We like older women

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Does He Like Married Women? Older Women??

26 342 views | 6 Sep. 2020

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I hear Saori Hayami, I hear high-tier waifu.


....yes; yes I do

Dai MonJi

Its actually pretty famous now...

Rex Geo archon

I saw the title kakyoin is on his way


A new Challenger approaches

The Broken Monarch Ch.

Kakyion Approves this Message

Carl Mikke Llovit

"even more misunderstanding"


A new arc into hentai territory, I like that.

John Fernandez

Kakyoin interested about this topic ma'am

Leavit 2levi

O o p

Kemuel Melgar

Like father, like daughter eh....

dudekula kasaiah

Looks like h ...ntr

Siphe Manana

Anime with high-tier waifus: exists

Saori Hayami: It's free real estate!

Painted Colors

They already lewd her...
Them artist

Briar Mason

The moment she asked if he likes "married women" I had the same reaction as those two.

Husband is not satisfying her.

Jose Hernandez

The look on their faces.....oohhh.....*whispering* priceless!!

HellOnEarth III


Clint Barke

I don't condone adultery. But that's just me.

G1 Grimlock

Marriage lol ?????

Leavit 2levi

There is only 12 videos on my saved list, and this is one of them, the rest is Minecraft

Noel Ramos

Husband ain't doing his job it seems

Forgotten Soul

Now thats unexpected

Yurie Tomas

Agghhhhhh looks like they're twins

Aldo Meylano

Time for me to become Honey-senpai or any other shotas and then sleep on Uzaki's mom lap:3

Tai Kun

she tryna be brock rn with the closed eyes


She's like Uzaki with longer hair and Brock eyes


0:57 “He checks all the boxes??” Uh Phrasing?? ???

Vince Chan

If you read the manga, she is now worried for both herself and uzaki.

Momma thinks Sakurai might take both of them.

Tianchris _______

I see Hot Mommy Tsuki-kaasan, I hear Saori Hayami.

I'm filled with warm happiness and childlike excitingly joy.

Samudra 1501

misunderstanding mother ???

Bashanborlang khongshei

Uhh oohhh 1:19 xD

Khrix Azreal

I dont Mind Milf.

Ruka Ai Kujo

Ruka Kujo: I'll take Uzaki and her mom to go older

Priyansh Ajania

I kinda wanted to see the cat in this scene lol

Chris Kaita

Is this the mom the voice of that one girl from the saga of Tanya the evil?

Jase Frybo

I can hear a Rerorero sound in the distant...

かわいい FAQ-ing Wolf

Doujin Artists : “You Know The Rules And So Do I”


I like girls who say "Ara Ara"
Lots of milfs are on Anime's this year btw


To be fair, they kind of just told Uzaki's mom he does milfs.

Cubs Popply

One of them realizations being the tag: NTR


I wish we’d get a hentai of this show

An Thái

At first I thought she doesn't want her daughter to be near him. Now that's unexpected


oh so there's a Milf in the series?
If you think that's enough to make me watch it!!! well you're absolutely right.....

Lazar Mulic

s-son in law i-im stuck

Rick JW

Hentai doujin artists:
'You know the drill boys!'

Poipole Entertainment

How many episodes there are about this and is this a new series?

Kakyoin Noriaki

Rero rero?

Altyn Izmash


Michael Junior Poketrainer

I can smell the misunderstanding?????.

00_ Distortion

I like thicc milfs

umesh singh

Hot milfs are on another level admit it

We like older women

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You Prefer Older Women? Well, PNC Determines That's A Lie

28 954 views | 12 Dec. 2020

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franklyn hall

Some of these young guys out here are nothing more then thirst buckets


There is a big difference between 15yo boys being into 25yo women and 30yo men being into 50yo grannies

andre w

Hilarious brv!

Dimitar Ivanov

01:55 ????

Marshall Ab

I wish there was a “laugh react” option on Coach’s videos.


Lmao this a great video. Post nut clarity is def REAL

Robert Hogue

Who wants a divorced menopausal sewer hound? Crotch rot, cellulite thighs, etc.


Coach you are a beast lol

Peaceful Music

Pre-nut thinking: I bet she won beauty contests back in her day! Post-nut thinking: Its the bath tub lady from The Shining! Help!


Patty and Selma with the raspy voices, lol (Marg's chain-smoking sisters from 'The Simpsons')


"You're all mine sunny" ..had me dying ???

Max Johnson

Older women also tend to have cooties. And no, they don't warn you about it, they just give it to you.

richard miller

I’m 66 and I don’t even want an older woman! No thanks! Pillsbury dough cans!

Charlie Rae

Guys, just date whomever you want. Don't worry about what you should or shouldn't be attracted to. Go with your heart.

Lucas Herrera

Nut clarity 100% true ?

Ed Weis

I never knew PNC had a name. LMAO

Adrian D

Mrs.Robinson from the graduate

James Aaron

@ 18:13 - ...now you gotta be seen with them...' Hahaha!!
That's a deal breaker right there!

I don't know if other guys do this, but when I see a reasonable looking guy [no homo!] I think to myself, 'Hmmm - wonder what kind of chick he was able to catch and is doing?'
Then I look and sometimes say to myself, 'Hmmm, not a bad catch there Dude!
But other times, I think, 'Oh, you poor bastard! I'll bet she once used to be thin and pretty - when you met'.
Then I hide my face in shame and walk away!
Just sayin'...

Expand your mind & Think outside the box

Lmao!!! He ain't lying about that bottom drawer ???

Carlos R

I call women my age older women.


You made me LOL so much with the bottom drawer description.... made my day!!!

Lee Powers

"Hi Mrs Paaaarker!"


Awesome video as always brother! ? Thank you!
P.s. the buzzer sound is a great touch!

Frankie Cipres

Hahahahah man this is comedy coach ?


PNC...post-nut clarity. Lol. Another CGA original term! Awesome.

red pill Mark Francis

At least the older women can cook you breakfast in the morning...lol

Mark Johnson

Well then move to Nebraska. If you want older and over weight then Move to Omaha


Hahahaha!!! XD!! This one is "good" !!! I can´t even stand the ones my own age, do I want to go older?? #NoWayJose if I´m gonna put up with the nagging and the bullshit I prefer to take that from a 20yo hot & "fresh" chick than an #OldFart!!!!

1st Amendment Right

That clip was very very disturbing.


Last time i had one of these i literally couldn't even keep it stiff the next morning i was so repulsed LOL

Michael Gomez

I'm 40. I do smash older chicks, but coach nailed it. I don't believe any man that genuinely says they like older women unless their talking about milf pornstars like Kendra Lust etc. We know that's a fantasy tho, cause the average older woman doesn't look like that lol. A prime woman for me is 24-30. I try to date chicks that are at least 5 years younger.

Mark Johnson

I just threw up

Kervens Metellus

Knots Landing lmao I remember that show

David Swick

Coach love listening to you! You're a comedic genius!

Eric Garcia


George Dantz


Billy Botts

Coach you crazy but your telling the truth I been there???

Dreddy G.

Miss Parker wanna twenty tween tweeeeeeeeennn!! ?

Fax Kellerman

Bro...this dude does not get women. Some of these scenarios never happen.

Corey Banks

Lmao..real sh**?

John Wallinger

Driving from Bendigo to Echuca. Had to pull over,
Laughing my guts out.
Fantastic, Coach !

Ephaistos Vanguard

I'm 21 and I am only interested in women at least 2 years younger than me.

Adrien Roy

Couldn't stop laughing. Bunions, gunt. Very true though, been there.

Bob Belman


Diggler Treehorn

No one prefers older women.
They’re just low hangin fruit.

Put a smokin hot 21 year old in front of a dude who says he “prefers” older women.
You will see an immediate contradiction of the claim.

Temisan Popo

Lol im crying! This is all facts

Sir Reginald

11:36 "You're all mine sonny" ??


for me 22 still old, guess im safe for a while

Bro Sef

I've heard some stories about 40 yo children with breasts that give such credence to that metaphor. Your never safe, ok. They will go crazy on you just like any woman.

Nitram R

Society’s brainwashed many 30+ men to think that the dating scene’s the same for them as for 30+ women. Not true at all.

Uncle Rusty

Raspy sultry 1980’s Knots Landing voice! ?? I got to use that one!


Lol coach no you didn't with the gremlin reference. ??

Facts facts

'Varicose Veins' lol I haven't heard that word since Biology class ?


"somebody needs to be arrested" ?

jose calvo monturiol

The danger of going out with a 40 year old woman is that a 29 year old Average woman can Really...really get you hooked. Be careful guys, if you have a mature fantasy get a hooker. Coach is Preaching GOLD.

The SuperBike Tour

When the arse has fallen out of it, that's the worst

Treacherous J Slither

Oh man lol smh coach is merciless


There are extremely hot women between age 30-35 but they are very rare. On average, age 18-24 women are way, way more attractive.

Alvin Shakoor

Thanks. Coach Gregg. For all your knowledge. I love the sound effects. It adds emphasis to your points. Its hilarious but true ?

G Wingman

I've had plenty 20 something yr olds.lol I actually do prefer women 30 and up. The ones I dated are fitness models or damn near.

John Lovelace

older women are the ones with these drawers? Women in their 20s have these drawers, they have proudly shown them to me.

El Jefe

When I was in my late teens I had a nice flying with an older woman she was in her late thirties early forties, we both knew it would be short-term but just enjoy each other's company gamma nothing wrong with having a little fun

G. Greaves

The Foopa!! Lmao ??? Coach killen them out here!

Jorge Leandros Tovar


Rickeys Lake

“You’re all mine sonny”????????????

Mark Johnson

If a woman is single....then that means some guy got tired of her action. Think about it.


Coach. You need a Bitcoin tips jar for this channel in the age of blockchain. No fees brother.??


That Gremlins picture killed me! lmfao ?

Brock Landers

"I prefer older women" = I cant get younger women.


Older means more time to acquire herpes.

Ronald Ford

You forgot the piles .Ha ha

franklyn hall

I’m with you Coach NOPE

Rock Star Seed 1111

So freaking true...man this was a funny one!

David Fant

Classic one Coach!


Coach got an impeccable taste in humor.

Eddie Thomasville

They prefer older when young but shame you wanting younger when you're older.

dan byas

this guy is hilariously true


Nowadays, women in their 20s are more mature than woman 30+.

James Davis

Love that buzzer coach!


Sorry, coach. Stopped it at 2:25. You simply met a BDSM woman. If you are into that, (like me), you have to have your equipment stored & ready (BTW: I'm male).
And yes: If you never wasted a thought about the fetish world, you may be surprised if such a woman is doing some weird but pleasurable stuff to you.
So you are obviously not a natural born "ropes & whips"-guy.
So you are surprised, if that stuff was never on your mind and suddenly it's crossing your path. It is different with somebody like me, who has naturally stuff on his mind, that would probably even make your "police-chick" blush in embarrasment. And I was ALWAYS that way. ALWAYS. All of my life.
I doubt that any regular woman, even a "regular" "tie me up"-woman, can do or teach new stuff to me. I highly doubt, that any women can do stuff to me, that wasn't already going on in my own head or that I didn't already do with other women before. But I'm from Germany. We are...different... ?
And yes: I love mature women.
That has nothing to do with "she can teach me something new".
That has nothing to do with "she won't behave as bad as young women".
The secret is (and what you are not getting):
I simply love the way mature women are looking like (at least mostly) and how they behave during doing things (at least mostly...because I've met some pretty annyoing ones, too).
So again: Sorry, coach. This is simply not your natural taste and you are talking about it as if a blind guy would talk about colours.
One is either into mature women and SM-stuff or one isn't. If one isn't, that one is getting it all wrong because it isn't your taste in women. And again: I love the way the mature women are looking like. I don't care about all that "she can teach me stuff"-talk.
What may play a role with me is the stereotype, that is linked (sometimes wrongly) with mature women, because I have an active and a passive side.
Many men, who like being passive, love the stereotype of mature women being dominant. Basically: A person of authority. A dominant figure. And if it is only a fantasy that is linked with stereotypes: That doesn't matter during "the game" if she is agreeing to "educate me". She is a fantasy and if she has really some natural (friendly) authority habits...all the better.
But I had always a problem with any women of any age: To establish firm, longer relationships to women.
So maybe I'm not a regular, good example for proving or showing anything when it comes to mature women or women in general.



Lord Banzai

Child support is over, looking for alimony.

The SuperBike Tour

Women have parts falling off them after 35. Eyes become wonky, hair is coarse, sweat in between their fat roles, stubble. It's not a pretty sight. Just don't treat them like a classic car you can restore, you can't

Jimmy Powell

That's a fetish not a preference.

Real Freedom

AAA batteries lool

Garet Simmons

Coach u make me ?.

Zaida Rivas

“Post nut clarity”. I’m dead. Omg. Lmao


Not gonna lie. I wouldn't mind some of that (5:09) right now.

And I always thought the female gremlin was hot.

Michael Laman

at 65 I haven't met or seen too many 50 plus women anyone would sleep with, lots of them have serious mental issues, alcohol problems, money problems, prescription pill addictions, anti-depressant meds etc. not a great catch

Alvin Shakoor

Oh no. Not the bottom drawer ?

Ross_ UK

I once went to a barbecue where there were women in their 60s, and I was one of two young men there. As they got drunk, it was funny listening to them tell each other how much they want to fuck their doctors. Basically the guys that treat them for various illnesses old people get. They were literally taking about wanting to fuck their doctors, and specialists. I am glad I dont work in the medical profession.

Random 549

When I was 18 an attractive 30ish woman was interested in me but something inside me said to stay away. My 1st wife divorced me when I was 30 & my best friend introduced me to an 18 year old she & I had a blast for 2+ years & at 30 I loved how she made me feel young again and in return I believed she liked that I had a good job & could pick up the tab on everything we did


My Co worker says he prefers older women cause they are grateful.


Although I am not promoting premarital sex , there is a lot less liability associated with an older women , and the older she is means the less likely a guy will be in getting her pregnant and having his paycheck garnished for at least the next 18 years .

John M

Well Coach..... that clip of that older woman just killed my sex drive for the next 3 years. lol

David Brown

She laid there like a dead fish! ???????????????

Jet 2

You think you like ‘em ‘til they chase you to be your gf when they’re 60+.. ? yeah.. yup... blow ya phone up. Exactly what you think it is.

Your Customer Service Sucks

That was fire

Antarah Moody

This is an instant classic Coach???

Sisko Defiant

On VERY rare occasions older women might be worth it for a FWB situation or ONS, but that is it. No way I'm trying to wife a woman 15 years older than me.

We like older women

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Chemical weapons in Germany | DW Documentary

76 600 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Tabun, sarin, phosgene

Tabun, sarin, phosgene and mustard gas are chemical warfare agents invented to kill. They were carelessly disposed of after Germany lost two world wars. Still buried or underwater in many places, they have become a public-health time bomb.

According to weapons disposal experts, there are at least 200 places in Germany where chemical warfare agents are stored. They were carelessly buried or sunk, and are now a ticking time-bomb. In the 100 years since the end of the First World War, policymakers have largely sought to keep this deadly legacy out of sight, because dealing with it would could billions. But experts agree that if we do not tackle the problem now, it will become increasingly dangerous and will continue to plague future generations.

During World War One and World War Two, Germany was one of the world's largest producers of chemical weapons. Substances like tabun, sarin, phosgene, diphenylchloroarsine and mustard gas were produced in huge quantities. The goal was to kill or demoralize the enemy in exceptionally cruel ways. After the wars, the chemical agents as well as factories and distribution facilities were supposed to have been destroyed as quickly as possible. In many places, the chaotic aftermath of war meant that disposal was often not recorded in writing or documented with photographs.

One of the most unsettling places is Dethlinger Pond near Münster on the Lüneburg Heath. Experts say it may be the "most poisonous hole in the world." After World War Two, British occupying forces as well as German authorities indiscriminately threw in whatever they found near the local chemical weapons factory and other stockpiles. The amount of chemical weapons there is still unknown, but it’s certain to be in the thousands. Almost nothing was documented, and later, the pond was simply filled in. Seventy-five years after the end of the World War Two, authorities have finally gathered the courage and determination to take action, partly due to pressure from protesters. As the pond is excavated under strict security measures, it soon becomes clear that the situation is far worse than feared.

Dethlinger Pond is just one of many locations in Germany that still harbor these dark, toxic and often dangerous secrets. The chemical warfare industry was widespread throughout the country. Whoever believes that these places are all guarded or protected by authorities is mistaken. Often, buildings were simply constructed on top of contaminated areas, something that seems unthinkable today.


DW Documentary gives you knowledge beyond the headlines. Watch top documentaries from German broadcasters and international production companies. Meet intriguing people, travel to distant lands, get a look behind the complexities of daily life and build a deeper understanding of current affairs and global events. Subscribe and explore the world around you with DW Documentary.

Subscribe to:

DW Documentary: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW39zufHfsuGgpLviKh297Q?sub_confirmation=1#

DW Documental (Spanish): https://www.youtube.com/dwdocumental

DW Documentary وثائقية دي دبليو: (Arabic): https://www.youtube.com/dwdocarabia

For more visit:






We kindly ask viewers to read and stick to the DW netiquette policy on our channel: https://p.dw.com/p/MF1G


This is a topic that should be in the fore front of all humanity to address this cleanup both on land and in the oceans where all this was dumped out of sight and out of mind . The so called leadership that claim to be acting in our best interests .Two world wars and all the sunken ships that are leaking fuel and the containers of chemical weapons that were disposed of .These are priority issues that affect the whole planet. This is not an issue that has just been discovered and is well known to those that direct policy .Maybe we should ask our selves why we keep putting these political parties back in power i think the track records and history shows a very clear but sad narrative of that 1% of population that controls the rest of us

Rafael Garcia Zuazua

Wind, almighty, strong, south wind, heat, burn this thing, in the name of jesus, satan you bow your knee, you fall on your face, COVID-19, @@@, I blow,

Reality Vanguard

u really just show footage of that cat? bye

Kevoh Wa Pipeline Transami

Watching from Kenya Kanairo City

S. S.

DW, you need to flag this video somehow. That cat scene is harrowing.

Ezekiel 33:6

And now the evil people deceive people to inject themselves with a poisonous vac

Daniel Vanvance

I admire our generation that makes things for our society, but I discourage the early generation who destroyed and spoiled it on this area.

Amara Valle

A lot of effort and work in this documentary. Amazing!!


Nazism: Not even once

Jimmy Sonato

One great day the only way people will know about wars will be through history media

Matanyani Ian

Just like today, the life of a neighbor was of little value.

Shobeir Sheida

First, I thought this was about selling chemical weapons to Saddam Hussein during Iran-Iraq war. Hopefully, some day, the mainstream media gets the permission to talk about that unforgiveable crime too.

Joy House

People should watch this video ?! The mess a war can make is not worth the after effects. Beautiful wood land turn to wastes land because of war ?

Paul Vatalakis

Sadly but Germany was the cause of both world wars in retrospect what better place than in your backyard. Nothing is totally unaccountable as history dictates.

حيث لا انت

Human the worst animal in the earth

Adiel Stephenson

My God. What people are capable of planning to do to each other, not to mention to animals.

Saras Watkin

Descendants of Ghensis Khan has been destroying Europe for thousands of Centuries and now want control of the World. New weapon viruses. After the war the British were in control of Germany so why didn't they clean the country of these war weapons of mass restriction? They poured shiploads to pollute the sea to kill the marine life?

Anjeeta Malla

This looks like city of Windsor from "DARK" Netflix series ....


Personally I'd want a newer mask than an M65 if dealing with chemical shells

Tahsin M.


Whu Dhat

Death Linger

Maan Kaab 12

that cat saddened me.

Eloi Mumford

Homo homini lupus / Man is wolf to mankind.

Domitilda Fernandes

Usa have also

fabio sunspot

Germany is the father of chemical weapons it started in the first ww...


Auschwitz reborn

Syed Noor jamal

Scene when cat ? dying break my heart humans are most cruel animal on this earth ?

Kamil Jay

at least germans not hide from their dark past and making lessons for all of us


Excellent Documentary as always?.DW never disappoints.

Luiz Gonçalves

1st class documentary, DW. Let's hope for a resonance in other PBSs and countries.


why dont they sell that stuff off to syria or someone else?

Edison Yee

Oh yeah... make more WMDs to end civilization...
Stupid countries, lots of many other things to science thatcan help humanity...


Next Plandemic

67schueppi 29schueppi

Fritz Jakob Haber, auch Fritz Jacob Haber (* 9. Dezember 1868 in Breslau; † 29. Januar 1934 in Basel) war ein deutscher Chemiker und Nobelpreisträger für Chemie. Er leitete als Gründungsdirektor 22 Jahre lang das Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institut für Physikalische Chemie und Elektrochemie in Berlin, das heute nach ihm benannt ist. Sein wissenschaftliches Werk umfasst Beiträge zur Thermochemie, der Organischen Chemie, der Elektrochemie und der Technischen Chemie. Zusammen mit Max Born entwickelte Haber den Born-Haber-Kreisprozess zur quantitativen Ermittlung der Gitterenergie in Kristallen.

Fritz Haber, 1918
Zusammen mit Carl Bosch entwickelte er das Haber-Bosch-Verfahren zur katalytischen Synthese von Ammoniak aus den Elementen Stickstoff und Wasserstoff. Dies ermöglicht die Massenproduktion von Stickstoffdünger und sichert so die Ernährung eines großen Teils der heutigen Weltbevölkerung. Er erhielt hierfür den Nobelpreis für Chemie des Jahres 1918.

Habers Versuche mit Phosgen und Chlorgas kurz nach dem Beginn des Ersten Weltkriegs machten ihn zum „Vater des Gaskriegs“. Unter seiner Leitung wurden die deutschen Gastruppen formiert und später erstmals Giftgas als Massenvernichtungswaffe eingesetzt. Später erforschte er die Möglichkeiten zur Gewinnung von Gold aus Meerwasser, um die deutschen Reparationszahlungen nach dem Ersten Weltkrieg zu finanzieren.

Nach der Machtübernahme der Nationalsozialisten emigrierte Fritz Haber wegen Repressalien aufgrund seiner jüdischen Abstammung 1933 nach England. Wenige Monate später starb er in einem Hotel in Basel.

George Petrin

And now in 2021 what has the world learned? Nothing. They are still dabbling with chemical weapons. I can't imagine what salaries are being paid to Stephan Wesche and Philipp Hschele to put their lives at risk on a daily basis to rescue future generations what their foolish forebears left them as a legacy. Christel Schierholz got paid nothing from having her life destroyed by the introduction of these chemicals into her environment. Johannes Preu is a saint. Hopefully, politicians throughout the world will view this documentary and bring a halt to the manufacture of these horrific weapons in their countries. Great job DW!


Excellent documentary! If I were a wealthy person, I'd donate towards the removal of these weapons.

Yufeng Lin

personally, I don't agree with DW that makes 200 sites across Germany that dangerous chemical weapons were buried not that far beneath the earth: there are sick fuck out there wants to know this information. At least wait until local police install surveillance devices and other counter measurements against sick fuck.

Joe Bfnl

The light cruiser Lipzig was scuttled in the North Sea by the Royal Navy in 1946-47. She is loaded with nerve gas shells!, I have seen pictures of English military personnel dumping nerve gas shells into the sea as well!. I don't know if anyone or governments have even thought about checking all these sights out???.

Andrés Feliciano

Hey props to all those scientists and munitions specialists risking their lives to help their nation. Fn dope


This is such a trip the things you can find abandoned and forgotten in the world and people worry so much about terrorism this is crazy as hell to me the wrong person just needs to know where to dig a fuckin hole

DonDon DC


Jeri Malstrom

Thank you


I hate cats but that shit is just disturbing. Poor lil fella.

Feisal Dianga

It’s sad that these sought of deadly and dangerous chemical gas still exists undetected still today and having devastating effects on people

Matanyani Ian

The amazing inventions for killing human life

Aryan Mardanpour

Many of those Chemical weapons were sold to Saddam to bomb Iranian citizens during the war...

D Legionnaire

THE MERCENARY 2020 BRUTAL MARTIAL ARTS ACTION NOW ON AMAZON PRIME ..................................................................

Kaiser Gidorah

Imagine cleaning up agent ? with a fractional budget

Baron Bones

Lol phosphine shells
The new IED


Watching stoned, feels like a freaking movie, christ

Mara Milas

This is horrendous, and is a world problem. Allied nations should be assisting. I feel enormous respect and gratitude to the men and women undertaking this dangerous work. #Heros


Dr. Preuss is a true humanitarian. It is clear that this situation is deeply disconcerting for him.

Delon Thomas

The world going down

junnalyn michel

I think this one also causes why here in Germany have a lot cancer patients aside their from lifestyle.

vedic Bharat

Imagine how much destruction would have been caused by the Lost nuclear device ( according to Indian govt. It still not found) on Nanda Devi ( height peak in india) in 1965 , it was planted By CIA to spy/ watch over china. We r destroying nature ....one day nature will wipe out our whole species. Government's greed nd lust of power is making them nd us monster. U know at last only common people r those who hve to suffer not rich nd elites.

Angelo Rito Fasanaro

Partial bindness and neurologo damns.

Kovy B

Damn. The you used a rave party soundtrack for this doc.

geoff r

Interesting documentary. I did not think chemical weapons were used by Germany in WW2?


Bayern and Dortmund should play a match there ?

granny goose

Omg that poor cat i wasnt ready for that so horrible.


How many billions for the fake Conjolio?? But no money for the real threat. Doesn´t that make one think???


Great documentary


And the big prize question at the end is always the same: Why do people do this to other people?


Damn... this is disturbing. No wonder why you guys talk like it appears angry all the time.

Haseo Cercil

Who thot lets just dump the chemical explosives in the sea? Wtf people are stupid.


Munster was a main chemical bomb making area. Yet the Mayor oF Munster Blames the British for all the buried bombs. Salty bitch.


From chemicals to VIRUS . More sophisticated weapons evolving. Here we go

Derick Shalo

There is always road to kick the can down. People living in the period a100 or so years from today, will have our carbon footprints to deal with.

DW, I always look forward for your next publications. Thanks!

Travelingman 1980

The price you pay for starting two world wars.

s k

We are in for a new tour of this horror. There were hundreds of thousands of tons of unexploded ammunition dumped into lakes and at sea shores in Europe after II WW and again after the and of Cold War. In Switzerland alone there is est. 15-35 thousand of tons of ammunition in these "pristine alpine lakes". They said it was dumped at depth (as it would help) but in reality in some places like Geneva Lake, you can even see it from the surface. :( I am too scared to think how it must be in other corners of the Earth.

Anglers UAE

Nobody blaming China on this episode?! Maybe BBC could help DW find some connections. ??


4:45 that footage was actually chilling af. Soldier had no chance to react

Jon Warland

This is a great documentary. It is scary what a metre of soil could be hiding.


The cat's death is from 11:30 to 12:30. So skip that part if you are sensible to those kind of images.

kaiser Y

The french scientist dresses himself like an artist, meanwhile germans are all serious just like soldiers...


War is little more than some rich cocksuckers international argument, and we fall for it every time.

We should kill THEM instead. Fucking sick of the human race being treated like cattle by BANKERS.

Greg S

This is the first time I became aware that the Nazis mass produced chemical weapons, and that there is so much more than just high explosives lying around after WW I & II. Scary stuff. It all needs to be mapped, documented, and ultimately destroyed.

Cat Herb

11:56 poor comrade ...

kevin S

Germans provided Saddam with chemical weapons knowing that Saddam will be using them to kill kurdish and Persians. The German government has never apologised for the crime against humanity during Iraq iran war.


Dump everything in the ocean., soil .... Off sight = clean ... Humans are monsters. Make me sick Poor cat - it's so disturbing .

corona virus 19 pembunuh 2020

Germany is nazi

Angelo Rito Fasanaro

Used in Austria Italy war partial neutralized by musks . Nephews of veterans still for cancers died.

B Job

Where did all of the Sri Lankan Buddhist trolls go? ?


12:03 is really hard to watch

tim oakes

Step Father-RN.Baltic 45-told me they dumped 10's K GB Munitions into open waters as there was no other way of disposing of them quickly.

Hemanshu Chudasama

Where is german efficiency ?

Kristin FROST Lazerbeams

Warning for cat lovers, at about halfway through there is a video of gas tests on a cat. It is horrible. Shame on people who built chemical weapons for humans and animals alike. If there was a hell, they'd go there.

twisted world calisthenics

Thats why i did leave little america and many more reasons...
The extrem brainwashed pro america? Ppl there believe everything what the elite tell.
Sad but true.

Cheers from bali?

Preet S

Can I buy some chemical weapons from eBay or Amazon? Or how to make at home? I want for service my neighborer ???????

Ryan Black

Glad my last name isn't LIES like Olaf's here lol.


I know there was a warning at the beginning but it would have been useful to notify viewers that it contained a scene of animal cruelty.

I was eating at the time and threw it in the bin, i can tolerate a lot but when it comes to defenceless animals and children, it pisses me off to no end.

An interesting documentary, well worth the watch, just prepare yourself for the cat scene, it was horrific.


What a great idea to just dump extrem toxic substances into the water...


DW always be producing top tier quality content ??


Cleanup Today: excavate pond, and dump them in the sea.
Cleanup Tomorrow: excavate sea, and dump them in #&$%#&.???
Some will get arsenic in their stomachs sooner or later.

Hasan Foyejul


Pooter Seymour

like KOKO (the Gorilla) said: MAN is STUPID !

junnalyn michel

It's i watch this Documentary now i know therefore I conclude we don't inhale 100% fresh air at all.

jay ren

Virus weapons in some countries. Are you ready?


Same here in Japan

Tee KH97

Poor cat