Wax heater walmart

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ScentSationals Warmer & Scented Wax Cubes | Affordable | Effective

21 618 views | 28 May. 2018

Review of the

Review of the ScentSationals Warmer & Zen Scented Wax Cubes.

Info on ScentSationals Warmer https://amzn.to/2sdjNRt

Info on ScentSationals Zen Scented Wax Cubes https://amzn.to/2sby3du

Video shows the unboxing, set-up, use, and features of the ScentSationals Warmer. I share how long the scent lasts with the ScentSationals scented wax cube. Finally, I also provide my opinion on the effectiveness of the warmer and the Zen aroma.

Other available scents include:

ScentSationals Egyptian Cotton Wax Cubes https://amzn.to/2kvgzoo

ScentSationals Iced Lemon Sugar Cookies


Thai Lemongrass Mint https://amzn.to/2kt6cBf

ScentSationals Moon Garden Wax Cubes - 2017 Limited Edition


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Manuel meme

Good nice ??

Ernesto Hernandez

Anyone else get the scent on your clothes and people tell you that you smell bad?

Cognac Berry

I love this video it's very helpful ??

Leeann Albritton

I got one works like yours and I love mys

Evelyn Lopez

How long does it take for the wax to melt with this warmer

Jesus Juarez

do you need a stepson ?


I have the same one and I'm obsessed!!!!!!!

LimeDoes AJ

is the smell strong or is it faint? i prefer it strong so i want to know


Great review and that’s a gorgeous warmer you received. So glad you’re enjoying it. I love scented wax and warmers.

zouk61 61

volume is LOW

Joseph Oluf

Am happy that she his happy ?

Isr Strategies

50 Dolla ?

Isr Strategies

This video was scentsational ?

Davidka Yuliya Corobca

Is it okay to leave it on all night?

Mar Diego

Can u use mainstay wax cubes or any kind of wax cubes


Wax burners are the BEST!!!

Isr Strategies

Yours arms look amazing skin so smooth and soft ??????


I just bought something like this at DDs for $2.99 for my boyfriend. Now I wanna buy myself one.


You’re so lovely ! Zen is one of my favorite scents ?

Steve Duval

At 1:59 you made a pun you said “it makes sense (scents) right”...get it? ?? Thanks Kim!!!


So, I have a question, when you first put your cube on the wax warmer, and let it go for a bit, how much projection do you get from the location of the wax warmer in terms of how far away can you smell it from?

Denny Latham

I used to sell and make candles 30 years ago. And then, unfortunately, I tried Sentsy. Don't like companies that are proprietary.

So I started buying Walmart wax melters and lo and behold they're the best things ever!

I like the wax melts, but I also melt laundry fragrance beads in the wax melter. Now my whole house smells like Downy!

These wax melters are the bomb!

Julia H

I had to force my mom to let me have one. She said it’s a fire hazard. It’s literally a light bulb. So I asked her if I wasn’t able to have a lamp because they are pretty much the same know I have one


What a sweet and pretty gift. Thanks for sharing!

Estrella el dinero de dólar

I have total of eight candle warmers all around my house .. very elegant and beautiful aroma scent. And lots of wax melts . They are different

Jose Escobedo

What do you do if the light burns out don't thing there lightbulbs like those ones

Christopher Helton

Really great and informative review.Excellent camera work and speaking very clear could understand all the points you made.

Frank Preston

Informative review, Thanks for posting.

Kim Townsel

My first wax warmer!!! Like that there is NO soot or smoke odor. I HATE the smell when people blow out candles!!! When using candles, I cover to smother and contain the smoke.


i spilled wax on the outside of mine the first day i got it ??‍♀️

Michelle Nason

Can these be used as a candle warmer ??

Mehgan_ upsidedown

About 5 months ago I bought my first wax burner. Loved it! Now i have 3 lol. I have 3 different brands[Sonoma, Better homes and Garden , and Scentsy and all work the same. I use mine daily for 8 to 12 hrs a day. I change my wax out every 2 weeks. Favorite scents are Vanella Carmel spice, Eucalyptus and mint leaf, Casmir Amber, Cranberry Mandarin, Soft cotton, Honeysuckle nectar, farm Apple pumpkin, and Warm Apple pie and Apricots cider [ which is #1 but i cant find it in store right now. I think its seasonal]

Mari Ruiz

Good morning ? Thank -you for actually helping me out w/my warmer w/wax 2gether ??. You’re very well soft spoken ✨& delightful in teaching GR8 clips you have ??; Best Of wishes ?

Wax heater walmart

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4 245 views | 14 Jan. 2020

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ash dove

How long can it stay on for?

Esther Alokoa

Just bought mine today so it’s been 2 hours now since I had cubes in .... my whole family and I dosent smell it unless were real close to it. Any suggestions how to have the whole home smell good?

Lakesha Anderson

Is it dishwasher safe?


Lov Lov Lov It!!

Kathi Johnson

Can the bulb be replaced if it burns out?

Tricia Gautreau

My light is orange.....


I purchased mine yesterday and I used the better homes and garden wax melts. I used one piece in the sandalwood and vanilla fragrance. It took about 10 minutes for smell to fill the air but so far so good. I do have off brand melts I want to try and see how they work. Your review was very detailed and informative. Thank you!

Claudia A

How many watts this warmer has ? They use to be 24 watts


Bought one yesterday and can’t smell it until you walk directly in front of it. Looking for my box now to return!

Olivia Christine

Skip to 3:40 ... your welcome ?

D Will

I have 2 of these and for easy clean up use foil cupcake liners. Lime and Eucalyptus wax cubes are my go to scents.

That's What She Reviewed

I bought this one yesterday but the wax won’t fully melt. I think I will exchange it.

Wax heater walmart

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Waxing at home for the first time || Easkep Amazon Wax Kit Review. First Impression Beginner Waxing

2 831 views | 2 Aug. 2020

#waxing #firstimpression

#waxing #firstimpression #diy #athome #quatatineedition #firsttime #beginnerwaxing

Hey divas:

Welcome. Hope you guys are well and safe. Quarantine has us trying new things every day and doing self care on our own. So I decided to wax for the very first time on Camera and review this gorgeous kit that I found on Amazon. Hope you guys enjoy it and get a couple laughs. If you are experienced feel free to comment down below and share your tips and tricks.

× Easkep Wax Warner Kit - 32.99: https://amzn.to/2BPL5FA

× Tend Skin: https://amzn.to/30iA35e

× What I'm wearing: https://amzn.to/2Xh9nQc

Thank you so much for watching ?

DISCLAIMER: This video is not sponsored in any way. However, the link is affiliated with Amazon and I received a very small commission for every purchase at no cost to you. This will help to support my channel and grow. If you don't feel comfortable using this link you can just search for the name like you usually do, that is why I provided it. I completely understand.


Affiliate links

Amazon Wonew 10" Ring: https://amzn.to/30pzHZr

Beflettly Dainty Gold Necklace: https://amzn.to/31pjmFd

Metallic Spiral Hair Ties: https://amzn.to/2HePLri

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion: https://amzn.to/2Hg0wtp

Cold Shoulder Dress: https://amzn.to/2Xh9nQc

Ritera Lightweight Lace Trim Robe: https://amzn.to/34faljO

Easkep Wax Warner Kit - 32.99: https://amzn.to/2BPL5FA

Tend Skin: https://amzn.to/30iA35e

Portable Stainless Steel Utensils: https://amzn.to/3kflAi0

Louis Vuitton Evil Twin Mask DG_LLC_  (Mention my name to receive for $40): https://www.instagram.com/dg_llc_/?hl=en

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Artemio Gómez Morandini

I like to see you in Under Armour clothes

Kat Opens Up

I tried one of these kits a few years ago for a bikini wax because I don’t feel comfortable go to a shop for that. Let’s just say I’m a razor for life girl now ? not as bad on the legs but anywhere with a fold or crease, forget about it. Can’t believe you were brave enough to start in the arm pit. Cringe! Maybe you could try sugar waxing at home next.

Makeup & Metaphors

I won’t even do it at the salon let alone brave it at home! You’re a brave lady!

darlyn aguirre hernandez

How long did it take to heat up?


Hello! Nice to watch your awesome waxing upload, my friend!! Love what you’re doing on this channel!! So I’m here to give my FULL WATCH, BIG LIKE?, and leave a message to express my respect and support!! I know the hustling and struggling when getting from scratch!! Keep up the great work!! Looking forward to your growth and more great uploads on YouTube!!??⭐️✨?❤️?

Love BeeBee

I've not waxed at home in a while, I usually get it professionally done coz I'm so afraid to pull the wax strips off ? you're so brave to do it by yourself but after a few times, it's not painful and you'll get used to it.

Oum issam Oum issam

Ola kooooood ?????❤❤⚘

Real life in Lucy’s kitchen

It's painful but you did a great job


Let it sit on the skin longer. Around 2 minutes or so. The more it dries the harder it will get and grab the hair better:)

Vanessa Beauty

Oh, interesting the way it works!! Some wax do smell good? instructions are pretty thorough, that’s always good?? oh! Call that my daughter shave neither, she would have to wait!! But, she is very interested lately! ? my daughter is dying to shave her legs! I don’t know Why!! Aww! Your mom is sweet? I don’t know if I have the patience” to do this? i’m actually nervous for you! Your eyelashes look nice! Oh! Ouch!!! I feel! It! And you haven’t even started! ? it’s not so bad! Just a little bit of hair, I did laser! Everywhere! Three years ago and it still good???? I have no more razor bumps! ?? soo happy!

Arianna Grimaldi

You’re honestly so brave because I’m terrified of waxing myself at home by myself! ?

Divyasri Food & beauty

❤️Gud video gud morning❤️

Rain Tabunag

Hi my friend sending my love and support here. Fullwatch

I was about to do waxing before but I backed out after I heard someone screaming hahaha.. I love your video dear

Jeska Cedillo

Girl you are brave lol. It’s been a while since I’ve waxed. The machine looks really nice. I love the way it looks. I wouldn’t mind having it on my counter:) Aw so nice hearing about your past. Haha your reaction when you pulled it off. I felt you on that ? wow not even an hour. does your skin feel irritated? Omg alcohol? That would have totally burned. Wow love how that oil is very versatile. Love your honest review. Thanks for sharing:)

It's Veronika

i am so worried to try this! thank you so much for sharing your experience!

FoodTuber •

waxing is just so painfulllll ahhh but it leaves the skin so smooth

The life of S&R

Omg I’ve been wanting to try one of those ? $40 for the whole kit is not bad. That’s cool that it comes with all those colors... are they all the same kind of wax? Or does it vary on color ? I usually get the microwavable wax from Sally’s and it does work pretty good but I’ve been wanting a machine like that one because it keeps the wax warm instead of having to keep re heating it. Disco ball ? yeah it does look like that huh?! The warning ⚠️ ? I don’t even know why they bother including those I don’t think anyone does that ? especially us hispanics lol we always read the instructions last ? at least you still read them first. Omg my mom got upset the first time I shaved my legs when I was 14 I think it was more of not wanting your little girl to grow up so fast, now that I have a daughter I kinda get that, but I’ll try not to be as strict ? oh yeah how would you clean that afterwards ? did it come with any baggies or something like that because the time I got waxed professionally she had one of these but had a bag inside the “disco ball” lol and just threw the whole thing out afterwards. You are mee trying to pronounce words properly ? my sister is always correcting me! Oooh the color is really pretty! Girl your armpits are not even that bad. I always struggle pulling it off myself too ? I like it better when someone else does it but I can’t afford to be going every time lol yeah mine doesn’t remove everything at once either but I don’t really keep applying more after the first two because it gets irritated so I just wait a couple days and then do it again. Maybe those couple hairs that weren’t coming off were growing out the opposite way and you had to pull down instead of up ? yeah I think it just takes practice. I usually put my hand and arm behind my head as far as I can in order to stretch the skin more. I apply aloe vera baby gel afterwards it doesn’t burn and feels refreshing. Oh yeah that bio oil is really good I used it after I gave birth.... should have used it while I was pregnant too ????‍♀️ yeah I definitely think waxing is way better than shaving ?? Really enjoyed this ?TFS

Meagan Gill

$40 dollars isn’t bad at all You’re so much braver than me lol I’m so scared to wax anything myself lol

Best Day Ever

Girl you've got this! ? You are way too cute! And how fabulous is your bathroom! I love all of your home decor- sidenote. Lol! Yay excited to see your review on this product. ? I usually do threading, but have done waxing before too. Yes it is cute & gorgeous. ? Professional Use Only "Nope!" ? Hilarious. Very interesting hearing about the traditions in Cuba. ❤ Thanks for sharing. ? A disco going in your bathroom! YES! Sorry I don't know how to clean it. I'm clueless with you. ? Be brave girl! ? Ahh look at that purple wax! I'm so nervous with you right now! Lol ? Did it work?! It did work! ? Yay! It didn't hurt too bad! Sorry it's not removing the way you want it too. And your lashes are falling off. Noooo! ?? "What the hell!" Omg I would be screaming just like you. ? OK making progress! ? I am not sure about the ripping hairs versus pulling. ? If I had a couple of hairs I would bust out the razor. Lol ?(I know that's probably a big no no). Oh no you are red. So glad you're not in too much pain. ? Omg Tend Skin is EVERYTHING! It works wonders!!!! It does burn, but no razer bumps. It's worth it. Lol. Push through the pain. ? lol! Thanks for sharing your waxing experience and for sharing the benefits. ? I had a fun time with you girl! ?

Jani Marc

Just got this machine today, thanks!


im a little scared to try waxing myself lol. i hate hair on the underarms!! i would think that would hurt so bad considering that skin is a little more sensitive! i would try waxing my legs, i hate shaving

mr maleAdvice diy

Awsome Waxing tutorial ? ?


I''ve never done wax to and i've been meaning to try an at home one because i've heard terrors about waxing but now i kind of want to do it!!! :)))

Into the Dragon's Den

I haven’t tried waxing at all but if I do I’d rather start at home

Tere’s Corner

I’ve never waxed myself. This will be exciting!? $40 is not bad. Nice color for the wax beans . I would go with pink.? disco ball! I thought I’d never hear I’m growing my hair. That’s a nice tradition at 15. Ours is 16.. that’s nice that the wax machine changes in color. I can’t show my armpit hairs. I’m so hairy . Opposite of yours lol ? it smells burnt ? I’m scared ? oh wow it took a lot. Ok pull the skin this time. The third time seem like it pulled a lot more. Redness ? maybe let it set a little longer and it will pull more? The left one looks like it hurts more. But better. Oh no it burns . It’s alcohol? Ouch! Ohh I need that bio oil! Did the redness go away later? Lol I feel like I’m a closer friend to you now that I e watched you waxed ? how the cleanup afterwards ?

Mrs Queen B

Hi Rachel happy Monday I had never wax before that’s a nice wax heater and only $40 not bad wow it came with lot of stuff aww is so tiny I love it great unboxing yay purple is my favorite color great choice haha warning professional used only haha I would had 24hr to wait either I was 14 when I start shaving my mom was the same way good story, oh pretty it changed colors I do see the colors haha you do have a disco I had no idea how I would clean either, I don’t think is long I do shave my armpits every other day im not hairy either, haha that would be me try to say it yes be brave for us nice you did research what does it smell like? oh pretty color the wax is actually purple oh wow I do see the hair haha good to know it didn’t hurt much maybe it need to be a little hotter I can see is starting to look red I thought when doing wax it has to come all in once not keeping trying omg Rachel you keep going I don’t plug my eyebrows I used the razor for eyebrows much easier and fast I would just shave if I had couple hair left now the other one you did it faster wow I do see the hair more omg if you bleed is normal really I would be freaking out, you did a great job trying and review Rachel it burns sorry after putting that and it smells like alcohol oh no I couldn’t you are very brave thank you for doing this I would definitely continue just shaving I would never try waxing I was laughing with you and also scared watching have a wonderful night ?

Drawing For Kids MQR

Very Nice Stay Connected Dear Friend ?

Marina & Kyle

Hey ? I just came across your page! Loved this! I’d love to be friends ?

sobre obey

Wow very good
Nice video
Like it
Sending back and suport

taylor imus

i bought the same warmer but it won’t heat up past 78° ?


Oh man I remember when I did it myself it burned so bad after words hahaha ??? you did a good job haha

Sabrina in Storyland

I have never waxed my legs or any part of my body - I’m so afraid it will hurt too bad ?. I’ve seen so many waxing kits go south it stresses me out.

Chris john Emery

A great great fantastic video. Really enjoyed watching your video. Hope you have a great Wednesday. Many thanks from chris ?

Cookie and the Chocolate Chips

I want to try this at home, it looks like a tedious process tho ?. Are u sore bc ur under arms are red ?.


Hey Rachel, it is not embarrassing ? I have never done wax either. It does look pretty & $40 isn’t bad for the whole kit. It is packaged nicely & that is cool you get all the colors. I love the gold cups too. It does look like a disco machine & it is a nice size. ? at professional use only. ? I’m laughing at the instructions saying do a test & wait 24 hours & your like I don’t have time for that ? that is cool how it changes colors & I have no idea how to clean it. ? That’s not long but I don’t like hair on my underarms either. ? at not knowing why you have baby powder. Good job at doing some research before. That’s good it was just warm & not hot but that looked like it hurt taking it off. ? Too bad it’s not removing it enough. OMG!!! I can’t believe the lashes aren’t working for you bc I wore mine for the 5th time yesterday & wore them a little over 8 hours & it was actually hard to come off this time. ? You have done that sooo many times & it’s still not working to remove everything....but I do believe the string is normal bc when I went in the nail shop I would see them do brows & they had strings. ? You got use to the pain pretty quick & it does dry fast. Oh no. The other side looked painful. ? The other arm looked more red & irritated but this was cool seeing your honest review. Oh no!!! Burning with the alcohol. ? I like bio oil. I used it when I was pregnant with RJ but I still got a lot of stretch marks but that’s my skin. ?

Kay-Lyne Wolfenden

You're so brave! I tried waxing once and I couldn't pull the strip off I was too scared ?

Life With Janice

Hi new subscriber? hope you could support here?. I been wanting to try this out I actually was looking it up to do it.

Happy Virus

I enjoyed your channel. I pressed a lot of "LIKE"..
Thank you for coming to my channel. Have a good day ~~~~

Lorna Sharp

Wow I don’t know how you can do it all by yourself ? I always stay with the Wax on if nobody helps me ?
The texture looks nice ! Thanks for sharing ?

Jessica Sifuentes

Hi Rachel. Ooo waxing, I'm scared for you. I saw someone using the sugar wax, but I'm too chicken to try it myself. That looks like a nice wax heater. It's not too big and for about $30 that's pretty good. It comes with so many colors! ? Lol about only using this by a professional. I started shaving when I was 12 too. I'm not really hairy or anything so I just needed to shave my armpits haha. Lol you have a little disco in your bathroom. I didn't know the longer ones hurt more when you wax. The wax melted fast...ooohhh that looked like it hurt ? but it did take off your hairs! Oh no your lashes were falling off. It's taking a while to get everything. Good that you're getting a handle on it. Uh oh the other armpit burns. It's good that you can handle the pain. Your armpits look good ??? Awww no the alcohol burned you. That must be how men feel after they shave their face then use after shave ? Thank you for your honest review. ??

Hangin With Hilary

I’ve never waxed before. I think I’d be too scared lol. Wow, I didn’t know you had 8 siblings. Omg, I got nervous for you before you pulled the first time ?. I swear it would probably take me like 10 minutes just to get the courage to do it ?. I do see the hairs! Oh my gosh, I bet your left arm and shoulder were so tired after that so many times ?. Oh no, the Tend Skin stings..ouch! Thank you for sharing this!

Samantha Kay Beauty

Your honestly brave !! I can only wax my eye brows & barley that lol!

Elizabeth Penaloza

Hey Rachel. You look so pretty! Waxing is betttrr cause it last longer than shaving. $40 is not bad at all! I like the esthetic of the wax heater too! Your mom sounds like an amazing person! It’s okay you’re doing a review so don’t worry we understand haha. I’ve only gotten my eyebrows waxed before. The purple wax is pretty? Ohh nooo it looks painful? yeah maybe it needs to hotter! It’s getting the jobs done little by little! Maybe try bigger wax pads? It’s looking spotless clean though?? That’s good that you can handle the pain. Aww it looks really red? maybe cause it’s your first time waxing? Beauty hurts?? Thanks for this review!

Vanessa Beauty

Hi?? OK so if no one likes Hair they need to leave immediately! That was funny! ???
Packaging I do agree very nice?? I love all those colors of wax Beads! It does look very small? Mee too! Never find a place for tools that I buy! It ends up in the garage??

Fly Girl Bri

Is it weird that this really made me want to wax something ?

Jasmine Hewitt

i'll wax my legs at home but i'm scared to do much else, lol


waxing is just so painfulllll ahhh but it leaves the skin so smooth TFS Stay connected

Calming Music et al.

I used to do my waxing in salon because it is scary for me, but since it looks fine with you doing it at home, I should probably give it a try.

Amber Unraveled

aggghhhhhhh! I git goose bumps watching this!! I wax at home a lot and the hardest part for me is pulling the wax strip off! I have to get up my courage and just yank it!!! New friend, just subscribed - would love to support each other!!!!

Vegan Dynamite

you are so patient lol. i've only tried home waxing once and it hurt and didn't take the hair off and i never tried again!

Marissa Danforth

I tried to wax at home! Man it was painful. My armpits came out good. I got halfway through one leg and was like nope ill shave haha.

Maria J


Britt Lato

$40 isn't a bad price, you are brave, I tried waxing my whoohaa once. It ended up going terribly wrong and I gave up and took a bath and still got stuck to the tub lol. But what you are doing looks much better that what I did. But going over and over the skin made it raw for me =(

Laura Cristina

Your reactions every time you pulled it off were actually hilarious! It's not embarrassing AT ALL! I could never wax myself, it freaks me out even getting it done professionally!

Lin Lin Beauty & Lifestyle

Hey Rachel. I haven’t waxed ever. But I bought one a while ago just scared to use it lol it looks pretty with all the different colors they send you. My mom was the same. She wouldn’t let me until I was older. Oh I had no idea to put powder lol I would definitely fail at doing this lol Ouch!! Ow! I would be yelling lol oh it kinda leaving some hair. Ok seems like you gotta get more as you go. Ok ok I like that solution I tend to get in grown hairs sometimes. lol Oo ok that’s nice that sounds like it has of purposes. Seems like a nice product.

Courageous Kay

The kit is affordable. I was here laughing with you. This is personal care and nothing's embarrasing about it. I'm just imagine you in the hospital with the bald patches on your hands?

Life with Mare

Hey girl, I love your shower curtain and the picture on the wall. I do not wax, I’ve waxed once and can’t take the pain. I just shave lol! The packaging is really good I like when everything is packaged nicely. Do the colours mean anything different?hahahah professional use only!! I wasn’t allowed to shave until grade 9, when all of my other friends were already shaving, and I was so embarrassed. That’s so nice that your mom wanted to keep traditions. I don’t think I’ve ever let my underarm hair get that long, I shave everyday. ?. How long is the waxing suppose to last? The purple wax looks so cool! It worked!!! You didn’t scream much! ? sucks that it’s taking so many tries!! When I did wax and had hairs left I would pluck them. That’s why I didn’t like waxing too because there were hairs missed. Yes my skin turned red too! Hahahah that burns but at least you won’t get razor bumps. Ok you answered my question it lasts one month! Nice I should try it again. Thanks for this raw and real review! I loved it!

Queenof hearts_la

Wow what a great video i have never tried a wax kit , for the first time around you did a great job friend , thank you for sharing your experiences with us all, sucks to hear that it burned hope your skin will not get irritated , i haven't tried wax on myself , well i got my brows wax once the burned me i shaved my brows off ? i drew two lines ??? Girl i didn't start shaving my legs untill i was like in 9th grade lol girl everyone was wearing skinny jeans in highschool I was still rocking 90s jeans ?

Lurssen’s Life

Hey Rachel. I cant wait to see this. I have never waxed before, because I heard it hurts. A lot!! That is a really cool kit. Super affordable and cute too. That is really interesting about the traditions of Cuba, I always love to hear about different cultures.. really neat. How cute is that. I can see the little colors.. haha, your little disco. That is so funny. Lol, You already doing the video. Don’t get embarrassed now!! Me too, I dont like hairy pits. You are so funny girl, but thats good you did a lot of research on this. That’s always a good thing. And it melted so pretty!!! OMG, I am scared for you!. But wow, it did take out a good amount. But its so painful! Aw man, sorry about your lashes. Do you think because of sweating ca cause it? Girl, you are brave. I see your armpit so red. Oh no, your other one looks more red. I am over here feeling your pain. On no. When you said the lotion smells like alcohol and I’m like nooo!!!! It’s going to burn you. Oh wow, that’s nice that it last up to one month. My pain tolerant is very low. I feel that pain would be 10+. I was cringing girl. I felt ever pull. ??. but thank you for sharing with us. ?