What does coily hair mean

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Afro Hair is coily (type 4C hair)

66 876 views | 23 Jan. 2013

Your type 4C hair or

Your type 4C hair or tightly coily hair is not weak and hard to manage. This type of hair does have curl definition when it is conditioned properly. Afro hair has more protein layers than most other hair types so it is not weak but strong. Learn more about your Afro curly, tightly coily, type 4C (the c is for coily) hair care check out this blog: http://hairnfaith.blogspot.com/2013/01/msvees-braid-retain-grow-haircare-method.html


My son's and I are all natural. My oldest son he has 4a I have 4a and 4b. My youngest he thinks that his 4c hair can't grow. But he's had his hair twisted for dreads in Sept. and his 4c hair is already to his ear. Thanks for this video.

Neesha Shakeera

I just said that 4c women have curls but you just have to get a closer look...we DO have curls. If your hair isn't straight or wavy it is curly. I do not know why people say 4c women have no curl pattern. That urks me lol.

NII STO SunkissedOriginal

Great vid sista can I please share this vid on my facebook please<3

Elizabeth Gomez

Thank you very helpful, the back of my is really curly and the front more lose curls.

Amber Braxton

Wow I was bored when I was looking on youtube to watch hair videos to see if i can find anything new.  I'm a 2C, 3C, and 4A hair type meaning that I have tight waves and tight curls. I found this video very informative because I have a big cousin who just big chop who doesn't really understand 4C hair and she has this type of hair. I will guide her to this video.  Thanks for the great information!

Kaito Kofuku

Coily hair is really attractive.

Debra Tillman

true that!  we need to establish, cultivate and love water for our hair.  great video!!!

Lanell Vital

I don't believe those hair's are all the same you have Hispanic with waves and Caucasians also


Not all 4c'ers believe that rubbish about 'no curl pattern'. Too many just have it rammed down their throats too often. Some may've started to believe it.

Thea D

Thank you for this video! It's so encouraging! I love my 4c hair but its hard to get others to understand that it is good and everything others can do we can do!!

Cheryl Clark

I'm sick of seeing videos of women with 4a-4b hair. I'm not trying to be mean but I have 4c coiling ziggly hair and I'm trying to figure out how to take care of it. to stop the breakage and dryness. please if someone can give me good advice on products I would really appreciate it


btw 4c hair does not tend to come from the scalp in the O formations.... it only looks like that when it is shed or broken off... and im not bashing hair types... but i feel as though this is very misleading info...

The Vegan Senpai

THANK you for preaching and showing the truth

Billie Edwards

I wish women of such ethnicity was not so shamed by society about their hair. It's very sad. I know some white men who LOVE LOVE LOVE women with tight curly hair and yet some of our counterparts dislike it..It  May not be a lot but there are some and yet we hate our natural. I personally dont want to go around having hair that looks like a white Barbie doll. Most times when we accept our natural beauty so too will others. Besides, this is the only hair in the world in which you can do so much with. No other race of women have such hair (that I know of). Embrace it, love it, work with it.

Teren Livas

But really, 4c hair is gorgeous, especially when it's long. It looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

Kirsty a

not just coily hair can be and afro. i don't have coily hair i have wavy/curly hair with the thickess of the 4's


Good video to many youtubers dont know their hair types and make videos saying 4c wen they are 4ab. Hard to come by true 4C hair vids. Personally I believe if your hair does not have super shrinkage chances are you are not true 4c...after all one of the characteristics is well over 50% shrinkage

Angie Wilburd

Ive only been natural 3 weeks and I was just about to give up on my super shrunken coily hair....thank you for the education and encouragement!


Thanks for this video. Everybody should take care of their own hair type and wear styles that compliment such. Making one hair to "act" like a different hair texture does nothing, but creates disappointment and low self-esteem.

ama barton

I hate curls

Michelle Marsh

I have 4c hair, and I just went natural 2 months ago. I frigging love it, with the right products I am good

Johannes Lauer

Thank you for this informative video!!!

zeffy hope

I'm 4a...I suppose.


Think about a sunflower. It has seeds in the center, but you won't see it unless you stop and look. At first glance, you may not notice our curls, because, like the sunflower seeds, they are close knit and tiny, but if you stop and take a look, you'll see them. An optical illusion, if you will. I assure you that unless I manipulate my 4c hair (pick it out, blow out, flat iron, etc.), there are tiny ringlets in it naturally.


i have 4c hair! my hair has grow alot  i have one part in the back of my hair that is weirdly 2c...it will not curl..its wavy! (not heat damage either. i had not put heat on my hair for a whole year and i have that part) the rest of my hair is 4c. my momma has the same weird wave in the center nape part of her hair too! 

ama barton

I just want to learn how to combat breakage and dryness in 4b/4c hair because I hate that...... I personally don't like shrinkage and curls


I love my hair even type 4 b/c and have some straight parts in hair because it very soft it may not always look it but you can do any style with it.

Annmarie busu

I like your video. I get the impression from some videos that they are trying to say my 4c hair is not curly.. HELLO I am the curl number 1. From biology I learned curly hair is dominant to straight hair. Hence black mixes always have curly hair (if both parents are not mixed). I am working to define my curls or clump them so people can see without looking up close.


But why do 4c women have such an obsession with curls?


I have all these textures in my hair

Master Artist

I learned that weekly washings and daily rinses will make this hair strong, soft, long, and manageable. I love my hair with a little bit of vaseline on the top to seal in moisture.


Nice video knowledge while maintaining a understanding I have them little o's lol

September Libra

This video was SSSOOO helpful and informative and I agree with everything that you stated. I am actually proud of my coily hair, I just HATE the extreme shrinkage! thank you so much for your explanations and examples!


this is the most informative video I've seen. but i would as a barber type 4b & c hair are alot harder to maintain a curl pattern. but you are on point with your video.

The Lifestylista ®

Hey I enjoyed your movie - when you get a moment check out my channel :-)

ebony isis

Finally!! I have been waiting on you to begin doing this..

Coily Queensrock

Making videos is hard work, but I write all day. I had planned to be back at making videos on the regular but it has not happened yet. Until such time I have new articles each week on my blog by the same name....But I will work on the videos. Stay blessed!

Grato tina

Thank you my love,now l know my hair type.


it may have curl definition to an eagle.... but it is not noticeable to the human eye. there is a difference between curl and curl DEFINITION. definition usually means noticeable/obvious... im sure you already know.. hence 4c hair is curly with no noticeable definition.

Angie G

LOVE this video! Thank you for sharing information about 4c hair :) You're awesome

emmy jay

iam 4a/4b (:- 

Tiffani Brown

Thank you so much for this. Lack of knowledge and encouragement HAS made it difficult for me to manage my 4c...lol excuse me tightly-coily hair. Having someone rooting for this type of hair instead of constantly downing it really helps. 

kim bethune

Omg? thank you sooo much I've been so confused this is by far the very best at explaining hair type . Hair typing is helping in finding the product that works best for my hair

munchie cookie

well in my opinion every Bahamian r black person is born with curly r coily hair


According to a famous blogger in France, Naturi ebene, 4c appelation is quiet racist because the first people in our earth are from Africa ! So normaly coily hair has to called 1c !! Straigth hair is always considered, even in the unconscious collective as the model to achieve…
Sorry for my english ;-)

Melanin Skin

My hair is a type four i know for sure but it look like springs that are used in a pen is that a 4c because my husband hair looks different then mine a lot more compact in some sections on his head

kiki love

my hair keep breaking off. it's weak, and won't grow.

irene stanciel

Thank you siesta... Excellent video,,, happy growing... Peace and love to you,,,,


I discovered your website a year ago and followed all of your advice.  I just want to say thank you thank you thank you for all the hard work you put into putting it together.  It really works!  I couldn't grow my type 4 hair past my shoulders without it breaking and couldn't figure out what to do.  Then I found your site.  I kept my hair in two-strand twists for 2 weeks at a time, taking them down to gently detangle and wash as per your instructions.  I did this for a full year and my hair grew to mid-back length!  I love how easy it is to keep twists in too.  You are a God send. 

Trini Trinidad

I'm having a problem defining my hair, its more of a wave pattern when wet and dry, when its dry it poofs up, and gets extremely dry, I have no clue what products to use 
do you know what is possible to use 

Nicki Nick

my hair looks like it has two different textures , but said that the bottom to are 4c hair .. the middle and some of the top of my hair is like the stretched lookin hair , and sometimes it looks permed , its so easy to detangle. but the whole back of my hair is like the 2nd 4c hair . the coily afro hair .. Is that normal?

Teresa McNeal

im so glad you posted this and have educated people who did not know the truth like me thank you and im subscribing

Marecia Dewar

I like hair typing because when people are transitioning or have big chopped they can easily find vloggers with similar curl patterns to get information about hair cares. I don’t want to hear about arguments in natural hair community. All natural hair is beautiful.


Our hair are the most curliest hair on this planet. That's why it's coily, because the curls are very tight and plentiful.


I agree with this video,sadly there are still ignorant people out there that don't believe that our hair curls too. I had experienced someone who laughed when this was mentioned, I don't see whats so funny about that. But anyway, thanks for putting it out there, people need to open up their eyes. The only hair that isn't curly is straight hair, all other hair types is a curly hair type. 

Amanda rose

This video is unscientific, as is the "hair typing" ideology.

Tina Ray

OMG this is just a horrible video.... And did she just say simUler??

Sharissa Davision

4C hair is most difficult yes I said it! 

Laura DP

c'est pas ça du tout.

Aria Jones

This video is so scary

Al Lombard

The forth group is is little more tightly coiled than my pubic hair.

Carol Sawall

Thank you for this. When I was young said I could scrub pots with my hair, I tryed it and it worked!!! So I locked my hair and after 40 yrs a locktetion messed me up. Now I'm trying wash and go. So far so good.


I feel like you skipped 4a my hair doesn't look like any of this hair my curls are smaller and very defined when wet are with conditioner but slightly less so when dry I see 3b 3c and 4c hair in your desciptions only.


I completely love my 4c hair I and yes we do have a curl pattern I use that Eco gel bam!! Waves and curls I absolutely love it we can wear any style #team natural

Ivy Mosley

I should send you a sample of mine. You'll for sure discover type 5 or 4D. LOL My hair is tighter than your tightest sample in this video. However, I do I owe all my knowledge to you about my hair..this is a great video!!!

Roshunda Smith

I was horrified at the THOUGHT of going natural ever again, but now that I have a better understanding of "curly"/"coily" hair I just might consider the transition again...maybe ;)


I love my tightly coiled kinky 4c hair. Its so beautiful with proper moisturizing and care. And it does grow very long. Havent had a relaxer in 2 years and I'm absolutely loving it. Thanks for this video!

70’s Fashion &Hair Channel

I love your video so much!!

Brandy Mundy

I always have thought of my hair as springs. I have 4c hair and I love it. Afro hair is beautiful.

Joyce Moore

Thanks so much for this. I have the last type of hair , but it is very fine and thin. I call it type 4d. I love my pattern , but haven't found something to keep it moister. What do you suggest?

Kari Medley

I have European hair but I just love how that "4c" type of hair bounces back when it's streched out!
If I had this hair type I guess I would do that a lot xD Also this type of hair looks extremely soft <3

Quishauna Williams

my hair looks exactly like the last demonstration i need some tips and advice on products to use to manage it and keep it growing its sooo dry on a daily. Please help me!

Al Lombard

Yes ladies, keep on lying to yourselves and make believe you and Elle Varner have the same hair!

Ashley Emanuel

Not true on "it's impossible to have Afro textured hair and not have curly hair" my grandmother and aunt both have naturally straight hair that grows out of their head that way and its quote on quote "Afro textured."

Teren Livas

3c/4a hair here!


I'm 4c all day and I love it!!!! And I have a curl pattern and a wave pattern I put that Eco gel on my sides and top of my hair and it waves up I just love 4c hair


This is very informative; I like to add; that within each #& letter type, there are different 3 textures (fine medium and course) , for example: 4a-fine; medium or course 4b- fine; medium or course 4c-fine; medium or course. Most of the time, the ladies that say their hair does not have a curl pattern,etc. These tend to have 4c COUSRE textured hair. This hair type may require more product, thicker products, like creams versus hair lotions and more patience in discovering and finding out what products and techniques will work with your hair type and texture. Yes !! (As the video states) we all have a curl pattern. Thanks for posting and sharing this!


My hair is identical to the stretched out, curly one at the very bottom to the left. What hair type is that?

Naturally Blackandbeautiful

Really nice video !!!

Camie Sullivan-Jimenez

That's why I'm confused sometimes because I do have a curl pattern, my hair shrinks 80%, and my hair does better the more I use water. I wish I could love this page!


I just ran across your website two weeks ago. N Ima extremely coily type chick thanks for this. Anymore videos????

Annmarie busu

oh I hate when my 4c ladies call their hair nappy.


How do I stop single knot strands ?

sarah ansah

Hello I am 4c and my hair is not thick at all, how can I maintain them to become thicker please hellppp mee

Pj Jns

I have what I call 4F hair.  Believe me, there is such a thing!!!


hate my hair...call it low self esteem but i cannot deal with my 4c hair...more like 4d

jax coxon

I have 4c and I love it

Mica Mallett

Amen, my hair has grown so much when I stretch it is down to my neck. I'm working it, but I can't find a style that l like.

Claudette J

Thanks for truth!  You are so right.  I am true 4c and I feel so very blessed with my hair.  It is so beautiful. I rock my wash and go.  Thanks God for my hair!  Thanks Coily Queensrock! Great video! more......  

Natacha Maisonneuve

She has 666 suscribers devil


I think I'm 4c o.o

Best Of Both World's

Shit looks like a bunch of pubs not Curls. Y'all wish?

It's All About Mimi

Why do so many 4c ladies try so hard to fit into the curly box? It's too the point where it seems a simple if they are begging for acceptance by constantly trying to get others to believe they are curly. Why is it that deep? Why is this obsession with popping curls a thing? Sheesh there is so much more to being natural than defined or visible curls. Just accept what you have without all these disclaimers.

Vicki XO

I hv 3a/3b hair


Thank you thank you for the information

Andrea Frierson

This is the first video I've found that shows 4c hair and it looks like MY hair. I was starting to get discouraged in trying to figure out what my hair type is and what products are best for it. Thank you for this post. I needed the reassurance.

DOLA by Goldenyaa

Amzing video, i`v watch it over  4 times, its very educative and motivating..God bless and thank you

markittia mack

I'am so glad to have found you here!!!! I have grown  very frustrated with my "COILY" hair . Indeed i have been researching ...what to do with my hair since I did my big chop; April ,2012, don't get me wrong ... I love my hair journey and i love my hair it was just knowing how to .take care of it with out the breakage 


Very well explained.. Thank you

Paris Porter

Thank you! You have gave me encouragement to truly try and succeed with my hair. I'm sure you touched many with this video, but I'm going to break on weaves and celebrate my hair!... once I learn it, of course. Thank you again.

What does coily hair mean

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