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Stumping Scrubs | Scrub Stomping Speedrun Part 3

159 918 views | 16 Oct. 2020

Hikaru vs more viewers in

Hikaru vs more viewers in a new Speedrun titled STOMPING SCRUBS! He'll play the whole speedrun during viewer arenas so viewers get to be a part of it! Join us on twitch to try to play him.

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Michael Cheng

3:10 isnt white just completely winning here if he takes bishop with rook

hurry louise andal

How your mind works?

Arno Nym

But was there steam coming out of the pieces?

Phillip Baravi

anyone know the song 22:00-25:00?

LoV 91zA1

I didn't know the day when a gm actually does YouTube video... Yes my life is complete ?

Tyler Tenkku

What will 60 fps get you? The fastest chess move is like four moves per second

Lundi Sor

You could say novak lets his emotions go more easily.. BUT man.. who knows when any of us will witness something like the big 3 again.. could be in another lifetime imo

Spoon Killer


benjamin silva

Why your video don't have subtitles? Spanish speakers would also like to understand your videos

nz 101

Stomping scrubs
Opponents: 900+
Me:700 ?


17:26. This is called “playing with your food”

jeff ghant

18:00-You're a mega troll, Hikaru lol.

j P

lmfao hikarus premoves are insane


3:17 why didn't he just take the bishop. I dont understand, I am a low player. Can anyone explain?

Ϗأ٢أ୧ Ϗѻŋลɱأ

I wonder if Hikaru meant to make his title "Stumping Scrubs" instead of "Stomping Scrubs"

Victor Ulhôa

52:01 I love hikaru <3

Aryan Prakash

However I don’t think he was supposed to get defaulted from the US Open. I think for sure that line judge was being dramatic. She fell over like he pegged her as hard as he could. You see KIDS taking served in the stomach and continuing. It was clearly a mistake. And then when he went over to check if she was ok, she looked at him like he had a knife or something. Like come on. And when he posted an apology, all the comments were saying the same thing as I am right now, so he had to take it down.

Tyrone Johnson

It hgr


8:01 The juice

Oskar Lidholm

6:23 that's me PogU

Macen Payne

Every time I heard "steam coming out of the pieces" it got funnier and funnier and I'm unsure why.

Feik Neyme

Shouldn't chess players be respectful in victory or defeat? 'Scrub stomping' once again proves that Hikaru has absolutely no class. Disgusting.

xyzain _

Answer the man was there steam coming out of the pieces


52:02 the most down to earth chess player


Idk man, these are very entertaining videos to watch. But at the same time it’s like watching a video of Christianity Ronaldo playing soccer against a toddler...

Noamane Slaitane

"That's a nice resignation"
-Hikaru 2020

Alex Fisher

My favorite fall guys streamer is good at chess ngl

Intoxicating Games

Pretty sure Hikaru could checkmate me in 2 moves. As white.


the 36.20 play..


What is this speedrun about??


24:27 = when confident pre-moving turns into blunder town

Megan Craine

The puzzled sparrow geometrically frighten because pantyhose expectedly wander an a voiceless block. penitent, unhealthy sort

Jambalaya Chicken

Opponent: ah, bongcloud
Nemo Kamasutra: I maRk this A wine ?


3:14 y can't white rook take the bishop

Tomislav Momirovic

zamisli vencaju se nemsko i i shkendo gotam i krene gotam ruse da joj imitira

Shawn Riley

“Scrub stomping”
Me: that’s a high rank

Bryan Barrera

How the hell do people reach 900? I’m stuck at 369 50 percent win rate


How do we get a chance to play Hikaru?


That second 900 player was actually playing solid.

View Film

Can someone please explain what the hell is the juicer??

Santino Espinoza

0:31 why didnt he just push the pawn, attacking the knight


poor louie, i remember xqc saying that too


I did like his stream for a time but he turned into douche that's entirely full of himself. Not fun to watch anymore. Bye!


remember guys a juicer is whatever you want the juice to be 8:00

Dirty Dan

While you're panicking. Hikaru has already given instructions to obtain 3 Queens and a Taco Bell doordash order.

Brett the Hitman

I love chess

Gregor Anders

I liked the steam D:

Jake Shumway

Stomping scrubs me immediately feels sad

Artur Eestlane

Viewers: Turn up the music volume!!
Hikaru: Raises music volume 0.01%

Kris Nilsson

Opponent: Enters tournament
Hikaru: I'll just mark this as a win

Bradley Shrader

Taking a bathroom break in a blitz game.

Seiko Solar

52:05 Sooooo goooood

Some Fan

What's better than marking 1 win?? Marking two wins!!

Fernando Zigunov


Ninad Khaladkar

Hey hikaru cant yu just plz
Plz plz just upload like 20 or like 30 minutes video
Cause i am a student and dont have this much time
Why this 1 hour video????

mike johnston Bob

chess streamer house: sidelinetv

Adam Tracey

Damn didn't know Hikaru was that buff

Parth Agrawal

What is the name of his intro music? Plsss telll

Sudesh Kamble

Unable to join the discord from the link


Hikaru is onion skiined, cant handle heat and little trolling. Like what do u expect, that people will praise you and tell u the only stuff that u wanna hear all the time?

Ahmed Farag

how do I get these animations????

All Blues

Hikaru: this is Celine Dion, she only makes classics.
Me: only hearing trance/house beats

akatsuki wrld

You should stick to chess buddy cause you dont know shit about tennis

Wcc Dyer

Hikaru wakes up like "im going to mark this one as a win" and thats the attitude i strive for

Aditya Patel

Where I can get these background musics ?!!

Megan Craine

The wide rose neurochemically prefer because oven tellingly delight at a giant food. elated, attractive bicycle

Andrew Kosche

Hikaru please rethink your opinion on Novak. I love all the big three equally. Novak was toxic af in his early year but he has matured a lot and very humble and respectful now.

Justin S

Hikaru: I mean what's the point of having kids. Even if I have kids they will just be like the scrubs I'm stomping what's the point?

Sidnei Bittencourt da Silveira

Cool this premovies multiplics

Pranav sreenivas kulkarni

You should make a playlist of best thumbnails lol


So he's smurfing for content? Idk, seems like a weird flex to me.


Me: plays E4

Hilary: okay, i’m gonna mark this and the next game as a win.

Andrew Goldstein

28:49 MAJOR EVENT?!?!? Does anyone know if this happened???? If it was a big event with twitch I’d imagine he’s going to play 77 blindfolded games at once?. I mean, just a 77 person simul isn’t THAT crazy, esserman did 100 one night if I remember correctly(although he didn’t go undefeated like I’d imagine Hikaru would). Please someone, que a brother in


Yes Mariano last with #42. The answer to life the universe, and everything.


Damn you broken YouTube copyright claim system, just once I want Hikaru's head bopping to be in sync with the music I hear lmao


Those Celine Dion songs are really good (:


How does "stomping scrubs" square with chess elitism?

Nick Bradvica

Is Hikaru just Mac from It's Always Sunny? I've never seen them in the same room together.

Lil Chrissy

duck boat waiting your arrival

ThaPoint xd

thats my game against him from part 2 in the thumbnail Pog

Doğancan GEDİK

Hikarun çok değişik biri hiç susmadan 1 saat konuşabiliyor


2:28 yep, that’s a nice sound bite.



Hikaru's head: ????????

Tomislav Momirovic

cudi me da ne navijas za djokovica, ceo, ali bikvalno seo japan navija za njega.

Evoshadzzz Gamezzz

3:16 'Hikaru: Im Just Going To Win Every Game'

Jaden Garza

Whats the game called whats the online game called




could i get a link to the playlist if possible please? thanks

Morgan Herbert

The premoves at 17:20 lmao he had no chance

Kenny Kwong

Dude is kicking ass while rolling on MDMA

William Chambers

this man repeats everything he says

Dir ty

Damn, Hikaru looks so buff in the thumbnail. Is he working out?

Tomislav Momirovic

dobar sam ja


I want to play Hikaru

Rindo Kobayashi

Teacher: wanna hear a joke

The joke: 10:50


Relatively new viewer, I didn't realize Hikaru listens to music that isn't the music in the videos ( although it makes sense ) so I legit was caught off guard at ~ 26:00 when he's talking about Celine Dion.

Vladimir Vukojevic

You missed mate in two.

Owais Abdul Moeed

Dad teaching me chess: "Always prioritize defending the king and don't move it unnecessarily especially in the start, unless castling"

Hikaru on 2nd move: 21:30

Nama Diri


Gwyn Judd

Naka's opponent: I must have done a good move he's really thinking hard about this

Naka: why do I keep drinking coffee now I have to go to the restroom

What is a scrub?

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Making a Scrub Plane - Convert your Stanley | Paul Sellers

328 183 views | 25 Jul. 2014

Scrub planes are not

Scrub planes are not exclusively used to mill wood to the required dimensions; they are also ideal for hogging off large amounts of wood in everyday woodworking situations.

In this video, Paul Sellers walks you through the steps to customise a basic No.4 Bailey pattern plane into a versatile and fully functional scrub plane, which will probably become one of your favourite plane additions. One great advantage about using a smoothing plane as a scrub plane is that it's not irreversible; you can simply load it with a regular, un-fettled cutting iron again, and you can continue using the same plane as a smoothing plane.

To find out more about Paul Sellers and the projects he is involved with visit http://paulsellers.com

YaValioCacaWates M

Gracias Paul.

John Henderson

I own one of the much-maligned Stanley SB-4's purchased in my more ignorant days. It has been sitting on a shelf collecting dust. I saw this video and thought this would be a perfect use for the SB-4. It already has a large mouth, and the lack of adjustments, the lack of precision in the adjustments it does have, and the fact that the cap iron cannot extend very close to the blade edge do not seem as important for the scrub plane. I followed the instructions, and it seems to work well. Time will tell.

Ron Faraday

Picked up a Stanley Bailey No 5C Type 11 over the weekend to specifically turn it into a scrub plane. Worked like a charm. Paul's instruction is always as good as it gets. Thank you, Paul!

Per Oskarsson

Grinding a scrub plane steel on different stones, isn't that overdoing things?


Been scouring the car boot for months now to find an old no.4 to do this conversion. no luck yet, every one I find is either beyond hope with missing parts and heavy rust or in fair condition but the seller wants silly money for it. I paid a tenner for a pretty nice no.5, some are asking 20+ for a rusty old no.4 handyman with broken plastic handles.


Well, a couple people here mentioned the really cheap Harbor Freight planes, and someone somewhere mentioned Stumpy Nubs. Not having seen that, and being a thoughtful Harbor Freight shopper, I had bought a HB #33, after seeing Paul Sellers' conversion of a #4 Stanley to a scrub plane.  I'm sure there are a lot of people with more than one #4 Stanley, but I only have one. I couldn't look at the $10US price tag and think "scrub plane".  
Stumpy's video <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFBnTOGc-2w> It's a hoot! Just ignore the machine driven sandpaper sharpening.
I'm going with Paul Sellers' method, except as atonement for watching Stumpy, I'll use the hand driven grinding wheel my grandfather left.  It's the only one I have, with a -100 grit stone.
Maybe I can get the kids who live next door to play a new game: "Turn the Handle."  
Then another new game: "Keep Turning the Handle!"


Very good video, especially if you want a multi-use plane, only used sometimes for a scrub by switching irons.
Made my scrub plane from a no-name #3 plane (as most of the manufactured scrubs are narrower than a #4) and just opened the front of the throat to about twice what it was originally (again, manufactured scrubs have very open square throats) with a small grinder cut-off wheel, as it was never going to be anything but a scrub ever again.

Mario Daniel Goldstein

First of all, thank you for teaching us all what you know!.
I am a begginer of woodworking and i have just bought a number 4 Stanley and i saw that it has a non right cutting edge but a curving edge.
I have 2 questions, if you can answer because i speak spanish ( am from Buenos Aires) and it is difficult to me to understand all what you say because of my ppor english.
1) The curving edge is useful for scrubbing but the right is for smoothing?
2) may i have 2 planer's knife ? ( one for scrubbing and the other for smoothing?
Really thanks for teaching so well!
God bless you and be care of you!

Bill K.

Great project. Now, if the prices ever become reasonable on Ebay for a used No. 4 I can try this out for myself. Thanks Paul.

Boozoo Chavis

Thanks for this whole video - how would one go about cambering their iron without a bench grinder, a pot of tea and plenty of patience?! I got a smaller, lower line plane from Stanley made easily 40+ years ago - is half the weight of my old #4 and even has a tighter mouth. I think it would make a better smoother and thinking about converting another iron for my #4 just as you describe here!

Joseph Eberle

scrub plane thanks Paul

Максим Зубов



Thank you! I was thinking of buying an electric plane. I won't now.

Bradley Gray

Paul, I can't thank you enough for this video, and all you do to promote your passion for traditional woodworking. I converted an old Sargent 409 finishing plane that I picked up on Ebay for $10. What would have taken hours to flatten with my #4 plane, took maybe 20 minutes.

Thank you,


@2:34 "like this" I need a Paul sellars tshirt in my life with this quote on it.

S. Giles

I just made my first scrub plane after watching this video. It was easier than I thought it would be, even using sandpaper to shape the blade due to not having a bench-grinder. It probably took just a little longer than the length of this video. Having finished, I was very impressed by how easy it was to prepare some boards for a trestle table top. I should have done this a long time ago!

Julian Aguilar

Probably I won't get an answer, the video is old, but I want to thank you, perfectly explained.

I have a question, where do I buy those diamond stones?

I ask because I bought one from China and it lost the grain in one month.



wow! what an education you provide! your knowledge is invaluable!

Spencer Jordan

It's like he's surprised that he gets such a good shaving from his planes. He makes it look so easy.

Brian Simonds

Thank you Paul for another great tutorial. Just restored a rust Record no4 so I converted my Span no4 which already has a wide mouth. Wow what a great tool a scrub plane is it makes cleaning up rough timber a breeze.

James Burton

Thank you for the video. I've just converted a no4 Stanley in about 10 minutes and what a difference it's made! Saved me loads of time and does a better job at neatly hogging off material than an electric planer

Moo Man

Thank's great to know this now

Tee Howe Peh

Hi Paul. Here where I live, I managed to find new old stock Record #5 planes. I can't find a smoothing plane to convert it into a scrub plane. Do you think a jack plane would be okay for this purpose? I already have a #4 for smoothing.

Intelligent Investor

I have a small wooden scrub with a blade that has a camber of about 2 inches, the blade is about 1 1/4 in and it raises about half an inch. The plane itself is very small, a kindergarten kid would use it. It hogs of the materiel like a saw.

Don Finch

just what I was looking for. excellent. Thanks!! :)

Chris Hornady

Thank you for all of the work that you put into these videos. Now every time I go to the shop I watch a Paul Sellers video and my work has greatly improveds!


wow...the wisdom...thank you

Yves Perraudin

I didn't know how badly I needed a scrub plane until I decided to make one ! Thank you Mr Sellers !

E Caff

Thank you for a great video of making a scrub plane. I purchased an enexpensive plane from a 2nd hand store. I used your method of restoring a plane and converted it into a scrub plane. Excellent videos.


Excellent lesson mate! I will put this to good use in the near future when I build a new wooden work bench. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

fletch lives

Weird i know but i love the sound of a scrub plane going through wood lol.


I almost had a panic attack when you took the plane iron to the grinder. Wow.



Grey Shades

Just speechless because of the amount of skills Mr Seller is showing us. Thank you for educating the web. (Even his screwdriver is cool! ?)

David Matlock

Remarkable training video.


Following this video and making my own scrub plane (from an old Bailey pre-war #4, a $20 eBay find) has been a revelation. I am in the process of making Paul's workbench using $3 2x4 studs from the big box store. These studs are rounded at the corner, leaving quite a lot of material to remove after lamination. The scrub plane has made it easy to "hog off" (as he puts it so charmingly) this excess material. It is an incredible time-saver! A few subsequent passes with a smoothing plane to bring it square and the resulting finish is fantastic. Thank you, Paul!

Philipp Boetcher


Timothy Robinson

Paul, working on the cheap I haven't been able to justify diamond grit plates. They are 140 US dollars for the three grits. Instead, I use a large piece of plate glass with six grits of automotive wet/dry paper (220-3000). Trouble is, I can't do your figure-of-eight motion without slicing up my paper. As soon as it gets sharp it gets destructive. Can you go over some other motions which might not be so vicious to the sand paper? I've altered the sole opening on a Millers Falls 900 and am about to radius the iron.


There is nothing like planing. You are an outstanding teacher.

Paul Barton


Thomas Russell

Ha ha, Because Diamonds are forever... DeBeers would be so proud. LOL Great tutorial, Paul.

Robert Schuler

You make me nervous when you repeatedly slide your hand over that plane. Just don't go in the wrong direction. Thanks for the video. I inherited many planes from my dad, love them all... Robert.

Dirk Vercauteren

The bur yes, there is also an easy way. Also after scharpening corrugated knives , instead using sand paper (not a good idea) you can cut the bur simply with an disposeble tct knive, like a 50 mm knive. It needs some learning to do this but it leaves you with a much scharper knive. Also with this kind of handplaner knive it should work. hold the disposeble knive flat to the burside of the knive and cut toward the cutting edge withe a smooth movement. Easy, try it. Over here the good, maybe old skool( profile) knives sharpners with experiance are using this technique. It is old shool but the good way. Do not cut in to your fingers.
Sorry for placing this on your vid, but it can help people. Thanks.

Maury Elsasser

Awesome! Your So lucky to have access to your experience, knowledge and wisdom/artistry. Thank you. Yes a scrub plane was once a diamond in the rough.

Boozoo Chavis

I always love when even after all these years, Mr. Paul Sellers can even surprise himself! When he adjusted that plane, put that board in that vise and giant thick shavings started popping out ... even he was a bit surprised. How many people still find that sense of wonder after doing anything for 50 years. Got to love it, and well done that man!!

Tony Harrisson

All the metalwork experts on here ????????

Update.... all the experts tool sharpeners too ??

Mahendra Bar

कहा पर मिलता है रंदा

Dave Steingass

Hi Paul! I found 2 US Made Stanley Bailey No. 4s in the basement of an antique shop for $8 ea.. I'm cleaning the rust and polishing and flattening all of the surfaces as you've instructed in the restore video. It's going very well! I want to make an improvised scrub plane out of one of them. Of the two Bailey No. 4s. One has a smooth cast iron sole, but the other has hollows cast grooved out of the sole. is One sole better than the other for an improvised scrub plane? Thank you! I Just got your tool book in the mail today! Fascinating how you described the old craftsmen stropping on the palm of their hands! Thank You!

Englishman French

The one limitation on converting "modern" Stanley planes is that the iron is so thin that with a heavy cut it is easy to get chattering, look for an old jack plane iron and modify that, they are 3 times as thick. A very informative tutorial, I only hope people are not drawing the temper out of their plane irons after watching this, keep the edge cool !

john cadd

One woodwork site had a chap puzzling over drawing a 10 inch radius curve . In case we lose a compass try this. Hold your pencil as if to stab the bench. Place your elbow on the surface and keep the elbow still as your fist draws the curve. on the paper . Result .There or thereabouts .

Shawn Curry

Hi Paul, I wanted to thank you for your videos; I just can't get enough of them. This one in particular has been a real revolution for me. I recently converted a Stanley 604 which had a badly pitted iron into my first scrub plane after seeing this video. In addition to furniture making, I also enjoy making my own lumber - including wide, live edge slabs. But surfacing these has always been a tedious, dusty problem. With the scrub plane, I can remove the chainsaw marks and flatten a slab in a matter of minutes - something that used to take several hours with a belt sander.

gareth sinclair

aggggg the sweet sound of a plane cutting through wood efficiently. I can almost smell the shavings through my phone. inhale exhale

Loren Rademacher

Dang. I thought I newethings, and here I am still learning. Thanks. Reminos me of Tony Stark in Iron Man 2 mentioning his father. "You've been gone 20 years and you're still taking me to school."

Green Building

Mr Paul is just amazing woodworker.. it seems that he has deep sense of humanity, thats why he always encourge us to do woodworking with minimalist cheap tools and no doubt that it still will producing great result ?☀️ thankyou verymuch Mr. Paul warm greet from Bali Indonesia ☀️

Thomas Russell

Brilliant, thanks.

Jim Walker

Having few planes, I recently picked up a 4 1/2 Stanley. I was considering converting my No. 4 to a scrub plane, and using the N0. 4 1/2 as my smoothing plane. Does this seem like a sound strategy? I like the size and weight of the 4 1/2 , it seems to fit me and is my go-to plane.


After watching this video and a couple of others, I converted a $10 Harbor Freight plane. Works remarkably well.


Mr Seller thanks so much for these videos.

TOBAR Apprentice

While I appreciate what it is that you are trying to do, and enjoyed the video, I am reminded of a scene from my drive up to the cottage that oddly relates. It is of a car with a mattress tied to the roof of a car; sure it will work, but a truck or trailer is really the tool for the job. My Lie Nielson scrub was only $165, and by the time I have acquired another #4, modified (or taken the temper out of/ruined) the blade, destroyed the chip breaker and got it all tuned up, I still am left with a tool that is "half way". Just my opinion; love the videos and your insight. Best regards.


Another great video Paul..
I have only one No 4 & don't wanna ruin it but do have a Bedrock 602 for most work, It's tote is really too small for my hand though & it's worth too much to modify, I might have to pick up a No 4 or 4 1/2 to make myself a scrub plane, I have many irons though?? Hmmm??

David Birks

Thank you for this. Had a spare No.4 which is now a really effective scrub plane. Really enjoyable and satisfying to be able to fettle my own tools. Thanks again.

Sam K

Thank you Paul, great instructions. I will be turning and tuning my first Stanley No. 4 to a Scrub plane.

ian Woodland

Loads of information as usual. Thanks Paul, yet again.

Stu Farnham

Paul, I watched thks video a few months ago and made a scrub blade based on your method. The other recommendations you have make a lot more sense now that I have used the blade. I have a cheap #4 that I will now modify based on you guidance as I now understand the plane modifications based on the problems I had using the blade. Great information. Understanding the plane in use helps the whole method make sense. Thanks for this and all of your videos. Stu

Blake Wofford

I can't believe no one commented on Paul's "Diamonds are Forever" joke. Loved it!

James Warner

Paul, love your videos. I watch many multiple times and pick up something each time. I have two Record planes made in the 1980s or so. The number 6 adjusts quite well. The number 4 has uneven grinding where the frog sits and is very difficult to adjust. I am thinking of converting the number 4 to a scrub plane. Will the difficulties in adjusting still be a problem? Seems like I don't need to worry about tolerances as much as I would for a smoothing plane.

Paul M

Just made a scrub plane, wow it takes of wood with a vengeance. Thank you Paul for another fantastic video.

Jason Martin

Very nice! Thank you for sharing!!?

Paul Boegel

I have been given a cheaper Footprint No 4 that is about to become a scrub plane. A Veritas is nearly $200CN so I am saving a lot. Thanks Paul. As always a helpful vid.

Jonathan Wilson

Whoa, whoa, whoa. I love you Paul, and have learned tons of great tips from you, but I was kind of shocked when you said, "it will re-harden when you plunge it". I'm no expert in metal, but I'm almost positive that, that is not true. Once you start to temper it, it' will not harden again until you heat it above it's critical temperature (more than 1300 degrees, cherry red) and then quench. And that is not an easy thing to do well without a proper kiln and you're likely to warp or crack the blade during the quench. Anyway, I would keep fine tool steel away from a course/fast grinder like that, and if you must use one, I would be quenching constantly, because as soon as you start seeing color, you're pretty much ruining the blade (unless you grind back behind the tempered area)

Marcelo Iván Rojas Hernández


Stefano Passiglia

After so much procrastinating, I bought a cheap #4 Stanley handyman plane (plastic handles) and modified as you show in this video. Works like a charm!

john handcock

Hey Paul, I bought a cheap plane from Harbor Freight, and I was wondering if I could convert it into a scrub plane? It doesn't have a chip breaker. Would this work?

Cooper Davis

14:47 when a catholic priest notices you haven't given half of your income as an offering to the church

Mahendra Bar

कहा पर मिलता है रंदा

Chas McGrath

Thanks Paul for a great intro into making a scrub plane. I converted my 1944 Stanley #4 bench plane into a scrub plane using Your method and it has been the single best addition to my woodworking technique. Took a while to get the feel for it but well worth the effort. Your recent Scrub Plane Techniques vídeo was also very useful in changing my view of how wood can be formed.

David Sobel

Thank you for this video. I gave my nice vintage Stanleys to a friend a while ago, but recently got back into wood working. I bought a cheap #4 copy at a home center, and it is pretty much garbage. But this info should make it into a usable scrub plane.

Peter Lindquist

Thank you sir, you are enjoyable to listen to, calm and instruktable


I did this yesterday. Thanks so much Paul. It was a fun project and it works so good. I used my Irwin no 4.???


Thank you!

Lynn Lard

One minor safety point, that I learned of years ago when I took up metal working: Though it's rare, bench grinder wheels can explode during startup, particularly if they've been subjected to a sharp blow or shock. The results can be catastrophic ...even fatal. It's a good habit to develop, to stand to one side, rather than in line with the wheel, until it comes up to speed.
As I said, it's a rare thing, but the precaution is a simple one to take.

Jaime Gonzalez

Just finished making mine from a flea marker Sargent no. 4. The mouth was already opened up and the cutter was in bad shape as it was a victim of a bench grinder. I gave $15 for the plane and took about 2 hours to figure out how to set up my disk sander to do the work of the grinder. I had to set the angle and add a wedge to get 30*. Some grinding, sharpening and I was hogging off slivers. thanks again Paul for the lesson.

Barefoot Arts

I just happen to have a stanley 4, and I was about to buy a “scrub plane”. this is great. my planes are not taking off enough material so this is perfect.
This is the 3rd time Ive found your videos helpful.


Just wanted to say thanks for the great video and tutorial - Im into carving spoons and bowls from green wood and although axing the length of tree trunk can be quicker some woods have grain running in odd directions and you get a length ripping out.  I started using a plane I bought at a boot sale and it did the job well - although took forever!  I picked up another plane - Ross #4 and followed your video to convert it to a scrub plane.  3 quid for the plane an hour to get the blade setup.  Happy days.  I got a flat bottom to the blank in less time than before.  Its now in my "carving" tool kit.Thanks again.

Hamish the Irish Amish

Thank you so much!


First time I've seen Paul flip a switch

Jason Pressler

you keep it cool so you do not change the integrity of the steel,you never want it hot enough to excite the molecules in the steel. Essentially as long as it never changes color you wont change the temper.

Jeremie Doiron

What a guy! "It will harden as soon as you plunge it...probably." Love the candor, the smile and the knowledge. You are my Bob Ross.


Does these planes work well in hardwoods endgrain?

David Schawl

I have watched many of your videos and you have taught me many things. Keep up the good work. Thank you for your instruction.

trev smith

Hello Paul, Can I ask real basic question, how can you tell between all the planes and what their uses are are, ie smooth, Jack, Scrub box etc

Nick Crouch

i dont have a bench grinder can i use sandpaper to create the convex edge


You make it look SO easy. I love watching your videos. Precise, practical and very well filmed.

Mark Halvorson

Great video Mr. Sellers! I’m looking for a cheap plane on eBay as I write. Quick question: what is the very minor advantage of an engineered scrub plane that you mention at 27 seconds?

Thomas Hanson

I have a Stanley 40 scrub plane and it's an engineering marvel. It's the lightest of all by big planes and it's simply amazing how much wood this thing can move and how fast.
I never thought to turn the blade vertically, all this time I've been horizontal and suffering just trying to gauge the angle.

M Murphy

Paul, I'd like say you have some of the best videos on YouTube. You are my go-to guy for technique. However, I need to chastise you for all your videos on restoring and sharpening planes of all types. I've found that just sharpening my chisels and plane irons has become the most therapeutic part of my day. I've also become hooked on collecting planes and have taken to garage sales and flea markets in search of old Stanley's. Just bought a 4 and another 5 on eBay and am looking for more. My wife wonders why I now accompany her to garage sales. Keep up the awesome work. Every video you make teaches more about my retirement hobby.


Could you put a pivot bolt in the slot in the blade?

Dave Pawson

Another thanks Paul. Finished a refurbishment today, iron ground / honed at 7" radius. Works well, leaves those tell-tale 'grooves' in the wood, and yes, works lovely at 45 degrees!
Tatty 20 pound ebay number four, now fully serviceable and ready to scrub!

Seth Warner

I dont know how you keep the proper angle , while grinding sideways across the width. Posibly you dont worry about it too much, because thats done on the stone?

Carlos Córdova

5 mm in the groove of the sole is normal in a # 4?

What is a scrub

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I don't want no scrub / A scrub is a guy that can't get no rating from me | Scrub Stomping Part 5

85 362 views | 19 Oct. 2020

Hikaru vs 1200s in a his

Hikaru vs 1200s in a his newest Speedrun titled STOMPING SCRUBS! He'll play the whole speedrun during viewer arenas so viewers get to be a part of it! Join us on twitch to try to play him.

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#gmhikaru #chess #speedrun

Jesse Fiordimondo

How many times have been asked if you have played chess on Adderall

Tshia Tshipo

The thumbnail... Hahaha


Dude says everything twice, everything twice.


It is actually very nice Room


Hello Everyone, I just wanted to let you all know that the rest of the ScrubStomping Speedrun will be on More GM Hikaru. We had too many videos to release at once and we decided to finish the speedrun over there. Part 6 and 7 are up over there. Part 6 is https://youtu.be/AAgeR6xWShw - don't forget to drop a sub over there as once we're at 50K subs on More GM Hikaru I'll do a speedrun with eyetracker to 3200 - that's always been a request and I'm hoping I get to do it for everyone. Thanks for all the support!


That pre-move at 28:20 was insane. Lmao I can never follow it. ?


You look tired man

Piyush Tayade

Thumbnail lolxd

rory luukas

That's one spicy thumbnail ?


You could mount a tv on the ceiling pretty quickly if you didn't care how it looked. Find a joist. brrrrt 2-3 screws to hold a monitor wall mount. It's not like you are hanging a crt from the ceiling. Moden monitors don't weigh much more than a large picture in a thick frame. You probably could get away with hanging it straight from the drywall with the right hardware(and the home is modern enough and put together properly, don't try it at home kids.). Extension cords for power and a long HDMI cable taped to the ceiling and boom you are done. The takedown is pretty easy as well. Unscrew the thing and throw up some spackle, texture, and paint. No one the wiser, including the insurance companies. Flush-mounting is a whole other story and would require more work but not much more than doing a tv flush-mounted in a wall.

chess with sandip

What a thumnail


I obviously have TONS of respect for Hikaru but for someone who is a chess genius and also trades stocks, you sure are way off on the 'monitor on the ceiling estimate'. It's literally just a couple of screws you drill into the ceiling joists. TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS??????? muh guy?!?!?!?!?!?!? Like literally 5 min of work.



big AL




Manoj Jayakumar

How old is the editor that made this thumbnail and chose the title? The thumbnails keep getting progressively shittier

james bond

So basically... this is a video of a GM beating amateurs? Sorry, no.. have some class.

Ethan C

This thumbnail/title is waaay to throwback for all the kids on here, but I love it ?


I feel harassed by that thumbnail.


RIL Left Eye

Andrei Razvan

4000 elo thumbnail.


thumbnail is cursed 2900 times (hikaru's elo)

Nerd Castle

♫ No, I don't want your rating
No, I don't want to give you mine and
No, I don't want to give you a draw and
Yes, I want all of your time
And no, I don't want no scrub
A scrub is a guy that can't get no rating from me
Hanging out the queen side board of his best friend's knight
Trying to fork at me ♫

Leeav Ederi

28:25 holy shit Hikaru

Maxime Tanti

Whatever you're paying your thumbnail person... double it.

Ro Jo

Loved that Hikaru had a deep think about the capital of Yemen but can read while playing lmao love this GM

Crispin Fornoff

I can never unsee that thumbnail...?


I always watch Hikaru's videos on 2x speed because they're just too damn long otherwise and I don't have a problem understanding people talking really fast. But I always crack up at the intro/outro music because of how funny it sounds at 2x speed

Anon Anon

Can we give some props to username FumblingGiraffe ;)

Jacob Tracht

Russ playing in a system of oppression the last 3 years.


The thumbnail is killing me


34:30 i think we have different definitions of ‘obviously’


So lame. Another video of a supposed pro playing against people way less skilled than him. Dude should be ashamed. This is something a bully would do. Or even Trump. I have moves. I have the best moves. They say my moves are the bestest moves ever seen. Against amateur players. The Trump of chess. Orange man Hikaru

Mark Grum

Where does Hikaru's promoted pawn go? It just disappears

frederikk Mueller

2:19 brutal mate


Go play with Coffee Chess.

Mariam Gokadze


Víctor Lamarca

5:04 “this guy is putting a very good fight” literally 5 seconds later “he resigns, lets keep going”

Accel Beatz

I love how hikaru plays, he's chilling cassualy destroying his opponents

Ryan B

Logo is from WWE Stomping Grounds!

Fahad Alazmi

hikaru can u make a training video for Evans gambit pleeease ?

Aryeh Lederhendler

30:09 “capital of yemen.... (30:30) ... is it sanaa?” That’s your clip man ?

lutfi ramly

Opponent: aha! He is slow he must be thinking hard to win

Hikaru: scrolling thru twitter

shawn acevedo

Hands down the best thumbnail s on youtube


That tsm shirt image is faker than my stepfather.


and the shittiest room tour goes too..

Gokul Narayan

Arcade animation is not working for me for some reason. :(


32:00 Hikaru is like: "Chess is so ez. lets take a geography test in the middle of a game."


Best thumbnail ever.

Manuel Ballester

I just discovered this channel, it is great! Magnus may be the best chess player, but Hikaru has the best chess channel for sure )

Ki Aiko

You are very beautiful ???


lol, best title/thumbnail ever

Иуда Искариот

"Reading is the best thing that u can do in your entire life"

Rainer Schnelle

Did Hikaru actually say Gucci Piano for the Giuoco Piano?

Storm Breaker

??? The pic for the video is priceless , ur an animal man on the board man!

Lukas Krause

Hikaru do u play/follow league?


51:05 dude frustrating play against Hikaru lol


OH BOY WHAT THESE monsters did to you ?


Thumbnail gave me a checkmate


where can I find a playlist of the music used in the background?


Can I sue over an ambush thumbnail? I sustained irreparable psychic trauma.


28:18 GG Chidori moves

Shareef Taylor

Most disturbing thumbnail of all time.


Scrub: "Oh shit I got him thinkin"
Nakamura: "Ugh what's the capital of Yemen"


@30 mins in has breakdown when he can't remember the capital of Yemen lol


Where’s part 4?


We need a thumbnail Tier List!


Stockfish: I think Hikaru is the imposter.


I thought Hikaru was a little more High tech lol.

Rafał Chomicki

Hikaru ive got idea for next speedrun. You play bltiz 3 minutes against people but you play as 1 minute (bullet) against 3 minutes. When your time would be less than 2 minutes you have to resign as you lost on time :-) i hope you know what i mean :-))

Dalton Olson

My company can put monitors in your ceiling 100percent haha funny that this subject comes up at the beginning nexus21 lifts baby


The image of a juicy piano is max surreal.

Manolo Caso

Capital of Chad is Ocho Cinco

Perfect Channel

Wait do you follow league of Legends e-sports?


Why is the best chess player that ever lived living in a studio?

Cat -Gardo

This thumbnail is on point

Devin Billings

This is the grossest thumbnail ever lol

churd burglar

that thumbnail is brilliant hahahaha

Alex Gruszka

Finally a ceiling reveal


The titles suggests 99% of us

Richard Fredlund

how do i unsee the thumbnail


What's the name of the playlist played in this video? I need to know please someone

Joseph Ma

Anyone else annoyed with these iPhone 12 pro unskippable ads

Brad Holtzclaw

I walked by Hikaru at the 2000 world open in Philadelphia when he was a boy wrecking old masters and he looked up at the ceiling even then.

Shreyas Mahajan

These pictures for his video are getting way to out of hand I wonder if Hikaru even saw the thumbnail.

Paul Han

Hey hikaru, could you give us a better tour of your room??


Best thumbnails in all of youtube lmfao

Ferro Faza

anybody know hikaru's headset?


Hikaru turns on his computer:
“This is just winning. This is clearly winning.”

Neil Angs

How has he not met any cheaters and lost yet....

Pankaj Khatri

Epitome of clickbait

Utkarsh Kaniyar

What’s the point of these games?

Puneet Dhawan

Are we gonna ignore the fact how he said : ‘alright everybudyyyyyyy’ at the end?

Victor Wu

at 57:55 why is hikaru saying he doesn't know if he can beat a 1843?

Joel Nyström

Amazing thumbnails in this series

Stefan Void

it would be cheap no matter if use screen monitors or projections....i do actually think people can use small headphones for cheating...but not hikaru...

Red Hadoken

Your thumbnails are too funny


Opponent : My move shock you right Hikaru!!? Eat that bitchhh!!
Hikaru : Alright guyss let me show you my stream setup

Mobile Monster

Best thumbnail ever


wtf thumbnail ?