzn.to/3gZ4hAn

US link: https://amzn.to/2Y7ueoK


UK Link: : https://amzn.to/2SzV5Hx

US link: https://amzn.to/31I9hCc

I'm using a Janome Atelier/Skyline 7 sewing machine:

UK Link: https://amzn.to/2ppAsDl

Elona Namor

Thank you for the free pattern and video. You are so generous. LOVE, love your hair!!!!!!

Rima Sungkar

Love this!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

C Cam

Thank you!!! this is perfect for daily walks in our city park. I needed something to fit small necessities without carrying a purse.

Grant McDaniel

I love Ms Ogg's tutorial videos. Super clear,easy to follow and her relaxed energy and way of communicating makes it a pleasure to listen to her explanations.
Thanks ??

Sue Maidman

YAY!!! Love it ?

Lynette Patrice

Hi Diane....thanks for sharing this...I look forward to making it.....fast question and I apologize if you answered already-what did you make part B of the pattern out of? Thanks in advance

Patricia Stein

Love the pattern and cleaning pixie!

Cindy Wilshire

Shazam. Fabulous


So clear and helpful - many thanks

corinne geddings

Love this tutorial! Thank you so much..you are such a wonderful instructor!

my leia

Thank you for yr great tutorial.. I'll definitely make for my daughter❤?

Barbara Straley

The bag is adorable and your video instruction makes the steps very clear. Thank you so much for both!

elaine clare

You have no idea how happy I am to see this tutorial after struggling all day Friday trying to follow another pattern - thank you so much x

Angela McGovern

Thank you, you are such a generous, lovely designer, cheering everyone up, in these scary times xx

Mandy Flaws

Fantastic! Thank you Diane ??

Nini Bocalan

I have been looking for a pattern just like this! You’re so sweet, Diane! ? thank you for the pattern ?

pam zulauf

Great!! I can't wait to see all the ones that will be created near and far!!! I'm dreaming of a world without COVID so we can travel to England and have a workshop with Diane! Would you do that Diane?? I'd be happy to pay for a workshop, that would be so fun and a good excuse to tour England!! Thank you so much!!!!

A Butler

I love all your videos!! Thanks for the freebie.

The Wandering Wife

Thank you for another great tutorial and pattern! Tip: fusible hem tape will work for closing up the lining if you really hate hand sewing.


Thank you - is Zipper valley a UK based firm please? Currently their website is offline so cannot ask them directly. If not which is your preferred alternative UK firm? thank you

Mick San

Lmao.... I never knew that "fanny" had a different meaning in different places. Yes, I could see why you would giggle at the use of the word "fanny" in the UK. (Had to google it to find out). ???

Haunted In PA

Where can I get the pattern?? I've been to the Facebook group and I don't see it there either. Can anyone help me.

Jane Smith

Well that's my tidying stopped!

Amanda Davies

Fabulous - definitely need this for working at home ! I’m always losing things ?

Shirley Routley

How can I down load the PDF X

Lilian Wainwright

Great tutorial, first time I’ve watched one of your’s, certainly won’t be the last. Thank you. Lilian

Debra Holdman

Love this. Think I am going to put little lobster clasps on the sides so I can wear it on my belt loops when we take trips on our trike. Will be be great in vinyl or waterproof canvas. Thank you so much.

chesh kat

Have to say that I have really come to hate these stupid smartphones. The constant interruptions, dings, bells, and practically whistles like I am a dog that must come running. Rings when I am answering nature's call, hands wet from washing up, or sticky when cooking. Not fun when you suffer from vertigo and carrying a boiling pot of water. I'm always leaving the phone in another room or somewhere inconvenient. That's when it rings 99% of the time - rarely when I am sitting next to it. Telemarketers and scammers don't get my nice answer.

So I was doing some major grumbling while making myself a half apron to carry the phone and other stuff around the house. Was considering adding a zipper pocket, but decided I should make a "bum" pouch next. Watched your video while sewing and had to stop, have a sit, just in time for tea!

Glad you showed that I wasn't the only person thinking of making one of these pouches with just a belt. Although I think I will need a new belt for my t-shirt and undies with stylish bum bag outfit.

Thanks for the smiles and inspiration.

Jackie Remis

I can't wait to make! Thanks for a great pattern and video.

Clare Thornley

Perfect timing! I was looking for an easy quick make and I need to replace my 30 year old bum bag. Couldn't seem to find a suitable pattern but I've cut yours out now and it's all ready for sewing tomorrow :-). Just need to find the right belt...

Jenny Higgins

What a great little bag! ?Thank you Dianne, you are amazing. ? your ??I’ve made 3 today, what a really fun sew.

Christine Staines

Apologies ... found it "see more" How daft am I. Just getting too excited to start this one

margaret parson

I just found your video and you are excellent . This type of bag is just what I need. Thank you so much.

Mike Morgan

Great job and useful bag, Diane. Cindy M.


New idea thank you

Ruth Scott

I'm not a confident sewer and I do appreciate the tips you've given. I want a bumbag for our nature walks and camping trip. So was happy to find your video.

Melissa Gay

Super cute! Thank you for this adorable idea!

Cyn Forest

Diane, you are an absolute delight to watch! Thanks sew much for this nifty project. Love the belt idea! ?

Gypsy Robin

Been saying to myself for quite awhile, that I need a small bag to carry the cell phone around the house. It's not like the old days where we had an extension land line phone in almost every room in the house and hear the phone ring echoing throughout the house. Perfect solution. Thanks Diane!

linda lardner

Thank you .i now know what I’m sewing tomorrow

Sally Snowball

Love your videos.

Dana Jean


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Diane, I hope it's ok to do this...........
For those bag builders who, like me, don't use facebook, here is a link to Diane's Spencer Ogg blog.


All the stuff you need is listed and there is a button to download the pattern.

Many thanks for this wonderful pattern Diane, you are the best!!! xx


Thank you for the free pattern and tutorial, I am going to make a couple of them to my teen daughters.

Dianne White

Thanks looked tour tutorial. Love the fabric too

Liz Dilley

So, what does fanny pack mean in the UK?

Debbi Gerard

You are adorable! I can’t wait to watch more of your videos.

Erin Fairclough

Wow this is fantastic

Helen Hart

thank you, great tutorial


I love your bag you made....it’s gorgeous....?❤️?❤️

s forrest

Thank you so much for this pattern. It’s really cute!!

Nancy G

You made me laugh, you must have the heater on, t-shirt and undies...hahahaha! Nowadays when I go to the grocery store I just bring my phone, keys, driver's license and credit card and they all go in separate pockets of my pants. This bum bag is just what I needed, thank you!

Lenni Lenape

These are so useful and pretty! I'm going to make a bunch of these cute pouches.
Thanks ?

Tracy K.

I love watching your tutorials....you make everything look so simple! Thanks so much!

joanne moore

So Adorable !!!!
Thank you Diane
You are amazing ?

Karen Prim

Thank you so much for the free pattern Diane <3 Can't wait to make it....Be well :-)

stephanie fiske

Really great pattern

Jo Daniel

where can I find the pdf pattern please?

Gwen Dowell

What a fun project. Thanks Diane!!

corinne geddings

Do you still use the Guttermans thread for vinyl bags? I have the cotton, C Ne 50....just wondering if that is strong enough for vinyl...hanks

Elaine Flynn

I love the tea break!!! What a fabulous idea and so civilized. Thanks for the free pattern and can't wait to make it. Got the Covid vaccine and had a bad reaction, so just enjoying YouTube right now and making plans for more sewing. And having a cup of tea....herbal for the stomach!

Cindy Wilshire

I made my first one from the pattern. It was a little too small for my phone , so. number 2,was bigger. I made 12x12 squares as my base size for the 4 blocks. I cut 2 fleece pads and rounded the edges and spray basted them to my external pieces When I sewed my pieces together I just used my pressure foot along fleece to give me the perfect shape to sew together Then I trimmed the edges That way it always fits perfectly Hope that makes sense.
Love your videos.

Janet Hatfield

Oh wow love love this thank you for sharing I’m off to make one. X

Kristie Ghioni

Thank you!

baharcahobi B.K.


Lori Rodgers

I LOVE those Tunnnock's too! Now have to go get some more as we're out! Oh, and great bag, too! :)

Nancy Greer

OMG! Such perfect timing! My leather one that had 2 zips and a velcro pouch just broke where the strap connected to the bag.? I'm lost without it...Thanks SO MUCH for this!?????

Christine Staines

Is it me? Can't see the "text below the video". Help if you can please.

Sonia Lovesewing

Thank u, thank u, so kind of u to share ❤ I love it!

Tracey Purves

Thanks for a clear and concise tutorial ?. Can't wait to make it ❤️ Newly subscribed

Why do i break out on my buttocks

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130 758 views | 4 Feb. 2021



Bernice Dotse


Gina Efia

I ❤️ her

Maame Mends

$200,000 for butt surgery that is a bullshit lie aden did she buy a townhouse?...A full body surgery koraa how much would that cost tweaaa.. Most surgery costs between 5k to 10k .. unless she means 20k ... And yes I live here in the US and am in the health field.. My comment is regarding the title.


So what is the moral for this interview.

maame boatemaa t

Why are these sidechics all saying their houses and lifestyle is by the grace of God..why don't they say it's by the grace of other ppl's husbands? ?????

Shalom Shalom

Fresh, sincere and smart. After listening to a few of her interviews, i realised she's different from how the media paint her.
I love her response to the Tracy issue. Intimidation ampa

opoku chris

Kwaku Manu change your caption she didn't say 200 000 USD


This gal paa, she thinks we are dumb, does she know how much $200,000 is in cedi. This is not even up to $3000. Sia lie sei.

Kate Yeboah

Madam don't lie about the price of Dominican republic, it doesn't cause that much as you are saying, I lived in the United States and know many people that went there to it, they paid only 3,000.00 (three thousand dollars) for the transfat

Jalam Naomi

Ooh my God kwaku manu is soo funny???

Munira Adams

I never no she is form upper west

Charles Biney

Mr Kwaku Manu, please this 2021, we don't beef between them but peace. We had enough in 2020

Eugene Boateng

Aggressive.. everywhere you are was you can come to aggressive, react don't rush ?????

Ben Jojo

Moesha you don't intimidate but rather imitate newscasters :)

Juliette JOY

That‘s beautiful

Michael Aidoo

What at all does this woman do?

Tony Mensah

Moesha. Pls I like ur talks of de interview. But only talk I don't like is the one dat u said ur Ghana Kim kardashian. No kardashian is kardashian. And moesha is moesha. So u are u not someone else. Kim Kardashian will not going to tells she America Moesha. So be u and let be her self

Metro Main

Is there surgery to grow tall? Because moe is short, so you must as well do something to get tall

Bismark Chavez

It’s a lie

yeboah ebe

That's the power of buttons and hard work.
To acquired this property.

Michael Dankwa

She get tax mom!!

Tonash Media Concept

Who does she wanna lie to. Sis pls wait when you see the upcoming babies I mean the 2021 babies then you tell them this borla. Why do you keep on telling lies about yourself. First you said you had corona now $200,000. Have you ever seen that in your life before or you are talking about the one you’ve been seeing on your 21” TV in your room

Miss fit Miss fit

200,000 what dollars??????????? For her ass??? This bullshit can only be told to Ghanaians in Ghana who haven’t got a clue how much it plastic surgery cost!!!!

Sweet Badd

She told the whole world how she makes her money on CNN

Abla Turkson

Make sure you dont grow old ????

Anuaa Adadzewa Awotwe

200.000 dollar ?? Maybe it was a slip of tongue

Anitalyna TV

Lies, I am a nurse here in the state, no buttocks surgery even cost $20000, if she said $200000 each then it's a lie. Fake life nkoaaa

Maddy Annan

When she was asked from beginning she said it’s exercise now she’s admitting
She never wanted to talk about her old age it’s will come

White Love

The first person who criticized her but later did it is Afia Schwarzenegger

Evelyn yankholmes

Nice story line

Cynthia Acquah

If you know you are beautiful why then do you do all these extra stuff to enhance it? u would've be comfortable in your old skin and not change a thing about your body

Yasir Mohammed

This gal is bragging


This lady keeps lying all the time. How many movies she's involved in.
She forgets what she said on CNN.


200 what? Even the most wanted surgeon in the world doesn’t charge that for just bbl. it’s a shame to brag like that moe

Yaw Yiadom

But you are the woman who stupidly said to an American journalist that Ghanaian women can’t take care of themselves unless a rich married person comes in to support,so was these monies paid by him or now you had acquired a job to take care of yourself?Eii Ghana 3y3 as3m ooo

Nako Lebene

Beautiful girl

Georgina Dumehasie

I hv never seen your movie before


Moesha the English was too much lol but I loved the interview


eeeiiii ashawo is by the grace of God????
Awurade ahunu amani aaaah!!!

Lynn Ameyaa

You can put a gallon of lipstick on a pig, it is still a pig. Misleading young women and men. We see how far you go.

Havlyn Baby

Oh kwaku l like your realness and how you do your work so professional good job...

Nana Yaw

Keep on dating married men, you will one day meet your meter


Aggressive interview??????

Samuel Akowuah

Who have noticed that even if you insult kwaku in the comments section u will get ❤ from him ??

Sacha R

What kind of lie be this?

Gooseberry Finny

Her shoulders look like Oprah

Grace A

Madam.Dominican republic is in the Carribean and NOT in America or South America

Flody Evans YeboahGh

She’s lieying about her artificial Ass ,I witnessed my own wife here in USA who did the same thing she’s talking abt and it cost her $4000 ,We tired of this lies kwaku

Dery Kobby

Comment leader is back. Waaa look at this ungrateful lady doing her butt all in the name if men.

Think Twice

Very soon ur show will be among the best shows in Africa ❤️


She is lying, It doesn't cost that much for cosmetic surgery. Where did she got $400,000.00 US dollars from.


After all this plastic surgery MY SISTER MOESHA WE WILL ALL GO 6 FEET UNDER
Mode3 gyimii de3 oooh daabi

Kwabena Dwimoh

Some people are just making comments after reading the headline,never bordered to watch the video but are saying things the lady never said.

Oti 4syte

Moesha, u can't b 16 years after SHS....It is never true

lorion mahon

hehehe..intimidate paa... gurl yi brofo awu ruff


this girl just sat there and told lies ?

Gabx tube

With God all things are possible... I know I ll be on this hot seat one day .. remember guys...

adwoa love

if you talking about celebrating how many movies this lady have

Salamatu Abdulai

She very humble


Moesha you said more than that. You made the whole world think that Ghanaian women cannot work for themselves but only rely on men to live. I just watch that video again.

Charles Biney

Mr Kweku Manu, please leave our Maame Esi (Tadi Beyonce) alone. She is young. Who knows tomorrow. Remember Obo's song.... "Aboawa kokotsima....

Rose Brown

Moesha confused kweku Manu


ghc 200,000 or $200,000 i`m confused

Best way Travel and Tour

In fact, Kwaku Manu is the best

Ms. Margaret

What is by the grace of God?

Charles Biney

Kwaku Manu, u are just funny. Keep on keeping on


If she is marriage she would have get her ring on for at least for to show off. if you not careful you would believe her. She don't speak the truth.


who else repeated the "intimidate" part nu?... KasaTive


You even said there is no true love in Ghana

akwasi Kumih

She is pure fuckin lies nothing like that cost the amount she is bragging shame on you

Maame Serwaah

KWAKU you’re funny ??????


This will be a reference video p333... I'm sure a beef will make this video relevant paa

Richmond Kwegyir

7:49...did she say she use to INTIMIDATE new casters when she was little

Nana O

Lies upon lies

K Oppong

She is not telling the truth its cost 5thousand pounds pls, why did she have to say thats its not true

Charles Eghan

eii kwaku yeah am really


Pls interview Hajia Bintu wai

Kwame Asiedu

Shes very real and natually beautiful

Gifty Arthur

200.000 dollars IS lie.I have been watching others butt surgery on youtube n the PRICE IS not that much.MEANWHILE u did IT in ghaNA

Sacha R

$200,000 is impossible. Biggest lie

Agnes Frimpong

Y r we humans challenging God in His creatures huh Eiiii ?we should be careful oo

Jaeed Bushmail

200, 000 dollars for butt ?stop bragging .


Manu over Zion. I like your interviews

Yaa Baby

Moesha we all know u r telling lies. U ur self have seen that kind of money ur entire life. Tell the truth, those ur sugar poppies don’t even have that kind money. Only some people livin in Ghana ?? u can lie them like that.


God bless everyone here???? ???

louis grant

Lol ahahahaha that's a very expensive bottom,our sisters are going off the deep end,

Jerry Stonna

U always make me laugh Kwaku

Agyemang Austin Victoria

Godfather please interview me some wai ??❤️
Much love ❤️

Miss Jenn

@7:50. Imitate anaa intimidate ?

Lizzy Naki

Wo to agye din??????

Badele Jideonwo

Hey,yah sorry my sister may God give you understanding
What a waste,you still have time to make your ways right before it is late
Wait a minute you mean you spent such amount of money on a sep tick thank

Issah Adams

ahahaha moesha did forget she was on aggressive kwaku you dey worried too much aggressive you do all ahahaha

Nana Boateng

Smh ..these celebrities talk as if they hustled their way out to get to the top mtcheeew We all know who moesha is ..so no big deal continue lying

Djumo Same

Beautiful God bless you ???????????

Nana Asare

She so truthful l love her...

Martin Brown tv

Why is Kweku looking at her face like that??????


Its not by God biaaa say the truth err

selasi selasi

She is doing interviews all of a sudden. There's something in the offing

Rev OD

Moesha the super star ?? , your properties are by the grace Moesha not God wai.

Duah ListoweLl

Everywhere you are was,you can come to aggressive interview

Why do i break out on my buttocks

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The Bum Book

10 708 views | 23 Feb. 2020