Waxed women

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Waxing Off My Mexican Sideburns ?

23 041 views | 20 May. 2020

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Meli H

LMAOOOOOO!!!!! I LOVE YOU GIRL! IVE done this too omggg hahhahaa


Stacey your burns are fine...mine used to be 3x the size of yours lol mine needed to be gone. OMG was it painful? Parece un porcupine el strip :). A mi me encanta ver el pelo que se lleva la cera...es una satisfaccion...gracias por mostrarlo (I was like yes show me lol) :). You looked good before and after...by the way the more you do it the less those little hairs will come back. Mine come back so sparingly no.

javarya wescogame

Lol Stacey, I'm ok with my sideburns because they're not real long to my bottom jaw. Now that's not attractive, it reminds me of the men in the 70s. My cousin used to shave her sideburns and it looked like she had a wig on??



Omar Rodriguez

Nadie te chifla... Oy, la Ultima coca en El desierto


not vicente fernandez???

Canela Jaime

?? oh man girl! They came out good but aye dios that looked painful. I ordered a wax kit when lockdown started. I watched a few pro wax techs on YT and it made it easier. PS my wax place never dips the same stick twice even while working on the same client. They always use a new stick for each dip. And they use a new stir stick each time to keep the wax moving.


When I saw the hair stuck to the wax ? my machine just came in today lmao ? good thing I’m going to practice on my sister before myself haha

Marioly Maldonado

Girl you had me dead all vlog ??? and I’ve had a colposcopy done too and honestly that shit hurt!! I cried ?

Blonx0713 *Blanca*

OMG I can’t stop laughing ? ?




Omg! I just randomly ran into your channel and I'm so happy that I did your so hilarious

Arial Nazareno

Girl what lashes were you wearing when you were in the car?! They look SO BOMB! Btw love you girl!


I used to shave my side burns all the time but I got so tired of it growing back so quickly so I just grew them out. I also cut my hair the same length as yours and it’s so much more manageable now but I miss the length ?


Toda “Fodonguis” ?? honestly Staiisz THATS why I watch you I relate to you so much with our unique Mexican slang!! ???❤️❤️❤️


Deni's reaction had me crying ?

gina m

Omg made me laugh so hard ! Good job !!

Lucia Benitez

Next time put on the wax going the same way your hair goes (downwards) and when you pull it off you rip it upwards,

Varthika Gorige

Hi!! I love your channel, I think you're HILARIOUS XD XD

Tip: When waxing with hard wax, you want to apply the wax IN the direction of your hair growth and pull in the OPPOSITE direction of hair growth.

Example: for your side burns apply the wax down your side burns and pull the wax up!

PS. Love you with or without your sideburns!

Sophia Diaz

Heyy girllyyy Use mermaid wax !!!! It the best you can buy.. you can look it up on Instagram. I’m Spanish too so girl I know how it is lol. My last name is also diaz lol but you don’t need any papers to rip off the wax. You just put the wax wait a min for it to dry and rip the wax off it’s the bestttt. I’m in beauty school so I know everything best to use lol. You should give it a try. ❤️?❤️?

Arizbe Ramirez

If that was your first time waxing your sideburns, it’s normal to break out. But nail shop are sketchy lol

Nikki Martin

Laser hair removal was life changing for me... i found a Groupon for SEV laser... if you get a Groupon... READ the reviews... some said there were issues issues the voucher... SEV was amazing! Wish i had done it 20 years ago!

Ki Ann

I get those bumps too when I thread my brows, I honestly feel if you think the tools the people use are dirty, after you get them done, continuously clean around where you removed the hair, because essentially when you wax or thread it’s tiny open wounds all in that area so if you don’t keep that area disinfected you get those bumps. Any time you get oily and around the area itches wipe with alcohol to clean the area until your area is cleaned or doesn’t itch anymore

Diana Hernandez


Angela Gagnon

I am crying!! ??????? o my god, I haven’t laughed like I just did in sooo long! I needed my inhaler ?‍♀️? my little man was like “you’re crying” hahahahaha so.stinking.funny.


Love you Stacy my gf ❤️❤️❤️?

Ms. Valdez

Pendejadas ? man i just love Your boos and your vibe ?

estefania vedoy

Omg I laughed so hard at the noise of you ripping your sideburns off ??? I think they were too long no? ?

De'Angelisse Pryme

“I tried this new blush , it was like Pasty and it left me patchy but who cares you can’t see from far so look at it quick” ?? love the vibe your humor gets me all the time ?

Jasmine Taylor

Bro ?? "it looked like you had a haircut like me" girl how high did you go??

Vega Family Vlogs

We all have them in my family too. We call them the Zendejas sideburn curse

Sophia Alvarado

Omfg the title of the video ? never clicked so fast before lmao

Saunsiree Mozo

I absolutely just love you ?

Repeat Repeat

Awww stac!!! Feels good to see you in buena onda
U made me laugh the whole vlog
Ya toy viejita so I’ve been running omgaaaaa I’m practicing girl thanks for all the good times many blessings to you and your sister!! Aim!!!!!! I’m so glad she’s getting out n doing things I see you Aim!!


You wax your sides just to put them back ?

K Tyrrell

What’s wrong with her lips Donald Duck ? wanna be

cee Chavez

I feel bad for laughing so much at this

Bella M

So working remotely from home and I binge watching your videos so I'm late to the comments....beeesh, watching you wax your chete-burns is the BEST!!!!!!! thing I have seen. I literally had to stop typing and laugh my ass off while I held my breathe with you. ❤❤❤❤??? I love you!


Vicente Fernandez is shaking right now ?❤️jk

Yuli Gudino

Soooo who’s going to tell her that you apply the wax following the same way the hair grows but you pull off the wax the opposite way the hair grows ??↔️ love you sis??

Angelina Olivera

I purchased 3 of your bracelets on April 8, 2020. With in the month that I had them a diamond from one of the bracelets has fallen out. I've sent 2 emails without any response. I'm looking to resolve this issue if you could please email me back.

Latina Nail Designz


Iceice Baby

The wax was definitely dirty. Nail shops just dip and dip and don’t clean or reopen a new wax container

chelsea wilson

Sideburns don’t bother me whether it’s on myself or other people. I had a boy in high school comment about my sideburns (which aren’t bad imo) and I was like “so? It’s natural” lol but waxing your sideburns turned out really good :) you couldn’t even tell you had sideburns afterwards

Victoria Vanessa

Hey girl! Esthetician here ??‍♀️..So next time if you have some face oil I would put a little bit on the areas you’re going to wax then dab it with some tissue to remove excess. That just helps the wax just adhere to the hair and not so much your skin. Next thing, you need to apply the wax in the direction of hair growth first (this will help prevent breakage and ingrowns and having to wax it over again) and pull opposite direction (the way you pulled it going up). I would recommend just doing it in one strip cause it’s quicker and you’ll only experience the pain once lol. You can always apply more to the strip if you need more. Apply with a good amount of pressure and leave a little “lip” at the end so it’s easier to pull off in one piece. Also I know it’s hard to do but as soon as it’s ready to pull off just do it because some waxes get hard and end up breaking off in pieces and that’ll be more painful!. ... overall great job for it being your first time!! Hope this makes sense and helps! ?

All Things Nena

Idk how I missed this video. You broke out cause most likely your pores weren't properly closes orrrrrrr it was too hot. Idk lol..

Tracey Nails

You kill me. You needed to put the wax where the root is. You had no wax at the end that’s why it hurt so bad. The root had no wax on it.

SugarSkull Tattoos

You got me checking if I have side burns now ???

Bianka Cleo

She said "Do not fear. We have wax stuck in our sideburns." Stacey!!! Girlll. This video was great. I watched it with my 8 year old daughter and we have tears in our eyes from laughing so hard. She loves your videos too! Please keep making these videos!

Bee One

When my cuzn waxes she puts a little baby powder so it doesmt irritate as much

Vega Family Vlogs

Vicente Fernandez lmfao!!!


You should put ice on the area you waxed to reduce inflammation and the little pimples you get


Girl you can cut the flowers from the first arrangement and swap for the sunflowers, spray some hairspray and they'll stay in their shape. The color wont be as bright as they are now that they're alive, but they will stay fully bloomed. You can save it as a recuerdo or have it as an arreglo with the dead-ish flower looking type of vibe :)

Diana Garcia

I shave mine off but I’m about to wax them lol

Tess Palmer

My mile time is 25 minutes

Araceli Herrera

Love your channel! Always put a smile on my face. Your so fun!! ❤❤

Sf 7

What’s your go to blush? It always looks super cute ?

Larissa Olivares

this video has me dead!!!

rosa araujo

Girl your little pep talk when you were waxing ??? dead ?? thanks for the entertainment!

Idania Ramirez

Omg that hurts I’ve done it myself too. Lol

Lizbeth Torres

Stawwwwwp making me want a boo

Alex Marie Santiago

You need to try the laser hair removal. No puedo crees que tarde tanto yo para hacerlo.


Everytime I watch your videos, you make me feel like one of your home girls ❤️❤️❤️ love your channel


Thanks for sharing boo!


This vlog was so much fun. I genuinely laughed out loud. Thank you Stacy for the laughs. Love you ?


I love you stacy d!

Silbia Medrano

Omg I felt your pain when you were pulling the wax off! ?

Ashley Palomo

I was breathing with you when you were yanking it off ??? que dolorrr wey

Anais Morales

Girl I think next time you need a thicker layer para que no te cueste quitártelo ?

Water Bottle Blues

Your friend, that was mean. ???? I think you did an excellent job.

Repeat Repeat

I love the short nail babbbbaaaayyyyy


I have the Mexican side burns lol and I hate them I trim mine to

Angie Carbajal

lmao love you girl, what I do is I trim them looks natural and its not completely off but its cleaned up!

Jessica Delgado

Had me smiling and laughing the whole time!

Jessica Ferrel

Lmaooooo ??? girl you made me laugh


I cringed so much watching you wax ? but at the same time I’m thinking if this works Ima do it? your bideos always teach me something

Diana Jacobo

Love your videos so funny lol✨ ❤️✨

Leonor Samayoa

Omg i know this pain soooooo well. But you know what i like the wax better than the beads.. because of the wax paper it gives you a better grip.. and i dont wax the thinker part of the side burn just the baby hairs... embrace that sideburn girrlllll.. ohhhh and if you ever do consider laser!! Its the best thing EVERRRR I HAVENT WAXED IN MONTHS ??


my sideburn hair is so long ;o and i think its cus i shaved them in 5th grade cus my friend made fun of me for them ;o


Bahahahahahha girl this video was so hilarious!! Love it!! thank you for being so open and honest with these things, not everyone wants to talk about our mexican sideburns! Lmao

Maila Thao

It's totally normal to get facial bumps after you wax/thread on the face. Esthitician here.

Binal Patel

I'm indian and my sideburns were so bad. I started dermaplaning and then I did at home IPL during this querentine. ITS MADE SUCH A BIG DIFFERENCE! I'm so happy because I would never wear my hair up because I have always been so insecure about them


Oh my gosh girl you had me cracking up!!!!!!!!! ?

Perez Mendoza

Don’t even worry about it girl we all love when you show your flaws we all have them

Milton Zecena

that moment you realized you can’t go back ?

Jesus Cazares

Stacey por favor arreglate ese tattoo que tienes en El pecho .

Micah Calvo

I literally have the same issue with my sideburns! I hated them so much cuz they are soooo long! Like unless i slicked them back, whenever my hair is in a pony tail they'd just be out and about. So i shaved them and they grew back to a good length and now theyre a bit more manageable haha


I wax my face (I’m not an esthetician), based on my experience apply the wax from top to bottom and remove from bottom to top. You get wax on all the hair and it’s easier to remove. Also, apply alcohol after, it removes all the dirt and impurities so you don’t get the bumps. Last thing, wax when you’re not in a good mood, it doesn’t hurt as much. ? I wax when I’m enojada!


Finally I can catch up on all your latest videos! ??? Definitely needed all this content in my life for my sanity! Sending lots of love!

Valerie Lopez

I love your videos ? btw where did you get your clear jeweler containers from ?


It was folliculitis! That happened to me when I got my upper lip waxed ?

M Yaya

girl I love you.

Desirae Richarte

Glad to hear your procedure wasn’t as bad as you thought it was going to be. Girl... you had me f’n rolling with the damn waxing ???????bihhhh I musta played that back swear like 4x???I sent it to my gf’s in our group chat lol shit was so hilarious. You be reminding me of how we are smh so hilarious. Sending love from San Antonio, Texas! ??❤️


Stoppp we’re not one of those channels ?

Got Eem

I’m an esthetician in Sac. Your skin is just sensitive and you need to exfoliate and moisturize your skin before a wax so you do t get any ingrown hairs. After a wax you can apply cold compress or aloe Vera. Also when you get waxed make sure they’re NOT redipping in wax. That is unsanitary! I also don’t recommend shaving your sideburns. Anytime you get waxed make sure to ask for “sensitive skin wax”


You’re so cute and such a simple girl. Super sweet and soooooooooo transparent. Never change. Kisses from Portugal ?? ♥️

Adero M

You did a great job with the waxing hun ?

Brittany Rivera

I’m the same way, I hate sideburns! I get them waxed so imagine me during this Quarantine lmao. Got me looking like Elvis Presley?

The ArteSana


Waxed women

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first time know that's a beer opener

Ramesh Rameshsunitha

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Auto Worldzz

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Michael Farrelly

Why do Barbour jackets do not have hoods on them?


I think that bottle opener was already loose, no hissing when she opened the cap :o/

Waxed women

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Women Share Waxing Horror Stories

1 234 918 views | 29 Nov. 2018

"Out of reflex, I just

"Out of reflex, I just punched her!"


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Pizza Horse

Hey, can you not put jumpscares in your videos, please? I was not expecting an ear-splitting scream at 4:50 in a relatively calm video. I don't think I'll watch anymore videos on your channel and I will never subscribe or recommend them, since I have a lot of friends who are also sensitive to jumpscares.

Ana Nikodijevic

That’s why you only see people who know what they are doing ?

Ellie L

I don't shave or wax. I'm glad I don't have to deal with this.


Basically: don’t get waxed the day you need the wax for.

angel 420

Idk why when listening to these my legs started hurting really bad but now I’m fine...

Alana Cole

ALSO, please never get a wax less than 2 days before a special occasion. I honestly recommend a week as the latest you should be gettin a wax before an event.

Molly Davis

Tf is this editing job


I like Nina, she reminds me of a friend.

Rebeca Silva

I've been taking vitamin for two months, my hair and nails grows faster and stronger. and I decided to get my private zone waxed, but my hair grows so stronger that I was afraid to do it, and I shouldn't do it cause it was the worst. it was the worst day ever!


Brazilian laser hair removal isn’t that bad until you get to the like inner lips and buttocks, then it feels like someone is stabbing you with a needle for a quick second. But then again I’m like super sensitive so everything, but shaving, hurts lol


An epilator is the best investment you can make.


Was the editor on cocaine?


“As an Indian person, I am hairier than most.”

Felt that on a spiritual level.
Also reminded me that I need to jump into a vat of wax, cause this summer in south Florida is killing me. ??

Bizzy Bee

The skin coming off is from new creams/medications! Always let someone know if you’re on birth control or use any type of cream for acne, wrinkles, etc

Kylie Nelson

1:54 i would walk right back into that building and say look what y'all did to my face

__be Richh

Had one today, seemed fine not as bad as I thought. But it’s starting to look um angry? Irritated?


Getting all the hair removed for makeup, makes me think it was an alcoholic airbrush

Tiana Lugg

the Indian lady favors Mona Lisa

Lorna Hunter

Just let it grow. Problem solved lol.

Alana Cole

Waxer here! It’s super normal to bleed from a wax ESPECIALLY if it’s your first time or your first time in a while. When you shave, your just cutting the hair down while the follicle remains intact and over time will grown larger and thicker. When you wax, you are removing the entire hair follicle in a quick motion, so if your hair follicle is rather large from not being removed, it can cause a bit of bleeding. This can be made worse if you are taking blood thinners or if you take ibuprofen before a wax, which a lot of people do to try and decrease the pain a bit. It’s totally normal and not a sign of a bad wax service. The more you wax, the smaller your hair follicle will become as it’s in your body for a much shorter period of time. Also, I’d like to add that waxing simply is not for everyone. I have had many first time clients who were eager to try but in the end couldn’t handle the pain. That’s okay. Its not for the faint of heart. There are different types of wax that can help very slightly in reducing the pain (mostly reducing damage to skin which reduces pain) but in the end, hair being ripped out of your body is always going to hurt.

Blood Snow

Yes, because being a woman with body hair is a profession we need stories about. Like girl, you could just, I don’t know, not get waxed?

Mary Melton


‘What did he say?’

Irina Bertoluzza

My mom took me once. My legs ended up bleeding for two days.

Margaret None

Can you do dentist horror stories pls?????

6 inxr

so weird that in 21th century women should remove their hair going through pain and, you know, those sacrifices
it’s unhealthy


Don’t get waxed right before a special occasion

valeria ramirez

The most unfunny girls EVER!

XiXi Gonzales

Omg stop with the screaming edit????

Kalpana Mishra

I don't think I will ever wax down there cause.. I don't know but is it not embarassing for someone else to see your private part idk..


Oof I have some Indian in me and it shows, people point out my moustache a lot ? and right when I get home I wax it right off.

Brooke Willis

Ok so i used too hot of wax and also ripped my cheekbone skin off like the Indian girl said ?

Fernando Angeles Esparza


a disgruntled pelican

i have super sensitive skin so when i got my eyebrows waxed for the first time, i was so nervous that the skin would be firetruck red after but it wasn’t really that red for that long.

Fernando Angeles Esparza



I like the glowing bright red vagina that glows in the dark since I am the Prince Of Darkness...........LMAO


One day, my sugaring lady was on vacation and the salon recommended me "another master". I wanted regular bikini which takes 15 minutes to do for the girl I usually go to. This girl took one hour, I had sticky sugar EVERYWHERE and was "un-haired" really unevenly. So, ladies, whenever you have a bad experience with waxing/sugaring, try to get someone else. Usually it's just a matter of experience.

Kk H

I was waxing in the morning and got some on my eyelash and started panicking but luckily it got off

Fernando Angeles Esparza



My waxing horror story is that I have insanely sensitive skin and when I was a seventeen my mom bought a home waxing setup. I always used to have constant little red bumps from shaving, which I also hated, and I was prone to ingrown hairs, and I have pale skin and dark hair so I always had visible stubble, and for all those reasons I hated shaving. Obviously, I was very excited to try waxing, and my mom helped me with my legs and armpits and vice versa and we had a fun day of it laughing through the pain. I was happy that the swelling (!) and redness died down after a few days (!), and I didn't need to worry about body hair for a few months.

Cut to those few months later, when it was the beginning of summer and I thought I would clean up the edges of my bikini area because I'd been self-conscious about that area in a swimsuit for a couple of years by then. The one time I shaved that area it had gone so badly I never dared to repeat it, but I figured it would be worth it to get a more effective/less painful wax that would basically last all summer. So I shaved the sections I wanted to depilate, VERY CAREFULLY, with aloe gel, waited two days for the hair to grow back enough to wax, and then set myself up while I had the house to myself. I remember being proud of how clean everything was and that I'd figured out a good position to be in, in terms of comfort and access to the area, and I had even reread the instructions a couple times beforehand to make sure I remembered everything and wouldn't mess up.
I didn't mess up, except by making this decision in the first place. The wax strip took off the hair, but also the top layer of skin (which looked like a grayish film on the wax, if you're curious), and adhered to the next layer of skin so hard that when I ripped off the wax, I also separated that layer of skin from the one beneath it, which hurt so bad that I screamed and my vision went white for a second. As soon as I could see, I looked down, and saw the bruise happening in real time. I could literally see the red blood pooling beneath my skin. The hair follicles were also bleeding. Over the next several hours, the bruise turned purple, then blue, then black. My mom took me to the dermatologist, and they were both very kind and nonjudgmental and I healed up no problem.
Now I let my body hair grow to the length nature intended. I love the look and never having to worry about it or spend money on it and how it feels in the wind. And my boyfriend gives zero f***s. I actually started getting more flirtatious attention from strangers (both men and women) after I made the change, and I think it might be the confidence. Be free, internet friends! Do you! People will love you for it, I swear!

Cali Sandy

Ever heard of photoshop lol.... for the third girl ???‍♀️

Jocelyn Orenda

The first girl is freakin hilarious ? I could not stop laughing at her reactions to her own story ??

Tara Djekic

That editing is horror story

Jay Pritchett

I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I get a Brazilian it doesn’t hurt at all! Only my upper-lip hurts when it gets waxed lol


My dad is Arab.. So I guess I got some.. Hairy genes from him.. Like really hairy genes.. I have hair literally on every single part of my body.. I hate it :( is it okay to have hair on the stomach and back area or what?

Joslyn Hafner

i get my eyebrows, my armpits, and i shave my legs and now i have started seeing the little peachfuzz and its dark so im going to go get it waxed and im only 11

Danielle Miller

I have a waxing horse story: My Boyfriend's friend's girlfriend was going to beauty school and needed a model for waxing... I agreed to go but I didn't know that I would be doing it in front of the entire class Room and I had never wax before so I let it grow out for 2 months and the instructor called me a Chia pet..I had to sit on all 4's while a group of people I didn't know got real up in close with me lady bits..apparently this was the first Brazilian wax and everyone could learn..haven't been waxed since.

Sugar Me Smooth

Waxing can be such a nightmare!! Checkout our video of waxing horror stories ==> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NV8YXhVoYGY&t=16s!

Anzelle Wilkins

So before they opened the cosmetic stores because of the covid-19 lockdown I tried to wax my upper lip and well it was a long hour. I couldn’t muster up the mental strength to rip the wax off?? I was frantically walking around my house trying to find someone to help me but everyone was at work. After like an hour I managed to pick the wax of, it was excruciating!

Annwyn Nixon

Well, now I’m never getting waxed

Fernando Angeles Esparza


Beryl Walubengo

I love waxing!


Wow, ? I never had an issue with bleeding with Brazilian wax. I’m sorry to the lady who had the “bikini wax”

Skylar Perrier

I went to wax my eyebrows but I had a ance medicine but I did not see that I could not get wax so they were red but that not all the person who did it was not allowed to do waxing. So my eyebrows got a little burnt

Adrian D

Omg she caught the punch. That is so funny, yeah I imagine that happens a LOT lmao.

Toomany. UwUs.

made a mistake and had a Brazilian. never again >< not worth it, at least for me. my skin peeled off.

Teesha Jummaheer

I literally die after shaving cuz i get sooooo many pimples after

alys5000 alys5000

My dogs name is nina just spelt with a e not a like this——-> Nena

Sylvia The dragon lord

Ice helps with swelling

erinn kemp

That color if lipstick.?


One time I got my eyebrows waxed, but the wax dripped down from my eyebrows to my eyelashes and they nearly got ripped off ? MY EYE WAS WAXED SHUT and I spent 30 mins in there with the beauticians trying to get it off my eyelashes....and I still paid full price!!

Paige Splash

Having some blood from the follicles is fine but if it is all over the place and really bloody then you should look into some other form of hair removal.

Lourdes 0327

She: The blood vessels popped out haha lol
Me: pause* I'm gonna faint

Berry Blast

The third girl looks exactly like a grown up version of one of my friends.


the video wouldve been much more enjoyable if they didnt add the weird photos and text and the screams??.. like only keep the video of the girls telling the stories.. everything else is so unnecessary

Fernando Angeles Esparza


Jamie Vee

I would never do anything I know I wouldn’t enjoy like bikini, I shave consistently. I also shave my face. The only thing I would wax is my eyebrows and lip.

Big Bubsy

Is bleeding normal? Because I had a similar experience

Fernando Angeles Esparza



KATE!!!!! we’ve missed you ??

Felix Felicis

my girlfriend once got the wax stuck.
she was waxing her legs, and on the back of her knee, and the wax wouldn’t come off. she had to take around an hour to get it off.

Chelly Chels

I have sensitive skin, and I got on a medicine which made my skin even more sensitive, especially to light. I had been off of it for months at this time, but I guess it wasn’t completely out of my system. That, or maybe it just permanently messed up my skin. Either way, I went to get my eyebrows waxed, and it was a disaster. Where my eyebrows had been waxed was bright red and peeling. It was extremely painful, and it lasted for over a week. It was pretty much an extreme sunburn on the skin around my brows and on my brows themselves. My skin literally started peeling off. ??

riya lohiya

I am also Indian


I have vasculitis,note to self only get eyebrows waxed during school break?

abbkr kby

Just go the chinese way NO SHAVING AT ALL


Just how, how can you wax pubic hair?!! And I think that you shouldn't wax or shave your hair in winter because I've noticed that if I do, it feels like I've gone outside naked. It's like the hair helps warm your body.

Logan Dylana

As an esthetician I’m so upset with how the First Lady reacted. For 1 yes bleeding is perfectly normal. When you first start getting waxed it’s way more common. I’m disappointed the person waxing dropped the strip before it was completely pulled off some people do this to break up the pain but some just pull all the way through to get it over with. However if a client swung to hit me during a waxing service that is the end of that service. No ma’am I don’t get paid enough for that.


people need to stop satine vagina instead of vulva. the vagina is inside you. you didn’t have a red vagina but a red vulva, lady.

Sam Liu

My friend let her little cousin do her eyebrows and her skin is so sensitive( and I’m pretty sure they did it wrong) that under her eyebrow/a little bit of eyelid was all torn off. Like streaks of skin ripped off.

Bosanka Iz Bosne

Ok.. I know that those are horror stories but PLEASE stop putting that screaming lady.. I nearly had like 3 heart attacks because of her. xD


for everyone who has problems with the screaming sound effects you can put on captions that are subtitles so you can see what they are talking about

Hannah Moats

When she said she was getting married I got so happy when the edit showed RDJ

Fernando Angeles Esparza


Some One

Dear video editor, Stop with the screaming bits. TY.

Shaundel Persaud

So I was going on vacation in Trinidad
I had don my eye brows before but they started to grow bk.
I went to wax it but the girl didn’t really know what she is doing and she waxed my eye brows like over 10 times and it was burning. The next day I had a scab under both my eyebrows and it started to peel and look disgusting after a while

I Killed Your Senpai

I thought she said "As a idiot person..."

Noble Tiger

As a guy, it’s a lot of awkwardness between the technician and me. Forcing the urge to not get a hard on or get into eye contact between each other. The most awkward thing also is when the technician moves around the ? like a joy stick. ?
But the good part is, having the area feels more refreshed, free and clean.

marilyn sessions

The Maycie girls eyebrows tho....

Youtube User

Horror story: the eyebrow lady cheated me

Sharralynn Pierce Woolworth

Some females need to wax their upper lip! It is so unattractive to see the dark hair moustache. Men think so too. Hairy ANYWHERE other than your head is a no! no!

Francesca Lacala

So when I shave my thighs I always get these really bad rashes so my mom convinces me to get a full-body wax so the rashes wouldn't pop up and my hair wouldn't grow back as quickly.
Long story short; my hair grew back after 4 days and I had to shave it off and after a week my body is covered in red rashes from the knee up so money wasted 100% (also my initial intent was to go to the beach and wear shorts but nah guess I have to suffer)

Nina Bacic

maycie looks really familiar? i can’t put my finger on it. it’s 4 am i’m sorry ignore this comment

Pizza Horse

"Thank god I didn't have a bright red vagina for my wedding." Yeah, would have been embarrassing at your nude wedding for all 82 people to see you.

Brianna Reid

As worker: some like to come in even while on their period and do Brazilians

Xydney Xorns

...and thought shaving my face was bad. Sorry girls.


The ones about the face waxing are so horrible, especially the one about how she went in an hour before the shoot. You arent supposed to put ANYTHING on your face for 24 hours

Annaelle May

I’m watching this while shaving my legs lol

Joanna Velez

Fun tip: when waxing, especially bikini, you have to do it four times in a row (4 weeks apart each) and the pain will subside. I have gone as recommended and the 2nd time I went already it didn't hurt nearly as bad the first time. The hair follicles thin over time, hence why it hurts less. And yes bleeding, at least a bit, is normal.

Dejuh Vuh

I feel for the Indian girl....we some hairy chickssss


Doesn't matter your ethnicity. ? Im European and have dark hair all over as well and on my face. Waxed since 14.

Daria Stanica

I used to have Vasculitis when I was 8 it lasted for a year so she’s really lucky her’s lasted for only a few days