Zinc deficiency fingernails

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Figure Out If You're Zinc Deficient With This Simple Home Test

282 056 views | 3 Aug. 2014

Some estimate that as much

Some estimate that as much as 15% of the US population may be zinc deficient.

In particular, those on raw food diets, which are lower in zinc than the USDA's RDA for the mineral, and those eating cooked vegan diets based around grains and legumes, are often particularly worried about deficiency.

If you're concerned that you may be zinc deficient, you can do a simple test at home to help you find out.

I tell you how to do it in this video.

Check out my book: http://www.raw-food-health.net/Raw-Food-Weight-Loss-And-Vitality.html

Read my website: http://www.raw-food-health.net/


I opened a zinc capsule and put some of the powder on my tongue. It didn't taste like anything at first but then gradually got bitter. Is it supposed to taste bitter... is that to the taste you mean?


White spots can be a sign of vitamin D lack as well ;)

Aisling Chepi

Love it! Cheap and accessible.

soumyadeep das


Dianne Anderson

When I went to a doc to have my iron, cholesterol & zinc level tasted, she told me they don't test zinc. Oh, well. Where this liquid zinc be purchased? Thank you

C Kontz

I'm a little confused...you mentioned early in the video that vegans can have zinc deficiency, but at the end you mentioned you tested fine when you were on a raw food diet? What can a vegan do to get enough zinc, especially if you're starting out with a severe deficiency?


can i find this zinc sulfate at a normal drug store?

Jeffery Johnson


Neda Shaibi

Why do i feel depressed after taking zinc supplement!?

Sam G.

I guess I AN NOT in need of Zinc, after the taste test.?

Melony C.

Ask the doctor for vitamin and mineral blood-work once a year.

Zack G

He says "Zinc Sulphide" at 2:32, but links to "Zinc Sulphate" at 3:29. So im guessing we need to get the Zinc Sulphate.


Why are his pants so wrinkly?

Mark Tassi

I was tired all the time for a few weeks. When I tastes the zinc, it tasted like water and the fatigue has disappeared since supplementing.

Logan Dowell

its possible not be deficient but also not optimized.

foscor sohil

Starts at 2:20

nurul soheil


Daniel Kleinmeier

I smoke cigarettes-can’t wait to quit... I feel smoking robs a lot of minerals...


Test is BS. No scientific study exists showing it is reliable. Get a freaking blood test.


Sprouted pumpkin seeds should be a good raw vegan alternative for zinc. You can also just soak them overnight.

Wendy H.

Dr. Berg sent me! Thanks for the info!!

Expressive Pets

are you filming this vid in your boxers? Not complaining...just a bit scandalous.

abc123 *

staple foods not steeple foods


Hey Andrew, I did this test and by your finding I am moderately zinc deficient. Can you recommend and raw foods to eat that would increase my zinc? or any tips? also would love it if you would do a video on iodine! Thanks, and great video!

Cole Tanner

I did it and it tastes like aftertaste artificial sweetener without the sweet in the beginning. Like saccharine but with no sweet..Kinda like very hard water. It wasn't vomit level and 8 could have swallowed it but it wasn't good...It's about like diet soft drink aftertaste..

hope hope

I don't care if you are wearing a pyjama your video has helped me more than those men and women in in suits and white robe with a stethoscope on their neck aka. doctors

abc123 *

are you wearing pjs???

Nancy Wilcocks

Sorry, doing a video for the public in your pajamas was pretty odd.

Willie Lee

We'll currently using OptiZinc

Justin Martyr

I Posted upon a GutLess Coward GIGAT, & was DELETED by COWARD!!!

S Sing

Vegan here. Nasty taste so I’m pretty good!! Horrible actually so everyone keep that in mind when testing... brave the pain


Why go to a doctor?


a raw foodist can eat raw oysters. Oysters have the highest amount of zinc of all foods and a good amount of copper.

MMM mm

Should have Chef from South Park sing.. put it in your mouth and swish it, swish it, swish it

sparkle shy boy

hi sorry but if u were Zink defiant surely you would tast it as ur not use to it and if u had enough zink in ur system us be so use to it that u wouldn't tast it just a thaught

soumyadeep das

Can u give best zinc rich foods in india

Thomas Drinkmoore

I was not worried until I watched your video. ;-)

Sam D

so easy, just get colloidal minerals and get ALL you need. Youngevity has great products with viable backing and research. ID 100485548 will get you a 30% discount. They are in Ca. And you can "ask" your body with a pendulum or reflexology; skip the sulfate and spending the $ for that.

Myco Fairbanks

Thank YOU!


Does this test work with other forms of zinc (for example zinc bisglycinate tablets)?

joy ovenden

Shame he did not have time to get dressed after getting out of bed. Seems the video took him by surprise.

Tara the Terror

LOL he's not wearing pajamas. Has no one ever seen normal walking shorts and a t-shirt before? So they're wrinkled...bfd

Starvin Marvin

For the men, cut down on fapping, it will help keep your zinc up.

Kristen G

It was dry and metallic tasting when I tried it


you might as well just buy some zinc supplements instead of wasting your money to find out if you are deficient

Yvette P

Something seems off on the audio.


I think it’s important for everyone to get their bloodwork done 2 times a year . I went 3 years without doing one and was deficient in multiple minerals/vitamins . I bet a lot of people are and don’t even know it .. anyways great video

Veg Ahimsa

very interesting. I've got 22 mg tablets which when chewed tastes terrible, but not immediately. I wonder if the Zn needs to be in solution as per your video example?

jose sanchez

Dr berg sent me! Lol

T Ruly

Great video I think it’s great to just get up and out of bed and make a great video!! Thank u dude

Prester Maps

And what happens if you drink the zinc sulphide?

Duchess DelaRue

Ok I’m going to test this but is it ok to swallow the zinc?

Vasudev Mr

man i have a zinc ingot can i powder it and eat it to get zinc directly


but did you die? lol nah seriously did you do it again?

Dianne Anderson

I asked my doc for a zinc blood test and she said they don't test your blood for zinc levels. I was speechless! Is there another way to be tested for zinc? Thanks

Danny C. Jewell

I wonder if you could crush up a zinc tablet and do it that way.


i bet i could taste it regardless lol i just need to grow more organic food i think


You can’t just take a zinc supplement zinc needs to be absorbed with iron

Robert Genito

...of course something tastes good or no taste if you need it (and are deficient) -- if it tastes bad, your body will tell you not to consume it. Pretty easy test...just trust your tastebuds :)

Mark Tassi

I did this this week. I suspected that I had some mineral deficiency. I was hitting the RDA as a fruit eater but I'm an endurance athlete and that's what did it.


Did you just roll out of bed?

Billy Wray

dude,,u r brainwashed and don't know it

Lawrence Harasim

I ran into this, people seem to have forgotten our senses smell is a dead give away, if it smells good to you IMO your probably lacking and this is with all vitamins mineral etc.


Nice job but you need some artwork on that bare wall. Or else a flashier wardrobe. Maybe a white lab coat and a stethoscope.


YAY ... I bought some ionized zinc yesterday, it was liquid, and it actually tasted so bad I threw up in my kitchen sink :D Today I was able to brave it and keep it down lol


Just woke up bro?


No proof this test is accurate.


took a zinc supplement, eyesight got way better after 2 hours, my powertraining workout I performed way better, heavier lifts and better endurance. got more of that focussed agression and my cardio performance went through the roof as well, blew my mind really. then in bed.. holy sheet son!! an I just took it because my skin got worse and infected the more i worked out.. I wish i knew about zinc deficiency like 2 years earlier.


anything about copper and zinc connection???

Halil Kocoglu

This is how we used to test for zinc, iron
Deficiency in the practise before the new blood test result system. Never had it proven wrong on a patient.
Keep up the great work

Shawn Cezanne

Did you just wake up in the middle of the night and decide to run out into the hall and shoot his video while you were waiting on the elevator?


How the fuck is that supposed to be a home test, am I supposed to have zinc sulfate in my drawer?

Donn Lowe

You talk too much just get to the point or don't bother posting!


Me, Dr. Berg rocks.
Every creature on this planet could use some extra Zinc.

Franklin Taylor

What to do if you know you zinc toxic?


great video, thanks?

Will Shaughnessy

This dude looks sleep deficient and wardrobe compromised


Then what do I do with that bottle of zinc?? Keep it for the next time,,,?? Xoxo

Labourer Plop

i don't get it is it only to be taken for testing or can you take it daily


heard that pling in the end? that was transmission finishing a download :)

thomas walsh

Cool a homeless guy has his own YouTube channel

Qi Huna



helps me understand how some people love liver. I can't stand the flavor and would probably puke if I swallowed it. Maybe because I am not Iron deficient. i believe liver is super High in Iron.

Daisy Jo

what would a doctor do to help?? or even believe you .I'm so tired of hitting the walls with doctors..

Leela Arocho

Right now, my husband is in rehabilitation facility because the Veterans hospital does not think he qualifies for there rehab. It's though, he cannot stand up or walk, or eat on his own. In 16 days from today i have to figure out how to care for him or this country discard its veterans. Please anyone who can help. Email me: [email protected]gmail.com

Cris Segunial

Andrew Perlot, why your cute? ♥

Rockabilly Chola

Thank you.


I cant help but wonder... did you just wake up and get out of bed in your PJ's? : )


I don't know if I'm deficient, but I take a RDA supplement every day anyway.. so must have some.

Blue Jean

As if a doctor could help. They probably are deficient as well. I would just go straight to the supplement aisle.

sparkle shy boy

thanks for the info in deficentley tho

Tyler Stockdale

Amazing job! Thanks for sharing this extremely valuable information. :-)

Sage K

FF to 3:26 to get to the point.

Horst Pückler

Should i trust a unhealthy looking guy in pyjamas? No


A doctor destroyed my life completely, he took my thyroid just for the money sake of it no thyroid equals no life of any kind I didn't know this he lied to me and told me I would die if i didn't take his radioactive pill that destroyed my thyroid I have no quality of life I don't even look like the same person my life has been one huge nightmare every year I get worse and I'm always fighting for my life thanks to a doctor and none of the rest of them ar any better they don't want you to be well they want you to be sick so they can get rich while you suffer and die they're all going to fly into hell with their hands and Fistful of money and their money is going to burn up as they're flying into hell and I hope I'm there to see it

Mark Harris

whats up with the finger nails in your video. Did I miss something?

William Solano

why not just get a blood test..wouldn't it be easier and more accurate?

The Intelligent Omnivore

Try a diet that is not as likely to create a handful of deficiencies.


Years ago my naturopath did this and I tasted nothing! He started me on zinc immediately!

Paul Masgalajian

Hey, has anyone out there ever been examined by a
medical doctor and asked what you eat in a daily basis ?
Any doctor even mentioned nutritional supplements ?
My physicians never have.

Zinc deficiency fingernails

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Top 5 Zinc Deficiency Causes and Symptoms

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Top 5 Zinc Deficiency

Top 5 Zinc Deficiency Causes and Symptoms - Dr. J Live Q & A

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Zinc is an essential mineral that plays a big role in helping your immune system stay on the defense, your wounds heal, breaks down carbs and helps digestion, plays a role in sex hormones, can affect your thyroid, and is beneficial to skin and your hair, to name a few. Dr. J is diving in with us on what can cause Zinc deficiency and what the symptoms might look like.

The body needs 10-20mg of Zinc a day, some people may take more if they want to boost their immune system, help the gut digest, are exercising more, etc. Symptoms of low Zinc are white spots on the nails, hair loss, not as alert, and/or reduced sense of taste or smell. Causes of zinc deficiency range from low stomach acid, h.pylori and other gut infections, extreme adrenal stress, PPI (proton pump inhibitor) drugs to poor diet, or too much sugar and alcohol. Foods to help increase Zinc are the most high-quality animal products, pumpkin seeds, almonds, and beans. Stay for the live Q & A at the end, Dr. J is one of very few who answer your questions live, on the spot!


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Arlette SC

What do you think of zinc (L – optizinc) as zinc L methionine sulfate 15 mg with 1 mg of copper as gluconate?

Little Voice

Please can you do a video on pancreatitis

Kim Sikorski

Why is it when I take zinc I have to take it on a full stomach or else I get really sick to where I will vomit and feel very sick.

Slimkat 2018

Zinc is wonderful. But doesn’t it lower your iron levels? What do you do if your low on iron/ferritin. What is the best way to supplement so make sure that all the vitamins are balanced? They both are very important.

Stephanie Yeager

Can you and Evan do an episode on what you would do if you got shingles?

B. Wolfe

You mentioned almonds and spinach, but yet those are really high in oxalates.




Why is it that you say spinach is a good source of zinc, when it is very high in oxalates?

Martin W

Anthony Hopkins is a doctor?