Witch hazel oxy pads

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177 901 views | 4 Aug. 2017




MY OTHER SKINCARE VIDEO: https://youtu.be/MyUcJCJ54kM



(prices labeled in the video)

- Witch Hazel

- Palmers Skin Success Complexion Bar

- Trader Joe's Aloe Vera Gel

Just for clarification, I do still use tea tree oil and Oxy pads from time to time the same way I said I use them in my last skincare video.

Oxy Alcohol Pads:

$5 (Target)

Tea Tree Oil:

$7 (Target)


ALL SOCIALS: @DopeEthiopian



Dope Ethiopian


SO glad to have this up for all who have asked.
Be sure to check the description section for details!

I ALSO urge y'all to increase your water intake and incorporating physical activity into your daily routines because that has also helped BIG TIME!


IG: @The_Dopest_Ethiopian
Twitter & SC: @DopeEthiopian

Michael Morales

Do you still use the oxy pads ? Or the tea tree oil ?

Daisy Sosa

Hey, girl. So I just recently put on the Aloe Vera Gel & it made my face feel like it was burning. Is that what it's supposed to do?

Carol Jimenez

I'd die to have your skin


Plz do workout video


I’m from Germany so I can’t buy the witch hazel thing she has but I have a question.? Is that pure witch hazel or a mixture with water or something else? I’m really struggling with my skin because I have on my forehead a lot of Whiteheads and on my cheeks, chin and nose a lot of blackheads. Sometimes there are some cystic pimples too (I’m 16 btw). And do I have to put the tee tree oil only on the spots or all over my face like the witch hazel? ❤️


I bought the witch hazel and the aloe vera gel, praying this works !! Im gonna test it out in one week and see where it takes me.

Splash Alert

What happens if you use witch hazel more then once a day, do you follow up with the Vera gel as well or only witch hazel

Daley Love

"Non Battery Face Brush" LOL girl same!

Kalkidan Wossen

You are so cute... love your videos. And can you please advice on the best oil or cream i dnt knw magic to keep the whole body smooth and norished. Cuse i always aply cocoa butter aftet shower but after few hours my body always get dry and not soft enogh. I need a long lasting miracle. I was tnkn shea butter is it advisable???

Ruby Guidetti

don't put ur phone there u could get breast cancer if ya don't believe me look it up or see a doctor its called radiation, but do u boo ly


Hey girl, whats your skin type?

Emma Smith

gorgeous. it's insane.

Tayla Webster

I live in Australia and I was wondering if you can buy the witch hazel over here or if you have to get it online. If anyone knows can you please reply cause it would be really helpful to know

Average Girl

Girl you was not playing with that Palmer's soap I brought some from walmart yesterday and used it last night when I woke up this morning I can see my face was brighter, dark marks I have been trying to get rid of for almost a year I can see them fading already and my face was really smooth I have been trying to clear my skin for almost a year If I keep using this soap with my spin for perfect skin brush imma finally have it in a couple of months i'm so glad I watched this thank you❤️


“But my face is part of my body, so... finessed.” Lolllll ???

Myra Togonon

We have the same skin problems!!! I finally found Witch Hazel i my country (Philippines)!!! Will definitely try this hope it works well on me too!!! Thank you!!!


I feel like when u were talking about touching ur face when ur hands are dirty and u pointed to the camera, u were talking directly to me lmfaooo


this is an amazing video! thank you girl! but do you know if this skin care routine would would for oily skin?


I have the same dots and tried ur old routine and didn't see much of a difference. Hopefully I can incorporate some of the new things!

i_am _ms.j

Trader Joe’s has a new Aloe Vera. It’s called Trader Joe’s Nourish Fragrance Free Aloe Vera Gel 95% Aloe Vera Leaf. Can you please review this produce.

Privah Eliberz

I loveeee this girl.... look at where her phone is ????

Meagan T

Y'all, I need tips in fading dark spots/pimple scars. Help yah girlie out

tomasz iwinski

How long did it take for you acne to go away


i completely i decided to use palmers aloe vera gel moisturizer on my face as opposed to a lotion, i was converted! I JUST use aloe gel.


i totally got what you were trying to explain

helene xo

Do an updated one please

Cla'aron Batiste

Try out Noxema!!

lonely rose


Briana Brixx

Ur funny asl lol

Aminata Diakite

I'm 15 years old and i never wear make up so i don't know if i have to put the witch hazel?

Faith Rose

So pretty ? and thanks for all the tips

Dinora Robles

My skin is the same as yours and imma use black "African" soap with the Shea butter and ten I'm going to swab it with which hazel, is this ok?? Does the which hazel work as a moisturizer too??


AND GURL YOU'RE FUNNY AF i love your personality and character !! at first i knew you with the gurl with hella good skin from twitter and now i instantly subbed :)


ur so cute!!!! i def need to get the witch hazel toner


shout out to that cleansing brush without batteries...I see you boo!

cheyenne howell

All this time and a sis still hasn't copped batteries

secret meaning

You look like tyra banks

K-Drama & K-Pop Videos

In what order would you do this? because usually i put one witch hazel after i cleanse

Hana H

2:33 girl you're actual so pretty wth

LexHolisticLife !


Juji Nunez

What’s the name of that song 3:12-3:18??


I just got that palmers soap today and I used it once and so far so good! I'll update :)

katarakx chully

"So finesse" lmaoooooo?

farah mahmud

I watched this video yesterday and end up buying the same products like yoursss and cant wait to try it all


Do you not use the african shea butter anymore?

Felisa Aguilar

i can never find that aloe vera gel at trader joes!

Sha 'mazing

Do u think I can use the gel from the aloe vera plant instead?

Mahlet Berhanemeskel

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos and personality <3 I'd love to meet you one day

Allison Kelly

what was the song playing in the background? that's fire.

Tee & Tmack

Thank you again

S Pineda

"If I feel broke witch hazel" ???


You're so pretty ?

Analia Jessa

Do they still sell witch hazel in every walmart branch? BTW WATCHED YOUR OTHER VIDEO OF THIS AND LOVED IT??

marie bmn

Why did you stop using Shea butter ?

anna banana

I'm the only one that's still butt hurt about that shea butter rip

Queen Desire

Soo which one do u really use ? the first video products or the second video update ? because I’m confused which products to buy the tea tree face wash or the bar soap? Or the ooxy pads or the tea tree pads Nd thank u bcus I said both did work

Hasna Lawrence

Do you have a night routine because I know most people have a different routine when they are about to go to bed. If not, what do your recommend because I have the worst face ever.??

Jojo Hernandez

Do you take your makeup off with witch hazel??? ??????????????????

Everything Elle

Subscribing because your Ethiopian and I get asked if I am all the time

Kayla Wescott

So what’s good to use on your face besides aloe in the summer and not look oily and real shiny ? Anyone ?

sabrina geronimo


Sunflower Bean

I really like this skin care treatment but I have a question can I use the face bar and the tea tree oil together or will it be to strong?

bri j

u look beautiful

Lynette Crews

Thank you so much for this video! I've always had acne prone skin ... and the acne and accompanying marks have made me so self conscious... a lot of products for acne from the drugstore (neutraogena clean and clear etc.) make my sling worse. I'm definitely gonna pick up that palmers soap. Also love the video cause it's proof you don't necessarily need to spend major coin for good skin

Miss Vee

I swear you are my favorite youtuber. I stay rewatching your old videosss. You’re so funny and just raw. ????? Sending much love and peace

Daije Doll

I still use my none battery face brush too! Sisters ?



Jayden Horn

Am I the only one who thinks she look smack like Bali baby ???


you kinda look like bali baby ?

Jeanetta N

I have oily skin so idk if the witch hazel in the morning will be good or not

Stephanie Briones

I love that you barely use any products ??


Is there an alternative for the trader joes tea tree face wash cause we dont have that in germany...or is all the Magic happening because of witch hazel and shea butter? And yes imma be talking about her old skincare routine

kayla g

What do you think about African Black Soap???


So the aloe Vera gel is basically your new moisturizer?


Idk if you'll respond but hopefully you do but how long did it take you to actually see results? I just brought witch hazel and aloe vera gel


What's the different between the Witch Hazel with use daily on it and that Witch Hazel with oil free on it. Please I need answer!!

Lesley Ramos

that complexion bar works wonders !!

Asia F

How many times do you do this a day?

Jesus Christ

U look like my Rwandan friend,whattt even the way u talk,whattt i am surpriseddd

Asia Monaie

What kind of brush do yo use for your face ?


Curology is bomb asf I been using it for like a month in a half to 2 months I love it it has really cleared my skin as well as me getting chemical treatments


I might have to give my African black soap a break so I can try that Palmer’s bar soap.


What are those little pads you use to clean your face with the Witch Hazel?

Savannah Visperas

Thoughts on coconut oil?

Donnaley Gonez

Sooooo gorgeous! Even prettier without makeup!

AdrianPokemon _YT

@DopestEthiopian Serious Question : i have sensitive skin , Can I still try out the skin bar ? please let me know . Cause I really want to try it

Hajer Al-jebori

I see so many people say how great witch hazel is but i used that same witch hazel she showed but broke me tf out and it started burning my face like is it just me???


How long should it take for witch hazel to work? I feel like it hasn't done anythjng

Miyako Kinoshita

I just tuned into your channel and can I say that you're so beautiful. I love your skin and facial features.

Karishma Agrawal

Why is there never any battery in your face brush?

Jaz Lynn

do you have dry or oily skin?

alayah bruno

Omg same with me...my skin hates everything except astringent and the olay total effects cream cleanser with blemish control....everything else breaks me out


girllllll what do you use to moisturize?

halimatun saadiah

What is your skin type? I heard aloe vera gel is only for oily skin and I have dry skin ?

Olivia S

I want that hair

Jenifer Cornejo

How do you get rid of dark spots on your chin??


Do you use any sunscreen ?

Aja Walker

Question for everyone: what face brushes do you recommend to wash your face?

Nadea Williams

Those nails!!! Pretty.....

Witch hazel oxy pads

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56 views | 29 Jun. 2017

Hey Guys! This is how I

Hey Guys! This is how I keep my skin nice and clear, WHEN iI wear makeup, I do alot Of steps just to make sure all the makeup and dirt is out of my skin. Hope you guys enjoy!



Oxy pads- Any drugstore

Biore face wash- Any drugstore

Witch Hazel- Any drugstore

Carols Daughter toner- Carolsdaughter.com


??? keep up the great work.

Witch hazel oxy pads

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WITCH HAZEL & OXY PADS | 28 Day Challenge ?

3 337 views | 4 Mar. 2018

I used these its optional

I used these its optional if which one sounds better for you but soooo far i love both ? LINK ARE BELOW

WITCH HAZEL ?— https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B000VV0E90/ref=sxts_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1520191319&sr=1


 DEEP SEA - https://youtu.be/RGacZkeZO_s

OXY PADS ?— https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00K3ISOK2/ref=mp_s_a_1_4_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1520191399&sr=8-


Link to my other Suggested videos ( premier) ??

https://m.youtube.com/watch?t=232s&v=RGacZkeZO_s ❤️



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Thanks for watching my videos ?

Greggy Talks

These are like twoooo of the best products! I don’t know why i didn’t think of using them together!! Thanks so much for posting this video.

PrettyEyed Squeak

Ur skin looks good,, I'll have to try this ❤️

Queen Dekoda

Omg that background ?❤️??

Janiayah Harris

I just called my momma and told her to get me some?really can't wait to use it and do it remove acne marks and scarring?

Baby Alive

Where can u get theme from

Chi Chi

You face is so clear. How do u achieve this? New subbie here

Please show love. I have good content i promise ?


Hi love your channel. Please check out my channel thankyou.

Adane Louise

do you cleanse your face and use the witch hazel and then use the pads?


You’re glowing! Maybe it’s more than just the products you’re using LOL! Some ones happy


I love witchazel it's very lovely. Your skin is glowing

Camila Guevara

I love your videos

Michelle Angel

How do you record on your phone and avoid losing storage?

I am Ndapewa

Congrats for 700

Tini_ Brooke

I just wanted to say thank you for the advice!! I’m so surprised of how well these work!! Even started working well in a couple days!!! I always have breakouts around my mouth!! Clearing up sooo well! Thanks again! :D