What is matting

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Beautiful dogs matting animals matting american town hd_2020

30 736 views | 18 Feb. 2020

town dogs matting.

town dogs matting.

animals matting in town park north America.

Hridaynarayan Singh


Tara Cook

Why just why

What is matting

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Ursula Hobson, Fine Art of French Matting 1

14 678 views | 19 May. 2017

Instructions on how to add

Instructions on how to add ruled lines, washes, painted bevels and decorative papers to mats.

Created in 1987.

Miss Murry Design

Merci, Ursula!    You are brilliant and so talented...   www.missmurrydesign.com in Sausalito, California

Stephanie Danvel

Superb thank you so much

judith gillam

Brilliant demo ! Thank you so much . Kind regards - Judi - Australia

Liz Coates

Thank you Ursula for sharing your experience, knowledge and skills.

Spellbound By Night

Where can I find mat board that’s 3 yards long? Anyone? ?

Joseph Dellert

Thank you this video is very informative and very well paced to understand each step. I can’t wait to try acrylics for making lines. Also the mounting of the strips are genius.

syd conisbee

I watched this video with great interest ... I was a Picture framer in England for 40 years ( I now live in USA ) ... But yes I did find two or three of your ideas interesting .,. I like the idea of using acrylic as it is waterproof for your wash lines ... I really like your use of the marking gauge to mark out mats (mounts )... I used a pair of compasses .. I can find plenty of marking gaudges ... But have yet to find one with measurements on it ... CAN U TELL ME THE MAKE OF YOURS AND WHERE I MIGHT PURCHASE ONE ??? ... Also while I used a bowed pen for lining ... It did not have an numbered adjustment wheel ... I would be interested where i could get one of those ??? .. Great VIDEO ... Tanking you in advance .. I have subscribed to your page ...


My father made french mats for major art galleries in New York and Washington DC from the 1940's to the 1960's. It was interesting to see commonalities and differences your methods showed with his methods of making mats. He would supply galleries with samples of french mat designs (many using tinted mat board whose color he needed to match when mixing additional watercolor for tinting mat board) and duplicated the samples to the custom size of the mat.
Alexander Siloti

What is matting

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How to Mat a Picture - Tutorial by Stu-Art Supplies

129 154 views | 9 May. 2015

We show you an easy and

We show you an easy and economic way of matting your artwork. Products used:

- Economy Beveled MAT: http://bit.ly/1KuRNZZ

- Economy Backing Board: http://bit.ly/1Roubvr

- Clear-As-Glass Plastic Bag: http://bit.ly/1H94bRQ

- Lineco Self-Adhesive Abaca Hinging Tape: http://bit.ly/1ANberR

For more information please visit http://stu-artsupplies.com/


Can the tape be easily removed without damaging the print?

The Art Adventure

Nice ?

VeeGee Brew

this was great, I have several not real important pieces I want to frame and display as a group, and your video really helped me, thanks

Merissa Makes Stuff

Idk what it is about you, but I like you! I like how simply you explain this process. Thank you!

isabelle ize

great advice

c Milam

The information is very informative. I have viewed this video as a basic information tool to further my knowledge in trying to learn what all is involved in framing a picture. Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge.



Bethany T

Brilliant exactly what I needed! Thank you so much!

Miss Murry Design

Merci, Stu!   So helpful...  www.missmurrydesign.com in Sausalito, California

Gerard Buurman

Where are the gloves?

Marie Gail Stratford

Thanks! This was exactly what I needed to know before my first art show.

Petrea R

love this guys voice


No b.s. excellent tutorial. Tx


I thought this was Brian Lehrer — great video!

Mr Pickles

Thank you. This was helpful

Gloria Delarosa

should I draw my art on 8 x 11 paper or 8 x 10 to put on 11 x 14 mat

James Caudill

Very informative, thx!