What is vaseline made out of

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Peanut Butter | How It's Made

17 071 953 views | 18 Sep. 2017

Ever wondered how peanut

Ever wondered how peanut butter is made? Now's your chance! Watch the satisfyingly hypnotic process of how they get peanut butter onto our shelves.

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It should actually be legume butter. Just saying :P

Larry Christopher

Shouldn't call ur worker nuts, ?



Sam Morris

0:32 that's almost as many nuts as I suck on an average Tuesday

Pranshu Duneja

This is Nuts!

Miss yakal

hes not lying, it only last a week

Diogo Martins

Next video: how they unshell the peanuts

Iceland Maybe

Plot twist number two: people chew up the peanuts after roasting adding new natural flavor, then adding a little sugar, salt, and other ingredients to boost flavor. No need for a crushing machine it goes straight to the jar after the chewing process is done and thoroughly mixed.

Anej R

I can't get over the fact that the edges of the glass got dirty by the peanut butter and they are not cleaned before the lid is put on...


5:30 That’s when they are made omg.


We won the war, why the heck are we being subjected to this horrible accent?

Abdullah Al mamun

Google really listening through our microphone.
Last night I said the world "peanut butter" in grocery store. And now google suggesting me that


Anyone else getting Toe Jam and Earl vibes from the background music?

Doug M.

Piss off metric system.....

Benwin Thattil

The hydrogenated vegetable oil is trans fat.


Can also called as peanuts chutney ?


All that tech and they couldnt find a way to stop the drip of PB on the rim of each jar when filling them up? That hurts my OCD badly...the rest of my day is now ruined.

latosha adams

This look better then making sugar

πλούσιο μετάλλιο

Music anti chat

Bryan Kopkin

Dude I wanna put my mouth under the thing that dispenses peanut butter and just be happy because Im eating infinite peanut butter

LauraMargarita Flores

I wish it tastes a bit more Honey like.

James Garbutt

Peanut butter on toast is my favourite.



i dont like peanut butter but it looks satisfying

Kärt Errapart

When he said ,,butter” then it sounded like he was saying ,,Potter” in the Harry Potter movie xD

a e

i thought thats what the guy was doing at the circus cleaning up after the elephants and putting it in jars


Basically u
You take peanut and butter and done

Emily Fentem

I came here for a video about how Peanut butter is made.
I got a video about how peanut butter is made.

Sahil Chambyal

Guess what I never told YouTube how much I love peanut butter but this video was recommended out of the blue.


I don't know why I'm watching this. I don't even like peanut butter.

Oli Sexy

The moaning pickle cytogenetically taste because morning clinically prefer onto a nosy betty. productive, scandalous mountain

Cricket England

Can’t stand smooth peanut butter it has to be crunchy all day long


Answered one question, raised others, now i need to know how it was made in the 1800's


me watching this allergic to peanuts: ._.

Em Dee

Music is annoying and too loud!!!

King of random thoughts

Sponsored by 2 girls and a cup ?

Anton Smith

Peanut Butter is not healthy anymore. New Research has been released that it contains Lectins.

2020 Research.

Lawson Irwin

What of a jelly bean fell in


Next video: How it's made, Human beings.


me at 3Am: hmm butter is butter


Repent and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior!

venom star

When allergic seen this

Russ RV Freedom 37

Between the accent and the cheesy music I couldn’t watch it more than two minutes

Taron Sanders

Nasty butter ??

Wizard cat


Clorox Bleach

i'm gonna smack my kids if they finish this jar in one week>>>>

Nisa Afni



How It's Made is the precursor for ASMR

Phil Raymond

Why do they add sugar? I make my own peanut butter all the time and it is DELICIOUS without sugar.


Food for Meth heads.

emilia von gutez

Does anyone know what brand of peanut butter this is?

عهود التميمي


Jacob Sanchez

better question is how are those machines made

O̥ͦo̥ͦf̥ͦe̥ͦd̥ͦ p̥ͦe̥ͦe̥ͦp̥ͦ

If it’s no artificially sweetnesses then what’s with the sugar

Suchithra S

Le YouTube : ‘ Let me recommend this peanut butter making video to some random people’

Oliver Queen

Uhh, you guys skipped the most interesting part, the taking off of the shells.... is it because it's child labour in China ? ?


i feel bad for people who are allergic to peanuts and have teeth that are so bad, they can't chew meat

Mobile Stories And Gaming

He sounds like the person who matches mentors with new souls in soul


Could someone tell me why the nuts need to be roasted in the first place?

Dirty Bass Boosted

That's nuts

Regina Hallie

The unable yew postmeiotically kiss because baboon accordingly detect besides a one guilty. nostalgic, yummy flower

Pizza Froth

Peanut butter jelly pizza!!!!


0:58 "when they come out, they go from white, to light brown" when a white person steps in and out the hood


salt is a preservative.


Im stuck binge watching how It's Made Videos HELP ME!!!!

tanda0410 yo

Theres bugs in the peanuts

Maquinista por el mundo

Buen video gracias, pasen por mi canal de maquinaria, les gustarán los videos

Domesticengineer Lifecoach

I love peanut butter ?‍♂️

oh klahoma

peanut machine really said “aight imma jiggle”


Welcome to another episode of "Why is this in my recommended"


“Peanut butter is a healthy (...) food” yeah sure ?


Roach legs and nut butter


Sugar is an artificial sweetener. It is added and is not part of a peanut. Sugar is death it is poison.


I like Plain peanut Butter with no peanuts Just the Butter Bc my teeth are like Twisted so I need Soft stuff.

Robin Baduce


Ethan Jones

now this is my fav for the UK I LOVE IT

Kanzen Александр

Peanut is consider "poison" to causing infection on wounds , acne.
Other than that is good.

saketh sharma

Wait isn't sugar an artifical sweetener.


I just know someone who is dramatic and has a peanut allergy is having a allergic reaction just by watching this.


How It's Made : the OG ASMR

FBI Chan

"we transfer the peanut to the even more broken machine"




Plot Twist:- Pee-Nuts

meyer gaelle

So didn't get it
Good or bad for health??


This is driving me nuts...

DreeG 18


Pedro Orellana

Whoever remembers the time when you had to use a spoon to mix the peanut butter with the oils, you have a good memory.

Dr Wolfgang Chausser

Peanut Butter | How It's Made = Peanuts. Butter.

Wild River

“Peanut butter doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners”
*proceeds to add sugar*

Celena Beal

The doctor's name was George Washington Carver.

Mac Torres

Best part at 0:12

chandan chandrashekar

Wow amazing

Gordon Ramsey

Deez nuts

Franklin Potter

taste the nuuut

Wayne Flanigan

"peanut buttuh"

Time for free time


Jamal Smith


Broken & Broke

Peanut butter on it’s own or just with bread isn’t that good, some people love it tho.
I like it with my waffles and syrup or a simple pb&j

Doctor Feelgood

It doesn't matter how many times I watch this, it keeps drawing me back like the lame to Jesus's robe

Joe George

I love peanut butter

venus firenza

I almost wish I could smear peanut butter in the super computers.

What is vaseline made out of

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What is vaseline made out of

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How to make a lip balm out of vaseline(home made)♡

817 views | 28 Sep. 2013

Hey guys so if you

Hey guys so if you tried the d.i.y make sure you send me a picture on instgram my instgram(maya1278) ♡♥♡☆☆♡♥