White stretchy plugs under skin

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5 018 views | 4 Jul. 2020

Talc-Free Body Powder for

Talc-Free Body Powder for Body Odor Sweat & Moisture


YeastGard Advanced Homeopathic Vaginal Yeast Treatment Gel - 1 oz Tube


Amazon Essentials Women's Plus Size 2-Pack Camisole









Thank you for watching! I appreciate all of the love and support!

??? THINGS I LOVE! ???

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Brenda Graham

Always good information! Thank you ?


Your hair is beautiful ❤️

Evelyn Lopez

Hey wendy do you have any tips on darkness between breasts. Like on the cleavage area. I use dr.bronners Castile lavender soap and moisturizer with CeraVe cream but still very dry and dark

Marilu Les

Thanks for all your videos... keep them coming.. great information.. stay blessed ??????????

Connie Zimmerman

Wendy I just love you and your videos thank you. We had a girl I worked with that never had an odor problem but she used way to much powder down there. When she would sit down there was a puff of powder. Her pants had a white spot so the powder just needs to be a sprinkle not dumped on. I didnt know how to talk to her about it so ....


Tyfs and being so open & honest! Just wondering your opinion, for sweating on the inside of your upper thighs, along the bikini line would you suggest using some of that powder? Or a deodorant? I know that area is sensitive so I’m not sure if using anything there is okay to do. In the summer heat, I seem to sweat there the most and it becomes so uncomfortable to have damp underwear! Any suggestions?

Lisa Chang lee

Thanks for this help me a hole lot and yeast guard I need that for under my breast I been looking for something I didn't kno. Wha thanks

Michelle Jones

Walmart has the stretchy camis too. They are Time & Tru brand - around $4 at Walmart. They go from a size S - 5XL & they have a lot of colors!

Kaylene Ilacqua

Good video; thanks for posting this

Davis Unboxing

Thank you for doing this video! I just ordered some powder -Kati

Anne Dugan-Odonnell

My Doctor suggested using under breast and stomach an antiperspirant spray keeps it dry and protected. Been using Dove dry antiperspirant works and smells great!

Suzanne Schulz

Love the hair! Y o u look good?

Autumn Tarpkins

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS VIDEO!! I got alot of great tips really going to try these things out. Really meant alot that you took time out of your day to do this ????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Kristen 13

I love your hygiene videos. I get yeast under my bottom belly roll. I used to use powder with zinc, but the one I used had talc. I've been using baby diaper rash cream with zinc lately and it seems to help. I need to be more diligent with making sure that area is dry once I get out of the shower. just holding up my belly roll for a few minutes isn't cutting it I'll have to start using a fan like you do.

Erica J. M.

Hi from the UK x x

D Young

Loving your hair,Wendy! Thanks for this vid!

Sha C Glorious Gems 2

Thanks for sharing ?

J Moriarty

Thank you! Your videos are always so helpful and informative. You are so real! I wear the camis too? and yes, I do understand the 90 degree weather, I'm in Houston? God bless you!

Denise Owens

You are such a real black sis. So much respect for you. Thanks there are woman out there that need it. Blessing

Elizabeth Gary

Good day everyone. I want to inform the public on how I get cured of HSV2 Virus by a Traditional Herbalist called Dr Alaho Olu. I visited different hospitals but they gave me a list of expensive drugs to treat the symptoms and never cured me. A close friend of mine introduced me to a Herbal Doctor who cured her. I was scared to contact him but I found people online testifying about his goodness. When I contacted him I asked him a series of questions, I also asked him to show me his herbal certificate and license given to him by his Government. He gave all the information I needed that gave me hope. He sent Herbal medicine to me that I took and it seriously worked for me. I am now HSV2 Negative. God bless you for being a sincere and great man. Am so excited, you can contact him if you have any problem ..


Love your realness! Your hygiene videos are always so thorough and never uncomfortable to watch. You remind me of a cool school nurse i had that came in and had a "talk" with the girls separate from the boys in junior high. She was like, "don't be embarrassed we all gotta do this!" ??
You always have great tips. Thanks for taking the tike to share. ???

Debbie Johnson

Love these type of videos

Lula Mcrae

HELLO Wendy, I appreciate you,thanks for all your advice. DON'T forget to let me know about the black wireless bra that I asked you about I couldn't remember where you said that you got it from.You be blessed &stay safe. Love from Lula mae from Georgia. Oh&enjoy your 4th of July weekend. ???????????????

Michelle Jones

How do you feel about the Arm & Hammer Body Powder Invisible Spray? It is a lot messier than the powder. Gold Bond also makes a good one too. They are around $6 at Walmart. Thanks for sharing.

martha Morgan

Another thing that has literally changed my life is Interdry it is moisture wicking fabric that use to be prescription only but you can get it without one now you cut it to fit and it is amazing...literally changed my life as I suffer from intertrigo under my breasts that was unmanagable until i started using interdry.

Rhonda Webb

Can you do a what you use on your natural hair..your hair look very healthy..your very informative..Thank you!!!

Tina Short

Hey sweetheart!!! I watch you all the time but I think this is the first time I've ever commented. I love that Arm and Hammer powder!!! I'm a huge fan of powder as I'm a plus sized lady myself!!! My local pharmacy has a powder called Caldesine Baby Powder and it comes in a blue shaker and its awesome!!!!! Much love to you!!

Joyce Moore

Hi Wendy Thank you so much Because s I have some of the things you were talking about and I will get the body powder Thanks

Barbara Hairston

Excellent video!

Miranda's Haulin' & Foodie Life

I'm loving all this awesome confidence girly ?. I've never heard anyone else talk on this topic, so I appreciate you doing so. I needed this badly. The struggle is real. All great tips. Some new ideas for me to try out. Thank you! ?

Christina Cherry Bella Channel

Honey I love when you do these channels thank you so much ❤️

SunDari Toye

Great job Wendy ????????you were spot on

S. Crockett

A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y... I do the "fan dry" as well. Even for my hair. Works great

Kristen 13

I might need to check out that yeast guard as well.

Queen Knight

Love your hygiene videos!! You have such a beautiful spirit!!

Constitutional Republic

I’ve noticed that being heavier, I can no longer tolerate high cut underwear, so I switched to string bikini underwear and love them. There are patterns to make your own underwear also out there, and they are very easy to make. I use my own favorite panties as a template and use stretchy Cotten fabrics, lace, ties or elastic, etc. Bikini ? types will hold your menstrual pads/poise pads/panty liners...and you can’t tell that you are wearing underwear.

Alexandra Loves Goats

Great tips! Thank you! You’re great! ❤️

Ali P

This is why I love you!!! You are real!! I'm an obese woman and I've had multiple bikini line surgeries! Due to those issues I've found myself having EXTREMELY severe fungal infections under my belly and they have also moved around now to the point that I get the fungal infections under breast and along the tops of thighs where my undies rub. I'M NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL! I will NOT give the names of any prescriptions that I've used or heard of. However, if caught before the fungus develops, while it's just an irritation, Monistat anti-chafing powder gel has worked well for me. Once an infection is starting, I've had good luck with Gold Bond medicated powder sometimes. Unfortunately, mine has morphed into a full fledge fungal infection that I now have to use prescription medicines for.
Thanks for keeping it real! People need to stop being embarrassed to touch their own bodies!!!
Another tip, if you do wind up infected - wash your undies, bras, wash clothes, etc. Separately with bleach or laundry sanitizer so you aren't continuing to spread it around!! It hurts, it smells horrible and it's very embarrassing!!!! Good luck to everyone!!!
God Bless you Hun!!

Laura Sylvia

Love all your advice! Where do you buy that arm and hammer body powder? Its not available on amazon or at walmart.

Albertine Hartwill

Another great video. My dermatologist also suggested the hair dryer trick. I do most of the things you suggested but I haven’t tried Yeast Guard. I have used Monistat chafing cream and that does seem to stop the irritation. It’s way too hot in NC for the cute undies...full brief undies all the way. ???

Lois McNair

You are Always so informative and relatable. Thanks

Miss Madeline

Yass I'm early today. I love your hygiene videos.

Jo Smith

You are truly an inspiration girl! ?

Shewquet taylor

Great video, good advice keep up the good work.

Kay Aye

I love how transparent you are. You give such good down-home, seasoned advice! ?

Jesse Smith

Thank you for informing us about these sensitive topics. A lot of us had mother that never discussed these things. I've suffered with red, scaly heat rashes under my breasts for years. A pharmacist told me to use anti-fungal powder or cream and it helped a lot. It's especially bad for people who live in humid climates.

Lyn Powell

Thank you so so much! This is like having a friend who will talk about things I don't want to ask! Somehow you are friendly AND matter of fact, kind AND knowledgeable. Really glad I found your channel.


Thank you! We would be surprised at how many young women who don’t know or haven’t been taught how to care for themselves.

Rosetta Williams

I use lume its really good in the rolls

Deborah Ocasio

Thank you so so much this is very very helpful .

Jackie Waite

In Mississippi it is so hot, I always stand in front of the fan to get completely dry. Thanks for keeping it real sister. Love your tips

Lenora Brooks

Yes!! That sit in front the fan right after the shower is amazing! Especially in the summer, nc heat is no joke!

Joy Glass

I love your videos, especially your hygiene vids. You’re so informative and I love that you encourage women to become familiar with our bodies and to not be ashamed. Thank you ? ?

Abigail Idle

Thank you so much ?

Rose Stolarz

How do you feel about Gold Bond powder for under the breast and bikini line?

Dyann Wynn

Hi thank you much love

joy brooks

Fan drying is the best.
Last year i found an anti chaff cream from the people that make monistat..it works great, even in the summer

Jean A

Ty, Ty and Ty!!!! I will get that yeast guard. My belly button use to get red and burn/itch. I am so grateful for you. ???

Sandra Disclafani


Liliana Horjea

Thank you !!

Charyn Gee

I like to “air dry” when possible after showering. I turn on the ceiling & oscillating fans in my bedroom.

better late than broke

Thanks for this info

White stretchy plugs under skin

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Hiding Lavalier Microphones - with Simon Bysshe of Ursa Straps

6 473 views | 18 Apr. 2019

In this week's Sound for

In this week's Sound for Video Session, we connected with Simon Bysshe of Ursa Straps where he demonstrates how to hide lavalier microphones in a variety of situations. No single strategy works in all situations, but Simon does a good job covering several strategies to fit different scenarios, taking into account wardrobe, gender of the actor, and more.

#UrsaStraps #Lavalier #Sound

Ursa Straps - Their products and where to purchase them throughout the world: https://ursastraps.com/

Ursa Straps' YouTube Channel where they cover many of their products and how they help with concealing lavalier microphones and body packs: https://www.youtube.com/ursastraps

Durapore Tape

Amazon: https://geni.us/T5ssTbv

Nexcare Tape

Amazon: https://geni.us/HufJgxu

Skin Tac Wipes

Amazon: https://geni.us/6FD3K

Copyright 2019 by Curtis Judd

Ethics statement: Some of the links above are Amazon.com, B&H Photo, or other affiliate links.


Awesome video ? - super informative insightful and helpful!

Leo Mahoney

Thanks Curtis. I have been bugging Trew Audio to record and post some of their workshops for returning customers, but they can't be bothered to even reply (I use a different vendor now). This video is perfect.

Stephen Molloy

Lord. I could listen to this stuff for hours. Great tips. Just finished a job during which I had to mic 24 kids over a few days. URSA products helped so much. Thanks for the video!


Curtis, I have been curious, are the Foamies and circle mounts one and done or can you reuse for multiple shoots?

URSA Straps

Thank you Curtis!! Sorry about the poor audio quality from our end of things! We were using an iPhone 5S with a plug-in mic. Next time I'll try to wear a wire so it's a bit clearer and easier on the ear. Hope these tips were useful. If you would like to know more please let us know and maybe we can do another video on this channel with Curtis covering some other costume rigs & situations.


Hello ? Thank you for this Video. I use Ursa and Bumblebee and HideAmic products and every of them is worth it.
I just like to add two product.
LavTape from Sennheiser. It is a no noise skintape.
It's clear, super flexible and tin.
And the Tesa 4024 Tape. If nothing works ... This will. Don't use it on skin! I guess it is the same Tape you get from DPA Cut in round stickys. ;)
Oh one Thing .... The Hair is Always a good Plan B If possible. A Video on that would be nice because the mic follows the head moving aroud. It is Always in the sweetspot.
Sorry for my Bad english.
Greetings to the UrsaTeam who always replied my questions frendly and quick and to your great Channel.
Pleased keep going!


Hello! I called Ambient. They saied it is called :
Tesafix 4964. This is so kind from them.


For the Hair...

LaRana Nation

Do you teach sound design/sound editing?

M Duarte

Simon seems like a very cool guy. The video was super informative and well presented. Thank you both a lot!

Leo Mahoney

Do you know what utility pouch w/ the tape holder he has? That's a great tool....

David Earle Chorowski

As a Type 1 DiabeticI use Skin-tac wipes to hold down my blood sugar sensor on my arm, it's an incredible product! Would work wonders for sticking lavs, I need to try ASAP. It is also not too messy, they also make a bottled version that you can apply with a toothpick which would be ideal for sticking a lav on someone in a high action and sweaty scenario.

Abdullah ALJumah

Hello mr. Curtis .. I bought Aputure Deity microphone with mixpre3 based one of your Youtube videos .. I know that the microphone doesn’t have a HPF to filter the low frequency noise but the mixer has. Even though the place is very quite, the mixer didn’t filter any low frequency noise and the output has too much noise. I am planning to buy the DPA 4017B but I am a little worried that I might get the same result. I am doing this because I don’t want to use any post production softwares since we have almost 90 hours of filming. Any recommendation ?


Sorry ... The number of the Tesa Tape is wrong. But you can get it from Ambiente. I try to get the right number

Alejandro Reyes

Curtis I had to leave your live broadcast cast, but I’m glad you posted this video! I’m especially excited to hear, Simon has plans to visit and do a workshop at Second City Sound here in Chicago. Curtis, if you can ever make down here it would be great as well!

White stretchy plugs under skin

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Stretchy Arm in Ribbon Method

1 528 views | 7 Apr. 2018

El Tibi

Hello, could you make a video in you expline how to skinning a ribbon, please?