What does nail mean

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What does nail trimmer mean?

4 views | 1 Aug. 2015

What does nail trimmer

What does nail trimmer mean?

A spoken definition of nail trimmer.

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What does nail mean

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What does 'to fight tooth and nail' mean?

26 190 views | 10 Jul. 2019

What does the English

What does the English idiom 'fight tooth and nail' mean? Improve your English vocabulary with this free 3-minute English language tutorial.

You'll find a free downloadable transcript on our website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/learningenglish/english/features/the-english-we-speak/ep-190708

Rob’s not happy – his local cafe is changing the food it serves. He’s determined to get them to change its mind. When you are determined to get what you want, this English phrase might come in useful.

For more English idioms and expressions, visit The English We Speak playlist: http://bit.ly/2WmnRuN

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For more free English lessons and videos visit our website: http://www.bbclearningenglish.com


It's always funny when one of them pretends not to know the idiom and takes it literally. ?

Remo Valitutto

Also in Italian we use the same expression: "lottare (to fight) con le unghie (neil) e con i denti (tooth)". The only difference is that we say Neil before.

Mesai Ranya

What that is means vegan?


Do Americans use the same expression?

The Guds Production

I'm fighting tooth and nail to get band 8 in IELTS academic test.

I'm fighting tooth and nail to finish my study immediately.

أبو حمزة

i will fight tooth and nail to learn english although it is a hard language for me

Marcelo Favio P.

American English is bs. This is alright.

عبد الحكيم بوطالبي

I fight tooth and nail to finish my work on time

Angelocheck Light Gurova

But it seems nails in this case are the parts of our fingers and not those items made of iron, aren't they? It seems, otherwise you need a hammer as well to fight metal nails

green spring

I fight tooth and nail to have top comment. My comment is eighth

BBC Learning English

Hello! You don't have to fight tooth and nail to watch more videos like this one - just click here to go to the playlist: http://bit.ly/2WmnRuN

Doenjang Stew

What a funny idiom is.

خالد بن شماس

Hello everyonne, thanks guys to fight tooth and nail to teach us and help us learning this beautiful language. I have a question
1:57 it's written "stop something happening " and she said " from happening". what's the difference?

Algerian Culture and Traditions

I would like to come to Great Britain to teach French or Arabic and to learn English

Top Green English

Interesting!! We have a similar expression here in Korea, meaning "with one's teeth clenched".

Roma Ansar

In the first semifinal of the cricket world cup played today, my team fought tooth and nail, but failed to win. I'm really sad. We were expecting to see our team winning the world cup, but it's campaign ended prematurely.

Helin Khalil

I need to fight tooth ? and nail

R.E Morgan

Finally, a new episode!

Ahmed Farraj

Thank you so much
It's a fantastic and old expression
Now....Let's practice
A sister of mine needs to fight tooth and nail to get a high band in international English language testing system.

Robert Hamburg

Boring yawn

Khánh Nguyễn

I am fighting tooth and nail to get my result in learning english


Thank you, BBC. ?

Maksym Bortovskyi

I fight tooth and nail to get a good job.

ضرار الخضر

what is the origin of this expression?

Chahi Chicho

Too much videos bbc every week u post vidéos! Can t get all of them

Khánh Nguyễn

I was fighting tooth and nail to hear and understand all what you guys said in this lesson. Thank you so much

Trang Châu

I'm fighting tooth and nail to get a driving license this month.

What does nail mean

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English Lesson # 163 – To nail something (Idiom) - Learn English Pronunciation & Vocabulary.

40 902 views | 31 Jan. 2016

English Lesson # 163 – To

English Lesson # 163 – To nail something (Idiom) - Learn English Pronunciation & Vocabulary.

Blog : http://www.learnex.in/english-vocabulary-lesson-163-to-nail-something-idiomsomething-idiom

In this English lesson you will learn how to use the idiom ' To nail something'. There are people who do their work perfectly without any scope of error. They are successful in their very first attempt.

The idiom ‘to nail something’ basically means to do something successfully or flawlessly. So when you nail something, it means you have done it precisely right.

Website : http://www.letstalkpodcast.com

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/letstalkpodcast

When you perform a task well or you have done it perfectly without any mistakes, it means you have nailed it.

So if you get something right, you nail it as you do it best or impressively.

When a person is about to do something and you tell him, “nail it”, it means you are telling him to do it well.

This idiom is also used when a problem is solved successfully or a perfect solution to a problem or an issue is discovered.

For example, Ben has been studying for his Math test which he anticipated as tough paper. After taking his exam, he realizes that it was easy and he has surely nailed it. It means the he has attempted his test successfully.

In this idiom, ‘nail’ is a verb as it shows the action of doing a task perfectly. Its past and past participle form is ‘nailed’.

Example sentences for practice :

Example 01: At the Miss World contest, the pageant nailed the answer to the tricky question in the last round.

Example 02: The singer nailed his live stage performance and got the crowd grooving to his songs.

Example 03: To motivate his son before his interview father said, “All the best. I hope you nail it today.”

Example 04: Patrick is perfect at aiming. He always nails the dart game.

Example 05: To cheat the company, Victor nailed the forgery of his boss’s signature on the check.

Example 06: The officer was impressed with Zara as she was the only lady who nailed the driving test.

Example 07: The computer wizard sat up all night to nail the hardware issue.

Example 08: The police nailed the criminal after long hours of investigation and interrogation.

Do you nail every task you undertake?

vi tuong

what i really want to do now is to nail toefl and ielts test.

Rahma Haniyyah

He always nail everything. That's why I love him. But actually it sometimes make me afraid of him too.

Filipe Faria Lara

when i start to paint my bedroom, I had sure i will nail in good way

Taner Temizer

Yeah you can't be perfect unless you nail everything.

Syed Daniyal Ali

Me and my team will make the efforts to nail the implementation of EMS system in our Company.

{Do hit a thumbs up button, if you think I've made a correct sentence.]


I nailed all distractions which were hindering my progress

Ritul Priya

she made an effort to nailed her house

Jian Ting Li

Preparation is the key to nail an interview.

Shivani Shivani

i will surely nailed my coming exam. Hope god will me.


I have confidence that I can nail the interview tomorrow.


I think this word's roots came from old word in Arabic language"نال" it is meaning same and the pronunciation almost similar , as you know languages eating from each other words.

Muhammad Sohail

I often nail in my academic tests.

Mukesh kumar

i m gonna nail my tommorow interview


Espero que lo claves :-)

Abdullah Khalil

l don't nail every task undertake.

Afsal Ahmad

thank you so much

Dinho antonio

i nailed all math task

Marie Deborde

Very, very interesting lesson :)

Manjula Devi

my husband often scold me because i don't nail to wash his dresses neatly.

พันธุ์ศักดิ์ ศิริเลิศ

Thank you. My health is nailing it because I work out every day.

ruben lepcha I

He nailed the task in last as he was trying pervasively ..

Master Subhajeet

You have nailed the lesson.

phuong dv

I nailed a valuable project last year.

Nari Naresh

Yes, but sometimes few tasks weren't nailed.

Aditya kumar

I am confident enough to nail it at the conference.

only awesome

I just nailed this idiom "to nail something" and hopping not to forget in my life time.☺?

Dash Art

Only Dhoni can hit six to a Yorker. He has nailed it.

Hatice Aslan

I learned that if you are not sure about nailing a task, you shoul not undertake it.

Shammas TP


Abrar A

You nailed in this video....

prasad reddy

Perfect I like so much..................

Hoa Đặng

Thank you so much for this lesson. I wondered what the word means for ages. XD. Finally, I nailed it. xoxo

Zakaria Sharif

I always get happy when I nail my homework


I am studying hard because I want to nail the exam

خديجة سيف الدين

actually,INail what i want to expedite

E Paathshala

Nice video..explained wonderfully

Hiep Nguyen Van

I nailed Crytography I course on Coursera; I achieved 100/100 grade Statement of Accomplishment with Distinction.

surya kiran

plz upload phrasal verbs

Mudi Usha

well if I want to nail anything definitely I will.

saheb ali Mozumder

great lesson...

Mohamed Farouk

Love it when I get to nail something and get it over with.

prince prasad

recently, i gave an audition for singing and i nailed it. all of them loved my performance.

danish kazmi

Very Useful idiom

alta resistenza

I nailed my work in the garden !

Aurtha Nesbit

I nailed the Spanish dubbing in the movie

Jeet Singh

The computer problem is being nailed by the technicion...

J.D. ortiz

I nailed when I found this english course ☺

Sneha Kumari

Ya I always nail my every task

Umar Ridhwan

arep nailed the last rank in the last few exams

Aakrit Paudel

I do not nail every task I undertake cuz I am a man and I know that TO ERR IS TO MAN

Monu Kumar

I occasionally nail any task because not self control on me

Aditi Khare

Police nailed the criminal means?

Shakil Rukh

I can't nail being too much serious.
I can't nail putting on a stright face while I'm happy.
I'm sure that I can nail my life problems very well in sha Allah.
I try to nail being social.
I wanna nail my every exam.
thanks alot!

Dama Rani

i can't nail your heart

Sunil Kumawat

Super splendid ,want more such .please let's talk

Umar Ridhwan

arep nailed the last rank in the last few exams

Thao Vu

not all of task but almost

Ganesh chowdhary Sadanala

i want to nail my aad exam

Rajendar Raikode

not every task... but i nail most of the times i play cricketing shots while playing cricket

Ram Mohan Allam

The technician nailed the problem quickly

I nailed the French course in 2 months of time.


I like to nail business ideas and opportunities.

Maham Abas

I nailed english course in 1 month.

Habibu Turay

Thanks for this lesson. I will try to nail the problem between my friends

Purple Sky

i played the dart game for the first time and nailed it

Arjun Verma

this channel nailed the way to learn English

Mohammad Imitiaz

I nail the very important topic of English.

Milly De La Rosa

I got a big test next Saturday but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna nail it

monika jakubowska

I can't pay attention because of music played in the background.

Dheeraj Badera

To be a successful personality you should nail all the tasks that assigned to you

Nihar Dash

I have heard this in many Hollywood movies.Ex-he nailed his exam

Nasir Mehmud

After performing performance in examination,I nailed my achievement.

ramakrishna kambhampati

I definitely nail this game because i have audacity to do.

ady singh

In pro kabaddi 2017, Jaipur pink panthers nailed the match today.

Bích Nhật Phạm

Phio nailed his essay and he got accepted to Chicago college.

Vengo Regis

thanks for this wonderful season

Chandrababu Babu

I have been trying to nail English language in all it's sense for the last two years. I am regret to tell you that I found your vedios only two days ago and I found it absolutely helpful to develop English Language.

Anand Sharma

After nailing my professor's question, I got good marks in viva.

Sudha R

I nailed my career after lot of struggles


for nailing something we all need to be focused on what we want to do.


my manager appreciated my nailed work

Zakaria Sharif

I am hundred precent sure I will Nail my test tomorrow

Daniya Khan

I desire to nail my board exams with my endless efforts.

Zabihullah Qadari

that was very perfect video for me so i hope you will present more videos for us thanks from your hard working

Mir Fayaz

I am very impressed with Sara the is the only student who nailed the examination.

Aditi P

Can someone explain the last example to me?


Because of his marvelous performance , He nailed the title of the contest .

ady singh

My wife is impeccable at household management. She nails even technical tasks assigned to her.

sanjay malhotra

Spelling of check is incorrect

Jamshi Chittan

I had to work for 6 months to nail automated code deployment assignment.

Sanjay Singh

I nailed in my campus interview

Pussy Hunter

not always yes sometimes when it was easy !

sonu singh

Most of the time I nailed the jobs assigned to me.

Piteraski 99

Unfortunately I didn't nail every task I undertake

Mir Fayaz

Hi friends: please check my sentence and correct.

younail bhatti

Plz fine meaning of younail plz