What do lemons, tomatoes, and coffee all have in common chemically?

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The Chemistry of Pickles

2 456 views | 2 May. 2020

This NBC News Learn video,

This NBC News Learn video, one in a 6-part "Cheeseburger Chemistry" series, examines the role of salty brine, fermentation, lactic acid and pH in the process of pickling food to preserve it.

What do lemons, tomatoes, and coffee all have in common chemically?

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"Acid Alkaline Balance" by Barbara O'Neill

791 395 views | 17 May. 2012

NEW series from Barbara is

NEW series from Barbara is now available: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLr61HXXxMuDwvCrPdVwjEzeHpwuW4Po_m

The pH level, the acid-alkaline measurement of our bodies, affects every cell in our body. A constantly imbalanced pH level may result in obesity, allergies, fatigue and many other unhealthy conditions. Lets find out why and how to keep your pH level within the safe level.

Watch & download high quality of this video for free at: http://www.beyondpatmos.org/seriesvideo.aspx?seriesid=73&ref=youtube


Thank you, I haven't had any teacher like you. Now I feel I'm made by God.


tomato juice or the tomato sauce is ok and good. butter eggs and whole milk vitamin D.

The General STRIKE

Nescience = Lack of knowledge Ignorance = CHOSEN lack of knowledge

The real problem of irresponsible hallucination of manufactured authority being necessary and the impotence todo anything about the systemically violent society. Always remember that no human can have authority over another unless it is freely given. Conversely no human can take authority from another human it must be given.

There can be only one authority regarding ones own rights. Rights are not given o us by another. Rights cannot be taken from us by another. You must freely give your rights to another whether through nescience or ignorance. Rights come with us as living beings at our birth at which time only the parent can be legitimate temporary authority for another life. Babies from birth can swim and have easily enough strength to hold their own body weight with one hand. Yet we swaddle them away and behave as if they are helpless? They will be helpless simply due to the sense given to the baby that comes from the parents natural temporary authority.

Notice that pattern? How many things do we learn before Kindergarten? Yet get to kindergarten and we are taught violently at times we are taught that we know absolutely nothing and are quickly challenged for our own authority. Temporary authority our parents hold for us most never even give a conscience thought to give the authority to our children yet would give it to a virtual stranger they have known for an hour?

Now ask why we allow toxicity in our world or our bodies? Why would a society ignorantly support systemic violence? Where did common sense go?
Now could all those questions be answered by simply adjusting how we go about examining ourselves and just how we were placed into bondage and how placing the next generation in bondage was a mistake? How hard could it possibly be to examine life through authority? Is that authority legitimate? Am I supporting systemic violence? Did I just give my rights away? I dare anyone who made it this far to attempt a lifestyle that can be easily legitimized gives up no authority and most importantly places no chains of bondage upon our own or others children I triple dog dare you to own your authority. Bet you wont and the human race will remain in bondage and millions more will die for it.

Jane Bowman

Thanks Barbara! I am changing the way I eat because of you. Such a wonderful teacher!


peanuts and peanut butter and beans. or bad . pressure cook the beans .


This woman is brilliant! And they tried to stop her message! Her treasure isn't here-its in Heaven! Thank you Lord!


This quack has been banned from practicing thankfully.


Why do you say potatoes are called "Irish Potatoes"? Potatoes are native to the Americans, not Ireland or Europe.

Cyn Gli

Yes, you can drink too much water. Weren't you a former psychiatric nurse? You must have seen this on the wards (polydipsia).

Bajkowa Arkadia

Wkładki do szczepionek dla ludzi - https://vactruth.com/vaccine-inserts-human/


fruit is grapes and berries or the best.


how about vinegar apple cider vinegar react in the body cells

Dimi K

I love this woman! She is brilliant and a great communicator. Speaks from experience and wonderful observation. I'm subbed.


can some one tell me this treasure is still alive please?


She knows her subject so well that she can talk about it as casually as talking about how your day went.

maritimer Man

She had her daughter when she was 40, her daughter is 38, she is 78 at the making of this video. She is now 85 as of 2019, WOW


Smart woman.

The Duckling Homestead and Gardens

She is so correct on this from all the info I've studied but this is the first time I've seen someone put so much together and in terms that are easily understood! As far as the baby feeding goes she is correct there as well, I had four children, all breast fed and I had one develop his starter teeth with molars by 10 months. He took to biting me when I nursed him, and so I offered him a bottle, which he refused and only wanted a sippy cup and food. The cup was only given at meal times with his food. If he didn't have food he would get upset and refuse the drink until he had food, all soft of course!

Another thing to remember is to eat that balanced menu so one's milk has all the nutrients your baby needs!!!

Kgame Sekoto

Thank you so much. You are the best teacher. You are the world asset. May the Good Lord Bless you ??

Tami Rundell

Thank you for teaching in a way I can understand.

Simon Davis

Beautifully Presented a pleasure to learn from you Barbara, Kindest Regards.

Linda DeVito

What's wrong with teas?? I thought teas were good for you?

Tyler Bridgeman

Informative and thorough explanation of personal health care.

Forest For the Trees

As Benny Hill would say, "You have a nice Figure" :)

Rosie Gilmore

Dυε tο this αcid rεflυx disοrdεr trεαtmεnt sοlutiοn "Tαzυnkο Sοbο" (Gοοglε it), I mαnαgεd tο dεfεαt my digεstiοn cοmplicαtiοns. If yοu`rε αt thε mοmεnt gοing thrουgh digεstivε αilmεnts αnd chrοnic αcid rεflυx disοrdεr, yου nεεd tο hαvε this rεmεdy αs wεll..


very interesting! if a bit complicated at first...really love Barbs lecture


Amazing fount of knowledge ?

Orla Stania

You are a genius I'm following your advice and I'm started to heal my body thank you thank you so much I can't stop watching your videos thank you once again

Theresa Geiger

Crazy lady

sonal patel

Body lage Touch Acid

Mora Young

Very clever Barbara O’nill, you are JESUS CHRIST sent. ???❤️???????????????????????????????☘️??????????????????????????????????


I am sufffering from acidity in stomach
What should I eat?

Tom Hamilton

My οwn hεαlth prοfεssiοnαl lεαrnεd thαt I hαvε α mαjοr swεlling in my εsοphαgυs αnd chrοnic αcid rεflux. Thε grεαt nεws is I discοvεrεd this αcid rεflux trεαtmεnt "Tαzυnkο Sοbο" (Gοοglε it). In mεrεly 14 dαys, I wαs αblε tο εliminαtε my αcid rεflux αnd thεn thε αcid tαstε within my οwn mοuth.

koffitse agbadji

I like the music

Fed Up

Everything I needed to hear. Thank you


Diet influences urine pH, not blood pH, that's why the restricted range of pH values in blood. The body accomplishes that by homeostasis.

Chris Creaser

ALL the british NHS Cares about is - U DON'T DIE!!... :( - Because if U die - It shows up in the stastics,the (Left wing) MSN gets hold of those stastics & Then the newspapers Won't shut up about it for a week!!... :( - Bringing Undesirable attention to that hospital/our NHS & LOCAL & NATIONAL POLITICIANS!!.... :( & THUS IT COSTS THE POLITICIANS VOTES!!... :( - OR SO THEY THINK,THE DAMN FOOLS!!.... :)

Otoabasi Geelen-Mboho

21:52 Doctor Norman 'wat'???

meggie nady

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Zayan Ahmad Roll 56

Any videos on kidney by Barbara?

Tyrone Harris

I'm blown away! Thank you for this knowledge!!!

Mish / Mumma

Please Barbara talk about eczema and what to do.

A Day in the Life of Ria

Very knowledgeable!!!

Cam Stewart



Mrs. Barbara ( My mommy's name) ? Thank U & God Bless!

M Has

I just want to hug you


Up this end is the ass... id

Ian Casey

All I can see is the wisdom of the Creator

Kirsch kern

Very important, logical and connecting informations.
Thank you.

Eben Burger

I see.... and it's the beneficial bacteria that produce lactic acid and acetic acid that's absorbed into the blood stream that helps keep the cells slightly acidic.....

justin Garcia

I am a doctor …..endocrinologist...….and I agree with her......Im doing educations rather than full of prescriptions....chemicals to its finest......

Jessica Aguirre

I love they way she teaches. All adults should take a course like this to understand EXACTLY how the body works.

Jane Badon

I love the way you explain things!


I wish I saw this video when it came out. I was addicted to diet cola drinks for 20+ years and I felt awful and had no idea how bad it was. All the studies I read told me I was in the safe range yet I was so dizzy I could barely get out of bed and felt like I was going to pass out all the time.

Mz. Traveling Hips

Has anyone found the book she talked about on night shades?

Kgame Sekoto

You are the best ?


Will castor oil help kidney stones and gall blatter stones?


God bless you and your wisdom

Julia Marple

Fresh grass fed meat is a natural food that humans have evolved on. There is nothing wrong with cows... you just said how marvellous the cows dung was for your lettuce. There are very strict rules on having no antibiotics in milk and meat. Also, people over cook their meat. I agree more veg and the right nuts, but not at the expense of being vegans or vegetarians. I am in poor health because I cannot afford to eat the diet of my choosing, which would be along the lines you subscribe. And, nor have I eaten any fresh meat (indeed, any meat worth mentioning) , yet I am unwell. Meat is not the villain and nor are livestock. Grass fed is the way to go. Also, we need to tax unhealthy foods, to subsidise healthy foods including grass fed meat to make it possible for the poor to eat better.

One Resonation

this is one of the best videos on diet and alkaline ive ever seen.

James Cullins

Love your intro music! Good lecture.

Dorcas Whitaker

This lady is incredible. I'm so glad I found her. I've been listening to her lectures since I discovered her. She's answered so many questions for me. She's thorough. I will seek out her books. Thank you Barbara Oneil for caring enough dedicate your time to this worthy cause.


No one was teaching this until Dr Sebi came along.. shows how one person can change a lot.

james jorge

At 65 years old I now see the reasons of why I'm suffering through some ailments, thank you so much for enlightening me to what I need to do to improve my overall health conditions.

Jenevie Brown

I eat a lot of fruit and I have a yeast problem thank you so much for informing me that I should stop. God Bless You


nice one barbera im on it

Qwerty Qwert

What an incredible woman. Thank you ???

Nya Hanidread

Bless u

Sandra Barton

I Just found Barbara O'Neill, Love, Love, Love her for what she is teaching and how she teaches it !!!!

Gerald's Videos

Erudite and Eloquent.



just 1 voice

So interesting and true. Thank you. Common sense tells me you are very wise, science tells me you are right and God tells me I need to change my life and change my bad habits.

craig f

This is only half truth as we are alkaline BEings. Stop focusing on protein. It is useless to humans. We are ketogenic creatures. Humans crave cholesterol for ketones. No need for carbs or protein, there is a ketone for each. A ketone for the role of all protein. A ketone for the role of all carbs. A ketone to regulate the brain and organs. Protein is merely an expression of genes. We do need to store amino acids, which are best sourced from alkaline vegetation.

Mary N


ex catholic

Hippocrates also said that all disease starts in the gut!

Caffa Krrem

When you dilute acid with water you obtain a weaker acid solution. Coca-Cola contains heavily diluted acid and on acid scale does not score 2.3 . Anyone can test that using some indicator stripes. Coca cola does not buy or drink itself. We do. Nice lady, just be more careful when you write things on board.

Lady Penelope

Can Gout damage from Hypericemia in the Blood & joints, uric acid floating around the tissues be reversed? I suffer it, am medicated daily.. Trying to follow LCHF Low alkaline?

The Total Beauty

I am truly enjoying your informative videos. Thank you and God bless you.?❤

Dan Noc

Than vek you very much, this is fantastic.

Wee Dawgge

Long live Dr. Sebi.

A Day in the Life of Ria

I would love to be in her class! Great teacher!??

Stuart Branson - Theme Composer

Onions mess me up for days.

ahmed alajlan

Thank you so much , well this is science , my kinda Knowing things in the correct form other than other people videos bogus nonsense, thank again GOD blesses you , keep up the good work

Andrew White

Barbara, I wish there were more like You! You are a gift from God! Thank You for being there for Us!

karl anderson

Great Video. Very informative.

Dinakar Raj

Awesome ❤️???

Marie Loiseau

21:33 No they are not! Yams are a different genus from sweet potato! They developed independently in different parts of the world! Misinformation!

Lily Ella

Thank you so much for posting these videos, what an incredible wealth of information! ?


Does she ever have common sense.

Ayodele Adetona

Thanks Barbara. What about walnut? It is considered the king of all nuts. What would you say of it?

Solveig Sokcanic



Now that's a great teacher

Pineda Staglio

How can we determine we have yeast in our body Doctor?

Seeking your help from the Philippines. By your lecture Dr., I am suspecting myself that I might be like what you said to have that yeast on me as I am persistently suffering of bloated stomach with air.
Thnx a lot in advance more power and I am hoping you may help me at your most convenient time!
God bless!

River Rock

Banned from practicing because she has no credentials. Check the link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barbara_O'Neill

mary A

Thank you sister Barbra....love your video and how you execute your teachings...

Charmaine Campbell

Well Barbara has recently been banned in Australia from giving any health related advice. I have just watched her video on Acid Alkaline Balance and the info contained is accurate. I don't agree with feeding babies Almond milk however. Nevertheless, I believe that "big money" paid for her opinions and work to be vilified and for her to be discredited. After all, who loses if we take our health back? Big Pharma, Big food and beverage companies.

Miss World & Her Garden

Do not speak badly about this lady , all hearsay

Valerie Higinbotham

Is there a recipe book from all these suggestions? I'm doing my best but I could use more help.

a b

This woman is sent of God

What do lemons, tomatoes, and coffee all have in common chemically?

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Sensory Skills 101 - How to grow and use the Coffee Flavor Wheel

394 views | 23 Jan. 2021

Let's explore my top tips

Let's explore my top tips for growing in coffee sensory skills. We will also look up close at the Counter Culture Flavor Wheel. Full blog at: https://www.rocc.coffee/coffee-playground/2021/1/12/coffee-sensory-101

#specialtycoffee #counterculture #flavorwheel #sensoryskills

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~ Adam

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I appreciate you doing this! Thank you so very much! I home roast and cup each roast, but I miss being able to cup with a group. This video was helpful.


Is there a green coffee grading screen set you would recommend to the home roaster? There are some really expensive ones out there. Im interested in what you would recommend. Also, in terms of sorting out green defects before roasting, I would love a video on how you would do this and the types of defects. If you already made a video on this, I apologize. Thanks so much!


Thanks Adam for all your courses ! From france

derrick pangilinan

Hi Adam, thanks for your lessons.

yeheskiel pongrekun

Thank GOD i found your content... Thanks for sharing