Treating cystic acne

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My original cystic acne and rosacea treatment| Accutane

5 920 views | 20 May. 2018

In this video I have

In this video I have discussed my isotretinoin treatment in-depth and how visiting an expert dermatologist finally cured my cystic acne and rosacea.

I visited Rajji clinic in Bangalore but this video is not an ad for the clinic. I’m in no way sponsored by them.

WARNING: Please do not try to buy these medicines OTC and try to cure yourself. If you do that it will defeat the entire purpose of my video. Every acne is different and the treatment I discuss here cannot be a substitute for medical advice.

I have time and again discussed these products in my videos:

Sebamed clear gel moisturiser

Keracynl face wash

Effaclar face wash (easily available on Amazon)

Hyseac mat pore refiner

Clyndoxyl gel

Postac cream (for pitted scars)

Rensa gel

VC 15 vitamin C serum

Destiny’s Child

Why did you stop using vc 15 serum? I believe it’s price is almost as same as the recast one

Nivedita Pandey

Hi dear,
Very informative video.
When did u had blood tests?after every one month?or two months?

jfk 7890

Hi Khushi, I just started my isotretinoin treatment two days ago. I'm 24 and hoping to cure my acne for good finally. Did you suffer from acne once you had finished your isotretinoin treatment? Does it clear your acne for a few months and you relapse then?

Sahil Rajpal

I want just solution for scars

krishna kumar

Can u recommend some good doctors for treating acne scars in India? Doctors who have delivered real results to their patients.

Yashu Raval

open porce Chemical peel se jata hai kya ? peel karne ke bad porce reduces Karene keliye konsa cream use karte hey, or gora hone keliye kya cream lagane ka plz reply

Tech Smoker

Mam can u recommend sunscreen and mosturiser as im on isotretinoin plz suggest


Please share your number
I am in bangalore only and i have also acne like you. I want to meet you

Sakshi Tolani

Hello dear can uh tell me along with isotretinoin your doctor must suggest you azithromycin antibiotic i want to know for how many daysuh continue antibiotoc with isotrerinoin plzz reply kar dena yar

Md. Ali Khan

Sister aapne acne ke liye laser treatment karwaya hai na

nikita baheti

Isotretinoin is harmful drug. Is it safe to take?

Kiran Kaur

Hindi mein baat kro plz

archana n v

Hey kushi .I m also in accutane treatment .1 month completed .I just want to knw tht after accutane hows Ur skin.and these products are post accutane skin care routine????


I'm so sorry for the audio on this video. The information is still worth it :)

cool Naz

Hey... Had you face any melasma or hyperpigmentation?

Vaani khokhar

Hey khushi
I have a problem of acne rosacea. Can you suggest me that cetyl alcohol and streayl alcohol lotion of emodel is good or bad as a face wash ?

Farah Nafiz

Please do more videos on Rosacea