What does a 35 year old woman look like

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Family Guy - 37 year old woman on a blind date fun

331 732 views | 6 Mar. 2009


I mean, at least the guy was honest. In real life, most felons play on the sympathy of those kinds of women by blaming their victims.


Wow. You can actually smell the desperation in the air from this cutaway gag.

The Readers Corner

Annnnd she was murdered after that night.

Sadiya S

Lol how men are laughing at this shit as if they think it doesn't happen the same way for them. they fuck around in their 20s then come 35+ when they're finally ready to settle down and marry they can't fathom why all 20something year old wifey material women don't want to marry some guy reaching 40. So stfu ?


These women exist. They waited too long, high standards, but NOTHING to offer. So women out there, work on yourself while young, don't be a slut, don't be an idiot and giving yourself to people you barely know, dress well, be respectful, and you'll get a hardworking man that see that value in you. Easier said than done but its true.

DatNigga Eazy E.

Me and my 2 eggs lmao


pffft. I’m 37, don’t want kids, love sex with old man cougars and young alike and support myself just fine. So no, we are not all like that. Think i’d rather shoot myselc than start a family. Yikes.


That's just sad


This happens way younger to some women


nothing hotter than a desparate asian woman in her 40's. easy peazy...

Sam Sackett

0:14: the media
0:20: YNW Melly


Omg this is so hilarious and true of post wall 35 year old women lmaoooo


Family guy gets a bit too real some times .... i love it though :)


dude i saw that in a 25 years old women who is overweight ... now she have trap a virgin into bying a house and getting married .. how sad for the guy who have no clue whats going on.

mc menace 1 ARIZONA

Those women really fucken exist guys


I would think this would be more common nowadays with all these feminists trying to have careers over families then getting desperate when they hear their biological clocks ticking.


which episode is it?


A guy comments almost 5 years ago here and gets 1 maybe 2 replies.
A women comments 3 years ago and gets 30 replies...


This is kind of sad, I feel bad for her ?


aging single women. and their numbers are growing


This guy is like the human version of Krombopulos Michael


Fucked. Up.

Allison Hart

i hate that when women choose not to get married young, people assume their "standards are too high." i know at least for me it's more of the opposite. the more men and women i date, and find all of them amazing in their own way but not particularly falling in love with anyone, i think i might be more suited to a polygamous type situation because the idea of picking ONE person for the rest of forever makes me panic. so it's not that my standards are too high, it's that there are too many cool ppl in the world. and i'm not sure why you'd want to pick just one when you don't HAVE to.
i guess that's just a polyamorous way of seeing things as opposed to a monogamous one though


OH.MY.GOD hahahaha

John Allen


Jonathan Keith

Honestly, I find a lot of these jokes about "leftover women" to be quite heartless. I know how it feels to be alone, and I would never wish that on anybody. Hang in there, my sisters and brothers. In the meantime, try to become like the person that you would like to meet. There is ALWAYS someone out there.


Don't hate on the women, this is 100% DNA talking


Man blind date sure is scary

troww zers

It is valentines day today. I am 25 and still single. If I am a virgin at the age of 35, I'll definitely be the man version of that lady. I am also a former convict who is focusing on getting my degree

Johan Falk

If you're a man somewhere between the age of 30 & 45, live a healthy life and have a successful career you can just bag a girl who's still in her 20's to settle down with. On the other hand, there are not many 20-something men settling down with women 10+ years older than them lol. The fact is when a woman reaches her late 30's she has to bring something to the table besides sex. Either wealth or good values, but if they had the latter they likely wouldn't single at 37 anyway.



Haven The Terrible

God I cringed to the point that it becomes sad

Astral Club

Russian Roulette is better than a blind date. At least with RR you have one chance of winning!

Mark Brown

wow thats messed up yall lol

gen bab

Wow. Do men really believe men age like fine wine? Last time I checked tinder and changed age range up to 35+ to see how it's like, y'all already looked like 45 when you were only 35 ? dem receding hairlines and wrinkles tho..

Evo Sagan

Poor girl. What'll she be like on her last egg?


Ten years ago I had a crush on a girl with standards too high to be real, we studied and worked together during two years, then I got tired and run away like a coward (I not regret it), in october 2018 she started her master while I was finishing my PhD, she was still single, crazy and possesive with me (as she was ten years ago), this time I confronted her asking to stop because I got pissed about her attitude towards me, at this time my best friend was also my master student, so she was with me almost all the time and noticed something weird. The crazy girl not denied, but neither confirmed anything. My point: she's becoming this girl, I've seen how girls with high standards got too obsessed with find a perfect man only to be ignored by men, she thought I was still expecting her and I could do whatever she wanted like ten years ago, but I didn't fall again.

I hope this story help other men. Crazy girls exist and it's up to us avoid them.

Quincy 82

That woman has definitely hit the wall and she is desperate for a man.


Men age like wine, women age like milk

Syrena Xhaferi

except scientists found out that eggs have stem cells, which means women regenerate eggs through out life until menopause....Just like men make sperm...Just have to make sure just like for a man you are producing healthy eggs....i.e your body needs to be healthy...and your fine..

Matias Palacios

me and my three eggs hahaha

Sean Hudspith

Amazing, my ex wife has always been a woman like that, I too am a former convict, and what a surprise, now her relationship with the guy she cheated on me with whilst I was in Prison is going all to hell, suddenly she is always calling me up.


Lot of incels in here.


I’m 34, this is me


Nothing sadder than a desperate childless women over 30

Daniel Snook

I guess " punch her in her baby-maker" doesn't apply here?;)

Archie Ames

And they still won't go out with me :/

Enlightenment doesn't come easy

The fuck she mean three eggs?

N Rosario

This was funny 10 years ago when I was far away from 37. Now not so much.


This is so accurate

Anand R. Misir

I expected her to break down crying

Matt Gerald

Why is woman with him on a date why can't she just get up and leave?


The wall remains undefeated


What's more ridiculous is that I know women like this yet they still think they are 8's and 9's b/c they can go on dating apps and get tons of matches, even with younger dudes.

1914 M

No eggs you don’t have any eggs

Terry I

As dudes we can hit 50 and still get 20 something females. Yeah they may be thots but we don't care.

Jolie Apuzzo

I’m 35 not married no kids and for good reason too, honestly I’m batshit crazy with a ton of baggage and issues, I don’t have it in me to condemn some poor soul to that fate. It’s just wrong. Even worse, bring children into this world and pass on my mental illnesses and bullshit like my mother and grandmother did to me, not even a fighting chance. Nope I’m breaking the cycle here and now. Yet I’m constantly called selfish and self hating . Whatever, I’m very selfishly satisfied. Women, just ask yourself one question, would YOU marry yourself, I sure as hell wouldn’t.

the gaming guys 2260

Niki minaj lol

C. Lynn Miller

A progressive modern woman’s thoughts through the years:

15-17: OMG! So much sudden attention!
18-26: I’m a goddess! Worship me!
27-37: Where did all the good men go?
38-49: It’s the evil patriarchy’s fault!
50-59: Anyone? Please?
60+: Here mittens! Come get your Purina.

Sam Bone

If a woman is sexually active, and has sex just once every 2 weeks, and became sexually active at 20, by the time she is 37yo she would have slept with 1,768 people.

Joe R M

“No, I just felt like killin’.”
On a date with a GTA protagonist?


I know a few single women who are getting towards 40. It's sad to see how their standards are plummeting.

Puto Celular

I've seing women get so pathetic acting all desperate to get married and have a kid before 35 and willing to settle for anyone. Women should learn is not the end of the world staying single and can adopt.

Kosaru Garaboshi

Red flag.


The desperation to be married by the time you hit 40. Probably also the fact your younger sister is married and or has kids as well as the rest of your female family or friends.

A Franks85

OMG I kinda dated a girl like that a couple years ago. She was 36, at first I thought she was overly nice until I realized she just had an agenda and was looking to get married like her younger sister and move out of her dumpy hometown.

Matt K

More sad than funny.

zeus star

Their won't be a next time

No One

Look up "Dead Egger Metokur" on youtube and tell me this isn't a dead egger in the making


My female friend is 46 like me. A couple of years ago she said... and I quote, “if by 50 we’re both still single, we should get married.” I snorted derisively at the notion. Thinking she was joking. She wasn’t. She’s very much afraid of growing old alone. I, on the other hand, can’t envision a happier way to go out! ?

Green Sombrero

she only has 3 fingers and 1 thumb on each hand

Just A Guy Production

Me and my 3 eggs


The white guy definitely looks homicidal.


Me and my three eggs ROFL

Tom Stephens

Soon as a company gets FDA approval to begin mass production of at-home egg freezers, I’m all in. F bitcoin... Desperation is WAY more profitable.

Tim Apple

Desperate women knows her time is almost up sad


Those twenty years on the CC don’t seem like such a good idea now I guess.


The WALL is undefeated.


Society misleads many women into wasting their youth on frivolities and bad men. Society browbeats men into accepting this behavior by shaming men who don't date "age appropriate" women.

Jihmns Ramone



Jesus Christ.

This is probably the harshest thing I've ever seen mainstream society do about women hitting the wall and aging out of the dating market.

This was brutal.

Allan Lemos

That's what waits all feminists when they hit 30.

Andy Abreu

My advice to young guys. It ain't worth it.


You guys in the comments need a reality check if you seriously think that you're going to be swimming in pussy when you turn 30. Sure, a lot of women's standards drop then for marriage and such, but if you're still a kissless virgin now, the reasons why are still going to hold you back at 30, 40, and 50.

Stop reading RedPill, lose some weight, and go outside more. Christ.

Lesser mooK

37r old woman, 37, blech.


This was like every one of my tinder/okcupid/pof dates (except I'm the guy and desperate), until my last one when I finally met the right girl on tinder 3 years ago. We married now.

Siete Carpinchos

Slutty and desperate women will always be slutty and desperate. High quality girls are probably married at their 30s or choose to be single

Its me

this show is sexist

Aryn Davidson


Quincy 82

The this the red pill truth that all women hit the wall. ??


I'm 33. Haven't been on a date since September. :(

Pancake Tits

I've done bumsex with women like this


If he's honest enough to say he just felt like killing then he probably really did forget his wallet

Nick Milligan

Ah yes but feminism is the cure to what ails women, amirite?


No... I just felt like killin' LOL

Daniel Hobgen

Kudos to the voice actress on this, she is sick at this.

I wonder if she has been this chick or knows someone like it.

Nathan McCartney

My ex-wife is one of these now

soldee d

Kind of sad but true

Rachel Hendricks

I can't have children, but I've only had one sexual partner and he is my husband.


Well my 24 year old self is now stressed.

What does a 35 year old woman look like

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Steve Harvey's Advice for Successful Women Who Can't Find a Good Man | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN

583 134 views | 21 Aug. 2014

On the heels of his

On the heels of his best-seller Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, Steve Harvey took on the challenge of tackling tough dating questions from an audience of 300 women. Calling in from New York, six friends—all with successful careers—had one question for the love expert: "Where do you find, not just a man, but a good man?" For more on #oprahwinfreyshow, visit http://WatchOWN.tv/TOWS

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Steve Harvey's Advice for Successful Women Who Can't Find a Good Man | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN


Refined Gent

TBH, men dont really care much for your job, how much money you make, your career choice or any of that. We care about how you make us feel, if you are going to be loyal, if you are going to make us feel like men or are you going to belittle us, and if you are gojng to take off on us if you find something that aligns more with your checklist. Men aren't really intimidated by "strong" women. We just want to be respected and sorry ladies but usually real successful (and many times just average) women belittle men for all sorts of things and make us feel inadequate. Your job or career should be for you, not for a man. Men dont look at women the same way women look at men (i know, surprising right?). We look at youth, looks, fertility, femininity, submisiveness (for a great portion of us), motherly instincts, and sexual attractiveness. If you have been told that you should be more like a man, then you have been given some horrible advice. Be nice, be feminine, dont succumb to feminism, and dont belittle your man. Lift him up, dont bring him down. If that has turned your world upside down, then good.

Ernie Potts

Men are not intimidated by successful women at all.

Brooke M

Men want a good personality, and not a little girl. That's what they want. Maybe money doesnt matter anymore. Idk.


Pfft they're intimidating to men ye right, maybe cos their so ugly.

Beefy Beings

Man: Leader - Woman: follower = Traditional marriage
Man: Follower - Woman: leader =Stay at home dad, working mom. Dad no self esteem. Mom resentful of husband.
Man: follower - Woman: follower = No one takes responsibility of where relationship is going.
Man: leader - Woman: leader = Competitive dynamic, more fighting.


Look on being the right woman and things will happen.

If you’re past a certain age, you’ve gone through multiple relationships, better start looking in the mirror as to why it’s not working.


I would love to see a list of what these women think is "good". I expect it's a long list. A man might save money and get a better quality woman by importing an 18 year old 3rd world hooker.

The Roo Lyfe International Show

I have tried 3 times with black America women...crushed and heartbroken ?

Faith Matter's

You can't Go looking for a Good Man Ladies he'll find you. Be Calm, Patient, Spirit filled and hold on he"s ther

marcus peters

Steve - there lots of good men " out there" it's just were not that stupid.

The Bachelors Way

Ladies after watching this video, I just posted a video from a Bachelors's point of view why you can't find a good man. Check it out if you'd like. I'd appreciate it.

John Pick

A comedian giving Life Coach advice ? Lol


When women say good man,do they mean good or good enough?Are men intimidated by a woman who's already become the man she wants?


So, no more love, just cold hard cash !

Shepherd _

this reminds me of 6 middle schoolers in grown womens bodies who are pouting theyre not getting what they want because they couldnt think for themselves.


You ignored them on your way up. Now you are past your prime, with a lower value on the sexual marketplace.

Michael Angst

These women are 50+.. I want a career women who is an 8 that doesn't want to leech off me... The women in this video are ugly even for their age too. I have seen much nicer looking black women in their 50's

Ionuț Constantin

''Beautiful'' is missing from that image hi-hi


Men are out there so are women but what they all want would be impossible for them to locate and obtain.

Personal Account

It’s not intimidating, we simply move on to women where we fit in to their lives. We also want women to be feminine, fit and friendly.


The biggest simp in Hollywood!

Michael Laman

+the men they want better to be making 6 figures and under 40

Chris Caldow

Men arn't usually intimidated by a successful woman, we would rather have a successful well adjusted woman in our life as opposed to a money leaching deadweight, .... rather its a risk assessment to their own wellbeing and future projection of life trajectory and happiness. We want a woman who will hold us up ... not a woman who will drag us down.

The Fly Guy

Men dont really care about your success. They want a feminine woman that will allow him as the man to be in control. No man wants a CEO.

Hilary Garstang

Being a good woman on paper is different than being a good woman in a relationship. Running businesses and owning expensive things doesn’t make you a good woman. It’s what’s inside that makes a relationship lasting and meaningful. These women need to check their egos.

David Bolha

They're right where you left them... ???

... in the FriendZone. ?

Chet P

Men value beauty, femininity and affection above all else. The hard truth is these women come up short. I am career driven, so don't want that in a mate. I want someone who will complement my role as family provider These women probably have also come to have dominant personalities (see their pride when told the might intimidate men?). I want a mate, not a rival. Their careerist attitudes are more of a detriment than a point of attraction for a man, and reasonably so.

Tiredman2020 Ff

they don't hit the wall XD, the wall already crushing them from above

David Falana

A lot of good men around, not gold diggers, but where are the women that are very respectful despite their success, very few


You should of spent your 20s trying to find a good man. Too late now, you are over 30


"good men" have their pick of younger, sexier, more submissive women. Why on earth would they pick you. But of course, we all know that's the answer.


Why do women always claim that a man's non-attraction to them equals intimidation? Since when does not attracted = intimidated?

Charles The Great I

Beta male steve

Ernie Potts

The men they want desire younger women. Simple as that.

otahu Rice

Know what I see in those woman. Financial SLAVES! Successful is retiring before your 40 and Your money providing you with a lifestyle to enjoy life. Not keep yourself so busy that you do not have a life at all. Take 3hours a day for a lifetime and you've used up 11 years. I need a wife who is free. Free from debt n financial slavery,

Bruce LeeRoy

Steve Harvey's face at 0:21 says it all.

pablo piedras

The men they seek are dating or marrying women younger and more attractive than them.


What do you give a woman who has everything?

epic facts

I am a man and I want to say Steve is right. This is my deepest desire. I want to do everything and provide everything to the girl I love. If needed I will even give my life for her. We men want to provide and I will never date someone more successful than me.


Einstein :: i am a scientist
Gandhi :: i am a social activist
Bill gates :: i am a buisnessman
Feminist women :: i am a strong i dependet succesful working single ..... Blah blah blah ...women

Robert Carter


Muhammad Mohammed Muhammad

Young, fun, attractive, cooperative and feminine, that's what men find attractive. Ladies, your success, money, titles and education mean less than absolutely nothing to him. This is why Men who are venture capitalists, doctors, lawyers and engineers date waitresses and not women in their field of work. Men are simple creatures

You Know Who You Are


kenny ross

They will find a good man when they start acting like a real woman, If they can ever understand what a real woman is. They got all the things men had and now they can’t get the thing women need and wants the most. Hopefully the next generation or the one after will figure it out, as for this generation of 30 and 40 year olds, sorry, it’s too late for you, hitting the wall will hurt. ?‍♂️

Gladson Abraham

Thing about “good” men... They’ll find you. If you’re character is on fleek it’ll shine through. And it attracts those men along with a couple of pigs but filter those out.


They keep saying..'we are educated, successful....etc....'
That's not the reason why men would want you.

jilo kizito

Even I'm 40 as a man, i'll still go for a 20 something year old lady.

Michael Laman

bet these women have turned down lots of good men already, now they are getting desperate

Clinton Powell

Only a weak man is intimidated by a strong educated successful, financially secure woman and most successful women are looking for a partner not a liability.

Sweet Sugar 101

Smh. These women say they're 'successful' strictly b/c they have good jobs. See how our twisted, confused society have warped our thinking. No of these career choices she mentioned says nothing about whether they are good wife material. Those comes with an approachable and mature character/and personality. Most of these type women are looking for men who make a certain income, drive a certain car and live in a certain house. But, some of the good men can't AFFORD all of that but dam it they're character, respect for women, and ambitious attitude to hustle (legally, that is) to provide for their household is unstoppable and plausible, but it doesn't get noticed. Our society has messed up our thinking and that's why we can't find good men.


Feminism bamboozled women into thinking they could have it all. Tricked women into thinking that the workplace was some Nirvana, the reality is that it’s hard and cut throat, consumes time. Feminism told women, it’s better to be like men. When men said no, we like feminine women.
Women value resources and lifestyle, so men have that incentive to be career minded. Men value co-operation, nurturing and physical beauty. Women cannot be surprised that they essentially are battling against the clock from the 20 onwards.

Reginald Eggleston

If you want someone you have to be vulnerable. You must accept rejection. You must accept not being the one. You finally learn to love yourself and you stay single

CM Funk

“Intelligent” Beautiful” and “Successful”. All opinions

Shine Dal garno

Children get 90 oof their mothers brain....ao whatever the f*** here these people are saying tje comment section you dont have any work to attend to...you cant provide for yourself how can you provide for another woman? You all are pathetic loser who will die alone i am telling ya

jonathan M

From my point of view ok look. I served in the Army, graduated college. Don't use my degree but it is in pipefitting technology and also earned the two certificates that go with it because I took and passed every class. I am also a first degree black belt in ITA taekwondo and earning my second black belt in the Kuikiwon style of taekwondo. Currently double black stripe rank. Former Correctional Sergeant. My point is men like my self if we want a woman you gonna bring something to the table. I make over two grand a months oh forgot to mention I'm retired at age 40. I am not going to pursue a woman that will be a freakin headache. She's gonna have her own money, car etc etc. I'm not your daddy. Quit treating relationships like a business and maybe you will find a good man. These women today are ridiculous.

Guru Notebooks

The book "30 Days to a Better Dating Experience" by Logan Tindell is an interesting approach using mindfulness and meditation. Dating can suck...if the person's perspective is off. Mindfulness helps.

Christiphor Groden



These women look like the girls who were catfishing grandad off boondocks.....

money sun

MGTOW sorry ladies


The one in the front middle has a loooong head.


Any time I heard the words sales and branding, sounds like a job based on commission. That is timeboxed success

Spider Salticidae

Steve Harvey is twice divorced right ?

jilo kizito

Such women should come out in droves to advise girls accordingly about life and not intoxicating them with this 3rd or 4th wave feminist crap!

Luis L

This was the best advise ive seen him give

Blast Orange

Men want a women who is about them and their story that we are sexually attracted to

Fredrik B

junkyard quality post wall " scrong indipenedent " wome n

Roy Wright

Men don't care about your success. Find what you like to do and find people who like to do the same thing. Also, define "good man." I have the sneaking suspicion the qualities they want in a man are for men who wouldn't be interested in them.


Men are intimidated by modern women, men are TURNED OFF by modern women!!!
big difference.


Men don't care about your career, don't expect men to want what women want. We aren't hypergamous. Men are easy, they want young, fit and nice. They don't want another guy.

We also look at who you've dated I the past, if you like players and bad boys we avoid you. Players are like STD Cruse ships , if he's been at your port I'm not docking.

Jean Paul Gartier

We're intimidated by daddy government and their men with guns


Not that she'll consider a man with much lesser means, nor will he ever see her spend on him like she'd expect he spends on her.


Beautiful? where?

Vanessa Rickford

It's true he's right tho. Stop being desperate and looking for men ???. Just be the right person yourself and the men will find you. Good things will come when not desperately searching for it.

Robert Carter

This is why I don’t date these watered down
Delusional lost woman.. I’ll let god help me find the rite person ??.. I’m just continue being 6”6??


Successful men their age are probably looking at younger women. They don't need a successful woman. They want a youthful one.

Sharath V

Bill gates the world's richest human for 2 decades, but never had this sadistic attitude that he is a successful career man. Lot more examples can be found in men, not women

Bill d

Black women really do make the best partners.

Vanessa Bayardo

@cynical why should they settle for someone less successful than they are? So that they can help.those men succeed and then he can use all that success with a new woman? I don't think so.



James Lee

I think thats his kindest way of saying, "You lost the chance a long time ago. You're older now and you dont have a lot of options." Correct me if im wrong.

First Cap

They are successful but they are 100% not beautiful.

Macy Harrell

Solution: none


Be a woman worth having as a partner. No games, no playing the field, pull your weight in the relationship and take responsibility for your own actions.
Oh, and to quote Chris Tucker: A POT ON THE STOVE, BRINGS THE MAN HOME!

Bree Love

Its cool to speak on the women in this video but to label all successful women like this shows how stupid you guys in the comments are.I have seen lots of successful women not marry a man with money and that same men cheated on them and left them taking the womans money so why are we acting like every rich woman is alone when some are getting dogged out due to men being bad lovers.Try being faithful to your wife even if she makes more how about that.

m pa

Let us imagine a big game hunter, who would like to hunt an Aurochs. He might be very competent at it, motivated, and so on. But he is not targeting what is available. Aurochs don't exist, any more. If you plan to go hunting, you can only hunt for what is available. Except this isn't a hunt- it's a partnership. In a partnership, each party contributes. What do these women bring to the table? Every man they run across asks himself that question. And there are men who will decide that nothing can be a better choice.

Christiphor Groden



Step 1. Don't move as a pack. Don't do everything with your friends. Especially speed dating and networking events

Abhijna Atman

This BS. These women are most likely insecure as F... and have very little power. They are living a lie

Leonora Smith

Steve is hella funny

one love

Aint no female intimidating ish gtfo here smh ......WRONG WRONG

Kerrie Bishops


හොඳයිඔබේ ආචර් මහතා දුරකථන ඇමතුමක් ගත්තා

Brad Stevens

Well first of all with so many career women these days that are so very very high maintenance, independent, sleep around all the time with different men, can't commit to only one, selfish, spoiled, greedy, picky, narcissists, gold diggers, since most of them want men with only a lot of money today. Well that has a lot to do with it.

Brooke M

Gosh Steve I'm glad u christian. I cant even watch dr oz. I dont like their opinions. I like yrs though. U down to earth and realistic. I'm way more fr u man. Yup. I'll listen to u above all else anytime. Yes. Ty steve. U make so much sense.

Jarrade Curry

Stop saying INTIMIDATING that's the complete opposite

john magill

Women hear the word "intimidating" and don't understand that it actually means "obnoxious, entitled and miserable to be around."

Hello Goodbye

If a man does not desire these women, it is because he is "intimidated"....damn, women sure do overrate themselves.

You Know Who You Are

Take up space ??


They lead with their accomplishments ??‍♀️

Robert Wilson-Cruse

Am I a good man? I believe so; I am hardworking, educated, own a nice vehicle looking to buy a home, caring, understanding etc....However!!! I am not 6'3/6'4, don't look like Boris Kodjoe, Idris Elba, Micheal Ealy, don't have a six pack and I am not an Aspiring Rapper so therefore the attractive, single successful women don't want to look my way...And no I am not bitter at all just speaking some realities of our culture today....IJS ?‍♂️

What does a 35 year old woman look like

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Diane Sawyer Called On To Apologize To Britney Spears

34 900 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Diane Sawyer’s old

Diane Sawyer’s old interview from Britney Spears is coming under fire, after new doc airs. Plus Blake Shelton speaks out on the reaction to his #SuperBowl ad with Gwen Stefani and why Gorilla Glue is trending.

#BritneySpears #BlakeShelton #GorillaGlue

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0:00 - 5:29 BHM: Mary Wilson Tribute

5:30 - 16:23 'The Talk' Wants Diane Sawyer To Apologize

16:24 - 22:19 Blake Shelton On Super Bowl Ad Reaction

22:20 - 30:00 Beyonce's Hairstylist Offers 'Gorilla Glue' Woman Help

30:01 - 35:04 Kamala Harris Runs Lincoln Memorial Stairs

35:05 - 36:50 The Supremes On 'Ed Sullivan Show'

Niina Nuwaira

Notice how no one is coming after Justin Timberlake for going on air and saying he slept with Britney

Krystal Elizabeth

Britney was never and still hasn't been treated the same way other celebs today are treated who struggle with mental illness and everything she went through. It's time she gets her due, respect, and PRIVACY!!!! #FREEBRITNEY

Jean Dixson

What is the rude question of the week? Can reporters be on the D list, yes we have one here. Diane I always liked you, now not so much , your a woman, how could you?
No!!!! I was always on team Britney. I had a similar experience with my family and especially with her handling of her children.
My God Angelina did hard drugs and hung blood around her neck and she has 6 kids and runs the world.

Rocky The dogo

Sign of the times back then is NOT an excuse. We see the late show host back then Ferguson came to her rescue back then and telling everyone to leave her alone. At any era of time people have their own choice to “choose” or not to to just be KIND. Also there was a point in that interview that Diane Sawyer talked about a governor stating if she could she would shoot Brittney spears. And instead of supporting Britney pretty much said it’s her fault. Now what would have happened if someone actually did shoot Brittney after that how would Diane feel then??? Yes her Team should have stepped in, but also instead of inflicting more pain just to gain getting ahead in her journalist carrier Diane could have used better judgement in her questioning.

Peter Prach

Y'all played the Talk Segment out of place. When Sharon Osborne was saying Britney was a little girl she was referring to the interview where a grown-ass man was asking her about her breasts when she was 16-17 years old.

Jonás Virmar

the world needs to know about this!

Tsveta Shopova

There is so much exquisite victim blaming and gaslighting coming out of that woman's mouth!!! "it's britney's team at fault", "her image was so controversial", why don't you just translate it into "she was asking for it"! THIS WRONG! THIS CAN'T BE THE CONVERSATION IN THE MEDIA IN 2021! If someone deserves to be cancelled it's this excuse for a woman right here. If Diane has "the era" as an excuse on her side, you don't!

Yulia 456

Tucker Carlson also sex shamed her it was nasty

Ro Ro

So if you are not also calling for Diane Sawyer to apologize to Whitney Houston, you have to ask yourself why.


Britney is saying in her doc "For the record" that the conservatorship is like going to jail and not knowing when you are going to get out. You can also see how big of a deal it was for her to go for a drive with permission from the c-ship to drive her car, it was very emotional. #FreeBritney is about conservatorship abuse. Watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_dtRAQLLvo&feature=emb_title

Pedro Gutiérrez

Sharon is completely right.

Phoenix Rose Ashé

Hind sight is 20/20...did Diane take it too far, yup, today we are looking at things differently than we did then. Nope, it does not make it right then or now...we are growing & part of growing is being accountable, making both apologies when possible & changing behavior.

Carol Christiansen

I didn’t see anything Diane needed to apologize for. Diane was not being loud or rude.


Diane was a great interviewer where is anyone finding her tone wrong? Seriously Diane didn't do a thing wrong stop with this hyped up factually not correct cancel culture!

Caleb Ellis

Jamie her dad needs to do the most apologising but It's not gonna take back all times she could've had with her young boys while he was was exploiting and controlling her #freebritney

Cherylee Wilcox

Free Brittany Spears.

Kara 9859

I totally agree with Sharon Osbourne. I remember when Barbara Walters interviewed M&M. About something that happened to him, when he was 16yrs old. And his response was WoW where did that come from???... I haven't liked her since.


Britney lied she was no virgin that was the record label recreated. and sold her image as a virgin to go with her girl next door look . she had sex when she was 14 with a guy its in her mum's book. i am sick of the lie that hes was a virgin when that is all one big lie. Kevin also played a big role in Britney's breakdown

Carol Christiansen

Why would anyone put glue in their hair. Can you blame someone else when your older than six.?

Anna Steel

are these hosts (man1 and man2) relatives? They look pretty much the same.

Ginger Ellison

14:53 KC's comment struck me as so poignant: Britney was basically robbed of her opportunity to be a regular kid and now it seems like she is being robbed of her opportunity to be treated like an adult. But I disagree with placing all the blame on Britney's business team. They did exactly what they were being paid to do: turn her into a superstar. The people who were really supposed to protect young Britney and teach her good morals were her parents. As her guardians, they were responsible for keeping her grounded and firing anyone who took advantage of her or put her in uncomfortable positions. You can't outsource that.

Why is nobody putting blame on her momager who pulled her out of school to be "homeschooled"? She decided - on Britney's behalf - to forego her education and normal social upbringing and instead run around to auditions, trying to sell her daughter's voice/image. Think about the impact of Britney's parents' choices in her formative years. Do you think Britney would have had the confidence to dodge/decline to answer some of these questions if she had had a more traditional childhood, socialization, etc. and learned how to recognize and deal with bullying/manipulation/invasion of privacy and assert herself - rather than spending her childhood into a van with her mother, doing shopping mall performances and obsessing about how to sell herself to get noticed and land a record deal?

Then she lands the record deal and you ask why her mother didn't try to protect her more from people who took advantage of her... But I wonder if music industry executives were attracted to Britney in part because they saw that they could take advantage of Britney and market her however they pleased, because her mother is so lax...

Charity S

I agree with Sharon!

Javier Peluffo

Thats not journalism, those are cheap shots, TMZ worthy, that low Diane fall

Cat Cat

Britney's one of the most disrespected artists in the world.

Nicole Pilley

They wanted negativity to keep her making money ....just sickening

Ксения Ковалевская

Britney Spears needs to apologize to Alexa Nikolas for yelling at her being a bully with her younger sister on the set of Zoey 101. I saw those interviews. What a bully Britney Spears was. Such a punk.


I still don't see what's wrong with Diane's questioning. Britney was just emotional like any interviewee when discussing personal stuff.

Pamela Deans

She made a mistake? That was ridiculous. Do I feel bad she is in this situation, of course. But, sorry I was laughing at her being so ridiculous. Gorilla Glue owes her nothing other than put her face on their glue in their packaging now. Try sand paper


Great video!


Clout chasing

Carol Christiansen

How about Brit should not do a interview.


Strange that the guy in the middle thinks is ok to ask people such disgusting questions. Jeez..

Carlos Augusto

Britney Spears❤

Christoffer Van Dyke

I do believe an Apology is in Order......be Strong Britney

Spotlights Panther

Celebrities had it the worst back then huh?


you've got to be a particular type, to be a disgusting interviewer!!!

Charlie Edwards

A wide variety of apologies need to be given to Britney Spears

Sacred Mundane

The interviewers always try talk to celebs or even everyday people with big stories with a confidant/bestfriend/therapist tone but in the end it's all just to get the ratings or a pay raise so that they stay valuable as a reporter. The person they're interviewing usually needs to hear that tone and I think the interviewers play it up. Diane with her soothing voice and bouncy shiny hair was always the Queen of getting that big interview and getting people to answer emotional questions they should only be writing in journals or working out in therapy.

I remember this interview well. I was a huge Britney fan from 98 on and I probably have this interview on VHS somewhere.

Cedric Soul

The way she did the Diane Sawyer voice ? she only said she slept with this many times

Keith Newman

Diane Sawyer You’re Fired! Britney Spears has 110% SEX APPEAL and totally hot , talented , and overall sweetheart and that was the only reason you were being a jerk to her along with all the other jealous women that felt like hating on her. Don’t be mad because she’s beautiful and you’re not!! Apologies to Britney

julie LEPINE

This happened 17years ago ....what is wrong with people, nothing exciting enough for you in the news to beat someone up you have to go that far back to find someone to 'Cancel'


So many people played a part to destroy her. Sadly back then it always seemed like the managers for these celebrities actually intended to hurt their clients. And now managers don’t need to because social media has given the opportunity for celebs to destroy themselves by themselves.

Also it’s pretty funny how most of the stuff she was doing probably wouldn’t matter as much today. The rules for the famous are constantly evolving.

Ka Addis

Why is Britney S Ex’s didn’t defend her a long time ago... and I don’t understand! This’s insane!

Maria Montanez

That poor girl I feel for her

Sandra Mcgehee

Diane ounces on her every word
She’s a horrible person
Maybe you better look into the skeleton s in your closet because you have them

Grace Noah

That Justin got off, using women and the world keep allowing him get away with that.

Terra Nova

What Britney Spears documentary are we talkin about?


She has the prettiest brown eyes, puppy eyes

Leeanna Besser

Diane Sawyer should apologize to Brittany. Love you ?❤️ Brittany


Diane’s face is judging.. she just hit her twenties and don’t know much yet. Plus that’s what happens when your in a relationship with no real experience at relationships. Britney was fine. It’s not like she committed murder. It was the time , I think now days, girls would have gave Diane a run for her money and gave her a good conversation.

Kyle Kallin

It to late no body wants a pitty appolgy she should done it years ago not after she pressed to do it

degrassi 101

I remember as a kid whenever there was a britney story on the news or on a talk show my grandmother would change the channel I asked her why and she said she wouldn't support bullies I said britney isn't a bully she said exactly she is a scared /sick kid that needs help this was in the early to mid 00's we had many convos like this so for the people saying we didn't see it yes we did we just ignored it and that's on all of us

Jeanne Bautista

Britney's Dad needs to do most of the apologizing...she couldn't be just herself bc she was put through too much. Diane Sawyer as well. There is a line that shouldn't be drawn when it comes to what you ask in interviews!!!

rehila hamid

Yes Diana should apologies! Clearly manipulated a vulnerable child - especially in that type of area

Ciphe Red

Will you apologise to the girl who out gorilla glue on her hair for lying and saying she was considering to sue the company? She never said such a thing and never spoke to any lawyers. You are spreading fake news that hurt people's lives just like the media did in the past for Britanny. Hypocrites.

Butterflii PrettyStaiiFlii

22 is still young

Page Jenkins

Keisha looks just like Jurnee Smollet!!!

Indigo P

None of you mentioned “weird, hello...strawberries, ew!” That’s not noticeable or worth remarks?

Paul Wright

People out here are demanding apologies when the general public ATE THIS UP. Where was the outcry back then, when MILLIONS were watching? Britney and JT stayed in the limelight because they were dating. Of course Diane Sawyer is going to ask those questions. If Britney and her team didn't want to deal with the drama of a face-to-face interview, they could done it by phone or released a statement to the press denying what JT was saying about her. Part of the Diane Sawyer interview experience is her asking those provocative questions. Celebrities have known this for DECADES. If a celebrity's reputation takes a hit, they book a sit-down with Diane Sawyer, where they shed a few tears, get riled up, and show a human side. The general public isn't going to tune in for an hour to her Diane Sawyer ask Britney about her hair care routine, what her fashion inspirations are, or how her dog is doing. But yes, let's have 100% of the blame go to Diane Sawyer. Britney, her team, and the public had NOTHING to do with this, right? Give me a break.

Light side of the Moon

Wait was she an adult? Ummm yeah ... I mean interviews are tough. They can be raw. Diane does not owe her an apology. She is a journalist. Britney was an adult. Again, aside from the baby voice. Britney was an adult. They ask adults adults questions. Britney was triggered by something she asked and remembered something and broke down.

I"'m sorry Brittney was going through that. A LOT of ppl in hollywood and the music industry goes through a LOT. Now I do not condone sexualizing young women which they did to her.

Where were her dang parents! Why didn''t they do more to protect her.

Kara 9859

That Blake and Genn commercial was great!!! ???

demetra moise

Well what about Janet Jackson he need to apologize to Janet Jackson to however a black woman is never protected

Nordia NNC

The company does NOT owe this girl nothing. This is so cringy. It so sad.


Graeme stop talking!

Tsveta Shopova

Did she just say that Britney "knew what she signed up for" and Diane "was just doing her job"??? You're a disgrace for a female representative. Were journalism and dialogues in media more problematic? Yes! Did she went too far even by those standards... Way, way too far. And most importantly, IT IS NOT OK TO EXCUSE IT NOWADAYS! using phrases like "she took on the role of a" troll" gives the association of "she was just joking, haha" and that was not the case, and it isn't now, and it should never be!!!