What do cleansers do

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Do You Need To Clean Your Colon?

420 414 views | 3 Nov. 2014

It’s important to take

It’s important to take care of your body, but there are some parts of your body that don’t need too much attention. Tara is here to discuss how you might want to think twice before cleaning your colon.

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Does Your Colon Need Cleaning? 5 Things You Should Know


“Cleaning out the colon is sometimes necessary— for example, before a medical procedure, such as a colonoscopy.”

Physiologic Effects of Bowel Preparation


“Despite the universal use of bowel preparation before colonoscopy and colorectal surgery, the physiologic effects have not been described in a standardized setting. This study was designed to investigate the physiologic effects of bowel preparation.”

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What’s In Your Poop?


Diet Myths Debunked



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Mr S.M.S Mchunu

Watching this moving my bowel makes me go an extra mile

Dave Nelson

Finally someone who talks sense .. and simple common sense at that. Most people won't get that.

Pro Gaming



Cleaning out the colon and fasting for a week I did. I felt pretty good but I was drinking salt, potassium, and magnesium water


What does Norton have to do with poop and water lol

M Marshall

What credentials does this person have to be making so many definitive statements as facts?

Edward Price

zuPOO: brought me here.

Dave Conrad

Then why are American men getting colon cancer at stupid rates?

JJ All

Your body does have mechanisms in place but when you eat processed food those mechanisms stop working properly. That's why diverticulitis and colon cancer rates have sky rocketed. Old fashioned enemas with plain spring water actually helps with a variety of health issues--without the use of poisonous prescription meds sold to you by you doctor.

Master Farr

You want your colon cleanse? Fine I'm gonna clean mine (FARTS)

This Is Me1111

Christ lady, you have absolutely no idea. Don’t talk about topics you don’t know true information about.

Michael Clark

Excuse me? Their no research on Enemas and health? So all those people who were studied, and cured all kinds of diseases with enemas are a figment of the scientific imagination? Are you fucking kidding me? This is some of the worst dis info I have ever seen in my life.

bailando colorando

this video is lie.since centuries (even bible describe enemas) healers used enemas and other techniques to clean colon, liver and kidneys etc... old fecal mucoid plaque will not clean itself , it will stay in colon even 40 years!

Carter Sosa

Alexa play “toxic” by Brittany spears

Alpha Kara

What a woman. So smart, attractive. And well spoken. ?

The Right American

A proper cleanse will not induce diarrhea at all. What needs to be cleansed is mucoid plaque and parasites. One three month colon cleanse cured my IBS. And what came out was unmentionable. So I definitely recommend for people suffering from digestive disorders. If I didn't cleanse I would be on prescription drugs. Who wins there? Colon cleanses are Big Pharma competition so it doesn't take a genius to see why so much buzz around the issue and the push to keep people stuffed with parasites and plaque etc.

Brittnie Anderson

I’m not even watching the video, I’m just commenting to my FBI agent because he know I’m on the toilet after taking 3 duplaxes watching Comedy Central on my iPad.....you not funny. ??

Ginger Mac

Jessica Biel?

Arnold Schafernaker

Modern science is packed with lies and propaganda to decieve humankind from good health and mental well being.


I’ve been cleansing my colon weekly for 3 years now. I feel great and I’m very healthy. Interview real people that do this. I drink Epsom salts weekly. My immune system is strong....I’ve been around people that have that Beer virus. I’ve never got any symptoms and I feel great!!!!! Talk to real people that do this before posting a stupid video.

Carnivore vs MS

If your kidneys & liver are in bad order, they aren't doing their job now are they ?


Girl bye


Which side am I on? On the opposite end.

MANi jani

Nice video

Eloah DRmwvr

Actually that's not true and that's just in your first 31 seconds but then ignorance is not Bliss even though the person spilling it thinks it is I could tell you right now your kidneys are backed up particularly or left one how do I know that's for you to find out but if I was you I wouldn't be spreading bull you're entitled to your opinion but that's all it is and if you go back to the Dead Sea Scrolls what you're well over 2000 years old the angel of water specifically in forms the human animal that in order to be cleanly one must clean their colon instructs them how to make an enema and how to perform the enema and if you haven't ever heard the saying cleanliness is Next to Godliness it has a lot more to do with what stuck in your colon and that would be dead putrefying flesh mucus and rotting blood because that's what people put in their mouth and they're not hydrated enough and so if you're not going to drink enough of pure water and you don't even know what that means because most people don't then your kidneys are going to back up right after your liver gets backed up and that's where you're at your little too young for that but just in case you didn't know if a person is actually suffering and cannot eat because there's an invalent they can't hold anything down the only way to actually get nutrition to save their life is through their colon but please do continue to spread bullshit lies on YouTube because most people will believe you because you made it look like an official newscast and by the way anybody who knows anything these days knows that they shouldn't be listening to ignorant people no matter how intelligent they make themselves app+ear
Just because there isn't any proof that God exists doesn't mean that God doesn't exist so you got it backwards you think you need proof before it's safe which means you're living in a mentality of lack or fear and therefore you refuse to do anything without a guarantee or insurance policy and by the way those are the type of people who end up in an early grave both of your kidneys are backed up your left one being the worse at least in this video and like I said you're pretty young but not pretty smart
Specifically because you can hydrate through the colon just as you can up take nutrients but if it's covered in plaque if it is congested or compacted because your elimination organs including your kidney and your liver aren't functioning properly and they're calcified which means they're clogged like yours are then guess what happens you're going to end up reabsorbing all the toxins that are still hanging out in your colon because your body can't eliminate them and I'm going to tell you straight up right now I have work for the last 8 months trying to uncomplicate mine and I don't even eat dead animals as a matter of fact John Wayne died with 40 pounds of feces trapped in his colon how do you explain that one
You haven't the first clue about electrolyte problems or how the body works I hope people aren't listening to you but judging by your thumbs up people are and I hope that they're educating themselves because the only thing you're doing is perpetuating wise so the pharmaceutical company can continue to maximize their already trillion-dollar Fortune
Most people don't even have any good bacteria because the only thing they do is feed the bad bacteria because our society consumes a lot of processed food and if you look in those ingredients everything contain sugar believe me these guys have studied the human animal and how ignorant it is and continue to profit off of that ignorance and here you are telling people not to do something that would be beneficial to them having a hydro colon therapy does not destroy your gut Flora any perforations you have is from eating the standard American diet and pesticide Laden mass-produced commercial agricultural Foods most of them are frankenfoods that have been spliced adding animal DNA pesticides that are designed to cause perforations in the stomach Etc I mean I go on do I have to do your homework for you no the answer is no you're going to have to get smarter because you're already at risk and haven't the first clue other than this message so I would take it very seriously


As someone who eats sand on the regular, I have to do colon cleanses in order to keep my ankles from turning orange.


I am in my mid 60's and have been doing enemas since I was a teen. I never get sick, not even colds. I swear by them.


This is so wrong.

Randy Smith

sounds like your lumping too many types of so called cleanses into one video topic and say this could be bad and there is to little information. KISS , Do a video on strictly a salt water cleans flush, so that you aren’t willing and eager to be so aloof about your topic. basically I learn nothing useful about a cleans.


Herbal cleanse is not a colonic hydrotherapy.

David James

I drink selzer with 2 heaping tablespoons of ascorbic acid. After an hour or two, the most vile flow of smelly toxic sludge explodes out my ass. It's an acidic orange color, and I can feel my intestines, and ass burn. My insides gurgle for hours, then about 8 hours later, if ends, and I am 10 pounds lighter

Aaron Dean

I think you are exactly right and for $200/per scamonic-colonic I can afford to be wrong. It was all the rage back in the early '90s and as all scams go - they chill for a while and catch the next generation.


who cares that we have natural built in mechanisms that should take care of colon problems, we get so much shit inside of us today that we actually have to take special measures to detoxify our bodies and one of the most important things for that is a colon cleanse, try it with natural ways and you will be shocked with the results.
too bad some people actually listen to this bulls*it and neglect their health.

A Ahmad

Have anyone read the side effects of Tylenol?
I wonder who's her sponsor? J&J?

Ricardo Pryce

These go the extra mile to brainwash people


Biased bullshit. Go perform a colonoscopy on someone with cancer and see how much shit is in there. Just as much shit as this channel.

There's never "enough research" on alternative medicine/therapy because it threatens the current medical system. Imagine if you could cure cancer with a plant that you can't patent... GOD FORBID!

Your intestines are responsible for absorbing vitamins, minerals, water etc. Cleaning the colon makes it easier for your intestines to absorb more nutrients and prevents it from absorbing toxins, which tends to happen when you're (for example) chronically constipated.

Rebecca Dantzler

I totally disagree! I will back it up with a statement and a question. 1- We are not dealing with just food products anymore i.e.- additives, preservatives, chemicals) are endogenous to people's state of health; be it physical, mental, or emotional. 2- Since when has the use of water been a bad thing? You mentioned that there were risks associated with this practice, but please tell us the risks associated with the use of prescriptions! Welcome to life where their are risks associated with many things but be assured that I would rather take risks with rectal supplementtations (enemas) whose practices go back to the days of ancient Egypt. I would rather take my risks with water and herbs than risk my health relying on modern day medical malpractices. Feel free to respond

BigKim 504

I don't think it should be regular after every once in awhile is good to detox your body and break up all the stool that's trap.



Joshua Hall

I’d say, eat fruits regularly & veggies. Lemon water & cut down on meat or no meat at all. Lite meals are good

Age of Darius

It’s sad looking at how fucked the world is everyone clean your colon detox diet whatever you need it if you want to be healthier


This isn't helpful at all. Fear based...

Tha Candy House

I had my first one today and no matter how anyone feels or thinks I feel pretty good and I'll do it again. I needed help and it helped. ??‍♀️


That's right, why use wholesome Himalayan or sea Saline on your body when you can go to the pharmacy and buy over the counter chemicals to fix a problem???

Dan Rurenza

Very useful information!

maria o'loughlin

So funny how medical field like to rubbish natural medicine field but yet they are allow produce medication that cause more harm than good

yashrio joens

agree..with you body has its own mechanism to take care of body..but we also take care what we eat and drink..at least 30 mins of workout in a day..

Life Coach AS23

I travel a lot across border for work. If you are confused which detox to use, just go with naturekindness .com if you live in USA or rang health if you live in Canada. I have been using them for a while now and they are great as they contain acai berry and psyllium husk. They get multiple tests like elemental, microbial to ensure purity. Have a blessed day.

Mark prakash

Just have 4 glasses of water every morning right after u wake up, within 5 minutes you will see how effective this technique is, you will really see ?

Zealous Prime

Anyone 2021 haha


Transhumanist agenda shit...

Mr G

The one thing no one here has mentioned, I hear sometimes people can get worms and other parasites inside of themselves, and not even know it. So, in that case, maybe a colon cleanse might help to get rid of those things.

The Deep Lagoon

thumbs downnnnnnnnnnnn


so when shit starts coming out does that mean it should be left in your body for our body parts to take care of that cleansing?

Steven Bear

My friend was huge on colon cleansing, I think she was just full of crap.


My GI doctor just prescribed a colon cleanse to help with health issues. ??‍♀️

Mike Reut

hey Lady u r full of SHIIT ....how much the clinic paid u to talk CRAP ???

Everything batman collector

Shes right those people r nuts, now where's my all processed diet cigarettes and beer

Keegan Alfred

After watching this, I clean my colon.

Shruthi Reddy

I feel cramped after a colonic ? wish I had known this

Ákos Török

One month only fruit diet.

zayri bautista

“Truth is your body already has mechanisms built in...” me constipated for days


I exercise everyday eat healthy drink water still I have a hard time making a bowel movement and thats every other day. I'm going to consider getting one regardless of what people says I believe everyone can or will benefit from it if they're having the kind of problems I'm having. Everything doesn't work for everyone.

Rosalind Yabba

Peace with love it is necessary to do a colon cleanse get them damn worms out you parasites you can always put good back into your body

Janet Pattison

No, the colon is perfect without cleansing, just eat a high-fiber healthy diet. And you’ll be fine and save a lot of money. The colon has a mucous lining, makes it easy for us to expel waste. The colon biome is destroyed with colon cleansing, I know I did it. At the recommendation of a doctor. It took me a year to recover. It was like taking antibiotics it wrecked my Gut. It wipes out ALL beneficial bacteria from your gut in your colon. Don’t do it save your money and eat well.

Stacey J

I don't do it often at all. If I'm having flu like symptoms I'll do a cleanse and it has shorted my down time.

Rajesh katigar


daily enema leads to fissure problems. ?

Plant Planet Earth

How about just eat fruits and vegetables? Naturally keep your colon healthy. Cut out all processed non-foods.

Andrew Denis

Yeah, your entire digestive tract is self cleaning from ‘stem to stern’, so to speak. In fact, most of our bodies are that way. That’s why you don’t need to clean your mouth/brush your teeth, or take showers/baths. It only increases things like the risks of drowning, getting scalded, or sticking s toothbrush up your nose. Definitely there id no benefit to dental water picks or related medical contraptions.

There are no new toxins or other stressors in our environment in the past 100 years which require enema or related forms of detox— and you never saw the Egyptians, or Greeks, recommend or tout the benefits of enemas. It’s not like cancers, measurable human toxicity levels, auto-immune disorder rates or other such illnesses that are often in part the result of environmental factors have gone up here. Even if they fid, surely the body can handle anything thrown at it without requiring naturopathic or other medical interventions of treatment.

Also, it’s not like any medical centers, doctors or hospitals ever use of recommend their use, or that any US, German, French, Israeli, or UK medical journals, or text books advocate their use...

Wait a minute, I got all of that pretty much 100% completely backwards— and in fact, the risks (including things like the few people who used almost boiling hot water for an enema), shows a toughly 0.025-0.1% chance of any significant complications. In fact, that puts its risk far below almost every over the counter drug, which are generally deemed “safe” by doctors, pharmacists and other health professionals.

And efficacy, well there are huge bodies of medical studies— mostly from other countries like France, Germany, Canada and the UK, which recommend periodic use of enemas for health— Oh, and interestingly, they all also have populations with much better average health, fewer doctors visits and serious illness rates , and lower overall and per-capita medical costs.

One little aside, many with the money to do so, who contract cancer in America go to France or Germany, where the treatments, often leveraging things like coffee enemas, because of their overwhelmingly positive peer-reviewed results are much better than here in the USA.

Linda Lane

Interesting in that these were doctor administered until the 1950's about the time only pills and surgery were considered cures. Check out the history of this process.


Good to hear an opinion from the other side of the spectrum. I feel if you exercise on a regular basis eat clean and drink enough water you are good now if one is inactive and eats garbage all the time then yes an occasional cleanse is warranted.

SHloumou Gaming


Lovepreet Singh

great vedio. am also suffering from constipation from last 2 yeas then my friend suggests me to go to planet ayurveda. now am completely fine because of some herbal medicines . thanks to planet ayurveda

esperanza Alcala

Well I think that IT DEPENDS ON THE INDIVIDUAL because if your diet is not based on healthy foods for the most part, you Do need to cleanse more often and if you’re a healthy eater than maybe ones or two times a year. I mean think of your digestive system almost like a car engine it needs maintenance. Besides all the stuff we eat Toxics and everything . The human body is not designed to process it. And yess I’m doing it soon.


So.... if you loose 2 pounds of fecal matter.... you get it back?

Anyone else think this is odd?


2020 anyone?

Don't Believe Everything You Hear

I am willing to bet she does colon cleanses.


I cleansed my colon once and the next day I was pregnant!

Darlene Rozon

Your full of crap pun. I love my colon cleanses and you do not know what your talking about. KEEP your day job.

Party Favors

This lady is full of shit... I wouldn't listen to her if she was last "Zombie on this earth."


If patients are losing around a 2lb just by cleansing the colon. Are you trying to say that cleaning that 2 pounds of fecal matter is not something necessary?

Martin L

I'd give her a colonic with my tongue

Blood Moon Comix

Read about what they found in John Wayne's colon after his autopsy!??


I'm taking my chances with the colonoscopies!??

Sudeesh Subramanian

Can I digest digestion??

Dhr Boulehbet

Try India once!

Angel'slove C.

I think colon cleansing IS needed by far at least once to twice a year especially for fast food eaters, meat lovers, alcoholics, sugar lovers, basic non dieters whom practically don't add any fiber rich ingrideients to their daily meal plans and little to no water. Ppl who are not interested are probably not gaining any health wisdom to themselves and are hurting their health more since most colon cancer starts by a toxic GI tract. Your video only added in the negative effects of these procedures which in other words biased B.S thank you

seena chohda

It's fake

Mind Yours

Is this woman stupid? She is acting like we are herbivores. The food we eat is processed and toxic to our immune systems. If your ass don't clean your colon regularly you are bound to get bad ailments. That's like saying not washing your face is fine because we need the extra oils and bacteria. No stupid. Just No.

The best way to clean your colon is the natural way. Either buy a bidet or get a squirt bottle. Preferably with cold water try to blast your colon with water to the point it creates a balloon effect. Where you fill your colon is filled with water. Then use the pressure of that water to squeeze out the turds that is trapped inside your colon. Just keep that process going till there is no more turds coming out of you and all the water also is released from your body. You'll know you're done when you wipe and its only clear substance that comes out.

I literally even use a similar process to clean out my ears but with warm water instead. By using a squirt bottle with my head tilted so that the water blasts in my ear but trickles out as I remove the bottle.

This woman logic about not cleaning your colon is like saying don't drink water to flush your food down through your body or don't brush your teeth to prevent tooth decay. She has no damn idea what she's talking about. Being the moment I started flushing out my colon I have yet to have a single stomach pain in years or gas of any kind. You not only feel healthier but you more energetic then sluggish due to discomfort. You literally can throw away your stomach products being the reason you have stomach issues is because of built up gas by the turds that reside in your body that clogs your colon that prevents gas from escaping.

Zion's World!

I thought you did.

Raul Inspires

False. Most Americans have poor diets and have a build up a stool in their colon that can’t be cleaned naturally since most of the food we eat isn’t natural ;)

Rj Diggs

I just want to have a clean stomach where I don’t need to fart a lot.


Almost no one mentions connective tissue disorders. I have EDS, but my colon motility is gone...and a plain enema doesn’t work. I actually had to have a transanal irrigation which was not pleasant.

Daryl L

I just use a bottle brush with a corkscrew handle and clean out my arse.

Jon Stewart

Just get a bottle of Miralax and put in a half gallon bottle of Gatorade, shake, and drink up for the day. Same thing you do when prepping for a colonoscopy. You don’t see feces during a colonoscopy unless they didn’t do their bowel prep like they were supposed to.


I travel a lot across border for work on oil rigs. I go with detoxpure.best when I’m in USA and rang health when I’m in Canada. I have been using them for a while now and they are great as they contain acai berry and psyllium husk. They get multiple tests like elemental, microbial to ensure purity. Have a blessed day.

David Tollisen

I think I know 7 different people who had suffered from depression or fatigue, who is all telling that it was helpful to clean their colon. But if people are do not eat any toxin it may be not needed. But if one has eaten processed food or junk, then I think it good to clean it out. The argument that it is not done enough research is not verifiable to cleansing. If people does not get positive result out of it, it will not be more popular


When you flush out the liver from stones you definitely need a colonic to prevent the stone from sitting in your GI tract

Don't Believe Everything You Hear

Bullshit. Detoxing is a must. You simply put back minerals and food probiotics after the cleanse.

Divinely Made

Well, I find using the traditional pump once or twice a year reduced frequent visits to hospitals to once in every couple of years. It improved weight loss for me also. Fecal matter buildup s in your system does no good but too frequent cleansing is also bad.

Heart Feelings シ


What do cleansers do

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How Do Cleansers Work [DermTV.com Epi #460]

9 849 views | 10 Dec. 2012

We've all been told to

We've all been told to wash our face every morning and night with a cleanser, but have you ever taken a step back and asked, "How does a cleanser work?" In this episode of DermTV, Dr. Schultz answers this question.

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We've all been told to wash our face every morning and night with a cleanser, but have you ever taken a step back and asked, "How does a cleanser work?" Stay tuned!

The purpose of a facial cleanser is to clean the skin by removing foreign materials, that I'll call debris, that layer on or actually coat your skin by becoming trapped or dissolved in the naturals oils on your skin. Those materials include sweat, dirt, bacteria, and even previously applied skincare products like moisturizers, sunscreens, and makeup.

In addition, cleansers also help to remove the excess dead cells that also get caught in your skin oils and even remove excess oils that are naturally produced by your skin.

Cleaning the skin is not just a necessary matter of hygiene, but is also so important because it also helps to prepare your skin so your other facial skincare products apply properly and work their best.

We all wash with water, but the materials we're trying to remove either are dissolved in or embedded in oils, or actually are oils, and we all know that water and oil don't mix. So we need something to allow the water we wash with to combine with the oils to remove them. That's what a cleanser is for.

All cleansers contain chemicals called surfactants, which act as emulsifiers. Surfactants usually contain organic compounds that are amphiphilic, which means they have two different parts: first, a water soluble part that dissolves in water, but not oil. And second, an oil soluble part that dissolved in oil, but not water.

So the emulsifier has two chemically different parts to it. One that grabs water and the other that grabs the oil that has all the debris we're trying to get rid of.

So the cleanser helps water and your oils mix together, so water can actually wash away all the surface oils coating your skin that contain the unwanted debris. I think that's pretty neat and clean!


Everyone can have beautiful, healthy, and younger looking skin, and DermTV, the Internet's daily skincare video show, will demonstrate how by revealing expert tips and techniques and by providing real solutions for real skincare issues.

Skincare (whether cosmetic or medical) previously required a trip to your dermatologist or a shopping spree at the pharmacy. And that's if you have a trusted nearby dermatologist or a local informed pharmacy. But not anymore. We at DermTV are committed to making best-in-class dermatology and skincare guidance accessible to everyone, anytime, at your computer.

Every weekday, our host, Dr. Neal Schultz, one of New York's most trusted and respected dermatologists, teaches skincare's most timely and timeless issues. Topics include: the best at home techniques and new technology for facial rejuvenation, preventing and fixing sun damage from wrinkles to skin cancer, breaking news in dermatology, general skincare topics, and more.


There is no research anywhere showing that non-sulfate cleansing agents are any gentler or better for hair (or skin) than standard sulfate-based surfactants. There are gentle sulfates and drying sulfates, but like any cosmetic ingredients their effect is determined by how much is used. And lest we forget, some companies (like L’Oreal) promoting the sulfate-free claim as being an important benefit also sell shampoos formulated with sulfates.

Hayley M

What do you think about the oil cleansing method? I've been heavily considering it. A video would be awesome if you have a lot of information on the subject!

Haley Williams

rubbing irritates.

Pencil Heart

Could you do a video on how sugar can effect your face? People say chocolate doesn't cause spots but sugar does and there's sugar in chocolate so it must effect somehow!

Jessica Melissa

My skin is soft and flat but i just have red marks


Generally speaking, yes

Njeri Irene

Thanks Doc

Eric Elvis Smith

Very Interesting

Rachel Salazar

Is a wash the same as a cleanser?

Amna Yakoob

as always, a very informative and helpful video! :) thank you!

Jessica Melissa

Why dont have red after marks ? I have been having them for 3 months already and ive been using pmd ( personal microderm) every week please help me i dont want these red marks anymore

Princess Leia

Doctor, since you mentioned surfactants, would you share your opinion about sulfate-free shampoos? They seem to be trending over the last year, but i'm wondering if they have a reason to exist! It would be helpful if you could talk about shampoos and shampoo ingredients in general! :)


Doc, is a cleanser and soap the same thing?


Hi Hayley, For more information see the DermTV episode "Oil Cleansing Method: Good or Bad" youtube(dot)com/watch?v=sK7UufZam2U


Sir using a face wash daily will effect our skin ?????


Please make a video on ingrown nails. Ur great !!!


Thanks for watching!

Princess Leia

Thank you very much for your answer! I kinda had a "hunch" about this! To me it seems more like a trend the companies are trying to push down our throats!

ava pearl

this guy seems relyable and nice

Sky Truckey

What are your thoughts on BB Creams?




another great episode! thanks Doc!


What about cleansing oils? That you apply to dry skin and add water to rinse off? I absolutely loooove cleansing oils even though I have oily skin because they take off all of my makeup even mascara and my skin isn't horribly tight & dry after like with most cleansers.


Doc, what can I do about capillaries and red pimples under the skin?

Wayne Zahra

Thank you DR ! Are you on twitter or other social networks ? You seem a nice guy. You get right to it not going on and on.


Great video as usual! I have a question regarding nails - I have ingrown toenails on both of my big toes. The skin around the nail is so thick and somehow the nail has grown too deep on the sides of the skin. How can I safely treat the ingrown nail to allow me to trim the nail? Thanks!


For more information, see the DermTV episode "What the Clarisonic Is and Isn't" youtube(dot)com/watch?v=_n-L-ymJkr8


For more information, see the DermTV episode "BB Creams" youtube(dot)com/watch?v=P-eOaSiR6nM