Why do wrinkles form

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Why Do People Get Wrinkles?

1 views | 11 Dec. 2020

Why Do People Get

Why Do People Get Wrinkles?. Part of the series: Caring for Skin. People get wrinkles for a variety of reasons, but unprotected sun exposure, genetics and environmental aggressors are of the top wrinkle-inducing causes. Discover different ways wrinkles form on the skin with beauty advice from a certified aesthetician in this free video on skin care.

Why do wrinkles form

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Why Do We Wrinkle?

4 899 views | 3 Jun. 2013

Dr. David Spurlin, MD gets

Dr. David Spurlin, MD gets under our skin in this episode. Why do we get wrinkles? How do these uninvited guests end up sitting on our face? What can we do to delay their appearance? When they arrive, how do we shoo them away?

Why do wrinkles form

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The Science of Pimples, Wrinkles and Moles!

570 556 views | 2 Nov. 2015

If skin weren’t there,

If skin weren’t there, your insides would be constantly bombarded with bacteria but it’s not without flaws. Find out the science behind pimples, wrinkles, moles and rashes.

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Bdag TheSauceGod

Just educating yall real quick

Adrian Olguin

When you were born with a mole

Moonsy Playz

I don't have any of these
My mom has two moles and that's it

Kitten Lover

Why do we get birthmarks

Jerry Raul

I'm thirteen and I still haven't gotten pimples or acne must be because I have healthy clean skin (or maybe all the beauty products)

Lexi :3

Actually that mole thing might not be so true it's genetics passed down from your family traits If someone in your family be your aunt ,uncle ,mom ,dad,ext. it will be passed down to you or your cousin or their kids.also this is my opinion I actually have a mole but,this is just my opinion so don't come hate on me saying"oh this stuff was scientifically proven"I will say this is my theory you have no reason to hate on my theory it's not affecting your life

Ji Kar

2:25 you look like a ghast from minecraft

CupcakesInAFactory9801 :D



Blocko looks hilarious in the thumbnail

American Jager

Yeah I have a skin condition...


M4A1 Sherman

Do "what makes us die when we drink bleach?"

Buttercupkat Productions

I do not have any of these things as of now! ?


I have a mole on my neck since I was 2 oh no and if you go on my channel you will see all that acne living on my face and while your at my channel ? subscribe ??

Quin0911 Gracia

I have a mole on my back, and I even have a good picture of it!

The Mobile Warrior

my brother

Farhad da boss

I have eczema


acne as i am a teenager

Caiyah Coleman

My mole is a circle

Faobricio Garita

I don’t even go outside, especially now because of Coronavirus

A Kookie And A Cup Of Tae With A Pinch Of Suga

Life noggin could you do a video about how touchscreen work

Not Quaknap

Moles all

Christian ORR-BURNS

Actually sun cream gives you cancer

I'm probably gullible.

Vivi Ruiz

I love pimples when I get them on my forehead I'm fine w it , it might hurt so much but I'm ok ? now if I got them all over my face I wouldn't only because I heard it's very painful

Bdag TheSauceGod

your not chosen like racist think the white is superior but no we all one color just are melanin was changed from the sun radiation kind of changing your bio making you tan to like Columbian, Mexican then to tan to being black and every baby caries the trait of the parent so of course come out that color

Piss Baby

When I get rashes from allergies I just put moisturiser on it and it goes away in a week or sometimes overnight. Also if I get sunburnt I do the same but I also put sunscreen on it too. Idk why but it helps my sunburns heal quicker ahah

Mica Santos

i have SO MUCH MOLES. i don't think this is correct in any way, but since i'm really pale i think instead of my skin becoming darker moles form? i literally have 7 spread throughout one arm, 3 on my face, and lots more places that i don't think i'm even aware of. 2 of the 7 moles on my arm just showed up within the last 2 weeks.

Carson Bien

Wait I have a huge mole on my face and I was born with it does that mean I’m screwed

victor Ferretiz

When i was 5 i got a large mole on the side of my belly is this normal


What about warts

Rosy Kim

I have lots of moles. I hate them

Royclash _

My mole was present ast birth T^T

Freking Lemon

Uhh I was born with a mole

B Sa

Block what ha pins wen we or you are born

Laura Rick

I had a rash that spread all over my body-I don't know if im allergic to anything-I got it after the fair and soccer practice-still don't know how I got it

CurlyMustache _

Is popping a pimple treating it?

Arcane Raccoon Art

everyone gets at least 1 mole when they're born, what now, everyone has fucking cancer? Bruh, that information is a little misleading, don't u think?

• SxmplyDusk •

Like my comment if you have had scarlet fever before. I have.


Jose Garcia

I have moles but small


i have a mole on my chest

Hasek Gamer

I have pimpels and blackheads, but i don't know how i can get ridd off them.

Big Toast Man Senior

I was born with a mole at birth so does that mean I’m more seseptable to canser?

shwoemd djsjsksks

My sister had 1 of the

Gary Dasilva


dragontuber m

I have FREACKIN pimples and lemme tell ya they are frustrating ! Ughhh I hate them them not cuz they cause my appearance to be worse but they are always take a lot of time to deal with

kaylee rosengren

I have a lot of acne and I'm only 10

Truth’s Secret

I have a mole bigger than a pencil eraser and it's been present since birth. ?

yUh gEt iNtO iT teehee

I have a lot of moles and I don’t like them

Maria Playsgaming

I have eczema

Jared Rittmann

Life noggin to you believe God

Jellified Peanut Butter

I thought that was on the head! XD

niche meme lover

Please explain birthmarks

Gabriela Fernandes

Eczema and use an unscented soap i use Cetaphil and lotion it fucking sucks


I dont know why all these people with acne like pimples are doing weird gross stuff like mixing honey, butter, nuts, etc then applying to their face. I myself have pimples and all it takes to get rid of them is to go to your DOCTOR or ANY doctor. They will prescribe you a medicine which is cream. You apply it to your face and it dries, then it get rids of oil and eventually all your acne. The first time I used it, last year, I had used the cream according to the dosage everyday and by the next day I already saw results. Within 5 days to a week, My skin improved and was clear. And after your skin is cleared up to how you like it, you can decide to stop the medicine and just wash your face regularly. Hope this helped, and please dont do what these gurus on youtube are doing, unless it actually helps your face. And the medicine can be applied anywhere, not only your face. Your back, chest, neck.. etc, anywhere you have acne. But make sure you can apply it somewhere else other than your face so that your skin isnt ruined.


My mom popped my boil, she had to wipe some stuff off her face afterwards..?



Anime Gacha

I know thats why vampire has no wrinkles because they never go outside


Can you do a video on why moles form after a shot or how a mole can form on the leg after a shot?


Yep never go out side kids

Gab Shroom

How do we make a mole vanish

NightOwl 780

HAHA I wont get wrinkles cause i never go outside


What if there is a vaccine for acne?

Skyrim Fan

I had a mole at birth ; got skin cancer gone now

Special guy

The truly Scientific reason of moles in pimples is wanking

Paulina Larionow

I got moles

Awa Gabyow

0:41 does this mean if i get rid of my facail hair i wont have acne THIS IS THE FOOKIN CAUSE OF HAIR ON THE FACE


Yes I don't have Pimples !!!!!!


I have pimples but there going away cuz I wash my face and I have moles but there tiny so it’s okay ?

Slavcho Velkoski

I have a cancer mowe

Joanie Garrison

I️ have eczema on my hands

Kodek Productions

Him "it has nothing to do with eating chocolate..."
Me "thank GOD"
Eats chocolate

Microska 26

I have chicken pox

benny worm

Once I had a boil and I got so angry I just took the razor from my pencil sharpener and just cut it and it hurt and it made it worse so won't recommend it I was a dumbass kid

Royclash _

I'm VERY scared

Henry Jason Yau Zhang

Then how do i get more acne after eating junk food?

shelby nelson

Well I have like 4 moles on my whole body, and they are flat like they don't stick out

Mysty W Netherite

So umm I've had a mole about the size of two pencil erasers since birth... Yay cancer

Shuaibmd Mdshuaib

My sister once got fixs and it damaged her skin and she is often itching and her body become thicker and harder and still she is itching

Muralidhar Dhawalaghar

U r awsome?

Beep boop


Ren Thewerecat

my mum is sensative to the sun and she had now gotten freakules

Chickadee Chicken

My sister has freckles.

arshi sadiq

Plz help me I have moles on my hand there only 4. but I need a cure plz tell me

Ryan DaBoss

I have eczema.Like if you agree!

Fable Emberson

I get wrinkles at the tub

Caleb Nintendo

WHY DO WE blink

not very good content

I have a mole on my private part

Simon Reek

I do get Moles but not the ones that give Cancer

Gardz recah

I watched this video

And I have chicken pox


All of these are an eyesore on the body


The Bookshelves look like the ones in Minecraft

Baby Dabee

I want a mole on my cheek


Wait... my mole is larger than a pencil eraser... and present at birth...

Do I have cancer.


well i have a very annoying dry skin lol


I have Eczema and I realized it will be hard for me to get pimples because what eczema does is it makes it so your body cannot produce a lot of body oil so I won’t get that many pimples but a lot of rashes(which I already have)

Darkest Days

I have cancer stage 666

B12 Delacruz, Nathan

Blocko:pimples aren't caused by oily foods

Me:is everything my parents tell me is a lie

DTX 999

I have rashes



Smoky Tau

Sigh I have a really oily face