Why are my fingernails flat

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DUAL FORM HACK - Perfect underside

4 183 179 views | 4 Aug. 2018

Usually, when using dual

Usually, when using dual forms there is an excess product under the nail. Watch this video if you want to avoid using a nail drill and have the perfect underside.

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POLYGEL OMBRE HACK using Dual Forms ?



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Christian Salazar

Omg. This is mind blowing. I never think to do this. I’am always over thinking how to smoothen the underside and this is the solution. I love you so much.? kudos to you.

Ashley Jones

You're like the only person that i seen use paper and plastic to form a nail and now im going to try it. THANK YOU!!! YOURE A LIFE SAVER

Progress 14

Due to thin gel that was placed in the form, tendency is, the nail will easily peel off or crack right after.

Lidioane Martins

Com esse molde de papel evita ficar grosseiro por baixo?


Honestly... this shit take so much time. Better to di dip nails.

Morgan W

I was hoping you were gonna show the underside of the nail before you started filing... lol so I don’t know if it works or if you just filed the underside off camera ?‍♀️ And also, I thought if you used dual forms there shouldn’t be a tacky layer on top? ? Regardless.. it did come out nice! I’ll stick with regular forms when sculpting I just wanted to see if this really worked but I still don’t know haha

Алина Мискити


Jannat Nasaha

ওয়াও লাগাতে কতো টাকা লাগে

Kittu Suryawanshi


Load Siya

What was the point of the nail form

Pamela Greenlee

Thank You

Зоя Земерова

Просматриваю если есть время по много раз спасибо огромное просто класс

Lucy Berthrand

See https://youtu.be/rMX3N2bJdvc

Brandi Dukes

i figured this out on my own. it's a good tip

Mis Bunny

Great tip thanks!

Helaena Moises

What to do to avoid it from popping out. Of the finger ;(( cause im struggling with it

Mihaela Mihaylova

You didn’t show the c curve ? I was hoping to see, is it thick and sturdy enough

Tey Nails

Have perfect nails

Ms. Debbie aka Turquoise Diva

Fyi, this also works beautifully with regular acrylic. I stumbled about this a couple years ago. It makes true sculpted nails, like we did years ago that are much stronger, better and longer lasting then using tips.

Rachel Toma

Where can I buy paper forms?

Shannelle Cabrera

Mines won’t fully cure

françon gyana

Wow never thought of that. You're a genius ??

Tart CT

Tytyty! perfection!


Great idea! I can’t wait to try this.

Алена Прохорова

А зачем две формы

Mary-Anne Burt

Thank you so much I tried to do polygels following instructions but nails had golf balls behind them brilliant

Зоя Земерова

Умница и придумали такое классное применение 2 в1спасибо

Linda Debelack

I was having so much trouble with the underside using dual forms and then I thought of doing this and it worked beautifully happy to see somebody shared a video of it to share the knowledge



Senesa Makalanda

how long do you cure the underside

Ole Smith

WoW ! Nice idea ! I tried https://www.amazon.com/bluekeyworld Cable Clips and it helped my organization

Samanntha Swεεtnεss

Ugh. That natural nail shape. How’s it feel to be Gods favorite?!

Mairi Mairi


Alizon Hernandez

Hola me encantan las. Uñas. Que ases


Soooooooo beautiful soooooooo sweet..
Makeup and coloring nails is also an art.. It needs lots of patience and regular practice to deliver such an outstanding beauty..
Lots of appreciation for uploading such an outstanding video..
U r an outstanding artist.
Keep it up..
God bless u.

Hala Wafik

Hi. can i yse top coat on my natural nails without any problems. .??

شارب ببسي ومدلع نفسي

اعجبني الفيديو استمعت فية كثيراً وتعلمت منه ايضاً ، شكرا جزيلاً?❤❤❤


It will be like this only it will not break or we can remove it

Reply to this

Carlos Cusme

Me encantó tu técnica gracias es hermosa

Helen Goodyear

Literally said "oh my god this is genius" as soon as I saw that thumbnail ?

Sompa Maity

I am so biuti full nell

Shakil Shakil

If we don't have any UV light so what to do...??

Just Li

This brilliant. And thank you for getting right to the point.

Crafts Studio. B.H.P

Your finger is are looking so beautiful....

Penelope Gamarra

Las mias se me despegaban quiero saber por que ??

Miss Mortis

How is this a hack?

Suman Das

Materials name plz all

Kamala Ramoutar

Hii how long does this stay on ???

Emily Malone

Where would the sticky layer be i know with duel forms its underneath and with paper forms the layer is on top. But if you use both where would the layer be?

Nails with Nena


Deepak Ralen

u have already beautiful nails...

شارب ببسي ومدلع نفسي

I liked the video and listened to it a lot and also learned from it Thank you very much , I am Arab?❤❤

Ariadna M

Soy de México, donde puedo comprar esto?

Kirandeep Deep

Mai b bnbone a idda

I'm Just Eviiie

Didn’t work for me ???

Carla Andrade

How do you fix the part near the cuticle? Or you don't? :)

Steff Morgan

Shakey shakey

Ellynaurus X

Step 1: buff nail plate
Step 2: find nail sizes
Step 3: put builder gel on nail form
Step 4: put paper nail form on finger & cut sides properly
Step 5: apply plastic nail form with builder gel on top of nail & clean up sides with brush dipped in alcohol so it won’t stick
Step 6: cure, pop off & repeat all nails
Step 7: remove sticky layer with alcohol pad
Step 8: file any run over gel and into desired shape
Step 8: color/decorate/top coat & cure

I usually prime the nail with a pH primer before step 3, but I think that covers it.

I’m going to try this!! I think it might actually work faster than what I did before, which was only paper forms. So hard to get a smooth surface!

Albinosik 777

I have a cool way too https://youtu.be/53MajV0k60E

Agata _

Paznokcie powinny zostać maksymalnie skrócone


crystal gel kit link doesnt work

Sharon Kour

Wow u r cool luv how u did this

Donna Pauling

You have beautiful nails!

Marie-Eve Bérard

bon bien mon idée n'est pas si débile heureuse de voir que je ne suis pas la seule ??

Cheryl Huk

Couldn't help but notice that the base coat before applying the polygel step wasnt shown.


i tried this method but it didnt work because the dual forms i used were extremely curved and hit the paper forms:(


you're so good at nails.. these are perfect! thanks ♥

Patricia Savage

Oh snap thanks

Eviane Valeco

nossa how cute ??

Florencia Libedinsky

Idk... I think is mich quicker and easier to just use the paper form instead of both


Who many days stay to the nail..??

Dr Erin White

I feel that the underside would have been perfect even without the paper form.



H Kfsf

اريد اسم هذه العصاره بليزززز ???

Rael Amran

What liquid are you using

Marta Szalewska

No way... I tried a lot of things but this... incredible! After first try I have almost perfect nail! Thank you so so much!

Chandan Kumar

ye product kaha milega

christina reilly

Genius I’m so doing this on my next set!!!!

Hortencia Casillas

OMG..!! Thank u so much for sharing this great tip..

Judith Castillo

Se puede realizar con cualquier.acrilico.?

Shastina Marie

So glad you showed underneath the nail! Good video

Kirsten Cooper

why dont you just sculpt it onto the form instead of double handling with form and dual form ?

Liliana Carrero

Hola para limpiar utiliza alcohol o monómero gracias

Mary-Anne Burt

what is the quickest way to remove polyge

Fatima TV Iraq

كلش حلووو ممتاز ❤?❤❤

Sherita Bagby



Increadible tip!

Satya kanuri official


Houcine Addar

Your nails is a perfect and natural
Your manicure is a perfect

Oppo F9


ForeverErica Love

Great tip. I'm glad to have come across this video. ❤️

Shital Gangurde

Hi ye kitane din Tak rehta he

Pebbles Pebbles

I did popits lastnight for the first time an they came out great


Your fingers are shaking

Hey, It's Abi

But why use a dual form if you are just gonna file and buff the top ??

Bangtan Boyszz

How many minutes does it take to cure?

nitasha arora

Can we get it on our nails too?

Kia Kia


Ali Alex

I love how there is no talking in this! So refreshing from the other people!

Indira Rios

omg such a good idea

Why are my fingernails flat

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Why Do Long Nails Curl? + Bloopers

191 717 views | 23 Apr. 2015

☆Link to my spanish

☆Link to my spanish channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/LOVE4NAILSenEspanol

Link to long natural nails tag video : https://youtu.be/kLdtanquucs

Link to video where I share a homemade remedy for whitening nails at home : https://youtu.be/aUlrQed6VsQ

Link to my how to video where I share my tips on for growing long natural nails: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eWDy3aHzzs&list=PLD0E04C8C11C39456

Link to video tutorial on how to make your own cuticle oil at home step by step : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eco5vAUYmEQ

Link to video that I documented my nail growth for a 3 month period: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8u0yISSjToE&list=PLD0E04C8C11C39456

Link to my video where I share my favorite base & topcoats :


Song by Otis McDonald

Track Title: Fingers

YouTube Audio Library


I have the c curve on five of my nails ??

Valentina Queen of the Valkyries

You look alot like Jlo!

Your Majesty Will Do

Her nails are sexy

Tracy R

Thanks for the info. I wanted to know if you used garlic polish/ treatments to grow your nails?

Priscilla Negron- Carrasco

I love love love your nails n c curves

Paulette Fairfax

Your nails are very beautiful!

Rita Peralta

I have long natural nails too, probably a tiny bit shorter than yours in this vid and almond shaped. I don't have a curve but my both my pinky finger nails like bent inwards? same my middle right hand finger, it like grows on a left direction i used to hate it, i lear to accept it now :)


I love your nails!

Toby Redhead

How do you file down a dip in the nail bed? I have one that does that.

Candy's Garden

My nails are beginning to finally grow at my young age of 33 ;) & you definitely INSPIRE me to continue my nail growth. I've NEVER had my nails to where they're at, which is pretty long in my case, so it feels a bit weird & I just admire how long they are, but the nails you have in this video (which I know is from way back when) is what I'm trying to accomplish... I hope one day to have these long nails & if/when I do, I'll make a video & dedicated it to you, THANKS SO MUCH for these videos!!

Classically Averil

I have a heavy c curve. My thumb nails are the worst. The curve from both sides and look almond shap. When the grow really long they can become pointy. I can never have square nail. No matter how I file them the will always look almond shape. Because I have a heave c curve nail wraps just don't work for me, but my nails grows long and strong. So even though they are not perfect shape I love my long nails.

BL Meyer

LOVE YOUR BLOOPERS!!!! LMAO   they make you seem more real!!!!  LOVE IT  TFS!!!

Kaylee Lopez

Every one has that

Lei A

I wish my nails would curve more, they're pretty flat so when they grow out they tend to fan out a bit which doesn't look good imo..

Dianna P

You're an encyclopedia of knowledge!


My nails are just brittle and break all the time. I don't keep my hands in water or anything. I have no c curve my nails are dead flat I hate them.

Meabh TheSchnauzer

the curl makes hem strong, if they're flat..they bend.

Patriciukas_ Vlogs

i have a really strong C curve...

Amanda H

I have a favourite nail which is my favourite simply because it's got a less pronounced c curve lol. It looks the most square because the corners don't curl like the rest of them and it's super strong.

Phoebe Lightfoot

You are very helpful. Thank you.

Jojo evilchocobunny

I don't have problems with a c-curve but my nails grow downwards instead of straight, especially my index finger nails :C I cut them off and started using fake nails on those 2 nails because it's annoying ><


I want the curve.Mine look like duck feet

mantha raspberry

my nails are really weird, especially my thumbnail. they grow upwards and don't curve down??

Sees Nails

I've never had a problem with the C curve, but the actual nail twist really bothers me. My nails look deformed the longer they get. Especially my right index fingernail and my thumb nails. Very lovely video, TFS!

Cool Crafter

Hola! I was wondering if when they are curling ,when you cut them does it hurt?


What about when they’re extra long and start growing under in a spiral? Like those nails that are 7+inches long. Is that because of the matrix too? Or just because they are so long?

Syd K

I like the way your nails curl!

ASMR Cosmos

IMHO your nail c-curve is absolutely beautiful and your nails are absolutely beautiful!


Our nails are curvy. Get over it. It's not straight there's no need to explain anything.

Charlette La Morena

I was trying to find your channel again!! So glad I did ??

Valéria Morihama


James Cipriani

Hey my Lovehow areyou your very long and gorgeous nails are very pretty on youiLove your nail polish is very gorgeous like you my LoveiLove yourEry gorgeous nails you are the very Best love James t Cipriani ♥️❤️??????????????


What?! I love the nail curl,I want mine to curl instead of just being wide :)

Zoe Alexa

My nails curve upwards idk why it’s so weird

Sheila robinson

how can I get my nail on this site

Suhrita Maji

Ah! I have the same 'C' curve, and I love it ??

Morena Reyna

Señorita me encantan tus videos they are just OMG tus uñas me facinan ojala ami me cresieran asi de largas y gruesas pero son tan gruesas como el papel e igual de planas! ?????

Queen Ki

so why after dish washing or getting out of the shower does the curved nails look straight?

Batool Aburayya

Your nails are distracting me, girl hahahaha I can't focus on your speech

Edgina HS

what if my nails is curled up? my toe nails do that...

Gisela Reportó

Awesome video!.... very helpful

Kaylee Lopez

I think maybe most ppl

Worldly Porcini

Hi Raquel, is there anything I can do to help my nails from hurting me? I've tried growing my nails but when they get to a certain length, not very long a good length, my C-curve is too curled and hurt my fingers. This mainly happens to my pointer and middle fingers.

Andreea West

I can't let my toe nails grow because it hurts me. So I never wear an open toe shoe :(

Lauren Reynolds D

Your nails are pretty I have spoon nails ugh hate them

Toby Redhead

My nails curl too. The problem is they curve on the sides of my nail bed too causing it to grow into the skin on my fingers.

Susan Hand

I am growing out my nails and I now can see the tips of my nail my nails chip and peel so I do a lot for them to keel them growing and I try not to take my polish of my nail cuz it can strip the nail all so I putt oil on my cuticles every time I take nail polish off and when I have polish on so I hope a pray my nails stay growing and never brake cuz my goal is to get them as long as I can in till I don't have them any more but it sure hurt's when I run in to things thank u I love you nails


My nails doing c curve....but they circle down wards on only one side of the nail on only a couple fingers....its driving me nuts. how do I fix This?

Golden One

You are seriously so sweet!!!!!!!! xoxo

Tracy Finlay

+ LOVE 4 NAILS I'm a cashier. Do you have any recommendations for people who work with their hands?

Amanda Smith

Side dip! I like my c-curve, but those weird side dips are the problem.

Stuart Ferry

I like u gorgeous mmmm


Omg you look so thinner your face and body so pretty!❤️✨


all of my nails except for my pinkies have almost no curve, and trust me it's not so fun! your nails are gorgeous, treasure them! grass always greener huh? lol

Yamilia Huertas

I have it and I hate it


My nails are curved like yours, can you make a video of shaping your nails to an almond shape? I'm having a hard time making it look great...thanks!

Salma Tolba

I wish i had a c curve? they look REALLY nice and they avoid the splitting on from the sides? and they’re stronger that way

Clarissa Ramirez

I hate clicking on nail videos and just see someone talking, it's like I don't want to see you, I want to see your nails! Lol BUT, I just LOVE LOVE LOVE you! You are the only one I love watching when you do videos like this! I could watch your videos back to back! Such a wonderful personality!

Mayra Morales

I could watch you talk with your hands for hours I love your nails! They're so long & beautiful!

Mac Joseph

I want to see your sisters nail. Can you put her on the show. Pleaaaaaase!

Glenna Robinson

I have thin nails and I've noticed if I do a lot of daily driving (I grip the steering wheel to tightly) that my thumbs put pressure on my pointer fingers nail edge and it stays that way...sort of trains it. If I don't do that much driving they kind of look okay...not as much curving.

Wild Strawberry

i like curl very much

Farah Ghanem

Her nails look like acrylics


How to fix your nail matrix or nail bed can help.

Sarah Greaves

Please please please help my nails are in such a mess I have had acrylic on for a while and omg my nails are so so thin so sore what can I do to help them please please help

Léa I.

I don't have any half moon on my nails..


I didn't even realize that some people have nails that don't have a side to side curve-don't fake nails even have a bit of curve to them? But then again it's not something I've really thought about much, now I want to see an example of a longer nail that doesn't curve

Missbeauty 2277

Go to my YouTube channel so like click my comment plzzzz

james weeks

Question that girls ask? Really just girls? I watch this to I'm not angry but really???

Leah Rose

One of my nails dips to the side too, and it's the exact same one that yours does. Same hand and everything lol.

Cute and Fluffy Pikachu

I stopped getting acrylics done because my natural nails would curl to the sides underneath the tips and I would pick them with scissors and tweezers I use poly gel with duel forms now insted and just cut my natural nails short ???

PictureFrame Lemonade

i have a problem...i dont have luniles


this answers A LOT for me. I've got the dreaded nail curve, and I just started growing my nails again=/...and yes, they had it last time DX

Latavia Small

she is lame


I have a slightly flat nail but mostly it’s c

Rosario Laubhan

Can someone please explain why my nails Curve alot when I put on nail polish ?

Sheila robinson

how can I get my nail on this site

Tiffany Lenea Booker

Hi. I'm a professional nail tech and really enjoy your videos. We typically work mostly with artificial enhancements so it's very informative and interesting to see your videos. Keep it up! ?

Sophie O.

I think the curve adds strength. My index finger nails are a bit flat, while my ring and pinky finger nails have the c curve. And those two are quite strong. While the index is rather weak.

Licia Lane

i love my c nails


You are seriously adorable.

Mario Naranjo

Qué bonita eres y qué manitos más lindas tiene

Hatlou Hotmess Jackson

Curves are always sexier.

cat lady

i also get a side dip on my middle fingernail

Elise McGuren

they're fake nails.. you can see the natural nail under

Ken Johnson

The story about you and a bad boy in a locked walk in closet where you swung your nails 60 arm swings per minute to tear bad boy up for 5 long minutes: The pleasure makes bad boys volunteer for it. Those over the head arm and nail swings like her twirling double dutch ropes to scratch those naked arms down ouch when she steps in to concentrate her nail swings from 7 feet scratch all five nails down to 2 or 3 feet till my knees bend!!!!!!!!!!!! She swings so fast, I can't move or do anything but back, back away after fifteen of her arm swings with five nails on each of her hands to cut skin and make me!!!!!!!????

janet the love

I grow my nails for 2 weeks now and your tips work verry good sorry for my bad english com from netherland☺️

Whoop Whoop

When my nails grow they fan out so I wish they would curve a bit more.

Latin Lali



My nails have one side of curve which give asymmetric shape and bad fingers look.

switched witched ??

i hate nails without C curves. i will never understand how some people dont like the c curve

Andrea Mcarthur

Is it hard to write with long nails....btw your nails are so pretty

kelly Blondie

I absolutely hate my c curl nails ??

Christina Willson

On my right hand my middle finger nail just on the one side of the nail dips down lower than the rest of my nail I can't stand it and I don't know if I can get rid of it it doesn't hurt i just don't like it and it also does it on my left same finger but it's not as noticeable as it is on my right

Julia Anderson

The index finger on my right hand doesn't curl, but the index finger on my left hand does curl and it makes me so mad because I love the curl

Creekside Homeschoolers

Having a C curve is great!! It helps keep the nails strong!! Have you ever seen a nail tech pinch while doing a set of acrylic with their fingers or a tool. They do this to give structure and strength to the nail enhancement. I have 2 nails on each hand that have a great natural c curve all the rest are more flat or only curve on one side.

Hema Malini

i have got long nails and except my thumb finger all the rest of them are curled. i absolutely hate that curve..wish there was some way to get rid of it and have those adorable flat nails ? ..


Great video!!! I have the same and I find after washing my hands In warm water it straightens out.

Brian Styles

Love curved nails around my hard cock

Rebecca Spratling

We stan an educated queen. ?