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What's the most ducked up thing your country has ever done?

10 005 views | 15 Dec. 2020





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~ Sir


Hi, american here. Exist

Lunarshine 2007

Yo, ever heard of the Himeyuri? The ones that US soldiers shot at? Yeah... What the fuckkkk


Lebanon :

Tara O'Brien

Brittian for all of Ireland history like 1916 and bloody Sunday being so fresh in memory's

Hipsterr Foxx

Well I can't think of the WORST thing my country has done right off the top of my head, but I'm pretty sure we can collectively agree that the FIRST thing was "colonizing" it

Angel Lopez

Mexican American:
Breathes in

Kayla Willey

I live in America. There is alot

Spartan Goku

I’m American, but at least I’m not Germany.


Afghanistan: Taliban

unplugged toaster

Surprised with the lack of ones about the 40-80 million killed by chinese dictator mao lol

Good video

Just Some Bigfoot With Memes

People from the US, Germany, Russia, and Britain are gonna exceed the character limit lol

Cole Renfro

So many people commenting America not knowing almost every country has done the same main shit as the U.S.

Randy Mouser

Hm...let me think...well...there was the plan to nuke Miami and blame it on Cuba...that's pretty messed up


Sweden: we allowed the nazis to pass through our country and invade Norway as long as they didn’t attack us


Whats the NBN.


7:00 I mean, if he were really that bad I would know which Country the poster was from since there wouldn't be two Countries obsessed with the idea that he was born in theirs.

Helga anJ xLia

I'm Alone ??

Thomas Corbett

Surprised that NZ, especially more than once, still fair


America: existsed

Mr B


Shadow Creature

Have a king who chopped of hands of “slaves” when colonies were a thing.

perception ascending

China harvests organs from religious practicing people specifically

Isaac Leyva

sees video title:
America: allow me to introduce myself


The list for America would be so long it would reach the damn floor!


i wonder what germans will say

SierraWolf 1337

Im from germany. Need I say more?


Saw the title and immediately thought "someones gonna say their from Germany and thats it right" and yep, right away to

copixs art

I'm from England. Let's say I have alot to choose from...


Nuke. Like wth, America.


People from China: allow us to introduce ourselves


I'm from Germany. We elected a former Stasi big wig as our Chancellor.




Anything in politics


"I'm from Germany. I cannot think of anything we did wrong."

I guess the Holocaust registered as anything wrong to you then. Lol


The UK... how long do you want the list?

Mette de Brouwer

The Dutch loved colonizing countries. What really bothers me is how bad the education around this topic is. We are thought about the effects and horrors of the second world war, as it had a big effect on my country and so many Dutch people were murdered. We remember and pay tribute to the victims every year. However, we still had colonies at that point and even after the horrible things that happened at WWII, we wouldnt let go of those colonies until only a few years later, and that was not without a fight. What we did there was horrible and so many people were killed and abused and discriminated against. And still, teachers downplay how horrible we were in the colonies. They will acknowlege we were the bad guys but never go into do detail why and how

[CMO] Yuiko-chan

Someone in china ate a bat.


I'm from Poland and Idk what did we do

Commander Appo

The only f'd up thing is trump being elected


USA: made 'kinder eggs' illegal.


Residential Schools

Kiwi Bird

The kiwi approves.


Bruh every country has done bad stuff

Void Gaming

The first guy to be early must have been like: ...... FIRST

Bobwolfninja 20


Internet Explorer

I’m from China, I’ll list a few. The government starved 45 million people, started a global pandemic, stealing islands and waters in the South China Sea, and massacred a bunch of students in Tiananmen Square (oh wait I forgot that didn’t happen).

mateus_shp06 ·

brazil has ptsd because of that


Elected Trump in 2016

Bob Thompson

Any socialist country. Socialism is responsible for the most death and murders

Thapelo Phemelo

Allowed Jacob Zuma to hold the position of President

A Shellcialist Turtle

A Turtle loves the people of every country in the world.


I’m from the U.S. the most ducked up thing my country has done was elect Donald Trump, and let his base think that Russia didn’t interfere in the 2016 election.

Salmon FloatingUpstream

Like most western countries the aboriginals who are the original owners of Australia were captured by colonisers, their children taken away, women forced to have children with "white" men.. this was called the stolen generation, aborigines were being white washed and their culture and population took a massive toll, only in 2009 our prime minister officially apologised, but the damage is done. The movie Australia touches on the subject, but yeah, that's probs the most fudged up thing my country has done

mm mm

Soldiers where given drugs to make them work longer

Steve Hardy

That original response should be rectified and attuned African employment
Attenuated, please
For the Love of God


Uk:Yeah I've got time
Us:But we don't
I'm from the uk, specifically wales and dydw i ddim yn hoffi Yr Amerig(I don't like America)


Im from the US so like 80% of everything we've ever done

Paweł Andonis Gawralidis Dobrzański herbu Leliwa.

We were usuwally on the recieving end


I can’t think of anything bad Lithuania has done.

Wrong Hand Right Mindset

Hall of cost


Use me as an ‘America Did...’ thread


6:35 I’ll add something.
Yes, they did ban those websites, although not to their own advantage, I would say it’s more like a “We are going to ban the websites that didn’t cooperate with us on trying to find terrorists.”

Mahpíya Gleska

The worst thing my country has done is murder over 40 million of us natives and steal everything from us because we were different


I’m American. Take your pick.


the last post is about Australia


Freeing criminals after being detained.


A Canadian here the First Nations still don’t get clean drinking water in some place and also there is sistemic rasicim

roy jaber

Lebanon: they exploded the harbor killing 200 people injuring a lot more and 300 000 people homeless. Stole every penny from the central bank resulting to the shittiest economy ever

General Fuck yeah Anime Titties

We couldn't accept the mass influx of refugees so we had to send them to an island to properly process them. As far as I can tell, all the abuse came from guards hired by the locals rather than Australians but it was still run by Australia so we took a hit. The worst part? It was 100% necessary. We had no way to process all the refugees in a quick manner and we couldn't turn them away due to the type of country we are. So I feel bad knowing all the bad stuff happened had no way of being avoided. You put a bunch of cold, hungry and bored people together and they're gonna fight. That's gonna create tension and the guards will start abusing people. Other than that, I can't think of anything Australia has done that was really bad. I remember hearing something about war crimes but that was a small group of Australian soldiers, not Australia. Oh and, as the video mentioned, the stolen generations. However a PM apologised for it and the country now feels horrible about it. Same with the white Australia policy. We feel extremely horrible about our history and I'm so glad that it's led to lots of cultures mixing together, creating the greatest society and country in the world. We, like all others, have done some fucked up shit. We, unlike others, have apologised and made up for it. There's constant support for Aboriginals and other races, we (mostly) utterly despise racists and take care of one another.

Alex N3rV

They are duckin going to ban rock music because "they are encouraging satanism and satanic rituals*

Alex Raskalove

the one that really makes me cry is the pictures in 1880s America of these monsters standing on hills made of bison skulls. The disregard for life from these settlers

Lazy Bunny

We elected a businessman to be our president with no clue how politics works, instead of a politician. And then we turned a blind eye when he ran the country like a business in an attempt to enrich himself. Except he's not a very good businessman, and so many of his ventures went bankrupt and some were straight up illegal scam operations.

Oh, and "during these trying times" he wrote off an epidemic as "fake news." My president is directly responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of citizens. And as far as I'm concerned, my president is a murderer.
I didn't vote for him, but he's still my president.

Austin Wiebe

Trudeau. He spent $50 000 000 on a park, created this thing called the carbon tax, because we all know that we don’t run out of fuel if it’s taxed, black face, went to India and completely total jerk of himself, boxed water, speaking moistly, cost Canada billions

Grace Schreckengost

Americana: letting people in who were not vanniced...

I mean cmon..i think you should be kick out of the country if your not vincncated,..better be safe then sorry

Daniel Garcia

They let. me. leave.

{Asmodeus} {The avatar of lust}

I was born in America but im also part Mexican. Mexican people back then did a lot of f* up things, you can look it up

Kaycee Obingene

Nigeria; I don't remember how but at one point, things just started going downhill and bad shit just started climbing up the ladder...and it started a long time ago. That's even the backbone of the problem; that our problem has overstayed its visit

sreeB ybuR nadiA motnahP

It’s the US, what else do I have to fucking say

Oompa Loompa Body Ass Bitch

Japanese imprisonment camps in response to Pearl Harbor

Fake Bobby Hill

So... I am not going to hit like. Does that mean you’re going to stop making content?


US: Attempts mind control, pardons a japanese genocider worse than mengele in exchange of his torture research, murders countless civilians, takes control of opium plantations to sell heroin, and more.
Redditor: UhM WhAt WE DiD to NatiVeS WaS nOT CoOL

Phil Sharpe

As a american, I'm about to say something so long only yakko warner can read it aloud with now breaks

Nais Tuke Baxtalo


rowdy hercules racing

Yeah right Germany DEFINITELY hasnt done anything wrong

Some random dude

Literally the whole video is just


Blake Davis

Let’s be real up until like the 90s every country did bad stuff let’s just be glad they changed and moved on , except Germany


I’m from China and I—

Brian Green

The Banana Wars


to sum up my thoughts on the worst thing my country did I would like to ask you all a question. Have you listened to Run to the Hills by Iron Maiden?

ssww3 2040

We Americans have done a lot pimp


Banned fireworks like all of fireworks even sparklers even ones that dont explode and i think its a bad thing they did

Shrek 46

I’m from the us, in the Middle East We bombed a highway and killed 24 innocent people one day in 2005. It was actually shown in the new modern warfare only it was made that Russia did it which they didn’t but hey it’s just a game.


i’m american and i really don’t wanna type out an essay right now lol

Rule 34

Spain/ the Spanish if you think what the English or Americans did was bad we were on a another level.

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Snowy Tundra

Great closing song! It was such a nice surprise.

red comn

I'm planning to get a korg sv-1 since there's a deal for it.

Do you think it a good choice??

annoyingness begins with me

I have big sad, I'm trying to learn one of your songs but I can't learn the rest of the tutorial because I can't get a free trial.

Dexter 98