What do you call a bar of soap that doesn't clean

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I Tested Clickbait DIY Soap "Hacks"

9 574 306 views | 7 Oct. 2020

Hello friends! So, after a

Hello friends! So, after a long break from testing out & reviewing clickbait hack videos (I think the photo and video hacks broke me), we decided to make a comeback into the genre by testing out these viral clickbait soap hacks that lots of hackers seem to love making - from Blossom to 5-Minute Crafts to Craft Factory and back. And you know me, I can't resist me some nice soap :). We tried a cloud soap hack, a gummy bear soap hack, and a cinnamon roll soap hack, and shenanigans ensued.

What do you guys think of these soap hacks??

Also, a heads up - though we mention it in the video - cinnamon can be dangerous to use on your skin and ivory soap can release fumes when being microwaved (I guess that's why it smelled so bad), so definitely be careful if you take on any of these soap art "hacks" yourself!!

You can check out Katie from Royalty Soap's video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UDhSQYVWss

You can check out the Blossom video that contains our hacks here:


And you can check out Jenna's soap hand video here:


This video is NOT sponsored!!

Safiya's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/safiyany/


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Carmen zzstu Yonker

Safiya about the gummy bear: He's mangled
My broken a**: I aM tHe MaNgLe

Safiya Nygaard

hello friends!! hope you all are doing well & staying safe! in this video, we test out 3 ~viral~ soap hacks and regret it soon afterwards, hehe. what do you think of our attempts?? also, if you want to keep up with us in between videos you can check out my youtube or instagram stories (@safiyany)!! we try and post on there every day! xoxo, saf
EDIT: also, a heads up - though we mention it in the video - cinnamon can be dangerous to use on your skin and ivory soap can release fumes when being microwaved (I guess that's why it smelled so bad), so definitely be careful if you take on any of these soap art "hacks" yourself!!

Samantha Winchester

You guys are hilarious
That “giant spatula” is for the BBQ ?

Anha Maliyat

Love your channel!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Trisha Iyer

Safiya: Blossom
Cristine: Troom Troom
Jenna: 5 Minute Crafts

Eden May Price

U should make a frankensoap

Deven Stanger

As a person who loves ivory soap it just doesn’t lather well at all

Angelia Weibrecht

Bruh I did the ivory soap thing, and it didn't work for me, and the whole house STUNK for hours

Cherish Hilson

I know that the ivory works I did it in kindergarten

Marie Duran

I think Blossom also used a smaller mold for her gummy bear soaps. Judging from the picture, it looks a little more over 2 times the size of an actual gummy bear. It looks like it is about an inch tall.

Kim Wheeler

At the end of the cinnamon roll one when you said you were gonna wash your hands I had completely forgotten they were soap lol.

Adriana Velazquez

Safiya said you want a high five a hug or handshake the boy don't know his name nah I'll pass


gelatin??? washing your hands with horse tendons


Omg I seriously love ur word intro its like a tv show

Sara Kraai

Okay I’m seeing this MONTHS later... is Sophia being shadow banded?!

Anyways.... I’m at 15:06 right now and I’m just sitting here like... SOPHIA!!!! USE ?? MORE ?? GELATIN ?? you’re SO close... ask tipsy bar tender... he’ll tell you!!!

Cherrygamingyt 25

For tge cloud soap to be honest any soap work i tried it with Dove

Jumping My Spaniels

does anyone know where she got that too with the flame sleeves- I LOVE IT

Ariel Edge

Omg I love the introooooo

megan tuffs

i want you to make more of these as i love you and the stuff you do on youtube please do another one

Cora Eagle

“I haven’t seen a CD in years “

Me: I have to many

tripalov Latvian

She sounds so profesonal

Nicole McAlister

i love her so much. both her and ty are so smart, creative, driven, and they make genuinely interesting content. this channel is perfect :)

z o m b e h c a t s

Nothing comes for free... even soap.


Where did Safiya get her hoodie from?? I really like it and not gonna lie the cloud soap did look pretty until it looked like crumpled toilet paper


esensul oil is where i live


To help remove smell from your microwave- put cut lemons ina bowl with water and nuke it for 2min. After you give it a wipe put a bowl of bicarb in there and leave (don't turn it on). Bicarb is great in ovens And fridges too.

Madeline Nagel-Price

The ivory soap in the microwave hack is so fun.

Amelia Griczin

i am a soap making fanatic and most of the DIY hacks were hard but its not Safiyas fault

Isabella Valladares

Is she ok she hasn’t posted I’m scared

Flo S

When people say the soap like being really puffy is fake I get mad because I put a Certain soap in a microwave idk why but it got puffy No hate I know it worked btw


Safiya: I “stumbled” upon soap making videos
Search bar:soap hack vids

Ludovic Lacassagne II

How Ann hasn’t hired you, I’ll never know.

Karina Wagner

i luv the way she talks?

Seiko vtuber Rakün

Me: mom can we have Jenna Marbles ? Mom: we have Jenna at Home Jenna at Home:

Bianca Mancuso

Where's Safiya been? Not trying to start anything just concerned and sad.

Jyoti Rajput

I love the way she speaks helloowwww..

Trumpets for Life

I can smell the ivory soap through my screen

Erik Neuschvendtner

The wrong semicolon neurophysiologically sigh because buffet additionally measure till a wet dust. strange, gigantic slave

Morgan Trithart

Blossom is no a vary good channel if they are putting there viewers in danger !! ( not trying to be a hater )


Anyone ever just noticed Safiya looked like Venellopy von-sweets from wreck it Ralph? Lmao no? Just me

Abyssal Wolf

I noticed the popular comments have bots in their replies....i wonder if people just respond to this comment bots will join, so spam my comment if ya want

Lilian Kairuthi

One video can you plss put vodka in jello its supposed to jiggle like crazy


HOW have you gotten into your thirties and never heard of microwaving ivory soap?


1) It looks more like a baiser than a deflated croissant

Marlee Crutchley

Hi I'm such a big fan

Yekkusu Sekai Seiken

There are 6.3k horrible persons in the world who just are chaotic evil and want everyone to burn.

Vanishree Anand

U are spose to mush the bears for it to be sopee


How and y ur fridge is empty!


i wonder if melt and pour metallic colors are bad for the environment

Lana Leeson

It is just me who gets the tight like a tiger joke

It'sThatOneChickAgain CallThePoPo

13:23 "he's mostly headless nick" ah yes, a Harry Potter reference, lol

Jordan Howard

She may have left BuzzFeed but her content style sure didn't.

كلمات الرحمن

جميل جميل جميل جدا فيديو رائع حبيبتي


Isnt that jenna marbles' kitchen?

Keri H

This popped up in my recamdations ? I miss y'all!


Bro your VoiceOver.... sounds like you’re doing a voiceover for bridgerton... sooooo annoying, just talk normally

deepak panigrahi

Are you a Indian

Mimi Jester

Another thing with the jelly gummy bear soap, is that they didn't pour all of the water in their 2 cups, it seems like they only used 1 cup of water...


A friend of mine made me a rice-filled microwavable heating pad one year for Christmas (basically just a big beanbag) and had put cinnamon in it so it would smell nice, and HOLY SHIT IT BURNED ME. bad bad bad.

kylee grac

their um fridge was so empty my fat butt was quaking

Quinn Lovegood

is anybody else really amused by the Nutcracker/4 little swan music?

Laura Jean

Cotton candy like soap that just dissolves.


Soap hacks r kinda weird lol
But like
This isn’t a hate comment but like
Soap is kinda icky

Ima Egg

They don’t put the amount bc they know that ain’t no one in this world is gonna friking use them

Heather Holley

I have the same cutting board set as Sofia Nygard ????

Mai Mclovin

1:13 had me dead lol

Mismagic Rabbit

I found cinnamon roll soap on Etsy ??? ...I need it.


I love how comfortable Saf & Tyler are when the share literally anything on the internet. I mean, how many people can say they’ve posted the same kind of things they have as comfortably as them

XxXaddiemintXx ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

"that something deep in my lizard brain"

Kyle W.

Can you please do podcasts? Your voice is perfect for it!

Ava Brown

Why she not posting vid

Teresa Ayoub

not trying to be rude but I hate your voice

Allison Hom

Soap maker: Who do they think they’re fooling?
Everyone: raises hand

Lizzie The Cat

I JUST noticed your hair! It's so long now! It looks super great!

Goddess of Unique Verse

Wish you'd tried the Gummys with the other kind of soap suggested (body soap?)


On the jelly soap; I figured using dish soap wouldn’t work as dish soap is designed to cut through stuff like gelatine to clean it off of dishes.

fairyglitterNstickers world

The first hack made my brain like : Eat it

Amelie Reed

You need to put them in the freezer not frige it worked for me in my freezer so please do it again but in the freezer it may work

Patrisha Funk

How many microwaves have you been through this kind of crap? ???


Is it just me or does she sound like Lauren

Romona Carty

I have not seen her in a million years

DontStealMyCookies SeRiOuSlY dOnT

On the title screen, the soap that magically becomes bigger is not regular soap. In fact, it is a type of soap called Ivory Soap. Ivory soap is the only one that can do expand in heat like that.

Comrade Dyatlov

She didn't even mention that cinnamon can irritate your skin...

I like Comics

Am I the only one that says with Safiya “ HeLlO fReInDs AnD wElCoMe To AnOtHeR vIdIoE?” Just me ? Ok

uma gangatirkar


Alexa Hjerpe

I have done the Ivory soap hack before this and when I first did it, it exploded in the microwave lol.

Shakalaka Studio

I know it’s crazy but I have used vanilla essential oil before XD


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Trumpets for Life

Next life hack video i would like to see life hacks for hacks

Is a person


Sarah Holmes

SAFIYA with a MIDDLE PART ... BITCH ... that's a DANGEROUSLY BEAUTIFUL COMBO !! ( she's already stunning but...bitch)

Sumeyyeyaaa y

has she given up youtube?

ugne magde

I love your videos I watch it then I'm bored

Layla S

“Roll bitch roll” “Get out the way”

bby_ rasberrie

Don't actually wash yourself with cinnamon or honey- It can burn you.

slayer1990z ashley

Don't put cinnamon in your soap and for the love of god don't microwave something that had chemicals it

Erik Neuschvendtner

The material railway gergely colour because colt isely promise apud a chilly philippines. greedy, innate drawer

Danielle Halford

In printmaking, you can do this to Ivory soap to make it powdery for a soap resist solution for etching plates.


I love the clips you use from other creators. I adore Royalty Soap and How to Cook That and it almost feels like everyone is on the same team when you show them doing the same stuff lol

ugne magde

Also does the hack with the rolls *TRYING TO KILL PEOPLE? *

What do you call a bar of soap that doesn't clean

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DIY Homemade Soap

364 views | 6 Jan. 2021

DIY Homemade

DIY Homemade Soap

Send mail old school style here -

Mapleberry Farm

PO BOX 451



E4A 3N5

Rebecca Stanley

Don’t take a shower before you have breakfast, you might wanna nibble on your soap ?

Jose Meraz


Early Riser

making good soap is way more difficult than you think...i have tried lye soap...and prefer commercial 'store bought' soap

Irvin Wittmeier


Diya Claudia

Awesome ?? ??♥️❤️

Dale Gilliam

Ur so smart and beautiful what a combination enjoyed it

Robert Kline

Awesome ?

What do you call a bar of soap that doesn't clean

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asha dharwal

What is jazza?????????????

Lavan Volkov

I've always wrapped my m&p in saran as soon as it was cool. It sweats quite badly otherwise. I've never had problems doing it that way.

Eva-jane Middleton

I live in the uk. I got 2kg of glycerine soap(melt n pour) from ancient wisdom for £7.50. It is difficult to get bulk soap at a good price. Looked up your etsy shop. There weren't any available. I'll look back soon. Great video with some awesome pointers.

chelle motsinger

Hi maria

Rose cottage Scents

Wholesale supply plus is even cheeper

Manar Bakri

Dear great job..I would like to ask if you have a certain recipe for melt and pour soap base..another question my soap pH level is always 9to 10 ..is that ok

Alden Patrick Lopez

It expanded within 2 mins

Brooklyn The Cookie

I’m so mad because I tried melting soap and it never melted

Robyn McDonald

How do you get the smell out of the microwave


Can you melt them on the stove?

I am a parson not a UwU 1355

I'm just Mali g soap on rope how much could a person sell them for

Gladys Zunun Perez

How can i melt it if i dnt have mocrowave?

Undertaker Lemons

I don't have microwave damn

CoCo Jam

Is that flamable? Im worried puttinf this in our microwave

Kirsti Thurlow

Can you melt Simple Pure Bar Soap 4 ?

Emma Scott


Alejandra Gonzalez

Awesome! Thanks for sharing !!

Mathew Waditaka



Who's jazza

Sadiqa Khan

My soap expanded
Plz tell me what type of soap to use

Shamma Alali

does the weight for the soap incense with distilled water or increase?

Chanel Chanel

Can i do this withaa store bought soap bar?


Hello, one of the things that I do when I have extra melt and pour soap, is I pour it into an ice cube tray. No matter what a small amount it is they can always be used for embeds as well as shreds. I have several that I have cut in little squares medium sized squares larger squares. That are also able to be cut down very easily to reheat them without having other colors in it. Some people think that combining all the colors wood preserve it oh, it doesn't it makes it turned Grey. I think about color if anybody knows the color wheel is is that white is the absence of color black is confusion of color gay next, and gray is in between the two where there are black and white tones. Anyway I just thought maybe I would share my little tip that has worked wonderfully for us if we have any extra colored soap. What I like is is those are always scented and you can call it Tutti Frutti or gummy soap, is one that I want to make with my grandchildren. I'm waiting on several of my molds to come in and one of them includes the gummy bears. They should be fun thank you take care of God bless. Deb

Seanna Smith

Can you melt LUX soap?

Julia Larsen

Love how neat the results are.


If I dont have body essential oils what can i use for fragrance

Gary Walia

How cheap is to buy soap. You need to have free time to do this

Army 4 Life

Can you use soap from the store like dove

Laeticia Loshikian

Wait a min if you put the soap in the microwave it will grow big it won't melt! How did this work?

I'm in your basement

This wants me to make a soap business XD

Lindsy Beliveau

For your big molds you can use books to help hope them in place it's not a great fix but it help ?




Thank you

La Bella

I'm sorry, I was completely distracted by the adorable puppies and had to watch twice, because the first time, I was watching more for another glimpse of the dogs, lol

yoo toob

THANK YOU! I have a small mountain of leftovers from handmade soaps. I only buy a couple of fragrances and have kept those in separate baggies. I was amazed that a spritz of rubbing alcohol removes bubbles. Visited the Brambleberry website, they have TONS of fun stuff.

Phantom Gaming

It just smells so gross and it didn't melt down but came in the form of foam


I watched a woman using bricks around her molds instead of wood. The wooden molds are pretty expensive. A couple bricks not so much. I would use at least six bricks two for each side and one for each and so it doesn't blow out for the end. Walleye it ain't going nowhere and the size will be straight as you want them. Take care Deb


Does the microwave destroy the ingredients and essential oils?


I use Stephenson's brand and I find they have pretty good bulk prices.

Jillian Finn

I bought a melt and pour soap from hobby lobby, and I started melting it, then realized that the mold I had was broken... Had to return the mold to get a new one... Is it ok to re-melt a dyed melt and pour, I dyed it red... Will it separate or ruin the soap?

Brooklyngirl In The Caribbean

Hi! I was taught to wrap my melt and pour soap in saran wrap after 3 hours drying in the fridge. I'm a newbie so any tips are more than welcomed. Thank u!!

Samantha Mckimmie

Is that soap just normal or is it a special type of soap??


Thank you so much for this!

Ernest Lim

Who came for jazza??

Tiffany Moore

I don't get it .I just rebatched some soap but I heated on the stove and it seemed like it wouldn't get completely liquidy like yours. I followed someone else on YouTube and she said to melt the soap to a chunky consistency. After my soap dried in the mold it did not look smooth like yours and it was soft.

Deberina Emelander

Can I melt hemp soap ? Can I pour it into a plastic candy mold? Another video says to use a slow cooker, & add in milk n water n something sulfate?????


Very practical tutorial. The really creative and fancy soaps are great to watch being made, but those wavy blue bars look great too. I really like them and would buy something like this (snag: I'm in the UK). And not to diss your soaps in any way, some of the fantabulous creations produced by some soap makers seem like showpieces that I wouldn't want to spoil by using!


Finally someone using their voice!

Janine Elgin Martin


Michelle Guzman-Dixon

I love watching your videos

Lj Pikachu lover

what kind of soap should i use if i wanted to make soap at home??

Hayley Wright

Do you have a GSD? That sounded like a GSD bork ?

Eva-jane Middleton

I just found out there is a fragrance store in my area that does lovely scented oils.. So please. Do you have any videos on essential oils in soaps please.

Kathy Kitzcat

I saw a video where the gal had craft foam that she taped to the sides of the long mold to hold it straight. It's worth a shot.

Planned Purity With Nichole

Very helpful, thank you!


I tried 4 different soaps , all of them just burn and smell horrible..how the hell do u melt it so easily?

Cindy Tuchklaper

Can anyone help with why my MP keeps burning? I've turned down my microwave and doing extremely short bursts of time and have it all chopped in small pieces but with in 10 seconds it bubbles and turns rubbery....Can not get it to stay liquid.

Anmol Arshad

During Quarantine have Alcohol????

Sara Sindi

Whats the name of the scent you used and where to find it?

Ana Espinal

Hi. Love your videos. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I have a question. You said not to bag your MP soap until 2 days after. Doesn't it get ash? Thanks for your prompt answer!!!

Fathimath Lamha

Jow many times can you melt and rebatch soap?


Really helpful, I didn’t know that melt and pour needed that time to harden up. Thanks very much for the informative video.
Oh and I totally love your bracelet!

Ok Boomer

Im not here from jazza

Shameka Taylor

I just Love your accent

Liz Cuero


Ruth Ranieri

Have you ever made soap for your dogs?

Kamar Maaz

I have stalkers how does everyone know I came her after watching jazza feel melting soap XD

Lizzie H.


Dannielle Japp

What is the rubbing alcohol brand ? I was looking on eBay but can't seem to find the right one


You explain things really well. Thank you for your great tips! You have alot of patience with answering some particular questions. Lol...your super funny too. Enjoy listening to all of your vidieos. You do awsome work!

chloe faith

Any tips to make decorative soap?

Tracy Kiggins

thank you this was super handy!


Those are so cute!

DeAllMightySea Pickle

This helped a lot!

Hendri Verhoef

My aim is off??thank you for the video!

Yu-Jie Wu

Why I just did it and the soap exploded..

tori Hoover

Thank you, that was nice.

Lili Martinez

Wdoes soap has to be any special kind or it can be any kind of soap ??


I did this on my microwave once, and my food tasted like soap for like a month. Never again.

ella pepper

Can you melt Dial Soap?

Just a Potato.

Freaking jazza not knowing how to melt soap

sarah movie reviewer

Can you just remelt all your old soaps?

Jamn Jenn

Crap i bagged it the same day...should I take it out? Help

rosina gonzalez

Where did you buy your bowl? Thank you!

moon wolf gang

Were do u sell them?

Sarah Theilade

Has anyone sent this video to Jazza yet? lol


Really easy to huh? Obviously not for jazza?


Umm wait doesnt ur microwave like gets a soap smell what if i need to microwave like food then its smells like soap helllpp


Anyone here because Jazza didn’t know how to melt soap?

Jasbir Kaur

Can't you use something else then rubbing alcohol

Hakeemdentalcentre مركز حكيم الاسنان

Did you use soap bars

Cowgirl Ortega

Where can I purchase the fragance oil scents


Don’t try this, this is a different kinda soup I did it and it turned brown and was really Smokey!!!

Fateful Cello

Oh honey, Brambleberry is so expensive. Try https://www.wholesalesuppliesplus.com/ I love these guys


My soap expanded and grew huge in the microwave it did not melt

Backalley Ent

Can i rebatch commercial bars like Irish spring and mix melt and pour base together

Yue Ai

Wow, it looks good! Can you suggest another spray than the rubbing alcohol? I'm trying to make an organic soap but the item to remove the air bubble is hard to find in my country

Barefooted hippie squad

Natures garden is very good to


What do you use to color the soaps?

Crawling Topiary

Why am I watching this. I DON'T EVEN MAKE SOAPS!